Robotic Arms Pack

This pack contains two replicas of real life robotic arms used space.


This pack contains two replicas of real life robotic arms used space. The CanadArm2 from the ISS and the Buran manipulator from the shuttle with the same name. The arms comes with a camera attached to the tip of the arm. This interface is also the one you will use to move the arm around. In order to grab other vessels both arms are equipped by a magnet. Whenever you grab something both vessels will automatically dock with eachother. This is necessary in order to be able to save and load properly. The arms are also warp capable, with and without load. Keep in mind that the arms can not handle excessive loads within a gravity field. Accelleration is also not reccommended. And finally, the arm will produce force according to newtonian laws, if you experience too much wobble, use the slow speed setting. This can be activated with the CAPSLOCK key.

NOTE: Requires Lazor System and KSP version 0.22:
download it here:

Lazor System:
Robotic Arms Pack:
Lazor Guided Weapons:
Lazor Docking Cam:
Lazor Cam:


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How to use

Use the gui and magnet/magnetize to grab stuff.


57 Comments for “Robotic Arms Pack”

  1. Brilliant, thank you!

    Fink Macintosh March 7, 2013
  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks! :)

    ZobrAA March 7, 2013
  3. what parts pack was used to make the shuttle in the picture?

    Thomas sTRICKLAND March 7, 2013
  4. OMG, It’s really awesome..

    rionerta March 8, 2013
  5. well done

    Stefan S March 8, 2013
  6. ive tried twice to install this and its a good chance it is something im doing.

    mike nelson March 8, 2013
  7. I also am having trouble with the installation. Is it incompatible with 18.4 or does it also require some other mods other than the lazor system?

    Also it is possible I am installing it wrong but I am doing the exact some things as I have with other mods.

    Kaleb Salinas March 9, 2013
  8. Great plugin! I have a small problem with. When I installed this plugin, I have my launcher exploding.

    Someone has an idea of the problem? I really do not want to remove it, I love your work.

    Thank you in advance, and sorry for my english.

    Maniax_hell March 9, 2013
  9. glad someone made a mod for this but im haveing some issues. ive placed everything in the correct order but both items do not show up in game. ive been haveing the same issue with lazor guided weapons mod. any help will be appreciated, thanks

    Requiem March 9, 2013
  10. What’s the best way to launch this? I cannot figure out how to.

    MrJordykid8 March 10, 2013
  11. Bro, you lift!

    Astronomer March 10, 2013
  12. Что за херня при выгрузке с трюма все как на аттракционе болтается! Исправьте эту проблему! и проверьте!

    [Google Translate]

    What a garbage when uploading to hold all of the attraction as loose! Fix the problem! and check!

    Krasov Sergey March 11, 2013
  13. I LOVE THESE! I’ve built a dual-armed salvage ship, and am now cleaning up the debris from my launches!

    Also, you really should have mentioned that you can attach kerbals to these. I screamed like a little girl who’s just been told that ponies exist when I discovered this.

    Simon Drandoff March 11, 2013
  14. Where to update and bug fixes in this fashion that would not fuck do not hang out at discharge from the hold in space??
    And correct their curves files —- Romfarer.dll and folders Romfarer

    Krasov Sergey March 13, 2013
  15. and for all lay to link these files here or in plugin sections add as a mod!!

    and for all lay to link these files here or in plugin sections add as a mod!
    Folder Romfarer]]]]]]
    Romfarer.dll ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]———–Fix these files are requezt!
    KAS.dll ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
    Fix these files are requezt!!!

    Krasov Sergey March 13, 2013
  16. Where to update and bug fixes in this fashion that would not fuck do not hang out at discharge from the hold in space??
    And correct their curves files—Romfarer.dll and folders Romfarer

    Krasov Sergey March 13, 2013
  17. I really, really want a robot arm for probes.

    Jon Fritsch March 17, 2013
  18. Outlaw Star
    Grappler Ship’s

    Daniel Hazzard March 18, 2013
  19. hi, you can create BobCat Rabotic Arms mini for the shuttle ShattleTiberDyn??? Buran and then created with errors!

    Krasov Sergey March 19, 2013
  20. Hi! I have some problems with textures in the control win. of arms, I see stream from cam but everything else is red-white. Why is that? KSP v. 19.1

    lupino March 23, 2013
  21. Very good, useful on the Soviet Buran!

    Jay O'Neill March 29, 2013
  22. the Buran in this pack is from Bobcat’s Soviet pack,
    its great i used this in Conjunction with my buran to launch Mir :D

    Keenan smith March 30, 2013
  23. Using 0 .19.1 I find that the arms fail to show up in ANY of the parts section, though when I alter the part file for the Category from 5 to Utility/Science it does show up but fails to work. I double checked and re-installed them but still I get LESS THAN zilch. HELP!

    AdamsMassey April 16, 2013
  24. Not quite sure why even left and right are inverted to begin with, but I may have flipped the module upside down at some point…

    Anyways, it’s totally awesome and works way better than I expected, even taking into account the 5 stars!

    Clement Bilhorn April 19, 2013
  25. Excellent mod, just spent the last 2 hours starting a space station exclusively using the Buran and robotic arms to leave my new station in orbit. This is what I’ve been wanting to do since I first got KSP. But I noticed a crippling bug and I will try to give a play by play so maybe you could fix it.

    First launch went fine, nothing bad happened. Got to orbit, deployed the small station part, let go of it, repacked the arm and shut the cargo bay doors then went home.

    Second launch went badly however. Made it to the first part of the station, docked with it just fine. Got the second part out of the cargo bay and moved it to within docking range of a different docking node of the first part while still docked via the shuttle docking port. Needless to say when I let go of the second part and it got sucked right into the first I punched the air repeatedly. You can build space station with these arms.

    But that’s when every thing went wrong. When I undocked with the station to leave it, mechjeb suddenly disappeared, and I could no longer activate the arm camera to put it back in the cargo bay. I exited out to the tracking station to reload the Buran shuttle and try again however I noticed 4 ships instead of the two I should have only seen. There was the Buran (the shuttle it self) Buran Ship (the station), and two more, Buran ship ship, and buran debris (the debris was selectable and deletable from tracker and I know that bug got fixed a few patches back). Now the last two objects I mentioned should not have been on the list because there were no ships to take that place. Upon reloading the Buran shuttle or the station nothing would come up but the game was clearly running and not frozen (Kerbin loaded, could look around and MET was counting), and none of the esc menu options would work. Ultimately the only way out is Alt-f4 then deleting every thing that had to do with the station construction.

    Not sure how that happened but this exact same thing happens on many an occasion when attempting to connect things together in orbit using the arms, or even just grabbing two things using both arms. If this was already reported sry for the redundancy but I love this mod and so here is my assistance for what its worth.

    Kamsko April 20, 2013
  26. Ok, did a little more messing around with the Buran and the arm and I found a little bit of a work around. If you notice that the arms become unresponsive, as in the camera wont show even after toggling it and changing control pods by right clicking a different one and selecting ‘control from here’. Hit esc and exit to space center, immediately reload the craft from tracker and it should be fine. However if Mechjeb disappears then the buran is lost, exit to tracker and delete the shuttle and any other ‘ships’ that show up. What ever you were working on in orbit should be safe so long as it is either A) out of range of the broken shuttle, or B) the shuttle no longer exists because it’s deleted.

    The same problem can happen after undocking and hitting time warp. So just don’t warp until what ever you grabbed is out of range I guess.

    Kamsko April 22, 2013
  27. I built a rover using a rescaled CanadaArm (made it half size,only rescaled it) and when I launch it, it will never load. All I can do is go back to the SpaceCenter and back to the hanger but then everything is frozen and my rover is titled “helloworldhelloworldhelloworld”?

    Timothy Bell April 22, 2013
  28. Can you maybe make a folded version of the Buran arm (It currently doesn’t fold up completely)? Or maybe a smaller version of CanadArm2…

    Ivo Ivanov April 28, 2013
  29. Was this made in collaboration with the guy who did the Soviet Parts Pack cos for a while I was wondering why it would let me load the Buran, I never knew that I would have to download a separate mod for the manipulator

    Thomas Middleditch May 4, 2013
  30. I meant why it wouldn’t let me load the Buran

    Thomas Middleditch May 4, 2013
  31. This is such a great idea but I encountered a bug that renders the robot arm utterly useless. That bug is this: Once I magnetically grab a bit of debris, the ship gets a bunch of mysterious rotational accelerations imparted to it at random times. I can understand the unbalanced load causing rotations when I thrust, but this is NOT that. This is the ship see-sawing all over the place when I’m not hitting any controls whatsoever.

    The bits I was grabbing were bits of debris surrounded by docking ports (but with the docking ports blocked by other parts so docking was impossible, which is why it was debris I had to get rid of). I wonder if the magnetic nature of the docking ports might have been the reason for this bug. Perhaps the magnetism of the docking port was interacting in funny ways with the magnetism of the arm.

    Steven Mading May 10, 2013
  32. Using the slow speed movement…. and its moving sloooooooooow.

    Still, whenever the mass being moved gets even remotely close to being out of the cargo bay of the Buran craft the uncontrollable oscillations start. What’s the trick?

    Paul Bartelt May 20, 2013
  33. …. addendum

    The previous issue is encountered with even the lightest of truss elements. Even the dinkiest of them causes things to go wild.

    Paul Bartelt May 20, 2013
  34. Works so good. Thanks a bunch!

    Julian Jones May 24, 2013
  35. where do I put the textures?

    Sam Gruchy May 24, 2013
  36. Is it capable with 0.20 ?

    Renats Vasiljevs May 25, 2013
  37. far as i can tell in 0.20 these arms are not working ive tried just about everything i can think of but no go !! hope someone updates the robotic arms and damned robotics

    videomaji May 26, 2013
  38. I see the activate and desactivate button but nothing happens when i press them. Is this the 0.2 version because its not working for me? No menu pops up.

    Jakey4159 May 26, 2013
  39. same here

    i sadly had to uninstall this mod to sadly cause it also caused my game to crash constantly. PLZ update

    r8cefan88 May 27, 2013
  40. wow nice and dose that space shuttle come with the mod

    Tyler Duncan June 1, 2013
  41. Duncan, the shuttle comes with Bobcats Soviet Pack, it’s the Soviet version of the NASA Shuttle, called the Buran.

    Red Teddy June 10, 2013
  42. i love this mod but i think it would be very cool to see a manipulator sized for a rover

    Ace June 17, 2013
  43. Has this mod been updated? Because the “created” date has changed to June

    Does this work for .20+?

    agentexeider June 22, 2013
  44. These dont work in 0.20, I do hope they become default parts in the next update like those aircraft carrier parts and some pods :P

    Jakey4159 June 23, 2013
  45. I’m using this in 20.2 and it’s working perfectly fine for me! Although it doesn’t quite grasp at times that it’s going through other parts of the station…

    antiwesley June 25, 2013
  46. Were do you put the textures folder

    Startrooper22 June 29, 2013
  47. Are you on steam ?

    Jakey4159 June 30, 2013
  48. I extracted it all like im supposed in gamedata and the gui is not showing up.

    Jakey4159 June 30, 2013
  49. Is this 0.21 updated ?

    Any thread we can fellow u ?

    Merakis July 25, 2013
  50. This is !! NOT !! 0.21 Ready !!

    It will make piece unable to clip betwen them after 2 ou 3 placement. Wait until new release…

    And look the Date i posted this msg !! it maybe become 0.21 ready….

    Merakis July 25, 2013
  51. It was updated today :)

    Romfarer July 26, 2013
  52. Great Great job on all your addons/plugins or however you call them Romfarer! just awesome :)

    bitemypixels August 3, 2013
  53. where do you put the textures folder?

    Nathan Czaja August 7, 2013
  54. I suck at docking, so this is amazing , 5 stars

    Landen Parmelee August 31, 2013
  55. Oh cool this is really handy since im not that good at docking yet and btw im also norwegian :D but sadly i don’t live there anymore :/

    Petter Vetne September 9, 2013
  56. work for 0.21

    pomagagnon September 17, 2013
  57. work for 0.22

    ryan crowe October 28, 2013
  58. I made a canadarm2 type arm a while ago, except I added a super secret (and super AWESOME) trick to mine. I might mention it once you sort out your oscillation problem and give you the details. Although you don’t seem to read user comments, so I should totally leave the details here and then when someone else develops it it might motivate you to read feedback more often! With the ‘hand’ manipulator folded inwards, apply a node to the back of the ‘wrist’ with a small docking port attached the arm becomes similar to the real arm and can move along your stations multiple arm attachment ports like an inch-worm.

    pr0metheus November 24, 2013
  59. No matter what I do, the arm wobbles the ship or station it’s based on when moving an object it’s grappled. Caps lock has no effect. Any ideas?

    Alex M December 4, 2013
  60. That would be read if it made the connection in undocked mode. The docked mode causes a lot of stability problems with grabbed part losing control.

    JeffreyCor January 18, 2014
  61. how do you install it?

    Mo Olvey February 3, 2014
  62. The wobbling is so bad on this it makes it completely useless. Caps lock does nothing.

    Alex M February 18, 2014
  63. y cat i instal it, or when dose the arms shoe up???

    marko kuhar February 23, 2014
  64. These are really nice looking arms with strong magnets but sadly they’re practically useless.

    I don’t know what’s up with these things but they will very often begin to wobble and shake whatever you grab with it so violently that it will eventually explode. Depending on where you are when this happens the explosion may propel your craft several kilometers, ultimately destroying it as well.

    It isn’t a matter of grabbing stuff that’s too big or overextending the arm either. Even the big Canadarm will do this with just a single 1.25m battery attached to it. Seems like it may possibly have something to do with getting it too close to any docking port but it’ll also act this way when no docking ports are present…. anywhere.

    Also, sometimes the arms will move so slowly that it’s very hard to tell if it’s actually moving at all or if it’s just your imagination. Works fine on the launchpad but in space, on a moon or planet it sometimes will act this way.

    Sad, really. I love these arms.

    D1B March 26, 2014
  65. no longer works wit 0.23.5 it freezes my plane every time.

    Ethan Von Hoffstot April 1, 2014
  66. confirmed…no longer works in .23.5

    any craft that has the arms refuse to launch.

    please update :)

    lextacy April 7, 2014
  67. also the CanadARM does not function if placed on a space station that you cheat into orbit.

    lextacy April 8, 2014
  68. Is it possible for you to make this for 23.5? Ive been looking for a good robotic arms mod for 23.5 but I cant seem to find any…

    Austin McDonald April 9, 2014
  69. bullshit! after updatings KSP parts, Stopped Working robotic-arms-pack!!!!

    Krasov Sergey April 11, 2014
  70. bullshit! after updatings KAS parts, Stopped Working robotic-arms-pack!!!!

    Krasov Sergey April 11, 2014
  71. Friend, there is some kind of problem with the control interface of the robotic arms in the last upgrade of ksp. does not work! Sorry my English, I am using a translator.

    oscar muñoz April 16, 2014
  72. please update! their robotic arms are great. thanks friend.

    oscar muñoz April 16, 2014
  73. This mod does not work on kmp. When you go to launch the vessel it says there are prohibited parts, when I take the part off its fine. Also it is cleared in the mod white list.

    Jon Salisbury April 18, 2014

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