V.F.M. Fuel Panel

The V.F.M. Systems Fuel Panel allows quick and easy transfer of resources from rocket to rocket


The V.F.M. Systems Fuel Panel can scan attached craft to determine original vessels and allow easy transfers to and from docked vessels. The Fuel Port is no longer being manufactured, and can be replaced with the KAS winch and connectors.


Addon Installation Guide


How to install Addons in KSP:

Installing addons in KSP is as simple as moving files into their appropriate folders. This guide explains which folders hold each type of addon, and how to locate them. Keep in mind that Addon packages may contain any combination of addon types. These instructions are meant only as a generic guide.


Finding the KSP Main Folder.

The first step to installing an addon is to locate the KSP folder in your computer. This is where KSP keeps all of its files, including your game saves and screenshots. The KSP folder is located where you unzipped it when you first downloaded the game.

The KSP Folder contains the following subfolders:

KSP root folder

NOTE: On OSX, the KSP_Data folder does not exist. (Its equivalent lives inside the App package)


Installing Part Addons

Parts are all contained inside KSP/Parts. Each part has its own subfolder in the Parts folder:

The Parts Folder

To install new parts, extract the part folders from the downloaded package into the KSP/Parts folder.


Installing Craft Addons

Craft files are saved ships created in the game. These files can be placed in a few different folders:


In KSP/Ships, you will find separate subfolders for the different construction facilities in the game. The VAB folder, for instance, holds craft files that are editable on the Vehicle Assembly Building in game, and launched from a Launch Pad. Similarly, the SPH folder holds craft files that are editable in the Spaceplane Hangar Facility, and launched from the Runway.

Craft files placed in a subfolder of KSP/Ships will be available to all saved games. Ships placed here are considered to be "Stock",. They won´t be overwritten directly if edited, and cannot be deleted from inside the game.


It is also possible to make craft files available to only one saved game:

Each game started creates its own folder in KSP/Saves. Each save has its own Ships folder, which is organized in the same way as the common Ships folder above. Craft files placed in one of the subfolders are only visible when playing the corresponding game, and can be overwritten and deleted. Ships created while playing the corresponding game are also saved in these folders.


Installing Scenarios and Training Addons

The KSP/Saves folder contains the training and scenarios subfolders. SFS files in the training subfolder are listed in the Training section of the Main Menu in the game, and files in the scenarios subfolder are visible in the Scenarios section of the menu.

To install scenarios and training missions, extract the SFS files from the downloaded package into the appropriate subfolder.


Installing Plugins

The KSP/Plugins folder holds the DLL files for plugin-powered addons. These plugins extend the funcionality of the game, adding new part types, or new missions.

To install a plugin, extract the DLL files from the downloaded package into the KSP/Plugins folder.


Installing Internal Models

Some addons add new internal spaces and objects. Those are installed in the KSP/Internals folder.


Props are objects that can be added into internal spaces, like cockpit gauges or cabin decorations. Each internal prop has its own folder in KSP/Internals/Props:


Spaces are the internal models that are associated with parts. Each internal space has its own folder in KSP/Internals/Spaces:


To install internal props and spaces, extract the folders from the downloaded package into the appropriate subfolder.



How to use

Fuel Panels have been integrated into all the standard pods. Just simply right click them and hit Toggle Fuel Panel. The GUI allows selecting between separate docked vessels and selecting in and out flow on all tanks of a type or individual tanks. After selecting tanks, hit "Start Transfer" to initiate.


14 Comments for “V.F.M. Fuel Panel”

  1. What is the point of this mod? You can already transfer fuel in the base game and its not that hard! I apologize if for some reason I completely missed the point of this mod.

    hoodedarche0 February 6, 2013
  2. To transfer from one tank to another, yes, it’s fairly straight forward. It gets a little annoying if there is a lot of stuff surface attached, but still doable. This mod is more for the case of stations with 16+ kethane tanks being filled by tankers with 6 or so kethane tanks. Not impossible, but far, far easier with the fuel panel then without.

    Andrew Leap February 6, 2013
  3. I appreciate this mod, Andrew Leap, and I would like to talk with u more about such UI ideas such as this.

    Thanks again

    Jason J February 9, 2013
  4. If you don’t get the point about this mod, you are playing KSP at different level. Don’t download it and stay on your level.

    pinolallo February 14, 2013
  5. Ty, I was waiting for that, I hoped for the KAS but this one (eva operational refuelling) Is good enough

    pinolallo February 14, 2013
  6. I’m working on a similar system to this using a winch reeled hose. If you’re interested, I might just give you the parts in question. I haven’t tried this yet, just downloading it now, but I’m assuming like most fuel transfer systems it lacks any semblance of a realistic hose connecting the two parts. My hose has a nice realistic skin to it and … oh wow, I just, wow. I’m female. I never, ever thought I would start a sentence bragging about how good my hose is. >_> Anyway! It also has a magnetic drill bit that can drill into and tap any tank in the game that’s intact allowing you to salvage left over resources from wreckage. I have no inkling for recognition for my creations, and your panel seems to be the most to the point simple and clean UI out. Would you like to take your project further, or is maintaining this enough effort for you atm? Hit me up on Twitter @kerbonaut and let’s make an awesome fuel transfer system with a great hose. >_<

    Kristina March 1, 2013
  7. Works perfect! Thank you very much!

    I have just one improvement suggestion. It would be great if it is possible to save a setting, so that i can use one setting on an on. Perhaps as an action group.

    GURKE March 15, 2013
  8. Is this working in .19?

    Malcolm MacD March 30, 2013
  9. where do i move the source files?

    vincent ranne April 8, 2013
  10. Well I’ll be the first to say it here since every other mod people are saying it. I hope this mod gets updated, I really do like it.

    TommyP May 26, 2013
  11. This Plugin is Broken as of KSP v0.20.2 Hope someone can fix it.

    Orphican June 18, 2013
  12. Go into the VFM_FPModule folder, open part.cfg in Notepad, then edit the module name from “part” to “Part”:
    // — general parameters —
    name = VFM_FPModule
    module = Part
    author = Vendan

    fixed. :)

    Joshua Shipp August 16, 2013
  13. However the Fuel Port itself still doesn’t work. Just the Panel does now. I’m working on a fix for that but as of now it’s up to the author.

    Joshua Shipp August 16, 2013
  14. Very handy of you have parts clipped.

    Kayo Michiels August 21, 2013
  15. I too would like to see a return of the Fuel line. I like it better then KAS as you didn’t take over the other craft like you do with KAS (Docked). Here’s screenshot from KSP 19.1 when the fuel line still worked.

    Daniel December 3, 2013

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