[0.23.x]RealChute Parachute Systems v1.0.5

RealChute is a complete rework of the stock parachute module to fix a few of it’s inconveniences and get more realistic results out of parachutes!


RealChute is a complete rework of the stock parachute module to fix a few of it’s inconveniences and get more realistic results of of parachutes!

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-Gradual deployment: Chutes gradually deploy, increasing realism and decreasing deployment shock.
-New Deployment Conditions: Chutes deploy in conditions ranging from Eve’s crushing clouds to Duna’s silken veil. Parachutes deploy either according to atmospheric density or altitude and will not deploy when not intended to; e.g. in space or on the pad. Autocuts can be set for a certain altitude per chute to cut some chutes while other deploy!
-Parachutes on Ground: Parachutes will not autocut upon nearly stopping mid-air or touching the ground, enabling drag chutes for planes!
-Parachutes Return to Staging: Chutes can be restaged again and again without restrictions!
-Drag Chute: Drag chutes deploy at low altitude to slow landing airplanes.
-Full Customization: Parachutes’ values can be edited, and modders can add the plugin to their packs.
-Combo Chute: Deploys a drogue and next a main chute.
-Custom parts: sumghai gave this pack its own parts!
-Vessel Hangs from Chute: Even nose chutes!
-Editor window: Edit parachutes from the editor for any shape, size, or characteristics!


April 18th 2014
-Fixed the bug with secondary chutes not deploying
-Maximum deployment height/pressure now depend on target planet
-Added automatic deployment on ground contact with intend of usage for drag chutes
-Added possibility to compute parachute diameter from empty ship mass
-Applying stats to symmetry parts will now copy over all the fields.
-Added descriptions to materials
-Size cycling swapped to be more intuitive
-April fools prank can be reenabled through the RealChute_Settings.cfg

April 1st 2014 (third try)
-Refixed target speed range for drogue chutes

April 1st 2014 (serious edition)
-Removed the Arpil Fool’s prank
-Bumped drogue target speed to 5000m/s
-Fixed potential division by zero bug
-New part descriptions, graciously offered by Duxwing

April 1st 2014
-Fixed the tiny chutes appearing in the editor
-Fixed the last bugs with parachute texture/canopy model not updating correctly
-Fixed symmetry counterparts not having the right deployed/predeployed diameter
-Added procedural diameter to canopies other than RealChute parts
-Fixed pressure/altitude deployment not switching on secondary chutes
-Fixed secondary canopy texture selector not displaying the one said in the module config on first initiation
-Parachute type can now be declared into the module node (main, drogue, drag)
-Removed all legacy parts from the tech tree to avoid confusion
-Moved the cone simple chute to the start TechNode
-KSP v0.23.5 (ARM) compatibility

March 7th 2014
-Fixed the very small bug where the popup announcing the application worked would not resize after a warning
-Added a display of the current RealChute version on both the editor window and the info window
-Did some very minor code wise improvements around

March 5th 2014
-Fixed material of the second parachute not updating with his window but with the winodw of the main material
-Similarly to the above, fixed the window of the seconda material showing stats about the main material
-Fixed texture of the second parachute not updating whatsoever
-Fixed symmetry counterparts not ever keeping their size
-Fixed a bug where the “mustGoDown” clause would actually never update for the parachute
-Various tweaks to GUI display (mainly the decimals shown by materials drag coefficient)

March 3rd 2014
-Fixed size not remaining in fligh properly
-Fixed symmetry counterparts not having the right predpeloyed diameter
-Sorted some problems with the correct updating of part GUI

March 2nd 2014 (take 2)
-Fixed a bug where some fields in the editor window would not update
-Fixed a bug where everything using MM would flat out not work
-Fixed staging activating even from other vessels

March 2nd 2014
-New editor window which allows tweakaing of parachutes far more easily than stock tweakables
-Said window is accessible in the VAB/SPH through the action group editor panel, by selecting a RealChute part
-Texture, canopy models, and part size can be edited with this window, and only four parts are now necessary
-Old parts are still included to preserve compatibility but are not visible in the editor
-Added a field to prevent parachutes to be tweakable if necessary
-When a texture library is defined, the parachutes will automatically resize to the right diameter
-New info window in flight allows seeing the stats of the current parachute
-Predeployment altitude/pressures and deployment altitudes can now be generally tweaked from this window in flight
-When parachutes fail to deploy, their icon will blink red and a message whill show indicating a short reason why
-Parachutes do no need to be moved in a new stage to allow redeployment through staging
-For those who do not like the deployment logic, behaviour can be changed to arm on staging automatically by changing the value in RealChute_Settings.cfg
-Fixed a bug where when coming quickloading or coming back to a flight prevented from repacking correctly
-Heavy code repass to fix and optimize multiple things
-The plugin now uses CompatibilityChecker by Majiir to verify if the KSP version is compatible with the plugin

January 9th 2014
-Fixed the stack main chutes animation problem

January 8th 2014
-Fixed a bug where single parachutes would still not arm propoerly
-Fixed stack main chute configs to have the right canopies so they actually work
-Fixed a problem with staging reset bugging the staging list
-Changed the default drag values of parts to 0.32 to actually match the real stock values
-Changed altitude detection to a faster, safer system
-Hopefully, the change above to altitude detection fixes parachutes deploying too early

January 7th 2014
-Fixed a bug where dual chutes would not arm
-Changed default predeployment altitudes to 30km for drogues and 25km for mains
-Changed predeployment on drags to 100m and full deployment to 50m
-Switched triple canopies to single canopies on the stack 1.25m main chutes
-Fixed forced orientation so that it actually follows vessel orientation
-Fixed forced orientation remaining even if only one parachute is deployed.
-Small tweaks to attachement notes on stack chutes (thanks to eggrobin)
-Fixed caps being inverted on stack chutes (thanks to eggrobin again for making me notice)
-Changed behaviour or repacked chutes, if not in the last stage, they might not need to be moved to e reactivated.
-Moved the random deployment timer to OnStart() for future MechJeb implementation
-Various tweaks to the tweakables UI controllers
-Fixed a bug where dual chutes with the same material would show “empty” as a second material
-Fixed a bug where full deployment shortly after deployment would result in the animations skipping
-Fixed an annoying and unreliable bug where parachutes would make your craft spin out of control by making the force applied to the part once more

December 18th 2013 (take two)
-Fixed the bug where dual parachutes would take mass forever
-Fixed a bug with combo chutes having ridiculous starting weight
-Finally fixed the bug with the FASA and Bargain Rocket parachutes, they will now animate properly (big thanks to sirkut)
-All the ModuleManager files are now included with the main download, remove those you don’t want.
December 18th 2013
KSP 0.23 compatibility update!
-Added combo chutes which contain both a drogue and a main for soft landings in one part
-Added the ability to define a second material for the second parachute
-Added the ability to force the parachutes partially in one direction, thus eliminating clipping chutes on dual parts!
-The force is now applied on the whole vessel, so no more weird hangings if the part origin is weird
-Tweakables! Nearly every value that can be changed in the editor can now be. This is only until I set the editor window up on my side.
-Fixed a bug with parachutes facing downwards on reentry
-Added a random deployment delay for parachutes! They will now take between 0 and 1 second to deploy. This is chose randomly for every parachute
-Every parachute now has random “movement noise” different from every other parachutes currently active
-Said random noise will now appear to be much smoother than before
-Usage of the new EFFECTS node has permited to get rid of FXGroups and to remove all those nasty .wav files all around!

Decemer 7th 2013
-Fixed a bug with the mustGoDown/timer clauses
-Fixed a bug with dual chutes not cutting properly
-Fixed yet another bug with predeployment of main chutes always having the same drag
-Added an “reverseOrientation” clause in case a modeller builds the parachute transform the wrong way
-Parachutes no create drag from the very area where they originate from. This means a chute on the side will hang realistically without a CoM offset
-Rescaled all the parachutes to have the real size in game. If you find this too big, tell me on the forum and I’ll revise them (note, this is not procedural yet, if you change the part yourself, you need to change the scale)
-New ability to cut both parachutes if both are deployed.
-Fixed a bug with the calculator when calculating the diameter of multiple chutes
-Added a sound on repack, thanks to ymir9 once again

December 4th 2013
-Completely removed stock drag dependancy. The parachutes now calculate drag according to real drag equations
-Given the above, the drag parachutes generate is irrelevant of the mass of the part and now depends of the diameter of the parachute
-Parachutes are now made of different materials, defined in cfg files
-Parachute canopies now weight something which depends on which material they are made of and what is it’s area density
-Optimization of the code by about 300 lines as the module is pretty much complete
-New parts with the pack, thanks to sumghai! You can now select between many different parachutes for the job you want to accomplish
-It is now possible to arm a parachute to deploy as soon as it can through action group or part GUI
-Minimal deployment can now be defined by altitude or pressure
-Added FXGroups to parachute cut and repack, and providing a cut sound with the parachutes, offered by ymir9!
-A small program made to help calculating parachute diameters is also included with the download!
-Fixed the bugs related to action groups/part GUI and the deployment of dual parachutes

November 24th 2013
-Fixed a bug where single parachutes don’t show the right icon colours
-Fixed the weird glitchiness of the parachute’s orientation in some occasions
-Fixed parachutes not working if not on the current active vessel

November 23rd 2013
-Added a compatibility mode for a second parachute on the same part! Can only be used if the parachute has a a
second set of parachute transform/animation
-Reworked deployment code from the ground up to allow the above feature

November 16th 2013
-Fixed the issue where deploying the parachute below the full deployment height would play the second animations faster
-Added sounds on both predeployment and deployment
-Added a deployment timer that will show a countdown on the flight screen
-Added a clause that the ship must go downards to deploy and that will show status on the flight screen
-Fixed a few remaining deployment bugs
-Changed the behaviour of the part GUI to only show when the action is available

November 13th 2013
-Hotfix of a few deployment bugs that could cause weird unresponsive parachutes
-Added a “cutAlt” feature to automatically cut a parachute below a certain altitude.

November 12th 2013
-Initial release


Simply unzip and merge the GameData folder with your KSP directory GameData folder.

How to use

Use just like normal parachutes!


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  1. this needs some kind of ModuleManager Support… so that mod parachutes work too :-)

    Kerbalizer November 13, 2013
  2. @Kerbalizer You can find the module code in the forum thread and then tweak it for module manager. It’s not that hard, just find the tutorial on the Module manager thread.

    paxy97 November 13, 2013
  3. This is planned, those ModuleManager files should be uploaded tonight :)

    Stupid_Chris November 13, 2013
  4. Fabulous work, Chris – I especially love the dual chute deployment system.

    Robin Chang November 24, 2013
  5. I see you there sumghai :P

    Stupid_Chris November 26, 2013
  6. Guilty as charged. XD

    Robin Chang November 27, 2013
  7. giving me an empty gamedata folder.

    SpaceTraveler December 18, 2013
  8. fixed it!

    SpaceTraveler December 18, 2013
  9. Amazing mod, only chutes I’ll use from now on. The only thing I think needs to be addressed is when you tweak the autocut altitude, it jumps between -50 to 1500. Could this maybe be looked at for the next update so you can get it to cut at lower altitude like 500 or 600.

    ElR0acho January 1, 2014
  10. That’s a bug with Tweakables, I can’t do anything about it.

    Stupid_Chris January 3, 2014
  11. the module manager in this mod is outdated.

    Daniel Fraser January 11, 2014
  12. 1.5.5 is a dev build, like 1.5.6, so no, it’s not outdated, given the official version is still 1.5. I’m only using this version to take advantage of a new feature.

    Stupid_Chris January 13, 2014
  13. This is an amazing piece of work, great job! I was just wondering if the gradual deployment would interfere with FAR.

    Louis de Forcrand February 16, 2014
  14. Pretty sure it doesn’t.
    P.S.: Love the 2 in 1 chutes!

    Louis de Forcrand February 16, 2014
  15. I love this mod but why there is no combo radial?
    that would make this mod perfection!!!

    Emilio February 25, 2014
  16. There is only 3 chutes for me… What I did wrong? **Sorry for my english, I’m german**

    TumiliuM Space Agency March 3, 2014
  17. Louis: no it doesn’t :)

    Emilio: design decision, they would not really fit in a radial case

    TumiliuM: new version should have four parts only, cone simple, cone double, stack and radial.

    Stupid_Chris March 3, 2014
  18. Nice mod

    highway999 March 4, 2014
  19. But why not all the other parachutes?! I download the newest version because of the new 2.5m parachutes… =(

    TumiliuM Space Agency March 4, 2014
  20. You can change the size of the parachute in the action group menu in the VAB

    Stanford Burley March 5, 2014
  21. TumiliuM: as Stanford just said above^. Go look at the release notes of v1.0 on the forum, you’ll see some short instructions on how to access the GUI to allow changing the size of parts. Everything can be done from four parts.

    Stupid_Chris March 5, 2014

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