Lazor Docking Cam

Standalone version of the docking cam that already comes with Lazor System.


Standalone version of the docking cam that already comes with Lazor System. Requires KSP 0.23.5

This plugin will automatically add docking cam to your stock docking ports and will unlock in career mode with the docking ports.

If you later decide to uninstall this plugin, simply delete the plugin and the docking ports will work as they used to.

Pro tips:

Target the docking port you wish to dock with to enable more displays.

Use “Control from here” on the docking port where you have the camera open.

Lazor System:
Robotic Arms Pack:
Lazor Guided Weapons:
Lazor Docking Cam:
Lazor Cam:

Please check my main thread on the KSP official forum. -> HERE


Place the contents of the Romfarer_LazorDockingCam... folder in your KSP root folder. All folders are required to run this plugin. The files included in this package are taken from my Lazor System plugin. Download it here. I try to keep all versions up to date with the latest lazor system build, but if you want to make sure its up to date and bug free, download lazor system.

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How to use

Pro tips: Target the docking port you wish to dock with to enable more displays. Use "Control from here" on the docking port where you have the camera open. The numbers on the docking camera means the following: ωX: Angular velocity of the vessel in the horizontal direction (yaw) ωY: Angular velocity of the vessel in the vertical direction (pitch) ωZ: Angular velocity of the vessel in the roll direction v: Total relative velocity vX: Relative velocity in the horizontal direction (red cross) vY: Relative velocity in the vertical direction (red cross) °X: Angular displacement along the horizon (white cross) °Y: Angular displacement along the vertical (white cross) °Z: Angular displacement, roll (red triangle) d: Distance to target. If locked, distance to target docking port. If not locked, distance to what the stipled cross hits. dX: Distance from stipled cross to target docking port along the horizon. dY: Distance from stipled cross to target docking port along the vertical.


37 Comments for “Lazor Docking Cam”

  1. This is awesome and should be added to the game by the devs!

    Upuaut January 9, 2013
  2. I really hope that they add something like this to the game as well.

    Bonez January 9, 2013
  3. I can’t see the space station in cam

    sooyoung January 10, 2013
  4. sooyoung, please post a screenshot in this thread:

    Romfarer January 10, 2013
  5. Thank you for making a standalone version!

    Thrfoot January 10, 2013
  6. Do i have to ovewrite my Lazor System plugins and plugindata, I have the Lazor System mod too.

    CrayzeeMonkey January 13, 2013
  7. CrayzeeMonkey, the lazor system mod contains everything this stand-alone docking cam has, except the modified docking ports.

    So in essence, if you got lazor, it doesn’t matter if you overwrite or not.

    Romfarer January 13, 2013
  8. The docking port parts are in my parts folder but when I look for the dockinports I can’t find them when running the program. I’m running it on OSX.

    Dan January 13, 2013
  9. Dan, this mod will just replace the stock docking ports. They are in the Utility tab. They look exactly like the stock docking port, except they will have a docking camera in game.

    Romfarer January 13, 2013
  10. This is great, and needs to make it into the official release!

    Khanage January 15, 2013
  11. When I use this, I have the Lazor system installed, the camera turns red and white. I cant post on forum because I was banned for no reason. Please help!

    Nicolas411 January 18, 2013
  12. Nicolas411, you are missing the textures from the PluginData folder.

    Romfarer January 19, 2013
  13. Okay, thanks Rom. I installed your Lazor mod, thinking it would work, and now, when I try to activate it, nothing appears.

    Nicolas411 January 19, 2013
  14. Nicolas411, it definately sounds like something went wrong in the installation. If you are installing this package, just copy everything to the root folder of KSP and replace.

    Romfarer January 19, 2013
  15. If this doesn’t get integrated into official KSP parts, the world is upside down!

    Morgantao January 20, 2013
  16. Morgantao, actually while coding my plugin i have seen some technical things in KSP that may indicate that the world is in fact upside down =p.

    Romfarer January 20, 2013
  17. Hands down, one of the most useful mods ever developed for KSP!

    Jack Wolfe February 14, 2013
  18. Have to say, without doubt that this makes docking really enjoyable… even the tough ones…

    What would make it even better would be for it to flip to reverse view (ie looking from the docking port you are aiming for) every few seconds so you know whether you are coming in crooked or not. It would make an awesome mod PERFECT!

    NeoMorph February 24, 2013
  19. Oh yeah, I meant to ask… can you expand the size of the camera view? The numbers are a bit small in that view on a 1680×1050 screen.

    NeoMorph February 24, 2013
  20. Solid mod. It usually takes me at least 3 tries to dock due to glancing off at various angles. Got it perfect the first try using the docking cam.

    MilesNoctis April 1, 2013
  21. Can’t seem to load game with these. Got 0.19, so that’s probably the problem, but can anyone comfirm this?

    Andrew Lacy April 6, 2013
  22. Works for me on 0.19.1 tho…

    elkar April 15, 2013
  23. Great work Romfarer! Simple and very, very useful. A suggestion for a future update would be lights or some indicator on the docking ports for low-light docking :-)

    badimo May 4, 2013
  24. Is it possible to make the docking cam in color?

    Timothy Bell May 5, 2013
  25. So apparently you need to install Romfarer’s Lazor Systems for this to work, even though the mod description says its a standalone docking cam mod.

    I’d really like this mod if it didn’t require the Lazor Systems mod since I have no interest in that.

    darkshot117 May 8, 2013
  26. Most epic mod ever since MechJeb as for me!

    eugenweissbart May 17, 2013
  27. There is no “Parts” folder in the extracted file, nor anything to overwrite the original docking ports. Is this the way it is supposed to be?

    Kriegswolf May 25, 2013
  28. I just LOVE the plugin. The only part which bothers me like f***ing hell, is the part in which this is not 100% standalone and also contains the millions gigameter loading. Which’s addition eliminates EVERYTHING!

    MmPMSFmM June 4, 2013
  29. @MmPMSFmM: And not one person understands a single thing that you said beyond loving the plugin.
    I understand English might not be your native tongue, but if you’re using Babelfish or Google Translate, might I recommend you get a friend who speaks English to help you out? Otherwise all anybody is going to get from your comment is that you (like myself) love this plugin! :)

    C Mack June 12, 2013
  30. @Kriegswolf:
    There’s a new feature in .20 that allows mods to adapt parts on-the-fly without needing entirely separate parts. In this case, because it’s adding a functionality to existing parts, there are no separate parts actually needed to be installed.
    If you need to pull the camera mod for some reason, you can do it simply by removing the mod folder, and not have to worry about the docking port parts themselves.

    C Mack June 12, 2013
  31. I put off using this mod because the overview used the word, “overwrite”, regarding the stock docking ports. I see now that you’re not overwriting them, but overriding them. All the content is in the new GameData folder and can be removed simply by deleting the Romfarer folder from within.

    Could the modifications to the stock parts be done better with the modulemanager.dll? I have two mods that modify the same stock parts and work swimmingly well together with this method (RemoteTech & Chatterer).

    Oinker Piig June 30, 2013
  32. Most useful mod ever! Should be implemented into standard KSP asap.

    Desperado July 8, 2013
  33. This mod breaks 0.21. Causes stage fires to fire improperly. For example lets say you want to fire a stage using the spacebar to fire multiple rockets or launching struts. Pressing spacebar doesn’t fire all rockets or struts simultaneously within a stage anymore. It fires them individually when this mod is installed. Removal of this mod fixes that. This issue has only appeared since .21 update. Issue not present in .20. This mod needs an update to resolve compatibility issue with .21.

    bignick277 July 25, 2013
  34. Love this mod. However when I loaded it into 0.21 I started getting crashes to the desktop. Checked the error log and it was a out of memory error. Never had this before. Before the game would crash I got all sorts of weird things happening in the program, ending with a crash or lockup. Running a Nvidia GTX670 with 2GB, and Windows 7 i7 with 16GB. I hope they fix this mod as I really love it.

    Shiva45 July 29, 2013
  35. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Romfarer is now working for Squad, so I’m not sure they’ll get the time to update this Mod, but I believe it will look promising for this Feature to end up in the Core Game, I just hope it will be the next Update!

    Aaron Someone July 31, 2013
  36. Now let me get this straight. If I install this mod, I won’t have to do any fancy save file editing for it to actually work, with ships I’ve already got in orbit? Or in other words, to be entirely sure, though having read the comments above; this mod is just “plug-n-play”, right? And same for uninstalling, without destroying existing save files?

    DerKommerSpyd September 16, 2013
  37. This looks like it would help to connect the parts of my large fuel stations in orbit. Thanks!

    Onno October 4, 2013
  38. Doesn’t work in 0.23, please update it! =(

    TumiliuM Space Agency December 19, 2013
  39. is it some how posible to swich the view ( normal, nightvison?)

    druppi December 20, 2013

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