Toggle-capable ASAS

*** New version of this plugin, now allows to configure the PID-Device: This is a small plugin that adds 3 ASAS parts (small, big, avionics package) that can be turned on and off, independently of the SAS setting during flight. I am not accountable for any damage that this plugin might cause to your craft, save or game. (It is programmed as a somewhat improvised workaround which, however, is not visible in the game) Update: Now with persistance support! Update: Action Groups are now supported!



Merge the two directories "Parts" and "Plugins" into your KSP directory.

How to use

Replace the normal ASAS part with its "*, Toggle" counterpart. You can rightclick this part in flight to turn the ASAS auto-pilot on and off.


5 Comments for “Toggle-capable ASAS”

  1. Woot, that’s something I was waiting for ages from the Devs. Going to test this out!

    Jon Tash December 17, 2012
  2. compatible with .1?

    Ronon101 December 23, 2012
  3. Is it possible to modify this mod to allow you to set the toggles to action groups? It would be very helpful so I didn’t have to keep the part constantly right-click opened to manipulate.

    As a side note I found a really fantastic way of using this mod to aid with spaceplane flight. my one plane likes to veer off sometimes if its not held with ASAS, but I still like the avionics package to help steady my changes. So I set this up to keep avionics package always on and allow me to switch this off when I need to make course corrections then switch back on to maintain steady flight.
    Excellent Mod

    PyroYoshi January 4, 2013
  4. I finally got off my ass and included Action-Groups-capability! :D

    MajorNr01 February 10, 2013
  5. Would there be a way to get this to toggle RCS usage? So you could have ASAS on to keep alignment and use RCS for manouvres?

    Raath March 8, 2013

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