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This adds two more Sepratron types: the smaller Sepratron II and the larger Sepratron III. The Sepratron II is good for seperating escape pods from a station or retrorockets for slowing down landers in Duna-like atmospheres. The Sepratron III is good for deorbiting stages or even large stations. It also adds a smaller version of the BACC solid-rocket booster.

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Compatible with 0.19.

-Add a smaller version of the BACC solid-rocket booster
-Adjusted the performance of the Sepatron’s to match the change made by Squad to the stock Sepatron
-Renamed the Sepatron II’s folder so that it the Sepatron’s are now ordered by size in the VAB.


Unzip the file and put the part folders in the game's part folder. Alternatively you can download JSGME (Google it), place that in the KSP directory and unzip this mod to a folder. This folder, often called MiniMega Sepratrons - RW, can then be placed in the mod folder that JSGME will create when it's first launched. In the JSGME program you can then activate/deactivate the mod.

How to use

They're right there in the Propulsion section next to the stock Sepratron.


5 Comments for “Improved Solid Rockets [0.19] – Robau’s Warehouse”

  1. Looks like a great addition, I’ll try it out

    Josh December 3, 2012
  2. Works great for needing bit more oomph separate sections of spacecraft

    pyro December 5, 2012
  3. These are great. I especially love the mini booster. You can also have so much fun with the Sepatron 3! :)

    John Rollup March 22, 2013
  4. Great idea! I love mods that add more details to the game.

    Shawn Clapper April 1, 2013
  5. why cant I seem to add the “part {}” thingamabobs to the part cfg files to make these compliant with the new file structure? Sure they work the old fashioned way, too, but I’d like the new setup to work.

    Paul Bartelt October 6, 2013

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