TAC Life Support v0.8 [0.23][22Dec] (WIP)

Come take a sneak peak at the new Life Support system, the latest from Thunder Aerospace Corporation. Many Kerbal lives were bravely sacrificed to bring you the latest in biological needs. *** Warning: this is still a pre-release version. Caution is advised. ***


*** Warning: if upgrading from version 0.2 or before, version 0.3 broke compatibility with previous versions. ***

* Kerbals require resources to survive, whether in a vessel or on EVA: Food, Water, Oxygen, Electricity (for air quality and climate control)
* They produce waste resources: CarbonDioxide, Waste, WasteWater
* They will die if they go without resources for too long: 30 Kerbin days without food, 3 Kerbin days without water, 2 hours without Oxygen, and 2 hours without Electricity
* Crewed pods come stocked with 1 day (24 hours) worth of resources.
* When a Kerbal goes on EVA, he takes a half day (12 hours) of each resource with him in the EVA suit, taking from the pod that he was in.
* Kerbals do require resources even when their vessel is not active, and they can die if you leave them alone for too long.
* The system tries to warn when resources are low and again when resources run out. No guarantees. It no longer limits Time Warp.
* Now includes recycling parts for converting CarbonDioxide back into Oxygen, WasteWater back into Water, filtering Oxygen out of IntakeAir, and splitting Water into Oxygen and Waste (hydrogren).
* Now allows you to enable/disable the mod on a saved-game basis. No more uninstalling/reinstalling when switching between saved games.
* Has a Build Aid usable in the VAB/SPH that shows how long the food/water/oxygen on the vessel will last with the currently assigned crew.

* Includes Hex Can containers from Greys for Food, Water, and Oxygen.
* Also includes some inline containers made by me for Food, Water, and Oxygen. Yes, I know they are ugly, I am learning.
* regex made some replacement textures for my parts.
* Also see Talisar’s “Spherical and Toridal Tank Pack”.

Please note:
* There are bugs that still need to be worked out.
* I am dynamically adding my PartModule and resources to parts that can hold crew that do not already have them.
* The resource amounts sometimes do not show up in the VAB/SPH. They will show once you move to the launchpad or runway.
* There is no warning that a vessel far away is running out of resources. You might switch back to a vessel to find the entire crew dead.
* Filling up with waste resources (carbon dioxide, waste, waste water) has no effect. Any excess is dumped overboard, and you lose the opportunity to convert them back into good resources.
* Kerbals will not start requiring resources until the first time that you focus the vessel, or get close enough that it loads — within the 2.3 km load distance.
* There are no restrictions on making parts that contain the resources or the recycling modules used by this mod. Let me know if you make some or if you adapt other parts, and I will add a link above.

Make sure you backup your save before installing this mod. This is a prerelease version. I take no responsibility for anything that can or will go wrong. This mod intentionally kills Kerbals. Be aware.

Forum Thread:
Source code available on GitHub:

Works with the Toolbar mod from blizzy78. Not required, but if you have it, the icon will be added to the toolbar instead of being by itself.

Change log:
Prerelease v0.8
- See the release announcement

Prerelease v0.7
- See Prerelease v0.7 announcement

Prerelease v0.6
- See Prerelease v0.6 announcement

Prerelease v0.5
- See Prerelease v0.5 announcement

Prerelease v0.4
- See Prerelease v0.4 announcement

Prerelease v0.3
- See Prerelease v0.3 announcement

Prerelease v0.2
- Updated to work with 0.21.1
- Added resource containers, both HexCans and some parts that I created.

Prerelease v0.1
- Resource requirements work in vessels and on EVA


1) Copy everything in the GameData directory to the {KSP}/GameData directory.

How to use

Watch the Life Support Monitoring window to know when a vessel is getting low on resources. Command pods come stocked with 3 days (72 hours) worth of resources. Add additional containers to extend the supply time.


18 Comments for “TAC Life Support v0.8 [0.23][22Dec] (WIP)”

  1. Seems very intriguing mod, but I’m worried about 1-3 year flights to other planets.

    John Hancock July 29, 2013
  2. Why do the kerbals need life support when on Kerbin?

    demz0011 July 29, 2013
  3. Interesting idea.
    For the part models, I’d sugest you to contact the guy that is making KASPAR logistics mod.
    And I see some problems with interplanetary travel. Could you add a stasis chamber to it as well?

    Thauã Aguirre July 29, 2013
  4. I agree with all 3 comments i want to install but long trips what do we do then? i also think it s a very clever mod . impressive for what you have so far . keep up the good work. :-)

    choco smoke July 29, 2013
  5. i used tu always install the crew management and life support mod, with the same resources and stuff, i don’t know if you are related to those, it was a nice old mod, had converters of oxigen, CO2, water et al, (charge+CO2= O2, Charge+O2+H = H20, H + something, i think garbage = charge, etc) a lot of combinations to extend the life at space. This guy was planning to use recycled garbage into food and atmosphere into liquid fuel and oxidicer, the but the author stopped the development at .19 or .18.

    For those asking about the long therm trips, don’t worry, if this mod is as good as the one i was talking, it will really enrich the realism. no more “i will more crew to my station because the modules looks cool”.

    No, with that, you must send resupply missions now and then, add new parts and more panels if you are increasing your crew, and try to build real selfsustained systems on your ships, stations and bases.

    Bad side of this: you will have to add manually on config of every non-stock part the resources. In the .18, i added to the soviet pack, and it worked awesome, the progress was at least a true meaning.

    I’m so glad that somebody decides to make this mod for the newer versions.

    Ricarlos Hernández July 29, 2013
  6. @demz0011
    Kerbals only need food and water when on Kerbin, not oxygen until they get over 8 km or ~24,000 feet (also true on Laythe). They need to stop by a grocery store (or the KSC) every once in a while to stock up on snacks :) . It is not like we can get food from everywhere on Earth, and it allows for some challenge when planning longer treks around the planet. Don’t worry though, pods come stocked with three days of supplies and it is easy to pack a few hundred days worth of supplies. Food and water is light compared to rocket fuel and rocket engines.

    @choco smoke
    Recycling parts are coming Soon(TM).

    @Ricarlos Hernández
    I know of the mod that you are talking about, but this is not related in any way.

    And “Bad side of this: you will have to add manually on config of every non-stock part the resources.” — That is where my mod is different. I automatically detect all parts with crew capacity and add my module and three days of supplies to each of them. No modifications necessary. You are still free to manually add the supplies in case you want more or less of each supply in a part. I only add supplies to crewable parts that do not already contain my resources.

    Taranis Elsu July 29, 2013
  7. Very nice, I wonder if it’s possible to attach these features in H.O.M.E. parts, it looks very ficable.

    ricardo bittencourt July 30, 2013
  8. @ Taranis Thanx for the reply and im installing it tonight ) i read other comment says u can pack a few hundred days worth supplies so thats good enough for now. Thanx again.

    choco smoke July 30, 2013
  9. Wow you’ve beaten Ioncross to EVA and non selected ships! Will have a play around with this mod…

    Mulbin July 30, 2013
  10. i see here a wonderful mod with lots of potential, but for long term bases on non-atmospheric bodies it is unsuitable. however if you were to add one of each of the following; drill, converter, oxygen canister, and water canister then you could do as nasa is doing with “roxygen” and as long as there are rocks on a planet, you could get oxygen, and as long as there is ice on the planet, you could get water. From there with some modules you could convert those two resources into; fuel, food, and if a planet is only ice oxygen

    matthew owen July 30, 2013
  11. Wait forgot to say that was only a suggestion and it is a good mod regardless

    matthew owen July 30, 2013
  12. Thanks for the info on EVA life support on Kerbin, I’ll definateley use this now. :)

    demz0011 July 30, 2013
  13. hmmmm…..looks good, i’ll keep my eye on this…maybe u could make resources on other planets? on the mars one mission in 2020 they plan to grow food(and recycle waste) and extract water from soil, and split water into its elements to get oxygen…maybe this could be put in the mod as well?

    littlecheese999 July 30, 2013
  14. what we need:

    Stasis pods….
    maybe somthing like the hitchhicker container but draws electric
    or cryo pods, using fuel (assuming kerbals use supercooled hydrogen and oxygen) or electric

    nyall davis August 13, 2013
  15. Nice mod; certainly has potential.
    I’m still figuring out what life support mod is best for me.
    Want to get my KSP as realistic as possbile.

    Colouring each part to the matching resource would be nice, though.
    Especially in the VAB, where I keep clicking until I find the right canister.

    Looking forward to your recycling part(s).

    Keep up the good work !

    BTW, in the crew roster (once in space), I can find other Kerbals on a mission.
    But they all say “unknown vessel”
    Is there a way to fix that ?

    Marcel Waterreus August 15, 2013
  16. I love the Life support, didn’t like the fact that there are no recycling possibilites. I will wait with downloading until you’ve added some sort of recycling.

    Whiskeysauce August 19, 2013
  17. It would be really awesome if you could “produce” recurces yourself, like having some kind of greenhouse on your space station to grow food and a pump to get water from a lake or oxygen out of the athmosphere of planets

    Jonas Olenburger August 30, 2013
  18. Get rid of that _TAC rubbish from the resources overlay please. I know I’m not the only person who won’t touch this unless it blends in with the game, and advertising your ‘group’ or product per se all over my game ain’t going to happen!

    pr0metheus September 5, 2013
  19. wooohhh finally recyclers!!!

    even if you don’t make the garbage>food part, this is enough to call it a realistic mode.

    trying it right now!!!

    Ricarlos Hernández November 18, 2013
  20. This is pretty great! The parts are nothing too special to look at but the system works well.

    Zack December 12, 2013
  21. You need to make your variables more attractive. WastWater looks ridiculous. Waste Water, or Non-potable Water would be better. Heck, alt 255 should get you out of any jams with spaces not being accepted by some engines, but afaik you can use spaces in such things with the engine that KSP uses? So really it’s ugly for no reason. Also consider allowing some of the amazing part designers to fix up your parts; they are very unflattering, bad enough that I won’t be using them until they’re fixed (along with the wording of things).

    pr0metheus December 19, 2013
  22. Oh, also that _TAC stuff has to go. Branding is important in the commercial world; but I fear that many laymen misinterpret that value and apply the same assumptions in error to other things. No one gives a hoot who makes what mod, and it could be misinterpreted purely as ego or just ignorance. So as with my above suggestion of fixing your variables to look less ugly, it goes without saying that removing _TAC from them all is ESSENTIAL. It looks abhorrent.

    pr0metheus December 19, 2013
  23. pr0metheus,

    If you had downloaded and looked closer at the mod, you would have seen that I removed the _TAC a few versions ago. I originally put it there to avoid conflicts with other mods, not because of ego or something like that.

    Squad made ElectricCharge and SolidFuel and LiquidFuel, so I followed their example and use a “CamelCase” naming convention for WasteWater and CarbonDioxide.

    Also check out the forum thread (the link is in the long description). I linked to several packs that other people have made either with new textures for my parts or with completely new parts made by them, not me.

    Also note that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS (WIP), so it is not done yet.

    Taranis Elsu December 19, 2013
  24. I was not a fan of how heavy everything is. I understand that food and water weighs quite a bit, but it almost makes it unplayable.

    H N December 23, 2013
  25. Can i get a cloning machine for when Jeb dies? Or so i can just crew all my ships with Jeb…

    max collins January 9, 2014
  26. I’ve done some calculations and found some strange behavior.

    When using water, you spend one unit of water resulting in one unit of waste water. The same with any other supply which has its own waste type. So far so good. Now let’s talk about recycling. When recycling water, you change 1 unit of waste water to 0.9 units of clean water and 6.382 units of waste. How it comes that recycling has generated 6.282 units out of nothing? In other words. You end up with piling tons of waste you are not able to store anywhere.

    I would suggest to change result of recycling to 0.9 units of clean product and 0.1 units of waste. Even now you would have more waste than it is possible to store (if you are not carrying additional waste storage which can be easily made of empty containers), but it is manageable and logical.

    Some more numbers.
    We are carrying 2840 units of food (2 large containers), 240 units of water (one medium container), 240 units of oxygen (one medium container) and recycling units. It is 3320 units of suplies. After spending and recycling all of the suplies we would theoreticaly end up with 23000 units of waste. We would not. There is disbalance in usage and recycling. Medium container should have capacity of 284 units. So we would not have more food than other recycled supplies and we could use recycling more efficiently.

    qsilence March 24, 2014
  27. @qsilence
    1 unit of Water != 1 unit of Waste. They have very different masses. The reason the recycler creates 6.382 units of Waste instead of 0.1 is those 6.382 units of Waste are the same mass as the 0.1 units of WasteWater.

    Taranis Elsu March 28, 2014
  28. Where do you get this mass? When you launch with one ton of water, food and oxygen, you have to land with one ton of waste.

    qsilence April 7, 2014
  29. does it work with 23.5?

    Ben Hughes April 15, 2014

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