[0.22.x]Soviet Pack 2,0,0

Soviet space craft pack Content Soyuz – old type ship Soyuz U – middle launch vechicle Soyuz TMA – new ship Progress – unmanned ship LK – old soviet Moon lander LK Block D – LK booster block MIR modules pack Proton Heavy Launch vechicle Buran – space shuttle Kliper – russian CTV SoyuzST payload Kliper tutorials


Soviet space craft pack

Soyuz – old type ship
Soyuz U – middle launch vechicle

Soyuz TMA – new ship
LK – old soviet Moon lander
LK Block D – LK booster block

MIR modules pack
Proton Heavy Launch vechicle

Progress parts

All parts Scale

More bugfix and rescale

1.7. beta
-add bete version Buran

Fix included craft files
change all texture format

Buran texture change
Buran some bugfix
Energia Buran overheat animation

Test SP update, dont download this

Add Kliper CTV

Add SoyuzST payload

Add SoyuzST booster block Fregat
Change Soyuz U third stage model

0.20 compatibility

romfarer.dll removed(autor request)

Change texture format
minor bug fix

-0.21.1 compatibility
-delete old structure and control parts
-delete old craft file

- Buran and Klipper return old ASAS
- Add Buran jet engines
- Add SPH and VAB Buran craft files
- Fix Buran fly model
- Fix Buran CoM

- Change texture format to mbm

- Add N1 rocket
- Add L3 complex
- Add LOK
- Change Block D model and texture
(before install this update totaly delete old Soviet pack version)

1.9.1 beta
- Add 0.22 copability
- Add Lunockod 1
- Add KAS copability
- Add TechTree support
- Add new sience experiment
- Add new craft files
- Change some configs
- Change N1 block A gimbal range
- Change Buran fly model

-add ECLSS support
-add ECLSS IVA control panel
- add Kliper props
- change some Internals
- small fix bug
-rename all parts for MM compatibility
-recreate all ships files


copy all content into game folder

How to use

Read include PDF files


220 Comments for “[0.22.x]Soviet Pack 2,0,0”

  1. УРА!!!!!!!!!!!

    guve January 28, 2013
  2. Brilliant work Bobcat!

    KD3 January 28, 2013

    Redrobin January 28, 2013
  4. Молодец, BobCat!

    Wyris January 29, 2013
  5. Can someone help me on how to make mods? I know how to model stuff descent on Blender but how do I make them a mod that people would like?

    tygoo7 January 29, 2013
  6. Flies like a dream. It’s now my favourite LKO spacecraft. The attention to detail and functionality is amazing. Absolutely brilliant!

    Gavriel January 30, 2013
  7. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    POTKC January 31, 2013
  8. Disappointing. Very nice Soyuz, but parts are made for single configuration, no real re-usability. One launch and you’ve seen all pack offers.

    mfrana February 7, 2013
  9. Great mod, but about 20% too much fuel in every stage.

    nhnifong February 11, 2013
  10. I’m working on a Progress you can have for this pack if you want it?

    Kerbonominal Heavy Industries February 16, 2013
  11. Also, I think this may have just overwritten the Soyuz parts and pack from Bobcat. >_>

    Kerbonominal Heavy Industries February 16, 2013
  12. … goes to show why the >Overview< field of this site is super important to fill out by mod uploaders. It's BY Bobcat. *double handed facepalm*

    Kerbonominal Heavy Industries February 16, 2013
  13. Is there any chance of a N1 rocket, or a Vostok capsule any time in the future?

    messershmitt February 17, 2013
  14. you need to include the Space Station Side of the docking module, i have no docking module in my inventory list that matches up with the one on the soyuz orbiter module. :) good work too btw!!!

    osirus126 February 18, 2013
  15. Wait MIR station pack

    BobCat February 19, 2013
  16. Ive been waiting for this for a very long time

    John Lizard February 19, 2013
  17. Hey, I just wanted to suggest, as a followup to your current Energia/Buran and Mir projects, how about the (postponed) Kliper?

    Nathan Ceulemans February 20, 2013
  18. More on that Kliper: ;)

    This is how it re-enters

    and of course, if you’re bored…

    Love your stuff, Bobcat, keep it up!

    Nathan Ceulemans February 20, 2013
  19. love the docking ports!! :D

    Paul Estrada February 20, 2013
  20. Well Done Mate. Well Done.

    Mekan1k February 21, 2013
  21. Quality, as always.

    Devogen February 21, 2013
  22. I love this mod

    Zeremot February 21, 2013
  23. Really impressive mod. However, ive encountered a bug where the mir station tears itself apart upon switching to it

    Nate Berman February 22, 2013
  24. Nathan, re the Kliper, I’ve completed that at present and am beta testing it for release. It’ll be my first release, but I want to get it right, so it may take me a few more weeks of tweaking. At present the aerodynamics are fighting me, as is in-built docking ports and ladders. But I figured it would make a good first project. I use the parts from this pack (well the old pack before it was put together into this monster of win) to supplement a launch vehicle, so when I’m done I might just give my shuttle to Bobcat and he can release it with this? Unless he’s ok with me using his vostok and soyuz base module?

    Kristina February 24, 2013
  25. Therefore, the Assembly of each module of the “Mir” Orbital Complex begins with Launch of
    Probe to the Mir unmanned management module. This detail provides control at the stage of
    launching into orbit. After the release of a circular reference orbit, Mir Launch Probe must be
    undocked from the display module. After that, each module can maneuver in manned mode.
    Testing confirmed the compatibility with the most popular avtopilotami– MechJeb, ORDA.

    … those instructions suuuuuck. I have no idea what he’s even saying. :(

    Can someone translate the russian instructions in hopes the english version will make sense? Pretty please? :(

    Kristina February 24, 2013
  26. I can’t rate this 5 stars enough! I NEED SEVEN STARS

    cashmoneybills February 25, 2013
  27. Finally! A Soviet mod.

    Do Not Ask For My Name March 1, 2013
  28. Если что ЛК должен был доставить рн Н-1

    Xenhock March 2, 2013
  29. Brilliant

    Shiva45 March 2, 2013
  30. Awesome!! and the manuals too!

    Paul Estrada March 2, 2013
  31. That’s pretty lol! I posted a week back that I had finished a Progress and was going to release it, and suddenly you guys released one! At the same time I also mentioned a trunk for the Dragon and suddely a trunk is released! Instead of making these parts and offering to give them to you I think I’ll just SAY I made the parts I want to see to get you guys in a tizz so you release them in a rush! >:D

    Thank you though, the Progress was long overdue! LONG overdue enough when a teenage girl from Australia learns to model and makes one so she can have a real Progress refuelling her ISS! :b

    Kristina March 2, 2013
  32. Пак классный. Ещеб комплекс энергия- буран с видоса на ютубе сюда =)

    Sergey Pipenko March 3, 2013
  33. You should add Lunokhod-1 into this pack! It would make things much more fun :D

    EksCelle March 3, 2013
  34. I love this mod , can you please add Zvezda and Zarya modules

    Zeremot March 5, 2013
  35. This mod is just awsome.
    I’ve create my own Mir station thanks to it. It’s just marvellous. Every one should test it.
    Great job guy, just keep on working like that.

    yoshim March 5, 2013
  36. Buran! Super Stoked…

    Fink Macintosh March 7, 2013
  37. Whenever I try to load the stock Buran, it always says that it’s missing ‘Buran Manipulator’

    EksCelle March 7, 2013
  38. Second EksCelle’s comment. Missing Buran Manipulator. Other than that it looks good, but gotta have that part.

    Odyssey March 7, 2013
  39. Also, just my own aside, an engine for the LK lander wouldn’t be a bad part to make

    Odyssey March 7, 2013
  40. strike my last, wasn’t seeing it, still need the manipulator though

    Odyssey March 7, 2013
  41. Buran Manipulator can be downloaded here:

    KerbOrbiter March 8, 2013
  42. WOW… love the how you nailed the look!! Can’t wait to see you do the I.S.S.!!! Hopefully SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!

    Mack Moraczewski March 8, 2013
  43. I spacewalk Kerbals into the modules after docking in orbit. I can’t find any crew hatch for Spektr or Priroda. Other then that it is working great. Attached the solar panels on Kvant-1 with a spacewalk, lot’s of fun.

    Shiva45 March 9, 2013
  44. Very nice add-on pack. I have been enjoying it very much. I did a two-launch Mun landing with the LK and Soyuz stock craft. I am sure I can build a rocket to do it in one lauch but wanted to see what I could accomplish with the stock craft.

    Now to try putting a few Mir parts together… ;D

    Highbury March 9, 2013
  45. Great work Bobcat, Soyuz is my favourite orbiting and station docking ship.
    And thx a lot for the “educational” pdf..

    Jan March 10, 2013
  46. Having a problem with the Buran. When I decouple the 2 solid boosters they ALWAYS collide with the main fuel tank causing it to explode. I have tried everything to fix it and can’t seem to get it working.

    Sokid2k March 11, 2013
  47. хуле ура мод битый особенно Буран

    [Google Translate, in future use English here please]
    Hula cheers modes beaten especially Buran

    Krasov Sergey March 11, 2013
  48. Hey Bobcat nice mod however when I try to load the stock buran it tells me i am missing a piece the piece is buran manipulator. Just asking if you can send me that piece through email ( Thank you a lot.

    astroadrian99 March 12, 2013
  49. Good day Where did the mod or moderator to remove not know at all. it was possible to carry Kerben details in the space in your backpack and attach anywhere you want on your spaceship. please anyone has this mod a link! Thank you!

    Krasov Sergey March 13, 2013
  50. ^^^ If you’re talking about the arm to Burana, it’s here:

    POTKC March 13, 2013
  51. no I’m not talking about what is at arm Buran I mean this mod water link to the video it showed at Youtobe Paul BOBCAT
    A hand does not work well when unloading cargo shakes in all modes SAS RCS

    Krasov Sergey March 13, 2013
  52. in this mode, you can use kerbonavta transfer details in a backpack! as shown in the video Paul BOBCAT he’s a solar panel on the quantum transfer module has a green dot appears indicating where to attach the item! I searched the entire site of the mod there and I saw it before!

    Krasov Sergey March 13, 2013
  53. This is already included in the world if you want it separately :

    POTKC March 13, 2013
  54. так это мод не тот что я хотел там в рюкзаке переносить детали можно как в видео от Paul BobCat а это как на кране система с тросом! Или там можно с помощью кербонавта в рюкзаке детали тоже переносить???

    Krasov Sergey March 13, 2013
  55. how can I fly the buran i cant fly it without exploding

    astroadrian99 March 13, 2013
  56. In KAS one of the hooks can be moved by Kerbonavta, and the world to fly under a solar panel on ‘Quantum of 1′ and press ‘G’, then the panel will have to spen Kerbonavta.

    POTKC March 17, 2013
  57. Scott Manley. If You Read This You Have You’re Own Kerman :U

    Brady Nicolau March 17, 2013
  58. Where’s the Buran Manipulator? I downloaded it and opened the Buran ship, but it said the Manipulator part wasn’t there :/

    Scott Henley March 18, 2013
  59. BTW 0.19 Is out I think

    Brady Nicolau March 18, 2013
  60. You already got me. you can fix the Buran. When you start the rack explode when you exit the Buran space always strikes on tanks and explode again, when spacewalk Buran dangles as a member in my pants! Correct the error details and plan to make damn stabilization at spacewalk to Buran not loose!

    Krasov Sergey March 19, 2013
  61. This is absolutely fantastic, The Buran Spacecraft coupled with MechJeb is awesome!!! However the mechanical arm is a pain to restow after using it – an automatic ‘stow’ option is a definite must!

    Scott Henley March 19, 2013
  62. Please Update the Buran!!! I really Love to Fly with her, but it need to get fixed. Too much Bugs at the moment :/

    Aljoscha Klim March 19, 2013
  63. Hello, have you updated this for 0.19.1? just curious, it seems the file formats are different, and may not allow me to download it.

    Daniel Vicenti March 20, 2013
  64. I absolutely love this mod, great work bobcat. My only issue is the buran nosing down when coming in to land. But GREAT WORK other than that, 5 stars.

    cashmoneybills March 20, 2013
  65. ive been haveing problems with this newest update. the proton 2-3 always locks up upon loading. any idea what might be causeing it. I would also like to make some new skins for the trucks in the pack and either have you upload it or have your permission to upload it myself. just email me :D

    alion white March 21, 2013
  66. update. most of the proton stuff failed to load on start up. im useing the newest ksp at the moment also. didnt have problems before the updates

    alion white March 21, 2013
  67. Its really cool and I love it but can you please add Attachment points at the Top and the End of the MIR Modules (Kvant2…)
    Its nearly impossible to build a Launch Vehicle ;)

    Lukas March 22, 2013
  68. I have KSP v. 19.1, but the docking cam doesn’t work, where is the problem?

    lupino March 23, 2013
  69. Buran dont work

    Jachu2530 March 23, 2013
  70. I was bored and made a mod video highlighting this thing:

    Brett Stevens March 23, 2013
  71. Buran won’t work.. missing part “Buran Manipulator”

    Cman1200 March 24, 2013
  72. why Buran Manipulator not come with mod? =(

    xaphan6669 March 25, 2013
  73. Hey BobCati I landed on the moon with proton+soyuz u+lk lander.
    I hace one problem:
    When i want to return home (I’m on the mun) i decouple tle LK gear and then the rcs does not work. I tried to atach one rsc tank but it still the same .

    duarte riops March 25, 2013
  74. Привет BOBCAT!!!! где можно скачать клипер или его еще не написали???

    Krasov Sergey March 26, 2013
  75. Когда будут детали Клипер???

    Krasov Sergey March 26, 2013
  76. Одлично! Једва чекам да га испробам!

    Excellent! Can not wait to try it!

    Милан Крагујевић March 27, 2013
  77. Excellent job! But where’s the Buran Manipulator?? How can I fix it.


    Jebediajajh Kerman March 28, 2013
  78. Nice mod but the manipulator is missing,
    that means i can`t load the stock buran.
    You guys make ksp a lot more fun

    jeroen sangers March 28, 2013
  79. Manipulator – its another mod. Robotics arm.

    StarShutter March 28, 2013
  80. What new it this (1.7.3 beta) version ?

    StarShutter March 28, 2013
  81. The Buran spaceship doesn’t work.

    Eric Naud March 29, 2013
  82. y i can’t load the Buran.something is lost

    viphenri March 30, 2013

    PAUL BOBCAT WHAT YOU garbage mistake is the simple things in your INSTRUCTIONS KSP_manual_Mir_ (RU). Pdf PAGE 14 FOR CONSTRUCTION PLANT WORLD CLEARLY shown in the picture that the menu can be disabled ASAS FOR SOYUZ TMA ORBITAL MODULE, I’ve tried everything and no such function DISABLE ASAS. Only OFF ON When an individual is attached ASAS!!!

    Krasov Sergey March 31, 2013
  84. For anyone asking: the Buran works fine, you just need to have the robotic arms mod. I have a question though. I was wondering how slow you need to be going for the Buran parachute to deploy, mine keeps breaking off.

    cashmoneybills April 2, 2013
  85. hope you are not deploying the parachute while you are still in the sky,,

    you have to use the parachute, after touchdown the runway just to kill the speed to stop,,,

    anyway, it is one of the most reliable mod and works perfect for me!!

    but i would like to mention one problem that,

    when try to send the Mir parts to the orbit using the Buran,

    Buran’s right wing always hit the Energia rocket when separating it at the final part of the gravity turn,( just before shutting down the engine to move to the app)

    i think its because im using mechjeb auto ascent, and this mod makes the ship really unbalanced due to do a randez vous with my other Mir Parts orbiting,,,

    so i have put few small solid separator on Energia rocket to safely separate it from the buran,

    but it is quite difficult to place the separator on the Energia rocket, and for me, i failed to put them nicely,

    and it always rotates the energia rocket, just enough spin to destroy my Buran Shuttle while separating,,

    does anyone have a nice reliable solution for this problem?

    takishima louis April 3, 2013
  86. Were is no Buran manipulator (((((((((((((((

    LameFrog April 4, 2013
  87. yea, there is no independent manipulator for Buran,

    however, there is a attached manipulator on top and bottom of the Buran, and they are quite powerful enough to manipulate the ship,

    by the way, for those facing the problem with launching rocket using mechjeb auto assent mode,

    try to set up your gravity turn starting point at higher than the point that you separate the booster separation,

    bad example,

    launch the rocket→gravity turn starts at 10km→booster finish the fuel at 12km→separation,→separated booster crush into the gravity turning rocket,

    good example,

    launch the rocket→booster finish its fuel→separation→gravity turn→mission succeed!

    takishima louis April 5, 2013
  88. помогите решить проблему вовремя стыковки всегда соединяются криво порты почему как решить или исправить!!!

    help solve the problem in time docking ports are always connected crooked why how to solve or fix!

    Krasov Sergey April 6, 2013
  89. @takishima louis, I’m deploying the parachutes during rollout of the shuttle, but it keeps showing me the red parachute symbol as if they broke off, and they never deploy. I tried a number of solutions and none worked, in fact the only time the parachutes deploy is when the shuttle is in the air, then when I touchdown (still moving) they dissapear.

    cashmoneybills April 6, 2013
  90. Were is no robotic arm fo Buran here ((((((( Need to download another mod to this(((

    LameFrog April 9, 2013
  91. Soon, there shall be kliper

    Mekan1k April 16, 2013
  92. why manipulator is not downloading????

    Jachu2530 April 17, 2013
  93. Kliper is confusing, is there a tutorial? We are dumb…

    cashmoneybills April 17, 2013
  94. In which tab is the nose for Kliper?

    Moritz Helle April 18, 2013
  95. BobCat April 18, 2013
  96. Fix that damned HOME pack recon module so we can park those mk V rovers in there PLEASE ! spasiba..

    elkar April 18, 2013
  97. Bobcat i saw the tutorial but the Nose for Kliper is not there.
    I looked everywhere and i think it didn’t came with the pack.

    Moritz Helle April 18, 2013
  98. Sorry i didn’t install the plugin. Now its there.

    Moritz Helle April 18, 2013
  99. caution this is off topic

    i hate to rain on everyone’s parade here i love kerbal and all but i have recently downloaded this mod and kerbal wont load past the Buran Lwing and it gets annoying cuz i would like to try this mod and i hate to have to delete it any help would be greatly apperciated you can reach me at thank you

    donavan potter April 18, 2013
  100. The instructions show the probe part to be on top of the docking port for each MIR module. i found that i cant dock to that port with the probe installed over it. I flipped it so the docking port is over the module and it works. Either the instructions got them flipped, or my download got buggy.

    anyone else have this issue?

    gracae86 April 18, 2013
  101. I can’t seem to get crew into the soyuz capsules… idk what I’m doing wrong.

    Betaking April 18, 2013
  102. When can we expect a Kliper .craft file, its easy to build but it would be nice to have a launcher for it.

    Bobby Henderson April 18, 2013
  103. @gracae86 The probe is only there for the launch, it is suppose to be undocked away when the modules are in orbit.

    @Betaking The hatch is beside where you put the parachutes. If you meant that there are no crew in the module, it is most probably due to not installing the “Internals” folder.

    Satais April 20, 2013
  104. I have a recent version of KAS as well as Mechjeb2. The only thing I don’t have is the manipulator, but I am not trying to only load Buran, but ANY of the command modules. Upon trying to load any of the command modules from the pack onto the launch pad, KSP (0.19.1) crashes immediately to desktop with no warning. Removed the entire addon and the issue is resolved. What could cause this? I’d love to try the pack but until I know what is causing CTD, it’s unusable for me..

    Kevin Stoffel April 27, 2013
  105. @Kevin Stoffel The newest version should have included the buran manipulator already. This pack add 80 parts to the stock 100+ parts and when loading at launch pad might cause memory problems. There should be a crash log at your KSP folder, you can check it and maybe it says something like “Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!” somewhere. I used to have this problem, but I tried setting render detail to low at option and it didn’t happen as often now.

    Satais April 27, 2013
  106. Buran is awesome (amazing detail and size) but I have seen a few bugs making it less than practical. Not sure if the lift capacity (with cargo) is enough, but that’s a minor issue since the orbital operations stuff is the coolest aspect.

    Once I had a collision (huge explosion) with a Mechjeb module placed inside the cargo bay when switching to Buran from another nearby vessel.

    Second issue (which seems worse) was using the manipulators. They’re fine with nothing attached, but as soon as you attach something (even a relatively small sat) they get REALLY wobbly and can actually shake the entire ship apart in a huge explosion. I could tolerate a bit of wobbly (as I think is realistic), but we need to find a way to tone that down big time, and especially stop it from shaking the ship apart, heh.

    Garoad April 29, 2013
  107. Mod is amazing, all the old ships form the Soviet Era. But there is one request I ask. The Proton ship, since not everyone will know how to make it, there should be a downloadable design for it.

    Derek Witzke May 5, 2013
  108. @Derek Witzke,

    There are PDF file included in the zip file that explains how to build the Proton.

    XBasmanX May 5, 2013
  109. Is anyone else having problems with the Soyuz launcher parts dissapearing from the parts menu in-game with the new update?

    Fox62 May 5, 2013
  110. Does anyone have issues getting the gyro kraken with their MIR station when switching from one craft back over to the MIR? Seems to be worse the farther away the craft is when switched.

    gracae86 May 6, 2013
  111. I LOVE THE Buran Shuttle,but something makes it feel like I’m playing retro versions of KSP. Anyway it’s really smooth, and you’ve really out done yourself this time.

    Lukas Cancelosi May 10, 2013
  112. It would be cool if you added the 1960s soyuz spacecraft and launch vehicle.

    Jake Conar May 13, 2013
  113. it is AWESOME

    HeroBrine May 16, 2013
  114. Really nice mod! there’s just the wobbling when switching between vessels whenever more than 2 soyuz or mir drouge docking ports are used… any idea?

    kerbalspacemonkey May 21, 2013
  115. i Love this Pack :D

    i tend to only really use the Proton Booster (as a General purpose lifter) & the Soyuz/Progress. But apart from that i Removed the other parts in order to Save Load times …

    Great pack 9/10
    (only 9 because of the 1 configuration Soyuz)

    Keenan smith May 21, 2013
  116. The latest version doesn’t seem to be fully compatible with 0.20. Romfahrer and KAS plugins are not compatible with this version, thus making the whole thing bugged: The first one makes launch clamps teleport to player whenever they leave loading range, blowing up the ship. The second is simply broken – part movement using EVA doesn’t work.

    m4ti140 May 23, 2013
  117. OK, Romfahrer seems to have updated his plugins

    m4ti140 May 23, 2013
  118. Still has bugs launch clamps teleport to ships causing destruction of the ship. :(

    akurei May 25, 2013
  119. How can I place parts in Buran’s cargo hold before launch?

    hellis May 26, 2013
  120. @akurei – just update your lazor mod.

    m4ti140 May 27, 2013
  121. I also wanted to report that Kliper is unflyable, even after solving size problems (changing rescale to 1), Soyuz flips over few seconds after take off with it on top, no matter what you do.

    m4ti140 May 27, 2013
  122. @m4ti140

    I didn’t have the lazor mod I didn’t know i needed it. Thanks.

    akurei May 27, 2013
  123. @hellis

    Select the Buran in the VAB remove the cargo doors place whatever in the bay then replace the doors. Hope this helps.

    akurei May 27, 2013
  124. There’s an ISS module in the pack, is that supposed to be there?

    Luke Harrison May 28, 2013
  125. wow I am going to download as soon as i go to my other computer
    and bobcat you guys make the best mods

    Tyler Duncan June 1, 2013
  126. Why does my game crash when i enter either the VAB or SPH after i install this mod?

    Brycce Krick June 4, 2013
  127. This is the best mod I have seen for KSP. The textures look wonderfully like the actually Soyuz and Buran’s. This is truly awsome :)


    Max Taylor June 6, 2013
  128. БобКэт, добавь в пакет новую русскую ракету-носитель Ангара. Вся информация по ней тут:
    Bobcat, add in the pack new Russian launch vehicle Angara. All the information here: June 13, 2013
  129. Anyone else get crashes sometimes when clicking vehichle assembly/space center

    Stanford Burley June 19, 2013
  130. I/m trying to make the Buran but I can’t get the wing flaps to go on or the tail flap. Have any suggestions?

    kbkline June 19, 2013
  131. I somehow seem to be missing the part “Buran Manipulator” so i can not use the buran….

    wierdness102 June 21, 2013
  132. Solved

    wierdness102 June 21, 2013
  133. How to use the manipulator? I magnatize and all, how do i get the stuff out?

    Jonas June 23, 2013
  134. Also, how do i get stuff out of cargo bay?

    Jonas June 23, 2013
  135. Part is missing for the Mac.
    Buran Manipulator or something like that
    If fixed I ll rate 5 stars

    War Eagle 1 June 27, 2013
  136. Part is missing for the Mac.
    Buran Manipulator or something like that
    If fixed I ll rate 5 *

    War Eagle 1 June 27, 2013
  137. Found out the problem and you get five stars. Thanks

    War Eagle 1 June 28, 2013
  138. I love this mod, but I cant use it since it causes too many crashes :/

    Stanford Burley June 30, 2013
  139. I’ve had some real issues trying to download. I’ve followed the directions exactly, but when i launch the game, it freezes on the last file on the main loading screen. I’m running 20.2 with several mods, including KOSMOS, H.O.M.E, B9, mechjeb, crew manifest, and Kehane. When install the Soviet pack, it rewrites all of the KAS in a different format, and adds a TSAS folder, also in a different format. Is this compatible with 20.2? if so, what am i doing wrong?

    Matthew Schoffelmeer June 30, 2013
  140. In Soviet Russian the rocket flys you

    Alexander Heath June 30, 2013
  141. Now, you only need to turn KSC into the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

    John Oliveri July 1, 2013
  142. Hey, i am having trouble docking the Kristall module to the Core module. They don’t seem to stick together, any tips?

    Jonatan Svedjemo July 3, 2013
  143. this bug fix is nothing more than bug maker , textures for soyuz are missing , buran manipulator is missing and it all works like some of the old versions , crappy and half finished , if you can re check your mod and re upload it , we will all be grateful

    Zeremot July 5, 2013
  144. Why I don’t have the Buran Manipulator?

    Carlos Elizondo July 5, 2013
  145. Like the pack but it says both orbital modules are missing but in the files they’re there.

    Chris Zimmer July 6, 2013
  146. Please remove the spaces from the part names in part.cfg
    name = Mir Launch Probe becomes name = Mir_Launch_Probe. I’m adding MechJeb2 to all probes and modules and RemoteTech remote control to all modules for all mods. The ModuleManager.dll can’t parse the name with spaces. Change to underscores.

    Same for American Pack.

    Oinker Piig July 9, 2013
  147. Game crashes when going from the VAB to launchpad, or from Space Center directly to launchpad.

    Anyone else with this? Otherwise i absolutely love this mod. Must have it. Period. .

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 10, 2013
  148. Can you add the N-1 Rocket

    Roland Gilt July 11, 2013
  149. Hey some of the Soyuz rockets have solar panels and other parts backwards, can you fix them.

    ADD MORE ROCKETS!!!!!!!!

    Roland Gilt July 12, 2013
  150. Dude please check all of your ships, all of them at least have one thing mixed up on it

    Roland Gilt July 13, 2013
  151. I am having extreme difficulties docking the individual modules. It appears that either the “magnetism” is off, or there are other modules in the way (MIR probe, carrying Kerbals?). I was unable to dock KVANT1 *OR* KVANT2 to the MIR base module (in the historically accurate order) And yes, I am a baby, and used MechJeb, but still didn’t manage.

    Could you please fix that? I’d just LOVE to have a KMIR in my Kuniverse. :)

    NHBoehm July 13, 2013
  152. This pack not worked in version! Why?

    Matheus Gasparetto July 16, 2013
  153. It’s a great pack but it has a lot of glitches. I tried to build a MIR on the ground and send it into orbit in one piece. But every time I used the ORDA orbit button it explodes. Can you fix it?

    Ryan Timcoe July 16, 2013
  154. i would love to see the russian Space shuttle with plane……………………………………………………………..PLEASE.
    will test your mod on install.

    Clint Hooper July 17, 2013
  155. tried the space shuttle and some other craft these are the most stable craft i have flown in this game keep in mind i am no expert but i got a really nice orbet with the Russian space shuttle it seems to work better then the American space shuttle on this game, in terms of control.

    All of the contents textures are really well done.


    Clint Hooper July 17, 2013
  156. How do I build the LK lander? How can I launch it without an N1?

    Jon Ashton July 20, 2013
  157. pleeeze update your other packs!

    irpded rogert July 20, 2013
  158. you should update this for the new update, because they cause erratic shadows and there are some minor other problems. And one thing I think it would be cool to add is the N-1 rocket.

    Patton1885 July 25, 2013
  159. yes please update for the 0.21 and add N1!!!!
    We need this mod plz!!!

    i really dont know how to show my appreciation for the really great mod that you have been providing to us!!

    thank you so much Mr Bobcat!! :)

    hosimota bob July 26, 2013
  160. does the buran manipulator still make the the shuttle tear itself apart in 0.21?

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 26, 2013
  161. Hey bobcat quick question when i download the mod i only have 3 saved crafts the progress and the two soyuz is it just me or the update

    Gerald Landry July 27, 2013
  162. Bobcat, I think your work is usualy realy great but I’ve had problems with the soviet pack since the 0.20 update. I downloaded it in 0.19 and it worked fine but in 0.20 and onwards it messes up my computer and I don’t understand why. This is really disappointing as I really use to enjoy using it! Is it possible to try and make this pack better for the 0.21 and onwards updates?

    Adam Fellows July 27, 2013
  163. does it work for .21?

    clyde craft July 28, 2013
  164. why the soyuz camera doesn’t work?

    ale d July 29, 2013
  165. I’m currently constructing the MIR Orbital Complex.It’s a nice littlechallenge, but the challenge is taken away with the Mec. Jeb….
    Stil a beautiful mod.Amazing craft.


    Phoenix has risen July 30, 2013

    This video will help you with the LK Lunar Module.

    Phoenix has risen August 1, 2013
  167. Is there a version for V.21?

    Phoenix has risen August 4, 2013
  168. the buran is too sensitive during launch. one touch and it will flip out and be uncontrolable. also, at around 40,000 meters it will lose all control. I hope this is fixed when it’s out for 0.21.1

    Nathan Czaja August 5, 2013
  169. Bobcat, i think you should fix the buran, also i think you should add:

    N1 moon rocket

    energia launch system (not the buran kind.) Use this video to help you:

    Some soviet moon base ideas. You could use this webpage i found:

    Thanks bobcat!

    Nicholander August 5, 2013
  170. it doesn’t work with my macbook air can you check the download file.

    Roland Gilt August 6, 2013
  171. It doesnt work on my iMac

    Wyatt Potts August 6, 2013
  172. so many parts *_* 9KKKKKKKK / 5

    No Name August 7, 2013
  173. Any plans on creating a model for the Mir Docking Module?

    Nathan Jensen August 10, 2013
  174. BobCat you should make the Vostok and Voskhod spacecraft!

    cashmoneybills August 11, 2013
  175. Вылет при загрузке файлов (0.21.0)

    Paul Cosworth August 12, 2013
  176. You need to include .craft files. I appreciate you’ve gone to quite a bit of length making informative PDF’s, etc, but many, many players just want a .craft and will download it from the various sites that make it available when they should be uploaded by YOU and getting YOU hits and credit for them as opposed to some random dude being worshipped for saving everyone time and effort.

    pr0metheus August 12, 2013
  177. Hey, I keep getting this ‘the compressed (zipped) folder is invalid’ error, has anyone else been getting it??

    Kieron Patterson August 13, 2013
  178. The Buran .craft file is incompatible with this version of KSP. Any chance of a fixed version being uploaded solo rather than having to download 120 meg of file all over again just for one 4 kb file too when you guys get a chance to fix it? :)

    pr0metheus August 13, 2013
  179. It says the folder is damaged

    Hüseyin Gültekin August 13, 2013
  180. the folder is damaged

    Hüseyin Gültekin August 13, 2013
  181. the game said Buran Manipulator part missing ,that make me can’t use craft Buran or find the Buran Manipulator in VAB.(v0.21.1.276) (Soviet Pack 1.8.9)

    dd90931 August 15, 2013
  182. could someone tell me where to get the AdvSASModuleToggle.dll

    i think thats all i need to get this working (I REALLY WANT TO GET THIS WORKING!!!!)

    jtnemo93 August 15, 2013
  183. could someone tell me how to activate or find the Buran and Soyuz docking camera , also how to use . Thanks!

    dd90931 August 15, 2013
  184. all problem solved , that was are great mod . I hope you can add salyut programme and vostok programme .

    dd90931 August 15, 2013
  185. A quick question… Have you considered splitting the Soviet pack into several smaller ones? Currently, it’s my biggest single mod, and I’m fairly sure I’m running into load ceilings as I try loading other mods in as well. It might be nice to separate the mod into say, launch vehicles, satellites, lunar modules, and so on, so that I can use the sections I like, and save space on sections I won’t use as much.

    Dragonflight August 16, 2013
  186. I was pretty surprised that the Buran space shuttle could fly on its own! (even though in real life they can’t XD) Aside from that, it is a very fantastic mod!

    The Mac August 16, 2013
  187. It would appear that this mod isn’t compatible with Lack Luster Labs, unfortunately, I installed this when I had LLL installed, and it would crash my whole computer, had to restart it, and then, when I uninstalled this mod, KSP worked just fine and dandy. Just a warning to everyone!

    Avery Feagan August 16, 2013
  188. The zip file is broken for me. It says the archive is damaged or invalid. I can’t even open the folder after I’ve downloaded it….

    Andy Alvarez August 16, 2013
  189. I’ve downloaded 10 times but winrar keeps saying unexpected end of archive :(

    Don't Ask August 17, 2013
  190. when I install the folders and start the game there comes an error and the game shut down !?!?!?!

    Johann Marsmann August 22, 2013
  191. I can’t open the .zip. It says the file is invalid.

    Euan White August 22, 2013
  192. Please help!!

    Euan White August 22, 2013
  193. Any body else now have the game load all the way when this mod is installed

    War Eagle 1 August 26, 2013
  194. not*

    War Eagle 1 August 26, 2013
  195. Please add new crafts there so many Russian crafts you didn’t added
    (Vostok-K launch vehicle Vostok spacecraft Angara Rocket family)

    Đorđe Raičević August 27, 2013
  196. ЛК был давно ожидаемой моделью в сей игре

    Quasar August 29, 2013
  197. Does not work with v021.1.276

    As with any mod I have problems with, i tried this with a clean KSP install as well. If I install it, the game will crash.

    Bradly197 September 1, 2013
  198. The “SAS” the Soviet Pack does not work right!

    Matheus Gasparetto September 2, 2013
  199. Buran seems to be very difficult to fly, for example, when I yaw right it also produces a roll in the opposite direction, in atmosphere or not. also the SAS is extremely strong, and doesnt allow any movment when activated. especially during launch (I have to turn it off to make my gravity turn, and its barely controllable when I do.

    Conar Dodman September 10, 2013
  200. I think there is a problem with this download.

    The download always stops around the 70-80Mb mark even though the file is much larger.

    Thing is, you can still open the archive and extract the contents, if your archive file is less than 119Mb, then it has some files missing.

    I suspect this is causing a lot of people’s complaints.

    I have been repeatedly trying this download and the problem still remains. Downloaded file size is always different.

    What is up with that?

    Help us!

    p1t1o September 12, 2013
  201. where’s the robotic arm for the buran shuttle? when i try to load the craft it says that the buran manipulator file is missing :(

    Alek Sandr September 15, 2013
  202. It’s in the Robotic Arms Pack.
    The .mbm textures actually increase the RAM usage.

    Bobby Henderson September 16, 2013
  203. I have the H.O.M.E pack that has the same GameData name, what do Я need to do?

    Alwin Kerman September 17, 2013
  204. and the buran doesnt work! it says its not for my version of KSP but my version is 0.21.1!

    Alwin Kerman September 17, 2013
  205. OK I managed to get the Buran Shuttle working by downloading the robotic arms and adding the ASAS from the core game to all the pods the pack includes but …I can’t find the MIR Launch Probe :( It’s not in the .zip file either. I hope it gets updated ’cause I really love the Soviet Pack :D

    Alek Sandr September 17, 2013
  206. BobCat, Очень восхищен твоей работой, но есть маленькая проблема….игра не запускается! Пожалуйста попробуй хоть немного оптимизировать мод, 2 гига оперативы не справляются с нагрузкой!

    Maksim Tarakanovskii September 21, 2013
  207. Is this OSX compatible?
    I’m running KPS .21 on OSX 10.8.5


    Emilio October 4, 2013
  208. This download is corrupted somehow, as some of the Buran parts are un-textured and won’t function properly.

    Andrew October 6, 2013
  209. i cant download it.

    chris mcleod October 10, 2013
  210. My loading times when I start the game have gotten EXTREMELY long. I’ve deleted some mode but it hasn’t stopped the problem. Loading used to take 2 minutes but now it takes about 10. is there any way to fix this?

    Jake Conar October 10, 2013
  211. I´m trying to download this since 2 months. It still not works. After 60 MB it finishes and the zip file is corrupted. BobCat can you please reupload this awsome package. I love the Soyuz!!!!

    deisi9 October 15, 2013
  212. When will we have A 0.22 version? The soviet pack is my favorite mod!

    Nicholander October 17, 2013
  213. Ditto on the .22 version. This one causes a CTD when switching to the VAB.

    John Harris October 17, 2013
  214. Forgot to say, but can we also have a 0.22 update to the ISS pack? The link is:

    Nicholander October 17, 2013
  215. BobCat, do you think we could get a 0.22 version of the American Pack as well? That’s the last mod i need to flawlessly upgrade everything. thanks!

    Onassis October 20, 2013
  216. OK, I’ve repeatedly had the download cut short problem, which corrupts the Zip file. However it appears to be something purely Spaceport related. Go to Bobcat’s forum page and use the alternate DL. That seems to work fine and gets all of it

    Bobcat’s page:

    Bobcat? I’d suggest posting a link to your forum page up top so people can get this great pack.

    Gerard Penman October 20, 2013
  217. missing buran manipulator. :(

    benjamin bye October 22, 2013
  218. Служу Советскому Союзу!

    Vitaliy-Sh October 25, 2013
  219. YaY

    xxxx xxxxxx October 26, 2013
  220. hey bobcat
    can you make the Mir in orbit
    and in carer mode

    ryan crowe October 27, 2013
  221. Can anyone help?

    I’ve got issues whereby the Buran docking port isn’t releasing items after being undocked, I’ve tried to look for other people with the same problem and really got nowhere.

    Kristofer Entwistle October 27, 2013
  222. It would be really great if you could add the Vostok, and Voskhod spacecraft. That would make much more sense for career mode. Then you would be able to advance to the various Soyuz space craft.

    Dylan October 30, 2013
  223. anyone having issue with freeze uo or crash after updating this pack?

    i see that an addition of lifesupport was made to this pack, and so C02 cleaning systems. now my game wont load to VAB more then 50% of time, and crashed when switching ships in orbit.

    kirk eby November 14, 2013
  224. Yes, I am having a lot of issues after updating, in addition to the ones mentioned above. I have taken a huge hit to fps at all times. I can no longer load saved ships, or subassemblies in the VAB, or on the launch pad, the list is gone, and I cannot save new ones. And the problem persists even after uninstalling, and reinstalling the previous version.

    Dylan November 15, 2013
  225. i dont have my robotic arms :’(

    yohey November 16, 2013
  226. bobcat, you removed the robotic arms from the mod and now i cant launch the buran, which is the best thing in the mod. PLEASE HELP MEEEHHHEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yohey November 16, 2013
  227. How do I build the Kilper?

    Nick Atkins November 16, 2013
  228. Can someone please fix the download link……. Always gets interupted at about 115 MB…

    sanchezuno November 17, 2013
  229. I cant download it, there stands: “Archiv is broken” or something like this…
    (sorry for my bad englisch:S)

    Jebediah Kerman November 20, 2013
  230. i tried to install it but it always gets stuck when loading the squad internals and i removed the mod and it was just fine

    sebastian November 21, 2013
  231. good job but i have a problem. when i sep the bosters on the soyuz the 2 and 3 stages explode i try t fix but no use please fix

    alex nicov November 27, 2013
  232. N-1 goes out of control when launching with SAS engaged. And can be tricky to launch manually, please help

    Conar Dodman December 4, 2013
  233. This mod is broken:(

    daniel runar December 8, 2013
  234. This mod dosent work on myy computer

    daniel runar December 8, 2013
  235. The LK Lander doesn’t get up to orbit like it should. I’ve tried several times and still no luck. It’s also missing the deplorable radar dishes on the side. I fear it doesn’t have enough fuel for landing and rendezvous with the Soyuz command module

    Britt Stokes December 10, 2013
  236. You can add in the cfg file if tge part (s) more Fuel

    Jebediah Kerman December 13, 2013
  237. now it’s time for Soviet Pack for KSP 0.23! when do you will update your very nice mod, bobcat?

    Alexander Weiß December 23, 2013
  238. it is broken

    ziom4556 December 24, 2013
  239. mam jedną prośbę, czy można by było tego moda podzielić na szczęści, ponieważ wprowadzono limity:/, i nie można go pobrać, albo wrzucić na torrenta :)

    ziom4556 December 24, 2013
  240. pure exellence

    Martin Laderach December 25, 2013
  241. When I try to exit the Kristall module, the game says the hatch is blocked even though it’s not blocked at all. So now I have a Kerbal stuck in the module with no way out. Please Help, for the Kerbal’s sake!

    Britt Stokes December 27, 2013
  242. Just a little friendly advice, but the Soviet LK Lander in real life has two antennas on the sides that extend out once it is landed, you can look it up. It would add a lot more realism to the craft if you do add these antennae. Thank you for reading this if you do.

    Britt Stokes December 30, 2013
  243. The mod seems broken to me. The command modules included(Besides the shuttles) are static objects ingame. I tried launching the Soyuz and custom rockets ingame, and the result is always the same. The Orbital module and the re-entry module both hover in midair, keeping the attached rocket from launching. Also, upon decoupling the Orbital module, it clips through the re-entry module. I can’t find a fix online, and it seemed to break staging capabilities in the last version, which seems fixed now. Is there any solution or bugfix?

    Joshua Weikert January 2, 2014
  244. I can’t get my guys to go on EVA when I’m not landed on Kerbin. They just disappear and die. I’ve lost at least 3 guys trying to do this already.

    twarfield January 2, 2014
  245. I can’t get all of the Buran parts. They are all downloaded, but not all of them actually show up in the game.

    twarfield January 2, 2014
  246. The N1 flies like a brick. The Kliper flies like a sheet of paper. Am I supposed to use FAR with this?

    Richard van Dijk January 4, 2014
  247. lul i have FASA pack, but if i use this mod the world blows up

    Kainoa connors January 7, 2014
  248. Does this pack work with .23?

    kbkline January 13, 2014
  249. Why i cand find mir core in career mode?Can someone help me?

    Denis Costache January 27, 2014
  250. My Ultimate Favorite Mod. Go Bobcat!!!

    If you could, please put out Kerbin City so it’s easier to find

    X-plosins! And Bombs February 5, 2014
  251. can anyone help me when i put the mod in the parts show in the game but not the kerbals does any one know what to do\

    plus i have the steam verson

    tony holder February 20, 2014
  252. Hello ! Can you Duplicate these one ? 0.23 ? i try 5 time, when I’m Trying to download for 6th Times . there was a problem .

    Cris Lorenz Gamit March 1, 2014
  253. Great mod, best I’ve seen so far. I got a problem though – how do you release first stage engines once they burn out? I can’t seem to be able to figure it out :(

    bzzero March 6, 2014
  254. The Buran does not appear, as the external fuel tank and the Rocket boosters are missing from the pack. (i have downloaded this pack 3 times and it hasn’t worked)

    Ethan Van Gent March 15, 2014
  255. when is v0.23 coming out? My older vers seem to be corrupt…and I can’t live without the Soviet boosters!

    gmcr70 March 24, 2014
  256. Love it. One of the Best packs out there!

    Ben Barrett March 25, 2014
  257. where update Soviet pack for KSP 0.23.5&&&&

    Krasov Sergey April 11, 2014
  258. where update Soviet pack for KSP 0.23.5???

    Krasov Sergey April 11, 2014
  259. This mod now has serious issues with the new .23.5. If you dock with anything that has soviet parts attached , once you undock your ship shoots off like a gun. You’ll find your ship about 3-4 km from the station if your lucky to find it.

    I want everyone to try this…
    1. make space station with the MIR panels and Soyuz docking ports.
    2. dock any ship you want to any port you want
    3. now undock…..confirm that your ship will warp 4 km away the station in a blink of eye.
    4. Thank bobcat in advance for looking into this problem You make such a good mod and great looking parts !

    lextacy April 11, 2014
  260. i dont know if its just me, but when i down load the mod i can open the folder. i get an error saying its invalid or corrupted when i try to open the folder and when i try to extract it, it says there is nothing to extract :/ any ideas?

    Ayden vecchio April 13, 2014

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