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Mission Ribbons V 2.0

Campaign style ribbons to indicate where you’ve been and what you’ve done!


Mission ribbons for all the various bodies of the KSP system along with decorations for various achievements. The criteria are as follows:

Ribbon – awarded for entering the bodies SOI, so yes, you get the Kerbin ribbon for booting up the game. Congratulations!
Kerbal Lost – A black stripe commemorating the loss of one or more brave Kerbals on that body.

On the left side are orbital and flight achievements:

Atmosphere – Awarded for achieving controlled atmospheric flight, most importantly, landing in such a condition that you can take off again.
Orbit – Awarded for achieving orbit around the body in question. Any orbit will do.
Equitorial – Awarded for achieving a nice orbit around the equator. Goes under the orbit award.
Polar – Awarded for achieving a mapping orbit going over the poles. Goes under the orbit award.
Rendezvous – Awarded for successfully docking two craft in orbit.
Geosynch – Awarded for placing a satellite in a geosynchronous orbit.
Impactor – Awarded for crashing into body. On purpose or otherwise.

On the right hand side are landing and construction achievements:
Probe – For getting a probe into orbit
Capsule – For getting a capsule w/ Kerbins into orbit.
Probe Lander – For getting a probe safely down to the surface.
Manned Lander – Safely landing Kerbals.
Rover – For landing a mobile device on the surface.
Manned Rover – As above, but with Kerbals on board.
Station – For placing a station capable of docking / refueling craft into orbit.
Base – For building a multi-landing base on the surface.
Aircraft – for flying an aircraft.
Return Chevron – Added to one of the above indicating that the craft in question returned safely to Kerbin at the end of it’s mission.


Download. Open with GIMP.

How to use

Load SigRibbons into GIMP. Select planet / moon. Add other awards as necessary. Export as jpg (make sure to name it appropriately). Host on image hosting site. Add to .sig. Enjoy!


3 Comments for “Mission Ribbons V 2.0”

  1. I would like to see an ‘achievement’ to indicate placing a satellite into the indicated orbit. Probe will do for a placeholder, but it’s not really the same thing.

    Yasutaka January 1, 2013
  2. A suggestion for an additional orbit flight badge: aerocapture.

    It’s *really* cool to pull off!

    Seven Indigo January 1, 2013
  3. Well, that file format was a helpful choice..

    Stuntane January 4, 2013

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