[0.23.5] MechJeb 2.2.1

Anatid Robotics and Multiversal Mechatronics proudly presents the first flight assistant autopilot: MechJeb


Just extract the contents of the zip file into your GameData folder.

How to use

Use the button on the right side of the screen to access MechJeb window selection interface, and click on the buttons to activate the windows. The windows can be dragged anywhere on screen, and their position is saved and reused among all rockets. Manual And here is a video by tncm with an overview of the functions Please send Suggestions/Bug reports here: http://idea.ksp.mumech.com/


138 Comments for “[0.23.5] MechJeb 2.2.1”

  1. is this a new version of the Mechheb??

    Nilas December 21, 2012
  2. I’m wondering too if this is an official update to mechjeb for 18.2 or just somebody uploading mechjeb to call their own since the original one that I find on here and this one are uploaded by different accounts on the spaceport.

    When I tested the original in 18.2 it was working fine so not sure what this one adds to it (if anything) as the overview is very vague.

    cbg December 21, 2012
  3. Apologies, I see that the topic linked is also written by r4m0n, so must be my mistake about which one of the mechjeb’s listed on the space port would be the official mechjeb.

    cbg December 21, 2012
  4. Thank your r4m0n. I love Mechjeb because w/o it i wouldn’t be going very far

    Darkwolf666x December 23, 2012
  5. Love this mod to death… can’t do anything without it lol but I wish the pod parts were updated with resources and thrust vector nodes!

    Teonlight December 24, 2012
  6. I had MASSIVE issues with all my MechJeb equipped vehicles and launchers after the latest MechJeb update.. I spent an hour trying to figure it out.
    My vehicles were jerking uncontrollably to the side whenever i tried steering them.

    Turns out, the later update changed the MechJeb cylinder parts to be pods, and having 2 pods at once next to eachother essentially breaks the control of a vehicle.
    Easy fix enough, just only use the radial MechJeb “walkietalkie” module!

    You may want to add this workaround in the update notes, since it is a quite significant change that will break peoples existing crafts.
    And please, add the cylindrical parts back into the Utility category as “non-pod” variants. I loved using them.

    Baleur December 25, 2012
  7. Odd thing happened…all my MechJeb stuff dissappeared sometime between now and last night’s last game session. Checked my virus scan logs and it didn’t nuke anything. Anyone else have this happen to this mod, or any mod before?

    RocketBob December 27, 2012
  8. Please… auto rendevous with rcs/main engine TOGGLES

    Saneman December 28, 2012
  9. He esperado muchísimos días

    Adán December 29, 2012
  10. I’ve tried multiple times to get this mod to work, yet have not yet succeeded. I’ve unzipped and placed the plugins, parts, and ships in their respective places, but when it comes time to launch a rocket the menu that gives you the option to turn mechjeb on is nowhere to be found. On top of that, when the rocket takes off, it leaves the mechjeb pod where it was; just floating there sad and confused as to why the rocket left him all by himself. Am I doing something wrong?

    Pdiddyspaceman January 15, 2013
  11. My OS is Windows 8, I open KSB, It will to occur an error.

    SunJiaxing January 23, 2013
  12. I’ve had the same problem: I copy everything over to their respective folders and I can see it loading on the splash screen, but I have no interface. Any ideas?

    GreenSolace January 25, 2013
  13. Seems like a godsend, but freezes the game repeatedly in the VAB. When I *can* actually get a craft out to the launch pad, the ascent autopilot works wonderfully, but the rendezvous module usually (but not always) just causes my rocket to spin in place when I try to align orbits.

    Anonymous010 January 27, 2013
  14. Suggestion: Have the auto-pilot take overheating into account, particularly during ascent. A good ship likely doesn’t have many issues with overheating, but it would be nice if the AP would go “oh, that’s a bit hot”. xD

    Nick Mischler January 31, 2013
  15. I have an issue… When I were headed for the mun suddenlt the Mechjeb folders disappeard… I wondered if I touched something but couldn’t fin any buttons to turn it back again… It`s like i never had Mechjeb… If there is a toggle button what do i pres to get it back? and if it isn`t what should I do?

    Julian Jacobsen January 31, 2013
  16. love this mod a great addon i would still be in the atmosphere if it weren’t for this mod haven’t had any issues

    john michel January 31, 2013
  17. This mod is great if you get it working with out mechjeb I was still crashing in to the mun and my best orbit was a pe of 105.945 and a ap of 128.987 but now with mechjeb my orbits are perfect and I landed on the mun and the min in one day.

    But please keep updating this is the best mod every.

    Shroomie Mushroom February 2, 2013
  18. I granted the 5 stars to your excellent job R4amon, thanks a lot.

    pinolallo February 8, 2013
  19. It would be so cool to see MechJeb being able to take you to all of the planets. It is a great mod. *****

    Callum Blake-Symes February 9, 2013
  20. I’ve hidden the landing window, how do I reset their positions? Thanks

    Dun Kirk February 9, 2013
  21. There is a problem with the landing autopilot, it doesn’t want to land.

    crashman1390 February 10, 2013
  22. to get it to work you have to put the mechjeb part on, which is under control page, hope this is helpful

    DwarvenGameing February 14, 2013
  23. Is this ready for KSP 0.18.4?

    Thomas Morgan February 15, 2013
  24. I hope they add docking autopilot soon

    DwarvenGameing February 16, 2013
  25. whenever I get into Sun orbit anything that directly touches the mechjeb part goes black and once this has happened when I try and land somewhere just before I land about 50 meter squared area goes black as well. this also happens when I try and land on minmus.

    please help.

    G0DZKILLA February 17, 2013
  26. Love the add on. Could it be possible to have an auto dock function.


    wini242 February 17, 2013
  27. Unable to install in 0.18.4. It worked great with .3 but since I updated to .4 I cannot see any mechjeb parts that actually initialize the interface. Re-downloaded KSP and MechJeb, but no luck. It also caused all of my current flights with mechjeb parts to be deleted. Any ideas on how to get it to install properly?

    PaulHartC February 17, 2013
  28. the thing I said happened before also happens with 18.4.

    G0DZKILLA February 18, 2013
  29. I solved my problem, so I thought I’d post just in case someone else was experiencing the same thing.
    First, I renamed the plugins folder to have a lowercase p.
    Second, I ran KSP in Admin mode.
    One of these two things seems to have fixed it. I can play it normally (ie not in admin mode) and all the parts show up. Score one for persistence!

    PaulHartC February 18, 2013
  30. I can’t load the game, after installing the mod. The screen during game loading freeze. Do you have any solution to help me to play with this great mod? I use it for rendez vous wich is hard to complete without it…

    Fortuné Clément March 1, 2013
  31. Problem solve by reinstalling the game :)

    Fortuné Clément March 2, 2013
  32. Its not working on 18.4 please fix this problem. or reply the fix please help i wanna dock something for so long.

    Tim Van den berg March 10, 2013
  33. this is the most useful mod every thank you so much

    Matthew March 11, 2013
  34. It’s working on 0.19, yay.

    Alex Grissom March 17, 2013
  35. I love This Mod!!!

    Keenan smith March 18, 2013
  36. A must need for all your Kerbanauts out there.

    Jimmy Tran March 21, 2013
  37. I have downloaded it but it wont come up when i play the game. Any one have any suggestions?

    Ryan Timcoe March 22, 2013
  38. works great

    Kim Olesen March 23, 2013
  39. Works great for me. Only problem I have is that sometime I have to restart game because vessel info is not visable in VBA and that automatic randezvous never got me closer than 2,5 km.

    elkar March 24, 2013
  40. mechjeb works for a while then the ascent module stops working. I can build a new rocket and mechjeb will not work. it seems to fail if I end a flight while in active ascent mode. everything else continues to work. I have tried to remove the mechjeb module from the ship save it, launch it and then add back mech jeb but it seems like it will never work again on the same rocket.

    if there a way to reset the location of all of the mechjeb windows? its like the window hos slipped out of view. I have increased my screen size as well as change to full screen mode in the hopes that the ascent module will come back.

    madperk March 24, 2013
  41. (KSP 0.19.1) MechJeb loading error.

    MechJeb freeze on mumech_mechjeb. Pls fix this.

    Bubales March 27, 2013
  42. Feature request: Would it be possible for the landing autopilot to indicate whether or not you are coming in over land or water? This would be extremely useful.

    t c March 27, 2013
  43. For me, this version of Mechjeb crash my computer. Without thuis mod, no crash. :(

    As a old version is ok with the 0.19.1 ?

    Charlie BRIDGES March 29, 2013
  44. I wish you could use mechjeb to dock too that would be awesome

    aaron L March 30, 2013
  45. amazing, last comments right, get docking down and thats about all u could ask for. Great mod

    Joshua Thiess March 31, 2013
  46. i transfered all the files over and it still wont work help!!!!!!

    rollseboy April 3, 2013
  47. Bad Pilot + MechJeb = (50% catastrophe chance) (50% big success chance) (100% satisfaction guaranteed) (I just rated this 5 stars)

    Jon Fritsch April 4, 2013
  48. Just saw Scott Manley’s demo of Mechjeb 2.0 on youtube … I’m highly impressed. Especially love the Automatic Docking System.. This will make my life so much easier … I SUUUUCK at docking … Can’t wait for the full release.


    Todd Millhouse April 5, 2013
  49. I also just watched Scott’s video on the 2.0 Jeb !!! Looks fan-friggin-tastic!! I can’t wait for this to be released!!! great work man !!! like the post above I too suck very much at docking

    Mr Logie April 5, 2013
  50. Everyone, if you want the new 2.0 version go on the forum page and download the pre-release.

    Great Add-on Too.

    sidewinder147 April 6, 2013
  51. yes Mechjeb 2.0.4 is out

    JANNIK April 6, 2013
  52. Hi…Im a noob so bear with me..

    I’ve got KSP (latest) and had MechGeb 1.9.8 installed and working. Anyway, just grabbed the 2.0.4 version and copied the files into the appropriate folders and relaunched KSP but the old 1.9.8 ui still shows. What am I doing wrong?

    Andy Bentley April 6, 2013
  53. I am giving the new version a miss, and sticking with 1.9.8
    The new version is giving me way too many problems and also not compatible with Damned robotics, which makes mechjeb useless for me now as thats why I used it.

    Devogen April 7, 2013
  54. I have the 0.19.1 version of the game, and the 1.9.8, but the game freezes when it’s loading the parts, at startup.
    Any ideas how to get around that?

    Stefan B April 15, 2013
  55. I cannot get this damn thing to work, I have KSP version 0.19.1, downloaded and installed Mechjeb in all the correct folders, I do not get any Mechjeb parts under “control”, but have Mechjeb parts on other parts tabs…………..frustrating…………

    Joe Perkins April 15, 2013
  56. Version 2.0.6. needs some polishing but docking autopilot is almost 100% sucessfull. So far best docking assistance.

    Only mod I have and it’s not compatible with new version 2+ is RemoteTech, at least lunching autopilot doesnt work with that when its unmanned ship. I compensate it with 1.9.8. sticking on ship so i have both MechJebs. Once the ship is on orbit, it works fine. Also I would gladly see heading/inclination switch at ascent autopilot again. let’s hope.

    elkar April 16, 2013
  57. I’ve been trying to download the 2.0 but it keeps on saying that the forum pages are down. Is there any other way for me to download it?

    Kyle Willis April 17, 2013
  58. I have 2 suggestions

    1. I change resolution occasionally from full screen 4:3 to windowed widescreen, and I noticed that when I turn to widescreen, I can’t see or retrieve windows that I moved below in 4:3 screen. It would be nice to have a “reset windows position” button, or some way for the plugin to automatically reset position when moving to different resolution.

    2. I changed ascent path values once when I was fiddling around, and I didn’t remember what the default settings were. I couldn’t even find any data about it on the internet (at least while the forum is down). So.. Another reset problem. It would be nice to have a “reset to default values” button.

    Ivan Notaros April 18, 2013
  59. Here is the newest pre Release dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11840057/MechJeb2_2.0.6.zip

    Lukas April 19, 2013
  60. Dear MechJeb staff,
    I bought this game over Steam and have tried to install this add on multiple time unfortunately it will not work is there anything I could be doing wrong or can I just not use it if i bought it on steam :(

    max russell April 20, 2013
  61. Currently using this with the NovaPunch mod. Absolutely glorious once I figured out the rendezvous and docking stuff

    skygunner58203 April 22, 2013
  62. amazing mod

    ash wood April 23, 2013
  63. I think you should make it so it will go to duna and other planets

    Patton1885 April 25, 2013
  64. why isny this that lastest update?

    erickerensky April 25, 2013
  65. At first I thought of MechJeb as blatant cheating and against the spirit of the game…. and then I came to the realization that it is simply Gene K(ranz)erman back at mission control making it all happen as it should.

    Thanks for a such a great add on.

    Paul Bartelt April 26, 2013
  66. auto dock please :-)

    ruthless fate April 28, 2013
  67. update it to v2.0

    joey baltus May 2, 2013
  68. anyone else haveing problems running this mod i have tryed doing a cleane wipe and installing the 2.0.7 version and still it wont work

    Martin Gubba May 2, 2013
  69. It’s a fantastically well done add-on but I dont agree with autopilots doing everything for me so I’m not using it.

    Nigel Stutt May 3, 2013
  70. To hell with anyone who calls this cheating. This makes things far more real. In real life the computer does the flying. You just feed it the information. Manual flying is for morons who like to crash and burn. That’s why these systems were created… to keep us alive.

    John Westbrook May 4, 2013
  71. You can only cheat yourself in this game.

    Nigel Stutt May 8, 2013
  72. Ok im having a problem and i know its me. I tried installing this like all the other mods. Putting files in the correct folders and so on. But is this right? in version 1.9.8 there are 10 sub folders under parts. 1 under plugin, and 1 under ships. But in 2.0.7 there is only 1 under parts and 1 under plugin. Do i have to install an earlier version first. The mechjeb radio does not appear anywhere in the game. Thank you in advance

    Alex Wolf May 13, 2013
  73. Alex, this isn’t the Forum. Go there for help requests. This isn’t the most up to date version. Go to http://www.mechjeb.com/ to get the latest version.

    Sean Bohanan May 14, 2013
  74. I know we shouldn’t be putting our problems on here but is this for .19 or .19.1 because it is not working for me and i have asked on the forum with no reply

    tomasz ykema May 18, 2013
  75. This mod has been abandoned.. Someone should make a replacement soon!

    Luis Gil May 23, 2013
  76. OOps, please ignore my previous comment, It was not supposed to be there..

    Luis Gil May 23, 2013
  77. please update this mod :-(

    Lars Kuck May 24, 2013
  78. This mod works with 0.20.0, but no new features. I’ve tried and even gotten to Dres with it! I assure you, on my computer it’s perfectly safe. I’m not sure about others, though.

    Zach Johnson May 26, 2013
  79. Since 0.20 I’ve seen a graphic bug in the “rounded” mechjeb (the one that opens and sparkles) that looks strange, like a glitch… Does it Happens to someone else?

    Daniel Paz May 26, 2013
  80. Yes. Only problem with compadibility.

    Paladin Co. May 26, 2013
  81. When I install this mod along with the Modular Multiwheels pack, most of my parts do not show up in the part menu, does anyone else have this problem?

    Alexei Kharkovsky May 27, 2013
  82. Great Mod. The autopilot feels like cheating but saves a lot of mucking about and you would get you would have a sophisticated guidance system in real life.

    Richard White May 28, 2013
  83. Once placed, but not attached to the space craft I’m unable to pick up up the modules. :(

    Sylvis May 28, 2013
  84. Alfred May 29, 2013
  85. Installed correctly, but no menu, no interface or anything, simply not visible. What am I doing wrong?

    cbo90 June 6, 2013
  86. well just got registered

    my first comment and its got to be the on the best mod I downloaded ,

    its a great mod, but I can`t make it work with the latest version of the game, it works with 2.0 I think it is,, but worth going back to older version as some planes don`t work also with the new version

    this game has one of the most potential I`ve seen for a long time, if they do it right they will bath in $$$$

    Leo Leblanc June 9, 2013
  87. nvm, I reinstall it and it works good now, but testing the px2
    votl plane, but its one that is doesn`t want to fly, shame it would of been nice to land vertical, but that is the plane,

    great mod, not all planes will work with it, testing a bunch of them right now, and it makes life a little easier, this should have been install as part of the game so u would have the option to use it or not

    I find it useful for a lot of flight to other planets, I plan on colonising a few,ty

    Leo Leblanc June 9, 2013
  88. Is it my computer, or is there only a mechjeb radial unit now? Please answer this, someone.

    William Walford June 11, 2013
  89. .20.2 update? Most parts don’t work now.

    Jonathan June 14, 2013
  90. Guys in the .20.2 version there is only one part, so dont worry.

    Stanford Burley June 17, 2013
  91. This conflicts with hyperedit.

    John Wallent June 30, 2013
  92. Great Mod :D easy to use and helpped me to move around space with eases

    Joe Dinsdale July 1, 2013
  93. This is great

    catman July 6, 2013
  94. Love this mod. Best one i have. I so want to send you money right now. Thanks for your hard work. It shows.

    ptreese84 July 22, 2013
  95. Just curious, when do you think the 0.21 build will be complete? cant fly without it!!

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 25, 2013
  96. Nathan Jensen July 25, 2013
  97. Thanks!

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 25, 2013
  98. So why hasn’t this been uploaded to the Mech Jeb front page?

    @Matthew Schoffelmeer – 0.21 MechJeb is already out mate http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/12384-PART-0-20-Anatid-Robotics-MuMech-MechJeb-Autopilot-v2-0-8

    Steve Far July 28, 2013
  99. Hey guys this mod version still works on the latest version, but I recogmend you download the recent one here.


    Tyler Moore July 30, 2013
  100. With The Newest Mechjeb 2.0.9 I be using landing guidance to land on the dark side of the moon in pitch black but when i landing the program thinks i higher than i am and i end up hitting the surface. I Think this is because Mechjeb is taking values from the Attitude (ASL) it should instead take values or use values based Attitude (ture) if it did it would stop my moon lander from crashing in pitch black

    Scott Bisset July 31, 2013
  101. It doesn’t work for me!!!
    I installed it properly and everything, but there are several problems with it.

    1.The modules con only be placed once, ie I cannot put them on one part of the space craft then move them, I would have start a whole new craft! (The premade module in the “load” section cannot be moved either)

    2.The system does not work. Even though I have a module on the ship, and the menus, the mechjab does nothing!. I set it for an orbit of 150000m, and it just goes up, then loses control. At the gravity turn point it shows no effort of trying to turn! The only thing that does work is the Auto-Throttle. The auto-Stages don’t work either.

    Any help/suggestions?

    Matthew July 31, 2013
  102. Download 2.0.9 from the fourm

    Warontrees July 31, 2013
  103. This normally works until now, is the mod unable to be used in the new version of KSP?

    Some options won’t show when you select them E.G Wanting to travel to Duna from the mun orbit, nothing pops up anymore. Yes all installed properly as before.

    lilgit90 August 3, 2013
  104. I downloaded and tried to follow the directions. I can place it on my ships but none of it works. My ascent autopilot just crashes every ship and my smart A.S.S will not even pull up the window. I have version 1.9.8

    Matthew Matranga August 5, 2013
  105. As far as I am aware Mechjeb seems to be broken for Version 0.21.1

    Many features do not open a box the autopilots crash the ships because Smart A.S.S is not working.

    As of August 6th

    Volitian K August 6, 2013
  106. does this work on 0.21.1 ?

    LEONARDO CARNEIRO August 7, 2013
  107. Much safer than Mechjeb 2 currently.

    Ethan Phillips August 8, 2013
  108. Clearly, this version of mechjeb is for .19 only. Don’t. Even bother installing it in any other version. That’s just moronic. There is a .21 mwchjeb in the forums, though. On another note, Y U NO UPDATE, R4MON?!

    Jonathan August 15, 2013
  109. wth is this a scame I dowmloaeded it and its messing around with my rocket and crashing it

    gamer11 August 26, 2013
  110. Where’s the new update?

    Jack Thornton September 5, 2013
  111. Roy September 11, 2013
  112. Roy September 11, 2013
  113. WHY HAVEN’T YOU UPDATED YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Faced River September 15, 2013
  114. Mechjeb2 is not loading. Can someone tell please where the files are supposed to go? I have tried several combinations with no luck.

    Stubby September 30, 2013
  115. I fucking hate the spaceport!!!! GRRRRRR

    chad b October 3, 2013
  116. I used to have fun flying into the ground…. then MechJeb Came!!!!!

    Jebediah Kerman October 5, 2013
  117. Mechjeb is too hard, I don’t understand how to use the interface.

    XxXMechJeb420XxX October 8, 2013
  118. hi. i installed mechjeb but it refuses to let me place any of the parts. anyone have a solution?

    jaredh October 12, 2013
  119. Roy October 23, 2013
  120. Above links to latest MJ…works with .22 KSP but you’ll need 2 installations of the game because you can’t play career with this mod installed. Have fun!!

    Roy October 23, 2013
  121. It’s not showing ascent guidance and stuff for me. Only info windows, no auto stuff.

    Jake Anderson October 23, 2013
  122. Roy.

    That is utterly wrong. MechJeb if you configure it right works perfectly fine for Career.

    VhenRa October 23, 2013
  123. the only thing i use mechjeb for is the ascent guidance but i cant find it anyone know how to make it or fix this?

    hsoden October 24, 2013
  124. Having an issue where I cannot find the Pod version, only the radial. Anyone have advice on this?

    Joshua Davis October 24, 2013
  125. my mechjeb is missing ascent autopilot as well.

    klobasa October 25, 2013
  126. hey again, i figured that mechjebs functions unlock as you progress through tech tree. i noticed that as i was reading the part .cfg file.

    klobasa October 25, 2013
  127. For those having problems using ascent etc I Just found, if you put a ship on the launchpad in sandbox mode with mech jeb attached and open all the windows you want to use. Then come out of sandbox and load your ship in campain mode, magically all the windows will stay open. Just don’t close them down or you will have to start again. Hope this helps :)

    David Rose October 25, 2013
  128. ascent autopilot is enabled after researching “unmanned probes”. however you can modify mechjebs .cfg file so you can use it from the beginning. open it and simply replace all the other advanced technologies needed with the “start” technology – the one you have at the start of career.

    you can also modify mod parts ie. Kethane + KAS parts so you can use them in your career, just assign them a technology in their .cfg file

    klobasa October 26, 2013
  129. Stupidest shit EVER! Set it to land at KSC. It put me on a fucking ESCAPE TRAJECTORY. WTF? The AI is dumber than the ghosts in pacman. FUCKING PACMAN! Ascent kinda worked, but when you want to change any FUCKING thing you have to click more than a 10000000 times. WHY! It could have worked so great, but you guys made it take a fucking dick into its mouth and begin to suck, WHY!

    zypofaeser October 26, 2013
  130. Calm it, calm it. It may not be that accurate (I mean spaceplane landing guidance crashes me into the VAB most of the time) but I is not fully complete, or another solution, stop being lazy and just land yourself!

    Euan White October 26, 2013
  131. It*

    Euan White October 26, 2013
  132. Using this version with .22. Does this cause the game to load insanely slow? The first loading screen where it’s running through your plugins and you can see all the names. Usually this flies through all of them in about 1-2 minutes. Once I load this it can take 10-20 seconds to load a single file. I unload this and it goes right back to normal.

    Mike Jones October 26, 2013
  133. MechJeb 2 (AR202 case) 4 000 000 c

    I unlocked almost all parts from tree, after i put mech jeb after first mission my science points are -2680.

    I am using Kerbal economy mod. 2000 c = 1 science point
    You need make in every mission more than 2000 science points just for meche jeb part.

    In cfg file price is much lower, but in game it is more than 4 000 000

    Tihomir Dubic October 27, 2013
  134. mechjeb is not selectable from the parts list after command module is placed……….

    Damname October 28, 2013
  135. strange. i have that tier unlocked with mechjeb in it but it says in game that it isnt unlocked yet..

    Damname October 28, 2013
  136. Ok can anyone tell me exactly what I have to do so that all the options pop up on the side bar when you equip mechjeb in career mode? All options are not available except ship info and Smart. ASS along with few other ones (many have same issues). One gave a solution that you have to open the mechjeb window in sandbox mode, quit and then start career mode. But that is not a solution to this problem. ANYONE? HELP!!!!

    JebediahKuteman October 28, 2013
  137. ok, nvm. got it.

    JebediahKuteman October 28, 2013
  138. Thank your r4m0n !

    Jérôme Wesley October 30, 2013
  139. Next update, make the mechjeb radio a lot smaller, for probes and landers, because when I launch a tiny probe, the mechjeb radio looks huge and it’s just awkward to place.

    asdfghjkl November 3, 2013
  140. Please make a small mechjeb module

    Emilio November 3, 2013
  141. Just out of curiosity, you’re supposed to be able to see the windows while using stock parts as well as MechJeb parts, right? Because for some reason, the windows aren’t showing up for stock ships; only while using a MechJeb pod, and that’s really inconvenient…is there any way I can change that?

    Stephen Conklin November 8, 2013
  142. i cant get all the windows to show only 5 or 6 are, any help would be greatly appreciated

    notwals November 10, 2013
  143. @Emilio Your best bet is just inserting the 1m Mechjeb modules, or the radial jeb cases. Yhey weigh basically nothing and enable everything you need.

    Jackson Bomar November 16, 2013
  144. Jackson Bomar November 16, 2013
  145. For all whom are strugglingwith the lack of functions at the career mode, i”ve been using it and making scientific missions and every success and unlocked branch from the tech tree, there are more options of mechjeb available. I think developers put science point conditions, and if you think about it, it’s logical, to keep the fun on career mode. First achieve some things all by yourself, like circular orbits, landings at pole and moon and stuff, and then, you can have more functions.

    Ricarlos Hernández November 18, 2013
  146. I have a HUGE problem. I’m using the Rendevous Autopilot and at 60000m from my target, the Mun, the controls lock, i cant control it!
    Did I install wrong?

    tyler burns November 19, 2013
  147. So I am confused… I can’t get it to work. I am in and about to launch and stuff, and I turn on autopilot to go to the Mun. It won’t move… Or anything… It sits there… Using warp time… but that’s it…. Can anyone help?

    Desert Wolf November 20, 2013
  148. MCCrafting November 21, 2013
  149. i fixed my issue, i have to click (control form here and then i have control!

    tyler burns November 24, 2013
  150. I love Mechjeb, I like using the rendezvous and ascent path editor as much as the maneuver editor. The thing is, keeping Mechjeb in KSP starts to fracture it. Mechjeb is a perfect mod but it starts to lag after a long time of use. It may also be because I updated to Windows 8 to 8.1. Please fix this or make it more compatible for Windows 8.1!

    X P November 29, 2013
  151. I’m having trouble with this one and add ons in general; I install the files to the GameData folder and I can see it in the construction menu but it’s grayed out, when I mouse over it says I need something about some R&D entry? What’s going on with this? Thanks! -J

    Jon November 29, 2013
  152. Just thought to check something; they seem to work in sandbox mode, but the previous problem occurs in career mode. Do I need to unlock certain tech to use add ons? Do they just not work in career mode? Naturally I’d like to use them in career mode!

    Jon November 29, 2013
  153. Hmmmmmm…..so, it seems it doesn’t work in career mode or maybe it comes very late. I’m currently at the point ov ion engines and very heavy rocketry and there ist no button for MechJeb. Im’ not totally sure wether it might come at the very end of the tech tree? But then this would be unrealistic, because the very basic things, like orbital flight curve design are…well basic enough that you should get them already very near the beginning.
    Also it claims, that no Module is needed (anymore) for MechJeb functionality but to get the magic button on the right side of the screen I actually hat to use a special MechJeb pod that was only present in the pod list, wehen playing in sandbox mode.
    I’ll play without then :( .

    TheYear2525 November 30, 2013
  154. I meant atmospheric flight curve of course, not orbital. You know, the curve the rocket flies between liftoff and orbit.

    TheYear2525 November 30, 2013
  155. I fixed the problem. Bacically, Mechjeb2 does not support Windows 8.1. You need the battery plugged in every time you use it. Anyone elce with the same problem?

    X P December 1, 2013
  156. WHAT TH F*** IS R&D

    Charles Matheson December 5, 2013
  157. For the people trying to use this after starting a career for a while to get the Mechjeb to work you need to click on flight control on the techtree and click the mechjeb and click research. if u have that already researched it will be free.

    Charles Matheson December 5, 2013
  158. I had mechjeb for an older version of KSP, and loved it, but haven’t played in a while. I got a new PC and wanted to play again but I can’t get mechjeb to work, I feel like I have tried everything in my ability and I’m really frustrated.

    TheBahrbarian December 10, 2013
  159. how do i turn on the mechjeb pod’s AI ?

    starstream December 12, 2013
  160. Very awesome. it able useful for auto control anywhere

    Ari Latino December 14, 2013
  161. kerbal space program has been updated. Will mechjeb be updated to this version?

    Isak Haugen December 17, 2013
  162. ok this doesnt work with new update pleas fix it

    taurus bledsoe December 18, 2013
  163. please could Mechjeb be made to work with the new KSP update

    henry bell December 18, 2013
  164. Yeah, I second the previous two comments. Would love an update for the latest vanilla update. Thanks!

    Jake White December 18, 2013
  165. Please update it for .23!!!

    Christopher Hill December 18, 2013
  166. Not working with .23

    Kriegswolf December 18, 2013
  167. Love this mod but it’s stopped working with latest KSP update. :(

    airhopper December 18, 2013
  168. please fix that program for update 0.23. thank you

    Ari Latino December 18, 2013
  169. please udate for .23!!!!!11

    asdfghjkl December 19, 2013
  170. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/12384-PART-0-22-Anatid-Robotics-MuMech-MechJeb-Autopilot-v2-1?p=854742&viewfull=1#post854742

    Go to the fourm via the link and click the big red “CLICK HERE” Button for the alpha release of the KSP .23 retooled MechJeb2 Plugin. worked for me.

    Please do not contact me for technical help, look at the forums and post there if you have questions.

    RockyNBullwinkle December 20, 2013
  171. Does this version of mechjeb actually do anything? I get a pod and a box that does nothing. No controls, no autopilot, nothing.

    Antaus December 21, 2013
  172. Where’s the 0.23 version?

    TheIdahoGamer December 21, 2013
  173. Seems to be dead in 0.23. Although it’s weird, I had ONE window still appear, but no tab on the right, and couldn’t open any of the others. But that window was quite a useless one, I can’t remember what it was off hand. I closed it, and needless to say couldn’t reopen anything. But it’s still there, loaded, in the background.

    If there were a way to (alt+1, alt+2, etc) pull up windows manually using key bindings MechJeb would need a whole lot less updates as the vast majority seem to be to get the UI back into the game, as I have had many instances of updates where my windows open have still been open in the new update and functioned fine, but once closed were gone for good. Idk, but it’s getting frustrating.

    Squad need to give these guys early access to MJ breaking updates so we can get MJ faster as without it the game is pretty much unplayable; at least not enjoyable.

    pr0metheus December 22, 2013
  174. R4m0n, Thank you for all your hard work. this is an amazing mod that makes the game so much easier to learn. By using this mod it made the game playable but has also taught me a ton about how to fly on my own as well. This mod practically taught me everything about docking just by watching it do it. Now I can do it manually if I have too. So again Thank you very much for all the work both that you have done and in keeping it updated for the game as Squad keeps advancing the Kerbals.

    Chad Chandler December 22, 2013
  175. THANK YOU, finally I have the new version of MECHJEB

    Matteo Serafino December 23, 2013
  176. This mod pushed me to register here :) Really nice, lots of those options must be included in stock KSP, I guess. Though it’s better to learn to do all the stuff manually, it really makes game better.

    Andrey December 24, 2013
  177. Why does this version of Mechjeb not have a docking or rendezvous autopilot?

    Rider523 December 25, 2013
  178. What the hell is this? It’s just a command pod with a big, grotesque eye on it! Where’s a mod that implements MechJeb into the default modules?

    Andy Sammonds December 26, 2013
  179. Andy, you failed.
    This is an AMAZING mod! There are only a few things that could make you think otherwise. Here are a few troubleshooting solutions:
    -you forgot to install the plugin
    -you put the plugin in the wrong folder
    -you thought that the “MechJeb” folder containing the parts was a game data file (it’s not)
    -your version is incomparable
    There is a mod that puts MechJeb in default pods, but it’s currently outdated.

    Phoenix has risen December 27, 2013
  180. I have recently bought a macbook air and i downloaded KSP and i then downloaded mechjeb .23. i definitely am using kip .23 but the kip didn’t come with a plugins folder so i made one for mechjeb, this seemed to work with my old windows laptop, but for some reason i get the mechjeb parts but not the functionality. Please if anyone could help me that would be great and much appreciated! :)

    driftwood11 December 27, 2013
  181. you may want to move mechjeb in the editor from over the staging to somewhere else

    andrew plaid December 31, 2013
  182. the command module is not working .23 however the nose cone does. The radio is not showing up at all in the command list.

    Silentsteel101 December 31, 2013
  183. I need help, I have installed it and I put the folder Mech Jeb in to my Game Data folder as it says and I cant find a button on the right when im playing it

    William Hughes January 5, 2014
  184. Is there any hope for us Mac OS-X users? I installed MechJeb and put one on a ship. That went fine but no control widget appeared to allow me to open the controls.

    Is this pilot error?

    Jeff Eastman January 7, 2014
  185. Figured out why I cant use it, I have to start a new career mode I can use it on the one I currently have. Is there any reason why this happens, it shows up but cant use it.

    However if I start a brand new game I can :(

    William Hughes January 8, 2014
  186. I had to make a Spaceport account just to say thank you and this is great. When I started playing I was wondering what all the fuss was about with MJ especially since my tech tree was minimal. Now that I’m building bigger and going farther I don’t know what I’d do if I had to manually control my ships during ridiculously long burns.

    I mostly use it just for Smart ASS and do everything else myself or at least closely monitor it but this is very powerful once you figure out how to work it. It’s not perfect but it’s a great help especially once “how do I keep my ship pointed in the right direction” gets tedious and starts to take away from the game.

    Duke23 January 8, 2014
  187. r4m0n thank you very much for this great work!

    Belami January 9, 2014
  188. Is it space core which is in the poster?

    cosgenio January 10, 2014
  189. Is working on 0.22?

    Victor Industries January 14, 2014
  190. Hey guys, will there be updates for 0.23, I’m having issues..
    Win 7×64, using the Steam Instal.


    Geoffroy Lesage January 22, 2014
  191. it seems that the version for 0.23 has a lot of issues. i tried everything to make it work but still nothing. i don’t know what to do. i can’t play without it. is there any hope to solve all these problems?

    dim nerantzakis January 29, 2014
  192. Overall Great mod, makes launches, Hoffman transfers, and travelling to other planets a breeze. But the latest patch has a major error with landing, it used to be spot on 2 or so patches ago, but now it fires too late or at wrong times and destroys the rocket almost every time.

    Truehawk January 29, 2014
  193. anyone know how to access plugins like mechjeb in career mode? the parts don’t show up

    jab136 February 2, 2014
  194. Anyone know if this is still supported??? I went to the dev site:


    and it shows regular progress up until Jan. 17, then nothing.

    It would suck if this fell by the wayside.

    I’m noticing the most recent version there has an issue with “limit throttle to terminal velocity” not working. Also, if you bring up a custom window and have it display “terminal velocity” it displays “infinite”, so there’s some problem there.

    Paul Kidwell February 2, 2014
  195. Hi i downloaded this mod but have no idee of using it working it out by myself will be fairly easy but my ksp didnt update and for some reason dont want so i geuse the reason for me not being able to activate the part or whatever is because of the version clash. So wherecan i download the mechjeb version for ksp v. 0.22 plz

    johann nel February 4, 2014
  196. are people forgetting to rate this?
    please go give this a nice full rack of stars.

    ray February 9, 2014
  197. Great mod, makes things a bit easier in KSP. Good work.

    tyler susee February 9, 2014
  198. i love this mod becuase not only does it enable me to do so much more, it isn’t branded as a ‘cheat’ or ‘noob mod’ as one would expect.

    fastfishy2 February 10, 2014
  199. Hi, I am trying to use MJ2 now without success.
    So I made a testcraft, stock parts, infinite fuel.
    The problem starts with orbital inclination. If I say 90 degrees, it starts leaning towards 315 degrees, 9 degrees make it lean towards 87 degrees. So, I had a not so good orbit. So, Mün, rendezvous auto-pilot. After 6 circle of fine tuning and wasting fuel to have a perfect 90 degrees orbit, it was finally heading towards Mün. Then istead of orbiting it at 10 kms, it crashed right into it.
    I have absolutely no idea what’s going on, a little help would be greatly appreciated. (ksp 0.23, MJ2 2.1.1 for ksp 0.23) Thank you.

    Cysta February 15, 2014
  200. How can I set Mecjeb to follow a path that I created?

    Andreas February 18, 2014
  201. how do I get the mechjeb parts to be available in campaign mode? It says I need an entry purchase in R&D, but even after I’ve made several purchases, it’s still unavailable.

    Taylor Parham February 24, 2014
  202. I let this MechJeb launch my rocket to 80 KM orbit, and then instructed it to land the rocket at KSP. It touched down about 30 feet away from the launch pad. Incredibly good add-on. 6/5 would buy again.

    Brandon Waterloo March 2, 2014
  203. Ok so i downloaded and unzipped into the game data folder. I see two new mechjeb items under control its an AR202 but it says part model requires an entry purchase in R&D. I dont see anything in R&D that I can buy to unlock these and I also dont see any where in R&D the Mechjeb command pods. I can see them and see the interface in sandbox mode just fine however. I can make the pods and the mechjeb button appears on the right of screen. Is there something else I need to do to get this to work in career mode? Does it even work in career mode? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    tyraidooi March 9, 2014
  204. amazing

    Kevin Quach March 22, 2014
  205. The autodock on this is worthless, all it does is burn up all of your RCS fuel and sometimes makes the ships ram each other and explode, it has about a 10% success rate

    JHG March 22, 2014
  206. “it has about a 10% success rate” – Not true at all. Mechjeb will do some incredibly stupid stuff sometimes but the docking success rate is more like about 95%, maybe higher IF you do a little work before switching on the autopilot and pay attention to what it’s doing. When MJ is about to puke a docking attempt, it will almost always show signs of an impending malfunction well ahead of any contact.

    Docking is one of the things it does quite well and out of the 100s of times I’ve docked with it never once has it exploded anything, “rammed” the vessels or even appeared as if it was about to and I use this thing to run ships into belly ports and long, narrow B9 cargo holds.

    It will burn up huge amounts of mono if you allow it to but there’s nothing stopping you from closing much of that distance manually and/or turning off the autopilot once the docking axis is established and just allow the ship to coast for a bit. Just because it will sit there blowing mono out of every port on your ship simultaneously doesn’t mean you have to let it happen.

    Mechjeb isn’t perfect but to claim that the docking is worthless and has only a 10% success rate is absurd.

    Anyway, the latest dev build of this mod uses gobs less mono than the version available here and seems to provide an overall smoother docking routine, unfortunately I can’t seem to land a single thing with it and I’m about to replace it with this version.


    D1B March 23, 2014
  207. Brilliant mod, makes the game so much better for those who are tired of routine missions… Really, only first two or three launches of the same vessel are fun. On the 15th you start to hate that particular vessel…

    PMorin March 26, 2014
  208. I just downloaded it and now whenever I launched my rockets, they get up to about 4-5000m, then they spaz out. Im wondering if its because I instlled the mod wrong or something else?

    Zach Jones March 31, 2014
  209. @ Zach: If it’s doing anything at all you probably didn’t install it wrong.

    My guess would be that it has to do with an imbalance of some sort. This happens a lot once you’ve burned enough fuel to throw it off, especially with larger crafts and/or top-heavy designs. MJ often doesn’t seem to even recognize a problematic imbalance either because if you take the stick early enough the ease with which you can usually get it back under control says that MJ wasn’t even trying to correct the situation.

    TAC Fuel Balancer will help immensely if fuel imbalance is the problem, you just have to remember to use it before it’s too late. http://kerbalspaceport.com/?s=TAC&x=53&y=18.

    D1B March 31, 2014
  210. If you have Ferram Aerospace installed that could be what is causing the freakout during launch. From what i’ve seen, launching is the one area that MechJeb and Ferram don’t play well together. (Can’t say how it works with spaceplane stuff.)

    r d April 1, 2014
  211. Am I correct in believing that this no longer functions because of the new update?

    Zachary Nall April 1, 2014
  212. Yes mine is not working either with the ARM update and was working fine before.

    Corey Jarman April 1, 2014
  213. Same, the interface no longer shows up when attached to spacecraft since ARM.

    Austin Sahms April 1, 2014
  214. man i wish mechjeb was updated to .13.5 it dosent work :( man that would make rondavoseing with asteroids a LOT nicer

    dylan wood April 1, 2014
  215. New version compatible with the latest update:



    Ivo Makarenko April 2, 2014
  216. Roy April 2, 2014
  217. Thank youuuuu so fucking much!

    SANTIAGO SACILOTTO April 4, 2014
  218. hmm weird issue have reinstalled it but the ascent guidance is not showing up at all. have dl’d latest version from http://jenkins.mumech.com/job/MechJeb2/

    barry paterson April 5, 2014
  219. No matter what I do, I’m using 23.5, the models are fine but the window won’t appear! Any ideas?

    GTMasterMan April 5, 2014
  220. Allright, got it working. I just had to take the build nr 200 on jenkins server and it worked!

    GTMasterMan April 5, 2014
  221. Yeah the first one wasn’t working but Build 200 is working

    tyler mannon April 5, 2014
  222. docking autopilot doesnt work. it acts like it doesnt know where the dock is.

    shadow250 April 5, 2014
  223. never mind there was a hidden object in its way after removing it works fine, sorry.

    shadow250 April 5, 2014
  224. Anyone else having an issue with throttle control? I have to manually use the throttle which used to be automatic. this is the same for any tab. Ascent Guidance, Rendezvous autopilot, Landing Guidance all have to use manual throttle control. I’m using Build 200. Any ideas?

    Larry Sokolowski April 5, 2014
  225. I downloaded Mechjeb but when I put the file in gamedata the pop up menu on the right of the screen doesn’t appear

    Ben Randall April 6, 2014
  226. Same issue. No side menu since installing
    My last stable version was build 200.

    mentat001 April 6, 2014
  227. I got it! Upgrade Toolbar to 1.7.1 to fix the menu issue. Other plugins may be using an older version.
    Another awesome release by the MechJeb team!

    mentat001 April 7, 2014
  228. not showing DV on 23.5

    Futuramaking April 7, 2014
  229. Upgrading toolbar fixed the problem with the new Mechjeb release. Thanks for the tip!

    Tyler Munro April 7, 2014
  230. Docking autopilot is consistently terrible since .23.5 came out. It wastes tons of mono-propellant and has a nasty habit of causing the craft to buzz by the target vessel completely by several tens of meters. The work around is to get very close manually and to enable the autopilot at a slow rate of speed, typically .25 m/s2 or slower. The days of going off for a sandwich are seemingly behind us. Surely the auto docking logic can be worked on to more better efficiently dock a craft without blowing 80% of mono to do so.

    Also, perhaps a module could be created to target asteroids. No pressure though, its still the best mod and absolutely required IMO.

    Brian Wissinger April 7, 2014
  231. I’m having a problem with the A.S.S. I use it to help aim with my telescope mod. I used to be able to aim with it just fine but now when I try to aim it wobbles all around the target.. anyone know whats wrong?

    Bob Kerman April 9, 2014
  232. Right I need help here
    I have not been able to get mechjeb working with the new update at all
    now I have tried
    updating the tool bar mod = Not working
    Getting the latest mechjeb from Jenkins = Not working
    I have even removed all my mods and uninstalled KSP then reinstalled it then reinstalled Mechjeb on its own = Not working!!!!!!!

    People keep saying they can get theres to work but no mater what I cant!
    I am going mad here what am I doing wrong

    can someone please please please HELP!!!!!!!!

    liam nolan April 12, 2014
  233. I’ve had no such luck either, Liam. I’m hoping for the best, but alas, MechJeb has always been something I use for fun, and not in main missions, so I’ll keep tabs, but since I don’t rely on it, I’m not sweating it too much.

    James Dailey April 12, 2014
  234. First of all I would say that I am really, really satisfied with this mod. I hope it would be part of the official release. Although I would recommend people to learn to do things “manually” to get a better understanding. But with the help of MechJeb, I have been able to make much smaller and more efficient spacecrafts.
    However, it seems there is a bug when you calculate a maneuver in days, rather than hours. I have a feeling that MechJeb has 24 hours in a day, rather than 6 hours. Didn’t discover this until I was starting to explore outside Kerbins influence.

    Johnny Schultheiss April 13, 2014
  235. The ΔV calculation does not work with all the new parts!!!

    James Hao April 16, 2014
  236. Landing module seems to have also been affected as of late, as it constantly has the ‘Reentry Simulation Timing’ out.

    Brian Wissinger April 16, 2014
  237. Why can’t I get delta-V stats?????

    asdfghjkl April 16, 2014

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