Satellite 1

The aptly named Satellite 1 was the first unmanned satellite launched by the Kerbal Space Program. The Satellite 1 is an unmanned version of the successful Orbiter 1 (coming soon, maybe). The Satellite 1 is ideal for orbiting Kerbin and beyond!

The Satellite 1 won several awards, including most imaginative name for a spacecraft.

The Satellite 1 consists of a Stayputnik, a reachgeable battery, 2 solar panels, fuel tank and engine.

Ideal for beginners, it was the third craft I ever made, and the first to venture outside of Kerbin’s orbit



for windows put the file here KSP_win -> saves -> {player name} -> Ships -> VAB

How to use

How to guide, how to orbit Kerbin 1. engage SAS 2. throttle to maximum 3. launch! 4. maintain speed at close to 150 m/s possible 5. at 10,000m rotate craft to 45° and throttle to maximum 6. continue a maximum throttle until the predicted Apoapsis reaches 100,000 m, press x to turn of engine 7. click on Apoapsis and plan manoeuvres which will put you into Kerbin's orbit. To travel outside of Kerbin's orbit the addition of 4 booster rockets is advised. I recommend looking at this guide, its not my own but it works, every time!


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  1. Stop spamming the space port with your .craft files.

    lobsterbark March 5, 2013
  2. how is adding 2 craft files spamming?

    Oliver Thébault March 8, 2013

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