[SECS] v0.1 Stackable Engine Clustering System

Added bottom attachment nodes for the stock and KSPX 1m and 2m, multi-coupler parts!

Allows easy use of engine clusters for upper-stages.


ClairaLyrae’s KSPX pack contained the great, new 2m, quad- and tri- coupler parts for putting engine clusters on 2m rockets. I started this pack, aiming to rectify the inability to use these for upper-stages.

3 bottom attachment nodes have been added to each coupler part, calibrated to the LV-909, LV-T45 and LV-N engines.

Modified parts:
1m->2x1m bi-coupler (stock)
1m->3x1m tri-coupler (stock)
1m->4x1m quad-coupler (KSPX)
2m->2x1m bi-coupler (KSPX)
2m->3x1m tri-coupler (KSPX)
2m->4x1m quad-coupler (KSPX)

This is just a configuration edit. All 3D models are copyright of NovaSilisko (stock) and ClairaLyrae (KSPX).


SECS overwrites existing parts in KSP, so you should back them up if you should wish to remove the mod in future. 1) Backup the whole Parts folder, or the specific stock and KSPX multi-coupler parts. 2) Extract SECS and copy the Parts folder into the main KSP folder. Click merge when prompted. 3) Enjoy! If you ever wish to remove SECS, overwrite the parts with those from your backup.

How to use

Use the new, upgraded parts to mount multiple engines in clusters to your upper-stages. v0.1 Known bug: Decoupler must be placed below multi-adapter before attaching rocket engines.


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  1. The KSPX parts are mostly broken, about half don’t have node_colliders so you fall through the launch pad and stuff. If you have a copy where they’re working, could you upload them? The person who has collected the parts / manages the collection has been notified a few times over the last month but haven’t been contactable.

    Kristina February 24, 2013
  2. OMGosh I was just ranting on da forumz about how I wished these were in existence. Just a tiny suggestion (I hope I’m not being unreasonable or greedy, I know it is a chore texturing and making a new part), but a quintcoupler for Saturn V 1st and 2nd stages would be appreciated :)

    Daniel Lindsay June 9, 2013

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