MechJeb and RemoteTech for All

[0.21] MechJeb and RemoteTech for All

Adds MechJeb2, RemoteTech, Kerbal Engineer, and Protractor (or any combination) to all command modules and probes. Works for the stock parts and all major add-ons. Fixes RemoteTech flight computer to work in .21 & .22


Updated for: KSP 0.21, RemoteTech, MechJeb 2.0.9, Kerbal Engineer, Protractor 2.4.2
Tested with .22. RT 0.5 not integrated with tech tree and the power consumption from RT module integrated on stock probes will suck the power away until you can get solar panels. I’d remove the RT folder (and the RT integration config in it) if you’re playing the career mode. RT still improves upon sandbox mode immensely. I’m waiting on the new lite version of RT for .22 with tech tree integration to update this to .22 compatible.

Adds MechJeb2, RemoteTech, Kerbal Engineer, and Protractor (or any combination thereof) to all command modules and probes. Uses wildcards for adding MJ2, Eng, and Prot (in the MechJebandRemoteTechforAll.cfg file) so any mod will automatically have them added. Have to use old-school config modification for RT. Updated RemoteTech dll by DBrickShaw to fix flight computer not working in .21.

Modifies stock modules and probes and ones from the following addons:
MechJeb, RemoteTech, KOSMOS, Deep Space Mission Pack, NovaPunch2, B9 Aerospace, Soviet Pack, American Pack, Firespitter***, H.O.M.E***, and CleverBobCat***
*** part.cfg files not yet gone through and leveled or checked for .21 compat. will release soon.
Use “installation.htm” for links to the mods.

Uses ModuleManager by ialdabaoth and wildcard extension by sarbian to dynamically modify the part data and never overwrites the original part.cfg files (except that many of the part.cfg files for the mods have been overhauled by me in this version). No stock cfg files have been altered.

Don’t want the support for one of the three base mods? Just delete those lines in “MechJebandRemoteTechforAll.cfg” . It’s easy. (Or delete the .cfg files in each folder for RemoteTech if removing it).

Known bug: Build Engineer requires root part to have [ModuleCommand]. RemoteTech replaces ModuleCommand with ModuleRemoteTechSPU (otherwise you get duplicate “control from here” and “rename vessel” and extra garbage in part description). Engineer won’t display in the VAB on RemoteTech parts and unmanned probes/vehicles with the RT module added to them. You’re stuck using the delta-V info from MechJeb for those parts. I’ve asked for a fix but hear only crickets.

[rev 07-10-13] Published original MechJeb and RemoteTech for all
[rev 07-11-13] Added support for Deep Space Mission Pack modules
[rev 07-13-13] Added support for CleverBobCat
[rev 07-13-13a] Changed installation.txt to html – much better
[rev 07-16-13] Added Kerbal Engineer and Protractor to all command modules and probes
[rev 07-20-13] Added support for Toggle-able SAS. Added support for KSPX. Overhauled part.cfg files for American and Soviet packs. Old .craft and persistent.sfs files with these parts must be edited to contain the new part name in the config.
[rev 07-27-13] Removed support for Kerbal Engineer and TSAS. Added support for new hex probe in stock probes. Removed support for hex probe from KSPX.
[rev 09-24-13] Added Engineer back in. Switched to wildcard addition of modules. New compatibile part.cfg files for many mods. Boosted mass and electric for Command SPUs. Leveled resource requirements and torques with .21 stock parts.


Detailed instructions included in the archive 1) Download and install your mods 2) Delete the folders for mods you are not using from the GameData folder in this archive 3) Copy the remaining folders to the {KSP}/GameData folder



How to use

When installed correctly, you should see "Attitude control by MechJeb" on all modules & probes, "Remote Control" on all probes and ranges on all antennae, and Protractor icon in the staging screen. Readme file includes a primer on building a com-relay network but leaves out enough so you'll have fun screwing it up a few times to get there. Once COMSATs are in place, I'd use ISA MapSat to map out some planets and moons for future exploration.


23 Comments for “[0.21] MechJeb and RemoteTech for All”

  1. Regarding adding MechJeb2 to all the command modules, probes, and antennae included in RemoteTech:
    The short-range command antenna won’t utilize MechJeb unless you make the following change (or until the author changes it):

    {KSP}\GameData\RemoteTech\Parts\SPUs\RCAntenna\part.cfg must be edited on line 4 to change “RemoteTech RC antenna” to “RemoteTech_RC_antenna”

    If you had prior ship builds using the Remote RC Antenna, remove the antenna and save prior to installing this addon or if you have flights using this part, edit the craft file and replace “RemoteTech RC antenna” with “RemoteTech.RC.antenna” [Note that those are periods in the craft file, not underscores.]

    Oinker Piig July 10, 2013
  2. 07-16-13 Delete any old config files from previous versions. I changed the naming scheme so it makes more sense but the new files won’t overwrite the old ones and you’ll have duplicate configs for the mods.

    Oinker Piig July 16, 2013
  3. Poll:
    Do you want the remote control SPU added to the manned capsules so with the addition of a regular omnidirectional antenna or dish they are part of the comms relay network (a small electric requirement will be added)? Or should they remain as it is and require that they have the SPU (blue ring or baby antenna) attached to become a relay station (requires extra part and weight; electric requirement is by part)?

    Oinker Piig July 18, 2013
  4. From the description it sounds like this includes MechJeb and the other mods. Took me awhile before I realized this is just a compat mod and MechJeb must be downloaded from the forums. You should let others know this and maybe link to the mods this mod is for.

    egreSS July 22, 2013
  5. OMG. i need help fast. ot said when it was loading the game. that it could not download some things. i deleted everything it wanted. and now everything is gone. any solutions.

    rick palmen July 22, 2013
  6. @rick: The “fixes” files remove the spaces from the part names. ModuleManager can’t parse a variable with a space in it. I did this myself and lost the four COMSATs I had up when I changed “RemoteTech RC antenna” to “”RemoteTechRCantenna” and didn’t edit the .sfs file first. The fail-safe, I’m afraid, is a backup of the persistent.sfs file (and you may as well do the ships too). You’re probably new to KSP or you would be backing this file up and keeping the old backups as you build your space program because you’ll eventually screw something up in a flight and save it without noticing or, more commonly, you’ll hit “End Flight” and delete the space station you worked on for three days. Sorry for the inconvenience, Rick. I tried to make it clear that editing the persistent.sfs file was required and stated so in two readme’s in the fixes folders (missed that statement in Soviet Pack) and in the main “installation.htm”.

    @egre: There is a magical file in the archive that answers all your questions. It is mysteriously named “installation.htm” and is the only file in the root of the archive. Because it is .htm instead of .text, I was able to include beautifully formatted links to all the mods this add-on supports.

    Oinker Piig July 22, 2013
  7. @egre: Detailed and accurate installation instructions are also conveniently located under the “Installation” tab on this page.

    Oinker Piig July 22, 2013
  8. Good Morning,

    I want to report 2 bugs I am experiecing in v0.21.1.276 while using MechJeb v2.0.8.

    1) When I was flying my space station, (#183 parts, so not too big) I went to the menu to return to the Space Center. When I click the button it doesn’t do anything. Then a little yellow message pops up at the top of the screen that says, “No Target.”

    2) When I was in the Spaceplane Hanger I selected my ship by clicking on the capsule. When I tried to click again to release it, I was unable to.

    The only mod I have installed is Mechjeb, so I can’t test #1 with it disabled since the station won’t load. Awww… I disabled MechJeb and my game saved killing my station. I tested #2 by disabling mechjeb with a stock ship. Worked fine. It must be Mechjeb that caused the issues.

    Best Regards,
    Daniel Kerpernicus

    Daniel Rage July 26, 2013
  9. I think I may have posted this in the wrong thread. Sorry! You can delete it if I did.

    Daniel Rage July 26, 2013
  10. The Auto Landing feature on mechjeb doesn’t work but that’s no biggie. Great Job!

    Zachary July 27, 2013
  11. Guys, this is not the MechJeb forum ( ). Make sure you’re using version 2.0.9 for KSP .21 compatibility and report any MechJeb problems on that forum. If my little data injection missed applying the MechJeb add-on to a capsule or probe, I want to hear about that.

    Oinker Piig July 28, 2013
  12. sorry but it doesn’t work in .21
    could you check this out?

    dnwo424 July 29, 2013
  13. indeed, here neither. the mechjeb menu doesnt show up….

    rick palmen July 30, 2013
  14. OH. anywone having trouble installing? the owner posted. DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE FORUM. of mechjeb 2. but anyways, 2 words. Supa AMAZING

    rick palmen July 30, 2013
  15. In case it wasn’t made clear, MechJeb 2.0.9 for KSP .21 is available on the MechJeb forum only. The spaceport version is a final version for .19.

    The supported mods and others that I feel improve upon gameplay are listed in the installation.htm with links to their download locations. The MechJeb link points to the forum, not to the Spaceport page.

    Oinker Piig July 30, 2013
  16. You forgot to remove the BuildEngineer modifications in the FASA folder.

    Krush September 17, 2013
  17. Is the modulemanager.dll needed because my computer freaks out and stops the download because it thinks it’s too sketchy.

    Chad Lot-Howton September 17, 2013
  18. I’m having some trouble downloading this. Apart from downloading the modulemanager.dll (because of my comment above) I’ve followed the installation instructions. The instruction seem like setting up any other mods, besides the two fixes, but it just doesn’t seem to work for me. Real bummer. Was really looking forward to not having to use the mechjeb/ protractor parts.

    Chad Lot-Howton September 18, 2013
  19. modulemanager.dll is needed. I never loaded a mm-required.cfg file without it but it would probably barf during load on the mm-specific commands in the .cfg file. Download it and place it in the \GameData folder. Keep only one copy of it in GameData and its subfolders.

    ModuleManager and the mods have links to their download locations in the “installation.htm” file (just a modern version of readme.txt with hyperlinks). The other mods must be installed. This mod must be extracted to desktop or temp location. Delete the folders and .cfg files for mods you don’t have installed that this one supports. Copy what is left into your GameData folder.

    It works nicely. There is one side-effect due Build Engineer requiring ModuleCommand on the root part. I had to leave the ModuleCommand in the RemoteTech parts so Build Engineer would show up. RemoteTech’s module duplicates the ModuleCommand functionality so you get two “Command From Here” and two “Rename Vessel” when you right-click an RT SPU. If you don’t use RemoteTech, you won’t see this behavior.

    The new version I have nearly done but not uploaded, uses wildcards to attach Engineer, Protractor, and MechJeb to all probes/pods (for all mods). All three mods are supported with only a few lines in one .cfg file.

    I’m removing ModuleCommand and replacing it with RemoteTech’s module for RT parts. I’m trying to get a fix made for engineer so it doesn’t require ModuleCommand to work. Currently, it won’t display for RT parts so you’re limited to the Delta-V info from MechJeb.

    I’m unable to use a wildcards for removing ModuleCommand and replacing it with RT’s module because the energy drain for remote control is custom for each probe/pod. Those .cfg files are done old-school style.

    Oinker Piig September 19, 2013
  20. Oh… I forgot to mention that Kerbal Build Engineer is back because there isn’t any other way to get Delta-V info for celestial bodies except Kerbin using MechJeb. How do you build a lander/take-offer for Tylo or Laythe without this data?

    Oinker Piig September 19, 2013
  21. Whenever I try to install this Squad/Spaces/podcockpit/model doesnt load, what should I do?

    Nate September 20, 2013
  22. @Nate,
    “Whenever I try to install this Squad/Spaces/podcockpit/model doesnt load, what should I do?”

    That behavior can occur when you get put over the memory limit. The addition of these modules to the parts increased memory requirements a small bit. If you delete one of your part addons, you’ll reclaim enough memory to use this addon.

    Oinker Piig September 25, 2013
  23. I have just noticed while using MechJeb and Kerbal Engineering System together that they displayed two different values for vessel mass. This was because Mechjeb was adding in the launch clamps while Kerbal Engineering System wasn’t (as it should be).

    neamerjell October 28, 2013
  24. This currently doesn’t seem to work for KSP 0.23 with ModuleManager 1.5 installed.

    Any chance of seeing an updated version for the latest versions of KSP and ModuleManager soon?

    Blake Wondrasch December 19, 2013
  25. Also- MechJeb is now up to 2.1, so that could use updating (at least in the description- it seemed to previously work fine with KSP 0.22, MechJeb 2.1, and ModuleManager 1.3 installed) as well…

    Blake Wondrasch December 19, 2013

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