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  1. Very good idea. Would it be possible to be able to set the length as well as the diameter and then auto fill with the appropriate amount of resources afterwards? Adding an Octo option would be nice as well. Can’t wait to see what else you plan on doing with this.

    Knossos March 16, 2013
  2. Thanks… But please, if you have a forum account write in the thread, since I don’t check this page often.

    Lando March 17, 2013
  3. You know, the anti-cheat script is really unnecessary, I know from experience. Once, just for the heck of it, I made a half LT-400 tank contain 2000 units of fuel. while the game has no strikingly visible issue with that, and it worked fine at first, as soon as I throttled up my spacecraft engines I noticed something was wrong. The game measures weight of storage parts by weight of fuel inside, so instead of weighing the same as before, my modified fuel tank weighted a metric crap-ton and refused to budge. In other words, If someone tried to make a dime sized fuel tank contain a ton of fuel, any engine which would fit it would fail to lift it, and any engine successful in lifting it would immediately break the joint.

    meh12345hey March 18, 2013
  4. it’s necessary.
    sure the fuel has wight, but you can still make a LT-400 contain 800L fuel which won’t fit in there in real life.
    (exept you go for extem high pressure tank wich will have a high dry mass)

    Lando March 18, 2013
  5. It’s a pity that this does not work on Mac…

    POTKC March 19, 2013
  6. KSP is multi-platform, is there something you can do to make your program also multi-platform? What is it written in?

    Coda March 20, 2013
  7. Sir,

    I run KSP under Linux (64 bit). Could you possibly send me the source so that I could compile my own, or alternately could you compile it to run in Linux (if you don’t want to release the source)?

    The source is in C or C++ I assume?

    I would love to have the source and I could give you a NDA (non disclosure agreement) if you wish. I only want it for personal use.

    Thank you!

    – Roger

    Roger A. Krupski September 20, 2013
  8. Lando October 17, 2013
  9. Looks Nice

    Landon Maurer October 18, 2013
  10. im using this to make parts for my mod

    cole kise October 18, 2013
  11. i am not meaning to be a jerk lando, but could you please make new content as well as update old content. and i really think putting what version the mod is compatible with in the title will get you more downloads

    r8cefan88 October 21, 2013
  12. Please of please make this for mac. This looks like one of the most simplest but Best ways for new modders. Please make it a .jar file or something that mac can run.

    Gamercraft_GC November 23, 2013

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