[0.23.5] NovaPunch 2.03.5 for KSP 0.23.5 (ARM Patch) is available. See FORUM THREAD.

The classic NovaPunch parts made functional in KSP 0.22 — Contains over 100 additional rocket parts; Engines, tanks, decouplers, and assorted parts up to 5 meters as well as complete orbital vessels and landers. Fully stock compatible! Fully Compatible with KSP 0.22 and the Tech Tree!


Since Spaceport’s file system is completely broken at this point, please visit the official forum thread for Novapunch for download links and development updates, via this link below.

You should also leave any feedback there in the forum rather than in the comments here.



Addon Installation Guide


How to install Addons in KSP:

Installing addons in KSP is as simple as moving files into their appropriate folders. This guide explains which folders hold each type of addon, and how to locate them. Keep in mind that Addon packages may contain any combination of addon types. These instructions are meant only as a generic guide.


Finding the KSP Main Folder.

The first step to installing an addon is to locate the KSP folder in your computer. This is where KSP keeps all of its files, including your game saves and screenshots. The KSP folder is located where you unzipped it when you first downloaded the game.

The KSP Folder contains the following subfolders:

KSP root folder

NOTE: On OSX, the KSP_Data folder does not exist. (Its equivalent lives inside the App package)


Installing Part Addons

Parts are all contained inside KSP/Parts. Each part has its own subfolder in the Parts folder:

The Parts Folder

To install new parts, extract the part folders from the downloaded package into the KSP/Parts folder.


Installing Craft Addons

Craft files are saved ships created in the game. These files can be placed in a few different folders:


In KSP/Ships, you will find separate subfolders for the different construction facilities in the game. The VAB folder, for instance, holds craft files that are editable on the Vehicle Assembly Building in game, and launched from a Launch Pad. Similarly, the SPH folder holds craft files that are editable in the Spaceplane Hangar Facility, and launched from the Runway.

Craft files placed in a subfolder of KSP/Ships will be available to all saved games. Ships placed here are considered to be "Stock",. They won´t be overwritten directly if edited, and cannot be deleted from inside the game.


It is also possible to make craft files available to only one saved game:

Each game started creates its own folder in KSP/Saves. Each save has its own Ships folder, which is organized in the same way as the common Ships folder above. Craft files placed in one of the subfolders are only visible when playing the corresponding game, and can be overwritten and deleted. Ships created while playing the corresponding game are also saved in these folders.


Installing Scenarios and Training Addons

The KSP/Saves folder contains the training and scenarios subfolders. SFS files in the training subfolder are listed in the Training section of the Main Menu in the game, and files in the scenarios subfolder are visible in the Scenarios section of the menu.

To install scenarios and training missions, extract the SFS files from the downloaded package into the appropriate subfolder.


Installing Plugins

The KSP/Plugins folder holds the DLL files for plugin-powered addons. These plugins extend the funcionality of the game, adding new part types, or new missions.

To install a plugin, extract the DLL files from the downloaded package into the KSP/Plugins folder.


Installing Internal Models

Some addons add new internal spaces and objects. Those are installed in the KSP/Internals folder.


Props are objects that can be added into internal spaces, like cockpit gauges or cabin decorations. Each internal prop has its own folder in KSP/Internals/Props:


Spaces are the internal models that are associated with parts. Each internal space has its own folder in KSP/Internals/Spaces:


To install internal props and spaces, extract the folders from the downloaded package into the appropriate subfolder.



How to use

Install the NovaPunch2 folder from the zip file into your KSP GameData directory (which by default has a "Squad: folder in it. For more detailed instructions and options, read the included installation notes.


113 Comments for “[0.23.5] NovaPunch 2.03.5 for KSP 0.23.5 (ARM Patch) is available. See FORUM THREAD.”

  1. IT’S HERE!

    Josh January 2, 2013
  2. Why are there almost no comments? And there are quite a few extra parts added by this mod. Too many, actually. Or maybe I will just have to get used to the massive ass menus.

    Lobsterbark January 2, 2013
  3. I just posted the mod last night, so no one has had a chance to comment yet. :)

    There are indeed a lot of parts, as its a rocketry pack. Once you are familiar with things, you can always remove the parts you don’t want to use.

    Thanks for download, don’t forget to rate it! :)

    Tiberion January 2, 2013
  4. A reason to make my day at work longer….need to download now :)

    Milkbone January 2, 2013
  5. Thank you Tiberion, Haha I checked propulsion hoping for some add on with big engines and what I found, 6.25M parts! I guess I should stop bugging KWrocketry to add bigger parts now. Many thanks and happy new year

    Josh January 2, 2013
  6. Yeah the 6.25m parts are a bit of a work in progress, they just dont behave very well with the current control inputs because they are so massive, they can be hard to control. They do work, though. :)

    Tiberion January 2, 2013
  7. Before this beautiful monstrosity, I was just running KW Rocketry for extra parts. But now, dear mother of god, what is… I don’t even… I think I just accidentally ALL THE SHINY THINGS!!

    Thanks to the crew who gave this to the community. Your product is awesome, but you guys are even more so for making it happen.

    cokebottle January 7, 2013
  8. Maybe you should combine nova punch with kw rocketry! Super-Bundle!!!

    ttss999 January 8, 2013
  9. Just saying, what are the fuel tanks and engines made of? Super Kerbal Karbon Nanotubes? I’ve deorbited a rocket and the fuel tanks and engines survived the impact.

    Redrobin January 8, 2013
  10. Hah, that would be a lot of parts in one pack. KW and NP should work together pretty good though, if you install them yourself.

    The tanks are pretty tough, , especially a few that have their crashtolerance turned up a bit to keep the heavy parts from crushing one another – it definitely needs tweaking though.

    Thanks for the ratings and the downloads, we’re climbing up the list pretty steadily.

    Tiberion January 10, 2013
  11. Check out the video RazorLightGamer did for the current version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jVjnmsOwiuk

    Tiberion January 10, 2013
  12. I have been trying to install these new mods and I am having no luck. Do I have to drop each folder into the right one or can I just drop them in to the main folder?
    Where should I put the extra tank skin folder?

    Eirc January 10, 2013
  13. There’s a text file with details instructions in the zip file.

    Basically, in the “NovaPunch” folder in the zip file are 2 folders, Parts and Ships. You can copy and paste the Parts folder over the “Parts” folder in the main KSp directory and tell it yes, you want to overwrite it (make sure you delete any old NovaPunch folders before you do so (they’ll all start with NP_

    Once you do that, you should have a bunch of new folders in the parts folders (that one again start with NP_ in addition to the “stock” parts which were there already. Thats all you NEED to do to install it.

    To install the ships, you can put them in the Ships folder in the main KSP directory (which makes them unable to be saved over, any changes you save will create a copy in your saves/whatever/Ships folder. — Or you can install them directly into your current save folder (inside the saves folder, then whatever you named your save game, you’ll see yet another ‘Ships’ folder, thats the one you overwrite)

    The Extra skins are JUST if you want to use the alternate fuel tank skins, they’re just the texture files. Saturn is the one that comes by default, and Ares is another version with a different style. Inside those folders you’ll find a bunch of NP_ folders, those are the same names as the fuel tank folders which you copied into your main Parts folder earlier – you just overwrite them with these folders and you replace the textures.

    Copy the folders inside “Saturn” to swap them back.

    The TL;DR version, make sure you are pasting the copied folders from the zip file in the proper place so you “overwrite” a folder with the same name – if you try to copy the “novapunch” folder it won’t work.

    Hope that helps.

    Tiberion January 10, 2013
  14. Hello!For KSP-0.18 fit?

    xelamuz January 12, 2013
  15. A good mod for replicating real life rockets. Would recommend.

    maple51 January 12, 2013
  16. Yes it works in 0.18+ xelamuz

    Tiberion January 13, 2013
  17. The Yawmaster SM should count as it’s own pod, or at least be controllable without the CM attached.

    3_bit January 14, 2013
  18. this is great

    meow January 18, 2013
  19. Why did you rescale every thing? It is just not right now!

    Bradley January 19, 2013
  20. Has anyone else been expeniercing issues with printing the pdf slides? I get errors when trying to print session 1 and 2 slides (only the first slide prints) and there are a few pages with big black boxes for the session 3 and 4 slides.

    Claus January 23, 2013
  21. Silly spambots.

    Tiberion January 24, 2013
  22. pdElST nfbunyneoxss

    tfuqidsvrh January 25, 2013
  23. This is amazing.

    The sheer number of parts is staggering. The quality of the textures is great, and the 6.25 meter parts are blowing my mind.

    I second Tiberion’s first post.


    That’s one of the real problems with the vanilla parts. They don’t look very professional. These, quite simply, do, and they provide an alternative to spamming the 1200 thrust Rockomax liquid fuel engines in your first stage – thus, I would imagine, reducing lag.

    The aerodynamic covers, the proper name for which fails me at the moment, are also awesome. I was considering downloading a mod for them, but, look! Here they are.

    All in all, a phenomenal pack. I can’t believe that this is out here, and that I didn’t find out about it for so long.

    Awestruck January 25, 2013
  24. When are you going to add the Gemini Parts by frizzank?

    Nicolas411 January 26, 2013
  25. Awsome pack :) , I’ll Have too try everything out.

    P.S. Awestruck, the word I think your looking for is fairing.

    JoeBob January 26, 2013
  26. I LOVED this mod, however the file size is MASSIVE and my not-so-great computer couldn’t handle it, so sadly, I had to uninstall it… =( it is a great mod, I highly recommend it for people who have a good high performance computer, and I definitely recommend deleting parts you don’t use, but I LOVED this mod! 5/5 stars!

    Joe January 26, 2013
  27. Hey Joe, thats not a computer, thats a toaster.

    diddy January 27, 2013
  28. Is there any way you can rename the zip files with a new name when you update? Downloading the same file every other day gets confusing.

    Daokat January 28, 2013
  29. There has only been two releases – 1.4Alpha and 1.4Beta, and they had different filenames (my original filenames are NovaPunch1_4alpha.zip and NovaPunch1_4beta.zip – the Spaceport site appends the upload_2013_1 part on its own.

    So the filenames will change each time its updated by me, I promise – if its the same name its the same version.

    What probably confuses you is that every time I edit the mod page to add credits, instructions, update the title or the mod banner image, it shows the whole mod as “updated” and pushes it back to the front page as if its new.

    There is zero I can do about that; its how the site works; Just check the filenames and keep an eye on my forum thread, I make updates and announcements there often, and you’ll know ahead of time when a release is coming.

    Tiberion January 28, 2013
  30. Ah, thanks for clearing that up. They need to work on that :/

    daokat January 29, 2013
  31. I love this mod, but could you take out the parts that no one uses. all they do is slow down my computer and keep me from finding the right part.

    wesmark January 30, 2013
  32. Good luck defining “parts no one uses” – every part I have ever removed, I have had someone post asking for it to return.

    What you should do is look through the parts folder and delete the parts YOU don’t use – they are sorted out by type and name so you can find them pretty easily. :)

    Tiberion January 30, 2013
  33. hey Tiberion why not add the probodobodyne DIY pack i used to love it but it inst being updated for .18 :(

    tmccreight651 February 9, 2013
  34. I would use it if it wasn’t for the incredibly high impact tolerance. I understand it is like this because if it wasn’t it would collapse under its own weight but i hate how i can de-orbit and crash head on into the ground with out a single scratch. I really like the parts but i just cant use them until this is fixed.

    Lumaro February 12, 2013
  35. I think it’s a great pack, but I was having loads of out of memory crashes until I removed it (0.18.2). Not saying it’s NP’s fault, it just looks like there’s a connection. Core i7 Mac with 16GB memory so it’s probably not my machine.

    Coda February 12, 2013
  36. Works really great, only issue is a bit of wobbling and colliding. But it is easily fixed with some smartly placed struts.
    AWESOME MOD, so fun to use, rockets look real and very cool, instead of those weird and chunky rockets that you make with the stock parts. Really great to use, great fun, and totally recommended to everybody. :D

    Mihax209 February 13, 2013
  37. I really wish there were some internals with this. The second the pods get internals…. this will be the best mod in existence.

    Yanni papadakos February 15, 2013
  38. I am quite surprised that the Gemini is not in a separate download. May I upload it separately, taking no credit for the Gemini? I will write that Tosh and Frizzank are responsible for making it?

    POTKC February 28, 2013
  39. No you may not.

    Tiberion February 28, 2013
  40. OK. I was just asking.

    POTKC February 28, 2013
  41. It’s fine, its just that Tosh conferred the caretaking of Gemini to me so I can’t really confer permissions for it outside of the license.

    Also, its hard to keep version control manageable with lots of versions or derivatives out there.

    Don’t worry though, I hope to improve the NP distribution setup sometime soon

    Tiberion March 1, 2013
  42. Thank you very much. This is an excellent pack, and TBH it is the Gemini parts that really make me happy. I am a real space flight enthusiast and I have just always loved that little two-seater. This download has made me very happy.

    Highbury March 4, 2013
  43. Can’t unpack files from the zip file for the current file March 14th, 2013: NovaPunch 1.5 “Alpha”. WinRAR is throwing errors about an unknown method.

    Knossos March 14, 2013
  44. Is the zip file corrupted? I’ve downloaded it on two different machines (Windows 7 and Linux) and neither of them can fully unzip the contents.

    Is it just me?

    zxarr March 14, 2013
  45. Hmm. I used a better compression method with &zip to lower the file size, but it was still unzipping here just using the Windows decompression tool. I guess its broken elsewhere. i am re-uploading the file, it’ll take 30 to 40 minutes.

    if you don’t want to redownload, try grabbing the free zip utility 7Zip, it should open the file as is.

    If everyone had 7Zip I would use .7z files and drop the file from 160MB to 100MB.

    Tiberion March 14, 2013
  46. Okay zip file is back up and should work. Let me know ASAP if its still failing.

    Tiberion March 14, 2013
  47. It’s working fine for me now. :)


    zxarr March 15, 2013
  48. Amazing work ,but i have a problemwith 0.19 ,get stuck at loading screen when loading np_asas_125m ,don’t know why.

    sylvain leleu March 18, 2013
  49. darn, I love this mod, but it has way to many things that almost everyone will never use (mainly the structural parts). I slows my computer down to much.

    wesmark March 18, 2013
  50. If you have trouble with a part loading, try copying it again from the zip file. If it keeps happening, stop by the forum thread for NovaPunch and give me some more info, I’ll notice it there much quicker.

    hit alt+f2 (RightShift+F2 in linux) to open the debug log while the parts are loading and look for the error it gives when it gets stuck, that will let me know what the issue is.

    Tiberion March 18, 2013
  51. great looking mod, but for some reason whenever i launch ship, my game crashes :/ game works fine on vanilla though.

    Alex Ward March 22, 2013
  52. does this make the VAB bigger?

    Ben March 24, 2013
  53. Love the mod, but can you please fix the categories of the items? For example the legs falling under the science category when they should fall under utility. Gemini RCS thruster pack falling under science instead of control. The radial boosters being in control instead of engines, etc.

    Knossos March 26, 2013
  54. Its on purpose to group the parts that belong to a set “Odin” “Thor” “Gemini” in the same place together in a mostly unused tab – this is temporary until they add subcategories.

    Tiberion March 26, 2013
  55. This is a great set of parts but your mini nosecones for the smallest escape tower are missing. I made them myself by altering the config to include resize=0.6 which seemed to work.

    Nigel Stutt March 27, 2013

    Manfred D.Saliger April 2, 2013
  57. Umm…is it just me or all the previous parts in the old NovaPunch lag a lot in the new version?

    Roy Yan April 14, 2013
  58. So does anyone know what the diameter of the 2 sizes of parts in blender would be?

    Joe Bowen April 15, 2013
  59. There are 4 sizes: 1.25m, 2.5m, 3.75m and 5m. If you model them to those diameters in blender then you should set rescaleFactor = 1.0 in the config to make sure they are not rescaled at all when loaded.

    Tiberion April 16, 2013
  60. This addon made Crash to Desktop under 0.19.x
    I’m not alone to have this bug with this addon. I remove it and KSP was stable.

    mustard April 18, 2013
  61. willl there ever be IVA veiws for the other capsules. I would really appriciate it if there were.

    Betaking April 18, 2013
  62. mustard: it just means your system (or the game) is running out of available memory – you’ll have to install less parts. Its not an actual issue with the mod.

    Betaking: only if someone volunteers to make them. I don’t have any interest in working on IVA spaces currently, they just aren’t functional enough.

    Tiberion April 19, 2013
  63. The crash tolerance on some parts is insane, unfortunately it makes using them feel like cheating.

    Zhuikin April 20, 2013
  64. Answered this before… they have to be that high otherwise the mass of the big parts break them automatically. Also, they may have high crash tolerances, but its not like they can be re-used, and the actual landing hardware does NOT have this issue, and will still break on crash landing. So the only net affect is having debris instead of huge, unrealistic explosions from every part, which is actually more realistic.

    So, its not likely to change.

    Tiberion April 21, 2013
  65. Guys, HELP!

    Is there a problem with this file, I can’t download it, download always freeze at 77%. When I click pause and then resume, download stops with the message “File could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.” If the file is corrupt, are there any other links where I can download this pack?

    I have the same problem with KV Rocketry pack, that one freeze at 30% with the same message.

    I need those, ASAP :/
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Saša Divac April 27, 2013
  66. Kerbals are dying when coming in contact with some parts.
    Situation is me pulling kerbals to the top of the rocket using KAS. They perfectly alive while being pulled along stock and parts from other mods. Any contact with the sides of NovaPunch parts kill them even if rocket is stationary.

    NielsP May 6, 2013
  67. My mistake. They all somehow dying when coming in contact with fuel tanks.

    NielsP May 6, 2013
  68. Sadly, this totally crashes my install when I go to launch anything, regardless whether it uses any parts from this pack or not.
    Oh well. Perhaps once memory usage and the parts database are tweaked and optimized I can use this.
    For now I guess I’ll try pulling out some of the parts I’m most interested in, like the separating nosecones and fuselage section, some of the adapters, and maybe some of the engines.

    Vaughn Stegeman May 10, 2013
  69. How goes this with 0.20 now out? Does it still work ok?

    Nigel Stutt May 24, 2013
  70. It works somewhat with .20 as long as you keep it installed in the old Parts folder. There are a few part with texture issues. Work is underway for a new major version of NovaPunch to update it to the 0.20 standards.

    Tiberion May 24, 2013
  71. Waiting on that update. Can’t wait for it to be ready, but will we get more parts w/ the updated one?

    JebediahKuteman May 27, 2013
  72. maybe a few more parts. Definitely some changed parts. Sorry its taking so long, not as much time lately. Should be worth it though.

    Tiberion June 2, 2013
  73. Hi For reference been doing a bit of a play with this pack, found one problem – I THINK.
    One of the lander legs I think it was NP_Gemini_Chiron_Lander_Leg_Part
    IS MASSIVE so big it take up just about the entire VAB.

    Chasse Court June 3, 2013
  74. Oh I should have mentioned to -> Steam Version under windows -> latest patch revision

    Chasse Court June 3, 2013
  75. Looking forward to this mod being updated. Its one of my favorites. Thanks for the effort. :)

    Jeff Hathaway June 13, 2013
  76. Please can someone update this mod !

    rob chadwick June 21, 2013
  77. The release of 2.0 is imminent, if you want to try out the test version then stop by the forum thread for the link; once I am sure everything is working I’ll update it here.

    Tiberion June 27, 2013
  78. Awesome news!

    Gary Parkin June 29, 2013
  79. Sorry for the wait everyone. It’s out! Enjoy!

    Tiberion July 1, 2013
  80. Yay! I was waiting for this to come out and it’s finally here! Sweet! :)

    Nicholas Archer July 1, 2013
  81. FINALLY ITS UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Champion Aerospace July 1, 2013
  82. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooT !!!!!!!!!! THATS THE ONLY WORD I COULD THINK OF :d


    MadApples July 1, 2013
  83. Keeps crashing my game. Game works fine when I remove this. Can’t wait for all the bugs to get worked out.

    Jacob McCaig July 11, 2013
  84. Not bugs, limitations with KSP and how many mods you have installed. Just install the parts you want.

    Tiberion July 12, 2013
  85. I built a rocket out of NovaPunch parts, crashed it face down into the ocean all engines firing… and it kept going.

    Balanced? NOT!

    Corona688 July 14, 2013
  86. Some of the pieces from this are really great and useful, but the default part strengths are WAY too high. This really should filed under “cheats”.

    sirklick July 22, 2013
  87. You guys are just being silly, they are hardly cheat parts, and the rockets are no more stable or easier to fly than stock parts. The ONLY difference is that the parts themselves don’t explode so easily, any craft making a hard landing will still be disabled at the same rate as a stock rocket. Will you have more debris left? Yes. Does it mean its cheating? No.

    Its not going to change, they cannot be lowered of the heavy masses of the parts will cause them to explode and break before launch. So please, no more complaints about the part strength, they will be ignored.

    Tiberion July 23, 2013
  88. hmmm all my SAS have stopped working. New ones added and standard.

    Anyone else ever had this problem? if so how do I fix it.
    I mean I know that is is rather behind on it’s update compatibility so I expect I may have to uninstall and wait for it to be updated.

    Jeff Kerman (Harless) July 23, 2013
  89. this isn’t behind on updates at all. What do you mean by “standard” SAS? The stock SAS parts? If those aren’t working, you have an issue with your KSP installation or control config.

    I’d need more info about your issue, your ship config, and such. Please post on the forum thread if you continue to have issues.

    Also note that in the upcoming KSP 0.21 patch, SAS is being completely overhauled; NovaPunch will receive an update shortly after to swap to the new system and perform other updates, so keep an eye out for that.

    Tiberion July 24, 2013
  90. I miss read the version numbers sorry.
    However I did find the issue,some of the game files were damaged during download from steam, a rare event but still something that happens.

    Jeff Kerman (Harless) July 25, 2013
  91. Thanks for the update.

    Ruedii July 26, 2013
  92. i downloaded 21.1 and it says there parts missing on some craft files please fix

    Roland Gilt July 26, 2013
  93. Its just the one “light launcher” craft file actually, I didn’t remove the old “ASAS 1.25 module” from the craft and re-save it – All of the other craft work fine.

    If you REALLY need to use that craft file, Find your Novapunch2.01 ZIP file and the “NP_ASAS_1_25m” FOLDER inside of NovaPunch2/Parts/SAS/ and copy it into the same folder in your KSP’s GameData folder. Or wait for the next version. :)

    Tiberion July 27, 2013
  94. Superb to have Novacore parts back at last! But still no tiny nanocone for the small 1 man capsule escapeladder I see! Last time I had to reduce the 3 man capsule nanocone down in size by half, looks like I will have to do that again. Not a big issue mind but just a little bit of a pain that’s all.

    Nigel Stutt July 27, 2013
  95. When i download it and open it with winrar it comes up with “unexpected end of archive” and when i try and extract anything it comes up with the same message. When i use windows explorer it wont open at all. Help?

    Azzazaa98 July 29, 2013
  96. I heard that Spaceport was having some issues with downloads for a short while, you may have downloaded during that time. Try downloading the file again. I just downloaded a fresh copy and am able to open it just using windows built-in zip explorer function, as well as WinRAR and 7-zip, and it seems to be working correctly.

    If you download it again and it still won’t work, visit my forum thread and report it (and make use of the Mediafire download mirror in the 1st post of my thread too)

    Tiberion July 30, 2013
  97. you should put the gemini back

    sebastian August 4, 2013
  98. Gemini is in its own pack now, Frizzank is maintaining and updating it, and he added some more stuff too:


    Tiberion August 5, 2013
  99. thanks for the great mod!

    but I want to mention one thing,

    when i made some rocket using this mod and attempt to move to the launch pad in order to launch it,

    once in twice, it freezes my pc forever,,,

    i was wondering that if this happens every time, then i know its something wrong with the mod,
    but it only cause problem randomly, so i dont know what i can do to prevent this problem to occur,,,

    does anyone know what its about?

    hosimota bob August 8, 2013
  100. For some reason if I include this (along with the soviet, american, and kosmos packs, along with ISA MapSat) my KSP client runs out of memory and refuses to load. I removed everything one at a time and eliminated all others except Novapunch, for some reason it’s enough to push KSP over it’s imaginary limit.

    It’s probably just the absurdity of the engine, just in the same way it only uses like two megabytes of RAM and one millionth of a core of your CPU without having a spazz fit. I think I’ll just give up and wait a few more versions until they sort something out with it.

    I’m just really frustrated because I only just bought this thing and it pretty much crashes non-stop. I’ve gone through ALL the trouble shooting and it’s all different varied reasons and causes but even when everything is hunky dory every now and then you’ll pull out a random part you’ve used a billion times before and poof, it decides it’s time to crash. KSP makes me so angry with it’s stall and crashathon.

    pr0metheus August 10, 2013
  101. You know, 0.21.1 seems to be pushed over the edge by this and a few other mod packs because it runs out of memory. But for those of us who value this mod pack, there is a way around it! Abandon internal flight outright! Yep, remove GameData/Squad/Spaces/ entirely and you can fit all the big mod packs!

    Let’s face it! Squad’s parts aren’t anywhere near as fun as the modding communities parts, and the internals are rubbish anyway, so I figured I would try and excise bits and pieces as I went and see if it’d be stable. I eventually removed the entire Spaces folder and bam, it all worked fine!

    pr0metheus August 13, 2013
  102. Revert version to < 1.0 alpha. NP Odin Launch vehicle blows itself apart on the launch pad, and NP Yawmaster Launch Vehicle can't make yaw at all during launch.

    Neil Bailey August 13, 2013
  103. Sounds like a cool add-on but the download seems to be borked.

    Kris Cayocca August 13, 2013
  104. Download and install worked fine with me. I had fun with some of the huge parts for a bit but uninstalled it. For me, it seemed to make KSP too easy. Instead of figuring out the minimum fuel to do a mission, I could just strap on 5m tanks with 15MN of thrust.

    David Turpin August 18, 2013
  105. Can’t really keep you from using overpowered rockets until they add cost factors and restrictions to the mix. You’ll have to practice some self-policing up to that point.

    The big tanks are for big launchers to launch big payloads.

    Tiberion August 24, 2013
  106. Is the old NovaPunch still available? And when i try and use the Small Launcher it says i dont have a bertha mini quad. I checked and i dont. Where can you get the Bertha Mini Quad from?

    TheVictor2025 September 1, 2013
  107. after installing it
    my game will crash every time I go into a building to build a ship

    josh rain October 19, 2013
  108. Great mod, keep em’ coming

    matt c October 20, 2013
  109. Totally having a problem with B9 and NovaPunch working on the latest .22 build. I take one or the other and able to get the client to load. If I have both in the same folder they dont the client will not load. I can drop some crash logs over to you if you want.

    Timothy Holston October 24, 2013
  110. Whenever I run KSP and it completed loading the parts it then crashed and says, “KSP.exe has stopped working” and another window says something about Microsoft C++.

    Connor Hawkins October 26, 2013
  111. KW rocketry is much better. It has so much less useless parts, and the textures are so much more detailed and better looking. The only thing it needs is 5 meter parts, which is why I download this piece of crap.

    asdfghjkl October 26, 2013
  112. I’m sorry, did you say something? All I heard was “THHHHHHHHPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTT”

    Tiberion October 27, 2013
  113. Oh, and Timothy and Connor: Drop by the forum thread and share your output_log.txt (from the KSP_Data folder) – you should do so immediately after the game crashes or stops working to save the error. If you don’t have a way to upload a text file, copy and paste its contents into pastebin.com. It’s probably just the same memory issue so many people are experiencing, so you can either try to use one of the texture reduction packs, or pick and choose which parts you use.

    Tiberion October 27, 2013
  114. @Tiberion I kinda deleted the crash logs :/ I think it’s conflicting with B9 so I’ll test it out.

    Connor Hawkins November 10, 2013
  115. So ksp crashed…. I’ll send over a crash log.

    Connor Hawkins November 10, 2013
  116. @Tiberion go to “http://pastebin.com/vUuTsAA5″ for the crash log. P.S. Its friggin long!

    Connor Hawkins November 10, 2013
  117. oops nvd wrong link

    Connor Hawkins November 10, 2013
  118. Sorry @Tiberion I cant use pastebin. I have a free account but it keeps saying my public pastes are private. :/

    Connor Hawkins November 10, 2013
  119. Shouldn’t even need an account, should just be able to paste it in and send it.

    You can also upload text files to dropbox or some other free filehost – without a log I really can’t help you figure out the error.

    Tiberion November 12, 2013
  120. Great Pack! I was hesitant to download this because i was worried that so many parts in a single pack would mean a bunch of useless parts but i haven’t encountered one yet! I love that it’s integrated into the career tech tree since that’s all i’ve been playing since the .22 patch. My only problem thus far has been that many/all of the 2.5+ diameter parts have 1.25 meter nodes. Not necessarily a huge issue but I went in and increased node sizes for the fuel tanks and structural parts to ensure the stability of my larger builds

    Charles R November 19, 2013
  121. That’s a myth actually, the node size doesn’t affect the part connection at all, its really only used for snapping distances (and for some mods like FAR that use node size to determine some aspects of drag.)

    I change them when I remember to anyway, but I haven’t went through to check them all. And there’s no size3 or 4 for the bigger parts anyway.

    Tiberion November 21, 2013
  122. Hello,

    I installed your mod and got some questions. You’ve got here so many sexy parts, but some of their characteristics are underwhelming. Like reaction wheels with only 5 torque for 1.25m, or 10 torque for 2.5m. Decouplers that are heavier and weaker altogether. Is this intentional?

    Also, why all dem 2.5m parts come before you even get stock 2.5m parts in career mode? seems IMBA.

    Ravenas November 25, 2013
  123. Yeah I need to boost the SAS modules again. The 1st release of the Squad SAS in 0.21 were weaker and I balanced against those, but never fixed them when Squad boosted theirs. Though having a weaker one for some small rockets is nice.

    By weaker decouplers, do you mean the ejection force? I’ll take a look at them, they sometimes scale weirdly against the weight of the stage below them though, so any sane value won’t do much.

    The NP tech tree is sort of meant to stand on its own rather than augment the stock progression. it’s modeled after it roughly, but NP has so many more parts that locking 3/4ths of them away until the last tier just wasn’t going to work, it wasn’t fun to play or unlock that way. It’s meant to be a natural progression from 1m to 2m and larger parts as you go up the tiers. I don’t think its imbalanced or easier, but more authentic.

    I don’t plan on making major revisions to it very soon as Squad had admitted the science system is very early in development, so we don’t know where will go. When the research and manufacturing costs are finally integrated, it will look totally different.

    Tiberion November 25, 2013
  124. The launchers won’t work right, my crew disappears when I hit the upper atmosphere.

    Josh November 25, 2013
  125. Are you running out of power? Solar panels, engines running, something to supply power? Also could be another mod conflicting. Stop by the forums with more details and I’ll try to help.

    Tiberion November 26, 2013
  126. Great mod, things work awesome. I have to use a texture reduction pack though.
    Only real problem is the parts are REALLY OP in career mode.

    Things need to be moved up and maybe have their own tech nodes.

    Chain_algorithm November 28, 2013
  127. Please come to the forum and describe what specific parts you actually find overpowered in career mode. blanket statements are not useful.

    Tiberion November 28, 2013
  128. I’m totally gonna build a battleship with armored plates and have a fight with someone.

    John L December 4, 2013
  129. It’s not bad, with a lot of useful parts, and I really like the artwork style: kinda gritty and a bit of the kerbal doesn’t-quite-make-sense meshes. I really like the mini-quad because it looks like a four-motor engine done for the same reason as the RD-0110 (irl Soyuz third stage): making a high-expansion engine shorter and wider… in this case, shorter… unrealistically short for 125kN and 1.25m diameter (bearing in mind that “realistic” in this context actually means “balanced with stock”.)

    Which brings me to the bad news… the pack, and many of the parts in it, are not very well balanced, as though the creator didn’t quite play enough KSP before getting into parts packs (I’m pretty sure this isn’t the case, which really leaves me scratching my head.) A lot of the parts have absurd specific performance (Thor engines with 475sec and 100N/kg), appear on strange tabs (almost all of the aerodynamic parts are on the Structural tab and the aforementioned Thor engines are under Control), and appear far too early on the tech tree in 0.22 (a 2304pt propellant tank and 1400kN engine in Advanced Rocketry, two and three tiers before their closest vanilla equivalents, plus the aforementioned severely overpowered Thor engines are on Landing.)

    If you have to choose between KW Rocketry and NovaPunch, I recommend KW Rocketry (unless you like cheating in Career mode!) I also recommend the BoulderCo TextureCompressor so you can have both, plus B9 Aerospace, plus RemoteTech2, RLA-Stockalike, TAC Life Support, and Kethane without KSP packing up due to memory outages all the time.

    Terry Wilson December 7, 2013
  130. Thanks for coming in and advertising other mods in my comments. really helpful.

    I’ve commented on the tech node balance several times, and I have designed it as such on purpose. If I unlocked all of Novapunch in the last 3 tiers then what is even the point of having all of those parts? You’re done with most of your science, just go play sandbox. So unlocking my 2m parts with stock and then cramming all the other stuff in 2 levels just isn’t gonna work. It was boring and pointless. I know because I tried it out.

    Novapunch’s tree is designed as its own experience, not an augment to the stock tech tree. The tech unlocks much more naturally and logically than stock, instead of doing 60% or 70% of your science using 1 meter parts. The other large parts pack are designed the same way, including KW, so frankly I find your complain just plain weird.

    As for the Odin engines – I consider it to be fairly balanced because of the mission its designed to do – it carries a very small fuel load, so with the thrust it outputs, even with the efficient Isp you aren’t getting very far with any actual craft. The Margin of error on an Apollo style Odin/Thor mission are pretty small and takes some forethought to finish, so I don’t see how I could adjust it without making it hopeless for new players to use.

    Those aero parts in structual tab are actually structual mounts, they are not very useful as actual aero parts. The useful aero parts? Those are in the aero tab.

    The Odin and Thor parts all go together in one tab because they’re annoying to build otherwise. They were in science, but people complained about that. They make sense in control with all the other pod-related things so they’ll probably stay until the part UI gets better category support.

    Tiberion December 7, 2013
  131. Great work guys.. but Nova doesn’t quite seem ready for .23 yet

    I’m noticing 2 primary issues

    #1 – many of the fuel tanks will glitch out the center of mass notification when attached to your vessel.. It seems they short circuit the mass calculations somehow and the center of mass just disappears. There may be more parts but the pink 1.25 fuel tanks def do this on all of my vessels

    #2 – a few of the parts enlarge indefinitely when you move your mouse over them in the editor index on the left. They eventually become so large they go off the screen, but not before covering your entire screen along the way. The lander can fuel tank with rocket fuel, monopropellant, and battery power for sure does this.

    Thomas Black December 20, 2013
  132. I confirm mentioned by Tiberion #2 behavior on Yaw Master in VAB

    Andrew Bond December 23, 2013
  133. Sorry, it’s was Thomas Black #2 issue

    Andrew Bond December 23, 2013
  134. I just released a small hotfix in my forum thread to fix the Zooming VAB Icons. You can download it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46506740/NovaPunch2_03_VABIconHotfix.zip

    I tested to try and reproduce issue #1 and was unable to. Any way I attached any NP fuel tank to stock parts or other NP parts, the CoM, COL and COT icons in the VAB were rendered correctly and as expected. If you can reproduce the issue, make sure its without other mods, or give me a list of what you’re using. Screenshots or craft files would also help. And it will be much easier if you do this on the forum thread.

    Tiberion December 25, 2013
  135. The download is broken. the .Zip archive is invalid.

    Ronald January 4, 2014
  136. Let me say that this is a GREAT mod! The only problem I can find it a weakness in the decoupler between the Odin capsule and trunk. Too much spinning and having the Punch-Out MkII separate while in the atmosphere seem to make the capsule come off the trunk. Still, great mod. And having the Odin and Thor at lower tiers in career mode is a plus!

    Andy Sammonds January 5, 2014
  137. Works fine in Win8.1 with 0.23.
    Does not work with Linux x64 executable with 0.23. Causes crash on startup. Weird thing is the last file loaded according to the log is one of the Squad parts. Confirmed it is NovaPunch by adding / removing mods and just using NovaPunch with a clean install.

    Such a shame. It’s always one of my immediate “go to” mods.

    Tristan Mumford January 11, 2014
  138. Can you help i my game is crashing because of this.

    erik hallmark January 23, 2014
  139. Unfortunately this mod seems to be too big. I’m running Win XP Pro sp3 32-bit with 2GB RAM, and if I try to load this the game crashes. The description should be updated to make it clear that it only works with 4GB of RAM. It would save people a LOT of time.

    Unity Player [version: Unity 4.2.2f1_54f0fc09defb]
    KSP.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
    in module KSP.exe at 001b:00578ebf.
    Error occurred at 2014-01-26_110550.
    N:\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.exe, run by *** ***.
    99% memory in use.
    2048 MB physical memory [6 MB free].
    0 MB paging file [0 MB free].
    2048 MB user address space [53 MB free].
    Write to location 00000008 caused an access violation.

    Keith Ballard January 26, 2014
  140. Hey guys… to many comments to search threw for an answer to this…. so, asking here.

    Has anyone installed Novapunch, and have an issue with the ” NovaPunch Series Lander Tank ” (the one with the Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer, Mono, and Electric charge on it). Flickering when moused-over on the parts list?

    Mine even ‘expands’ when i mouse over it and flies towards the screen till it dissapere’s. (the icon thats shown on the parts list that is).

    Seems like the only bug i have with the current download. Just wondering if anyone has run into this and know a fix for it?

    CelestianKitiara January 28, 2014
  141. this mod does not work affs face my version is 0.18.2

    rafael rafael February 2, 2014
  142. when i download this mod and try to revert flight back to hanger the game crashes i do have other mods installed, i really like this mod so if someone has something i can do then great, oh and i have 16gb of ram so i have enough ram.

    tmonkeyfreak96 February 3, 2014
  143. @Keith Ballard

    Same here. Other than that the part works fine as far as i can see.

    David Vidmar February 7, 2014
  144. For the ‘expanding 3d view’ on the lander tanks, download this hotfix: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46506740/NovaPunch2_03_VABIconHotfix.zip

    The other issues are RAM related – you’ll have to manage how many mods you have installed. You can also run this plugin: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/59005-0-23-Release-2-15-Active-Texture-Management-Save-RAM-without-reduction-packs

    It will compress and reduce the quality of any loaded texture in KSP, including mods, meaning you can load more. So you trade a little visual quality for being able to run many more mods – there is still a limit however,

    Tiberion February 7, 2014
  145. @tmonkeyfreak96

    Kerbal Space Program is only a 32 bit game, and it can, and will, only use 4gb of ram. That being said, with that much ram you could run four KSPs at the same time!

    John Redwork February 19, 2014
  146. This mod is awesome but the scales are oversized and its hard use the space in the VAB buliding if the aurhors read this please
    make the VAB building bigger p.s from Omega space program.

    chris humbore March 1, 2014
  147. cany put in internals plz :3

    Connor whitlock March 5, 2014
  148. unable to unzip the file, and I’ve downloaded it at least 3 times. Windows keeps saying its corrupted.

    Tianar March 9, 2014
  149. You need to reupload, Kerbal Space Port has corrupted your file and KM Release Package’s file and few other odd ones I found.

    Jordan Thompson March 14, 2014
  150. I’m not sure if the file was really broken or not, but its pretty difficult to actually upload things again, the site is basically broken and dying. PLEASE start using the forum thread to find the newest versions and keep up with development. I’ll have downloads there on MediaFire and Dropbox for now, its the best I can do until there is another mod hosting solution.

    Tiberion April 7, 2014
  151. Many many parts but also many problems…
    I was building a large ship and the central part was one from this mod. When I launched it, it completely fell apart from the attachment points (!).
    The first part to fall was the reactor, then the control pod.
    I ran a few tests, with stock parts then only with Nova parts. Same result.
    I had to remove all Nova parts and rebuild from scratch with only stock parts then it worked like a charm…
    FYI, the broken part is the huge tank with “Kerbal States” written.
    I don’t feel brave enough to test the other parts, sorry…

    Lapin26 April 12, 2014
  152. The Freyja Command module has space for 6 Kerbon(a)uts and I can load 6, but I only see three when I am actually flying this module.

    caipi April 14, 2014
  153. Oh and yes, I did use the scroll buttons for the Kerbals.

    caipi April 14, 2014

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