TAC Fuel Balancer v2.3 [0.23][22Dec]

From Thunder Aerospace Corporation: a Fuel Balancer! It transfers, it balances, it mixes, it stirs! Our product allows you to transfer fuel, or other resources, between parts on the same vessel.


* Transfer a resource into a part, drawing an equal amount from each other part.
* Transfer a resource out of a part, transferring an equal amount into each other part.
* Enable balance mode to transfer a resource such that all parts are the same percentage full.
* Dump a resource out of a part. Note that the resource is lost, never to be found.
* Lock a part, so that none of the resource will be transferred into or out of the part.
* When still Prelaunch (or Landed): edit the amount of a resource loaded in a part. Works on all resources, even solid rocket fuel.

Useful when you are flying along and need to quickly, and easily, transfer fuel from one tank to another. Or re-balance your fuel distribution to keep your center of mass from getting too far out of whack.

Forum thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/25823
Source code available on GitHub: https://github.com/taraniselsu/TacFuelBalancer

Works with the Toolbar mod from blizzy78. Not required, but if you have it, the icon will be added to the toolbar instead of being by itself.

Change log:
Release v2.3
- See the release announcement

Release v2.2
- See the release announcement

Release v2.1
- See the release announcement

Release v2.0
- All windows are now resizable and feature scroll bars.
- Can now edit the fuel amount before launch — for launching empty tanks or reducing the amount of solid fuel in boosters. Can also fill a Kethane tank with Kethane on the launch pad for testing purposes.
- Can dump fuel — this can be disabled through settings if you do not want it or are afraid of accidentally clicking it.
- The Lock feature is now linked with the flow state on the part (in the part’s right click menu).
- Disabled if out of power or the vessel is not “controllable”. (Sorry, no integration with RemoteTech. I will have to look at that later.)
- No parts are needed! There is now an icon at the screen edge (default to top right) that is used for showing and hiding the main window. The icon can be re-positioned to anywhere along the screen edge.

Release V1.1.1
- the previous upload was missing the Readme and License files. That is the only difference.

Release V1.1
- created a new 3D model

Release V1.0
- fully functional, and tested with 0.19
- uses the same model as the Double-C Accelerometer — new model coming soon!


1) Copy everything in the GameData directory to the {KSP}/GameData directory.

How to use

Add the part to your vessel. Add the action to an action group, if desired. Open the GUI using the action group or by right clicking the part. * Lock - prevents it from transferring the resource into or out of the part. * In - transfers the resource into the part, taking an equal amount from each other part. * Out - transfers the resource out of the part, putting an equal amount in each other part. * Balance - transfers the resource around such that all parts are the same percentage full. Click the "C" button to bring up the config menu. Click the "?" button to bring up the help/about menu. Click the "X" button to close the window.


14 Comments for “TAC Fuel Balancer v2.3 [0.23][22Dec]”

  1. Brilliant little mod, I’ve been using it for roughly 5 hours in game time and I have found absolutely no bugs or glitches at all. The GUI is astoundingly easy for how complicated the mod sounds. A very good and helpful mod that is a great addition to my mod list, good job!

    TTlabambaTT March 19, 2013
  2. Excellent Mod. Should be part of the core game.

    Being able to instantly move material around without having to right-click tiny parts is great.

    Works perfectly under linux and handles the o2/co2 of Ioncross’s Crew Support Plugin (v1.02).

    Sandworm March 28, 2013
  3. It’s really useful.
    But could you please add the option to set, how much fuel we want to take in the first place (pre-launch). This would help fine tuning rockets and spaceplanes. Or maybe to just dump a set amount of fuel – if there are issues with punching in the numbers (like cheating after launch or exceeding the tank size).

    Zhuikin April 22, 2013
  4. What to know a tip on how to make great space planes and shuttles? the answer: THIS MOD. This mod does its job perfectly it keeps all fuel weights proportional to the full weight to keep you nice and stable in flight ***** (five stars) !!!!!!!!!!

    Thomas sTRICKLAND April 24, 2013
  5. An awesome feature would be, while still on the launchpad, to be able to dump fuel so we can launch empty tanks for distant stations.

    TomatoSoup April 24, 2013
  6. I could not get this to work with version .20 yet. No amount of my limited modding skills could figure out why. Needs an update asap please.

    EdgeCrusher May 24, 2013
  7. Great Mod! Saves me so much time and aggravation. But v0.20 is causing a problem. I can place and use the fuel balancer part – but placement is far from the spacecraft’s hull. It’s really hard to find the black part in flight since it hovers so far from the hull.

    binkius May 25, 2013
  8. Please also make this fully 0.20.2 compatible.
    and instead of a part with a context button, it would be nice to have a button on screen (like chatterer)

    Heiko Misselwitz July 4, 2013
  9. Just DLed this mod, i have yet to use it, however im curious.

    Is it mandatory to require the ship have a specific part in order to use this mods function? i DLed this mod cause ive got a craft already in service which i only found out after launching it that its a pain in the butt to refuel.

    If i may suggest having a future update that just works on whatever ship your controlling, without the need of an installed part. that would be great!

    Daniel July 9, 2013
  10. Does what it says on the box (literally box – small rectangular thing), and does it well. Balances 30 tanks on my fuel orbiter with no noticeable performance hit. Balancing remains active once the interface is closed, so you don’t have to take up real-estate on the screen – just enable it and close it.

    An absolute life saver – thank you. No Kerbal should ever leave the planet without one.

    Peter Spears July 10, 2013
  11. This seams like a great Idea, but isn’t working, there IS no part….. shouldn’t there be a part? maybe I’ve just done it wrong

    bruce turnbull July 27, 2013
  12. @bruce

    The Fuel Balancer no longer needs a part. There should be an icon in the top right of your screen, near the resources list. Click that to show or hide the main window.

    Taranis Elsu July 28, 2013
  13. Noob question, copied the folder yet see nothing when the game starts.
    This is my path

    Have I got one too many ‘GameData/ folders?

    Kaela Street August 16, 2013
  14. Great small mod!
    Strongly recommend for any player.
    When can you update it to 0.22? I feel i can’t play KSP without this mod!

    BTW: What do you think about add a function to try keep mass center at where it was? This could be very useful to space-planes.

    MengQi He November 2, 2013
  15. @ Kaela Street, Yes, you have 1 too many ‘Gamedata’ folders

    Jonathan Barrio November 3, 2013
  16. If you don’t already have this mod, you’re working too hard. One of the best resource management tools to date. Any improvements? Get rid of the “highlight” option and just have the part highlighted when you hover or select. Still an invaluable asset though, thanks!

    Colonel Cornelius April 23, 2014

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