[0.23] Procedural Fairings 2.4.4

Fairings that automatically reshape for attached payload. Also includes inline fairings and experimental fuselage (fairing without decoupler), as well as procedural interstage adapter to allow fairings hold the top part Apollo-style.



Forum thread (more info, version history, future plans, etc.)

Licensed under CC-BY terms

You should have GameData\Keramzit\ProceduralFairings folder after installation for it to work properly. The parts are in Aerodynamics tab.


**Finding the KSP Main Folder** The first step to installing an addon is to locate the KSP folder in your computer. This is where KSP keeps all of its files, including your game saves and screenshots. The KSP folder is located where you unzipped it when you first downloaded the game. If you got KSP from Steam, right-click it in your Steam library and select "properties", then switch to "local files" tab and press "browse local files". This should open the game folder. In the KSP main folder there's "GameData" folder which contains all addons. If you didn't install any, it'll have only "Squad" sub-folder - that's stock "addon" from the developers of the game. **Installing addon** Download zip-file. Open it. It contains "GameData" folder (among other things), just like your KSP main folder. Unzip (copy) that "GameData" folder to your KSP main folder. Now your KSP "GameData" folder should have a sub-folder for whatever addon you installed, in addition to "Squad" sub-folder and any previously installed addons. Most likely, you don't need anything else from the zip-file. It might contain read-me files or plugin source files, but you don't need those to install the addon. **Uninstalling addon** Just remove the addon folder from KSP "GameData" folder. Note that you'll lose any ships that use parts from that add-on when you load the saved game. It might be a good idea to back up your saves.

How to use

Tutorial. The parts are in the Aero tab. Put a fairing base under your payload. Remember to add a decoupler if you need one. Attach side fairing and it'll be reshaped for your payload automatically. Enable symmetry and you get a nice rocket. Remember to rearrange stages to jettison fairings at the proper stage. Change your payload, and the fairings will adapt to it. Fairing bases come in all sizes, the same side fairings can be used with all of them.


58 Comments for “[0.23] Procedural Fairings 2.4.4”

  1. this could be a bit better in terms of FAR compatibility… but otherwise its excellent.

    Betaking July 8, 2013
  2. I’ll see what I can do to improve FAR compatibility.

    Alexey Volynskov July 8, 2013
  3. This is one of the greatest mods out there. It will make all other fairings obsolete.

    It should be part of vanilla game.

    sythara July 8, 2013
  4. next make procedural engines !

    ouion July 8, 2013
  5. Nice awesome work.

    Nick Cogdell July 8, 2013
  6. Just Awesome!!!

    scottholio July 8, 2013

    Blake H. July 9, 2013
  8. I dont say Oh My God often, but when I do its because I saw this.

    andrew8098 July 9, 2013
  9. This is awesome

    Chosneg July 9, 2013
  10. Does what it says on the tin. Fantastic work.

    Zanath July 9, 2013
  11. Wow! This may be essential to my current project!

    John Thompson July 9, 2013
  12. Nice. No need to make fairings for mods anymore

    frizzank July 9, 2013
  13. This guy needs to get more 5 star ratings, get the mod into the top 5

    Stanford Burley July 9, 2013
  14. There’s a bug in FAR, I’ve contacted Ferram about it. So, you’ll need a new FAR version.

    Alexey Volynskov July 9, 2013
  15. This is an awesome mod, and I use it frequently, but could you change it so that the halves don’t separate with quite so much force (i.e. with normal decoupler force rather than cannonball force)?

    Jonathan Hughes July 9, 2013
  16. Perfect! Works like a charm.

    Now i can delete all fairings from KW Rocketry and NovaPunch and gain some loading time and performance. :)

    42sheeps July 10, 2013
  17. Great mod needs to be in the top 5

    Stanford Burley July 10, 2013
  18. I was amazed at this mod. Awesome ingenuity. Top 5.

    A little issue with FAR compatibility though

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 11, 2013
  19. Very nice!

    NeoLegends July 11, 2013
  20. I rated 5 stars, this mod just needs a small adjustment which i stated on the forum. I deleted all my other fairings from NOVA and KW. This eliminates several parts. Again Thank you for the mod. Please let us know on the forum what your future plans are.

    Alex Wolf July 11, 2013
  21. Shouldn’t this be called Dynamic fairings?

    Rocketeer Blueforce July 12, 2013
  22. What this really needs is a fairing that doesn’t close on the top and has a to attachment node. A side fairing rather than nose cone fairing if you will.

    Colin Votier July 12, 2013
  23. Updated to 1.2

    Alexey Volynskov July 12, 2013
  24. This is my new favorite mod….this works great…no need fo any other faring mod

    Big_Ron July 13, 2013
  25. I know this has been said a lot allready, but i just HAVE to say it: AWESOME ADD-ON!!

    Landhud July 13, 2013
  26. Updated to 1.3, fixed ejection direction bug.

    Alexey Volynskov July 14, 2013
  27. This is amazing!

    Streiter July 14, 2013
  28. I love this mod. Makes the perfect fairing for any rocket. It’s great that it has many sizes and can be adjusted. Good job!

    Brandon Summers July 15, 2013
  29. I bought the game on steam today, and I can’t seem to get this mod installed. It’s the first one I wanted to use; also I’ve installed one other mod that works fine, but I can’t get this one to. Can anyone help?

    Levi Leyba July 15, 2013
  30. Excuse me for being dense but when I unpack the download where do I extract the “Source” folder too?

    MARK FLOYD July 16, 2013
  31. Figured it out now guys:) Guy posting above me Brandon Summers I got it to work by.
    Opening the zip file,there are two folders “game data” and “source” OPEN “game data” and you find “Keramzit” extract “Keramzit” to the game data folder in your version of the game should be something like “Kerbal Space Program\Gamedata” I was extracting “game data” in to Kerbal space program\gamedata by mistake Keramzit needs to go inside kerbal space program\gamedata
    “source” is source code and is just for interest for tech geeks and should be not extracted anywhere.

    MARK FLOYD July 16, 2013
  32. Loving this mod, except that the conical fairing need to be hard edged at certain points. Up near the top when it begins to slope, that horizontal edge should be hard so that it doesn’t use soft shading. Same for the base where it starts to slope towards the base.

    Starwaster July 17, 2013
  33. For some reason, it doesn’t want to show up as a part now. I installed everything the directions told me to, but it doesn’t work.

    Josh Helder July 18, 2013
  34. This mod is awesome and I recommend it for everyone.Exactly what this game needed. Most fairing systems are limited by a lot of different factors but the flexibility and intelligence in the programming of this mod makes using fairings both easy and effective. This is in all likelihood the best mod to ever hit the web site. Download now and never mess with difficult to use fairing plates again. Recommended if you want to conduct space station operations and other complex operations.

    Joseph Stokes July 21, 2013
  35. Fantastic mod. Works brilliantly with any payload shape.
    Just remember you need to add the fairings once you add the base. I forgot at first.

    Michael Jennings July 23, 2013
  36. is there ANY way to use this in version 0.19???

    skydoc80 July 24, 2013
  37. Absolutely to add in the vanilla !

    Pierre July 28, 2013
  38. This mod is fantastic, but is there any way to make fairings which do not close? I don’t always put my payloads at the top. Would be nice if we could invert a second fairing base and put it above the payload to create fairing over that portion of the rocket only, for example.

    forsaken1111 July 30, 2013
  39. Just noticed you’ve already added that, I just need to update apparently. :D

    forsaken1111 July 30, 2013
  40. Great mod, thumbs up and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    Jeremy Laird July 30, 2013
  41. I’ve put the files into my ksp folder, yet they don’t show up in the VAB or the SPH. Like, literally, nothing to do with fairings shows up. Help please??

    Dylan Doole July 30, 2013
  42. Then you didn’t put the files into the right location. You should be able to locate the folder as follows: \GameData\Keramzit\ProceduralFairings and it shows up in Aero

    Starwaster July 31, 2013
  43. This is the greatest mod ever.

    Desi August 4, 2013
  44. YES!!! One of the absolute best mods so far! Currently running on v21.1 It is a default mod for me. I like to have Nova Punch pack for all the extra parts, but I don’t need all the fairing pieces there with this mod! I just removed the Fairings file from Nova Punch parts and only have this, less mess… and this is better!
    Beautiful! 5 stars!

    OptComm August 12, 2013
  45. I see a windows DLL file in the add-on directory, does this mean us Linux folks are out of luck on this one, or does KSP use wine?

    ByteDruid August 13, 2013
  46. Great work i really love this mod as its simple and universal for many rocket types plus the part count is low.

    Clint Hooper August 14, 2013
  47. To OptComm: I can confirm this add-on works with KSP on Linux. ;-)

    Zenzic August 14, 2013
  48. This is a great add-on, perfect for any budding space program.

    Mister Cuddlesworth August 17, 2013
  49. Wow, such great work! this will become super important once aero and re-entry effects are added to the vanilla game.

    David Turpin August 18, 2013
  50. Have my babies. <3

    Elise Melton August 19, 2013
  51. Love this mod, but I think I am having some issue with compatibility with Ferram Aerospace? My rockets keep flipping upside down. Haven’t done a lot of testing but wondered if FAR and Proc Fairings were compatible or not.

    Sean Kennedy August 19, 2013
  52. It’s FAR compatible, at least it works like any other fairings with FAR. I use it all the time with FAR myself.

    Alexey Volynskov August 20, 2013
  53. Wanted to say thanks for this awesome mod :D

    MadApples August 24, 2013
  54. I love this mod. I do wish that the fairings would do this, though:

    Somehow unload all parts within the fairing from memory and then assign the appropriate mass and CoM to the fairing itself.

    This would allow us to build really complex ships and probes and have good performance since with the fairing installed it would only be 1 part (or 4, I’m not sure how it would be done)

    It would also make the aerodynamics more realistic because the drag from the parts within the fairing would then be ignored.

    It seems that the drivers already have some method of determining what is within the fairing… So that it can generate the proper shape for the fairings.

    After popping the fairings off, the parts could then be loaded back into memory. I think this would be the hard part.

    You would be my hero if you could pull that off.

    David Turpin August 27, 2013
  55. Help — the fairings won’t detach in flight. Not sure if i’m doing something wrong, but when i attach a base and fairings in the VAB, everything looks great in flight there’s no way to detach them.

    I was watching Manley’s earlier video on these and a detach stage was automatically added when he placed the fairings in VAB. Mine does no such thing, nor can i right click on them to jettison like the stock fairings.

    The only other mods i’m using are KER and MechJeb for data.

    Philip Blanton September 22, 2013
  56. works almost perfect, very enjoyable. great work.

    Jeb Kerman September 28, 2013
  57. Definitely must have mode
    hope it will be embedded in the future releases

    Stan September 29, 2013
  58. Thanks to this mod, I was able to launch two TIROS weather satellites, with a third on its way up.

    Andy Sammonds October 26, 2013
  59. >procedural interstage adapter to allow fairings hold the top part Apollo-style.

    Are you talking about the umbilical between the C/SM?

    pr0metheus November 2, 2013
  60. yep hit it right on the head with this one. a must have for any kerbanuat. excellent work. this and stretchy tanks (also a must have) are my fave mods at spaceport. keep up the good work.

    sevin davis November 7, 2013
  61. So I’ve just installed this on KSP and When I attach a fairing base to the bottom of my payload, nothing happens. No blue lines, nothing. When I then attach a side fairing part (with or without symmetry) it just sits there like a medieval shield or something.

    Am I doing something wrong, is it incompatibile with my version, or what?

    tallest_waldo December 4, 2013
  62. PERFECT – finally building space stations with uneven bits is easier – thanks yoooooooooou!!!! xD

    zieitia December 11, 2013
  63. Gamdata folder is empty for me.

    SpaceTraveler December 18, 2013
  64. computer restart fixed it. (No idea how.)

    SpaceTraveler December 18, 2013
  65. All of the faring’s seem to work, but the open topped faring doesn’t seem cover anything.

    twarfield January 3, 2014
  66. Прекрасно. Обожаю настраиваемые компоненты. StretchyTanks и Procedural Fairings теперь мои постоянные моды.

    kolaha February 1, 2014
  67. Do anyone have OCDs?

    Donterrio March 29, 2014
  68. I can’t get it to work

    Tay Swain April 5, 2014

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