KSP MOD Admin V1.3.11 (Windows Only)

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.11 – A tool to manage the de/installation of mods. It also includes a backup handling for easy savegame backup and recovery, part / craft lister and validation and a Flag manager / importer. With the integrated WebBrowser you can direct downlaod mods from KSP Space Port and they will be added to your mod selection immediately. One more click and the mod is installed.


Forum thread here
German forum thread here

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.11 by Bastian Heinrich – A tool to manage the installation and removal of mods.

OK, no rocket science but it speed up the installation or removal of mods and so you will have more time to do rocket science.
It also let you choose what parts of the mod should be installed.
A backup handling for easy save game backup and recovery, Part and Craft listing/validation and a Flag manager/importer is included too.

– KSP Version independent! (Until they changes mod loading again.)
– Support of ZIP-, RAR- and 7ZIP- mod archives.
– Supports multiple installations of KSP. Change between different KSP installations with two clicks.
– Integrated WebBrowser for direct downloads of mods from KSP SpacePort or Forum with immediately add to the selection.
(Supports *.zip, *.rar, *.7z and *.craft file downloads. (Craft files will be zipped and added to the selection)
– Add mods with drag & drop or via file dialog.
– Auto detects install folder for the mod (the mod will be installed to the GameData folder).
– Easy install destination control (for those cases the destination can’t be auto detected).
– Easy source folder control for the mod archive files (if you move the mods elsewhere).
– Choose what to include, just by hook or unhook parts of a mod.
– Install or remove mods just with one click.
– Scan KSP folder for installed mods (they will be added to the mod selection if they aren’t listed already).
– Zip function for mods where the archive file is missing (the zip will be saved to the ModBrowser download folder).
– Flag import and management.
– Easy save game backup and recovery.
– Auto-backup functionality (see cogwheel on Backup Tab).
– Craft validation (Check your installed crafts for missing parts), craft renaming and vehicle building swapping.
– Category change for parts and part renaming.
– Read text files of a mod by double click the files.
– Update function for the KSP Mod Admin.
– Search for parts or anything else.
– Editable Note column on ModSelection, Backup- and Options-Tab.
– Project code included! (VS2010 Solution – Language: C#)

- This project (KSP Mod Admin) is published under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE license (see http://de.creativecommons.org/was-ist-cc/).
(With this license you are allowed to copy, change and redistribute this work, when
– you name me (write a mail to mackerbal@mactee.de to discuss details)
– the redistribution is non commercial!
– and your redistribution have the same license)
- The SharpCompress.dll (see https://sharpcompress.codeplex.com/) is published under the Ms-PL lisence (see https://sharpcompress.codeplex.com/license).
- The TreeListView control and all classes in the Namespace KSPMODAdmin.Utils.CommonTools
are from the open source project “ListView with Columns” on Code Project. (see http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/23746/TreeView-with-Columns).
This project is published under The Code Project Open License (CPOL – http://www.codeproject.com/info/cpol10.aspx).
I’ve added cell editing and CheckBox support and removed all code i don’t need (for a upcoming Mono (http://mono-project.com/Main_Page) support).
The code i’ve added is marked by “added by BH” and is under the same license (CPOL).

– Windows only
– .Net 4.0 (Web installer included in download or see http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851)

– Install the .Net4.0 framework from Microsoft (only Win7 or lower).
– Just extract/copy the KSP Mod Admin folder from the zip to any location you want.
– Start KSP Mod Admin …

How to use:
Mod Admin general usage:
– Start KSP Mod Admin
– Select a KSP install folder.
– Press the “Add” button or drag and drop a mod (zip, rar or 7z archive) to add a mod to your selection.
Black node -> Zip-File found and destination folder set – mod is ready for installation.
Grey node -> No destination folder detected to install the mod into (choose a destination manually).
Orange node -> This mod has a strange destination hover with mouse over the node to check destination path.
Red node -> Zip-File not found – mod can only be removed.
Green node -> The folder/file or a subfolder/file is installed ready for remove.
– Check destination paths by hovering mouse over the TreeNodes of mod.
If you find a suspicious path right click the node and select a destination manually (see “Choose a new destination for a mod”)
– Unhook parts of the mod you may not want (like ReadMe’s or source folders).
– Press the “All Mods” button to install the hooked items and remove the unhooked ones.
– Icons with the green “+” symbol indicating that this file/folder of the mod is installed.
– To remove a mod just select it and
a) press the “Remove” button (Uninstalls and removes the mod from the selection).
or b) unhook the Mod and press the “Selected Mod” button (Uninstalls the mod).
or c) unhook the Mod and press the “All Mods” button (Uninstalls the mod).

Handle gray colored mods or
Choose a new destination for a mod :
If you have added a mod where the KSP Mod Admin can’t auto detect a folder where the mod should be installed to,
the mod will be displayed in gray. You have to select a source and a destination folder manually.
– Right click the mod and select Destination -> Select new destination
– A dialog will popup to choose a source and a destination folder.
– Select a source folder from the drop down menu.
The selected folder/file will be copied to the destination.
– Select a destination folder from the drop down menu.
The folder where the content of the source folder or the source folder itself should be installed to.
(The destination will be set for all subfolders and files of the source folder)
– Click the OK button and the mod is ready for installation (The node should be displayed black now).

Flags general usage:
– Start KSP Mod Admin and select the “Flags” tab.
– After a refresh (search of all KSP folders) a list of flags will be displayed.
– Press “Import new Flag” to select a *.gif/*.png/*.jpg image to import to KSP as a flag.
The image will be resized to a width of 256px and a height of 160px. (no aspect ratio keeping, for now)
Then it will be copied to the folder “KSP Install/GameData/MyFlags”.
– Press Delete Flag to remove a flag from the disk.

Backup Helper general usage:
– Start KSP Mod Admin and select the “Backup” tab.
– Select a KSP install folder, if not already done.
– Press the “Browse dir” button (…) and select a backup folder (Folder will be saved for this KSP folder).
– Press “New” to select a directory to backup or press “Backup saves folder” to backup the saves folder of KSP.
– To recover a backup select the backup and press “Recover selected Backup”.

– Browse normal to the Mod you want.
– Just click the Download button and wait till download is done.
– After the Download has finished the mod will be added to the Mods Selection.
– Switch tab to “Mods” to change the selection and/or for installation.

Parts Tab:
– Press refresh to clear the list and scan the GameData folder for parts.
– Select a part
– and press “Rename” to rename a part.
– or press “Change category” to change the category of the part.
– The “Remove” button removes the selected part(s).
This deletes the part from the HD and unchecks it in the ModSelection.

Crafts Tab:
– Press refresh to clear the list and scan the GameData/Ships folder for parts and crafts and validate the crafts.
– Select a craft
– and press “Rename” to rename a craft.
– or press “Swap building” to change the start bulding of the part.
– The “Validate” button starts the validation check of all crafts (Red crafts have missing parts).
– The “Remove” button removes the selected craft(s).

– Self-explanatory. I hope =)

Known issues:
- Unknown error “Access to the path …” durring KSP MA config saving.
If you have install KSP into the Program folder of Windows, KSP MA needs admin rights to manipulate (save/change KSP MA config file).
You can move you install dir of KSP to another spot or start KSPMA in admin mode with:
– a right click on the KSPModAdmin.exe and choose “Run as Admin”
or for a permanent change:
– right click the KSPModAdmin.exe
– choose properties
– choose compatibility
– check the “Run as Admin” Checkbox at the bottom.
– press OK.
- Auto path detection fails on some mods.
Workaround -> Choose the destination path manually.
- Responding time of the WebBrowser is horrible =( damn IExplorer control! )
- Folders of mods which create files during usage (like settings- or config-files) wont be deleted.
(This is not a bug -> this is a feature =)
- Sometimes the Anti-Virus software avast! puts the KSPMA into a Sandbox.
I think thats because of the search function for known KSP install paths.
While KSPMA is in the sandbox a new mod install seems to work but its only performed in the sandbox (The mod don’t show up in KSP).
Workaround -> Put KSPMA in the white list of avast.
- Mods that needs to change KSP part.cfg aren’t supported yet.

Special thanks, for bug reports and suggestions, to:
cy-one, Stone Blue, Benzschwagel, TheCardinal, MrHanMan, Meatplow, MorisatoK, Reisu79, Jivaii, hiegova, craigmt1, LeadMagnet, Bergion, shadow651

Change Log:

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.11:
- GUI scaling bug now fixed.
- Open Folder Button in Context-Menu of ModSelection -> opens the selected installed folder if possible.
- Adding of *.craft files via add dialog or drag & drop implemented.

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.10:
- GUI scaling bug “ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Value of ‘-1′ is not valid for ‘LargeChange’” fixed -> Thanks to “shadow651″, “Bergion” and all who helped with the Bug hunt.
- Some design time Bugs fixed.

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.9:
- Bugs during rendering of TreeListView without Visual Styles fixed.
- Backup-/Download-Path, Crafts-/Parts-Tab clear on KSP Path change.

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.8:
- “Options & Part Tab: Convert TreeNode to Node exception” bug fixed.
- “Null Exception on save KSP config, when KSP install path is invalid” bug fixed.
- Loading of app config changed:
Skip invalid KSP install path on load of known KSP paths.

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.7:
- Part parsing redone (support of multiple part declaration in one *.cfg file) -> Thanks to “Jivaii”
- Launch KSP option to start KSP with a border less window (-popupwindow). -> Thanks to “cy-one”
- ModSelection:
– TreeView changed to TreeListView
– Editable version and note column.
– Sorting by Name, AddDate, Version
– Warning on reset/select a destination when node/childes is/are installed.
– “Expand/collapse all nodes” Bug fixed.
– “Mod checked state on KSP MA start or KPS path change” bug fixed. -> Thanks to “cy-one”
- Backup & Options Tab:
– TreeView changed to TreeListView.
– Editable note column added.
- Crafts & Parts Tab:
– TreeView changed to TreeListView.
- TreeListView:
– CheckBox support added
– Cell editing added
– Auto column resize added
– ActionKey handling added
– Sort on column header click added

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.6:
- Broken search function on Mod selection repaired
- Parts Tab:
– Multi select and remove now works.
– Parts will now be sorted by title not name.
– Category filter works again.
– Category numbers will be converted in category name.
– Related crafts are now shown.
– Warning message when removing a part and it is used by a craft
– All part files (*.cfg) are scanned now not only the part files with default name (part.cfg).
- Craft Tab:
– Multi select and remove now works.
– Craft parts now show title not name.
– Craft parts are sorted now.
– Required Mods are shown in the Info part of a craft.
– Parts are listed just once with count of this part.
– Remove of a craft removes relation on part tab (Bug fixed).
– Refresh causes a refresh of parts too.

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.5:
- Show ALL the archive types (.zip, .7z and .rar) in “add mod” folder dialog. -> Thanks to “Stone Blue”
- “Multiple text dialogs on double click on a part.cfg” bug fixed. -> Thanks to “Stone Blue”
- “Shows wrong part.cfg on double click” bug fixed.
- VAB and SPH add to destination drop down in “Destination Selection” dialog.
- Threading Bug in Parts Tab fixed.
- Title of Parts are shown now not the name (Title & Name added as sub nodes to the part node)
- Rearrange of sub nodes on part tab.

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.4:
- KSP Forum is browsable now. -> Thanks to “cy-one” for the ass kick =)
- Downloads from other sides than Spaceport is now supported.
- Open Downloads folder button added to Options & ModBrowser. -> Thanks to “Benzschwagel”
- Parts & Crafts tab added (Support of renaming, part category changing, craft validating and vehicle building changing).
- Craft installation improved (now all crafts should be placed in the KSP_InstallPath/Ships/ VAB or SPH folders).
- Handling of known KSP paths moved to Options tab, to simplify the Welcome view.
- Mouse thumb buttons mapped to for/backward browsing.

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.3:
- Prerelease of v1.3.4

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.2:
- Zip creation for all installed mods.
- “Auto path detection” Bug fixed (no more additional root folders).
- “Not deleted mod folder(s)” Bug fixed.

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.1:
- 7zip & rar support implemented
- Sort for the mod selection implemented (see ContextMenu)
- Ships will be installed to “KSP_Install\Ships”, only there ships will be loaded from KSP.
The type of the ship will be auto detected.
- Automated deletion of older KSPMA config files (“c:\ProgramData\KSPModAdmin\KSPModAdmin\vx.x.x.x\KSPModAdmin.cfg”).
- Mod Selection performance increased
- “Read Zip Structure” Bug fixed -> Thanks to “MorisatoK” & “cy-one”
- Flag import works again -> Thanks to “Reisu79″
- Renew checked state bug fixed (Gamedata folder got checked even if no child was installed).
- Flag list don’t clears on KSP Path change – fixed

KSP Mod Admin v1.3.0:
- Scan function for installed mods in the GameData folder.
- Zip function for installed mods where the zip file is missing.
- Display of KSP install folder search dialog on startup if KSP install path is empty.
- Auto backup functions (see cogwheel on backup tab).
- Better support of multiple installations of KSP.
- Update message.
- Key support (del / backspace -> removes mods, backups or KSP paths.)
- ProgressBar MaxValue Bug (during navigation) fixed.
- “Position problem when KSPMA was closed when minimized” Bug fixed. -> Thanks to “Meatplow” & “cy-one”
- “Processing of multiple selected mods” bug fixed. -> Thanks to “cy-one”
- Recycling bin excluded from KSP install path search -> Thanks to “cy-one”
- “Drag & Drop of KSP Install folders” bug fixed -> Thanks to “cy-one”

KSP Mod Admin v1.2.6:
- “Mod selection doesn’t clear after KSP install path change” bug fixed. -> Thanks to “cy-one”

KSP Mod Admin v1.2.5:
Sorry for the last 2 buggy versions. The impact of code refactoring was quiet heavy =(
But the good news is -> refactoring is done and this version is stabil again.
- Another “loading of older configs” bug fixed.
- Crash during destination selection fixed. -> Thanks to “MrHanMan” & “TheCardinal”!
- Select destination dialog – filter settings changed when selected node is a file.
- AutoCheck of nodes that don’t have a destination – fixed.
- Direct download now works again.
- Backup path selection works again.
- Recover of free chosen paths to backup works again.

KSP Mod Admin v1.2.4:
- Loading of older configs bug (v1.2.3 only) fixed.

KSP Mod Admin v1.2.3:
- Resize bug (crash) fixed. -> Thanks to Dave!

KSP Mod Admin v1.2.2:
- Support of direct download of *.craft files.
Choose where to install the craft to (VAB/SPH).
A ziped version of the craft will be added to the download dir and to the mod selection tree.
- Delete a mod flag will remove the file from install path and unchecks the appropriate TreeNode in the mod selection tree.
- Multi select in mod TreeView implemented.
- ToolTips added.
- Website loading progress display added (as long as no download is running otherwise the download progress will be shown).
- Free folder selection in destination selection dialog implemented (Some mod zip file are not packed in the recommended structure).
- Saving of Window position should work fine now.
- Maximized on startup bug fixed.
- TreeView CheckBox double click bug fixed.
- No deleting of empty folder bug fixed.
- “Deleting flag” bug fixed.
- Refactoring / removing kerbalish code.

KSP Mod Admin v1.2.1:
- Saving of download path bug fixed.
- Download of non *.Zip file will show a MessageBox. (*.craft support comes with next version).

KSP Mod Admin v1.2.0:
- ModBrowser with direct download and adding implemented.
- Launch button text changed =) -> Special thanks to “TheCardinal” =).
- Rename problem of installed nodes fixed (simple fix).
- “Flag import” bug fixed
- “Remove Mod” bug fixed
- “Check for Updates on startup” flag bug fixed.

KSP Mod Admin v1.1.1:
- Delete flags bug fixed

KSP Mod Admin v1.1.0:
- Flag import and management.
- Reading and interpreting of zip files improved.
- Default install folder changed to GameData.
- Backup creation improved.
- Destination selection for every folder/file of a mod.
- Source folder selection, if mod Zip-File folder changes.
- Threading added for some time consuming tasks.
- Progress bar added.
- Node search added.
- Renaming of mod Zip-Nodes.
- Mod nodes colorization for better recognizability of the install state.
- Update functionality for the KSP Mod Admin.
- Searching for older config files when no current version found.
- Crash safety increased ;)


see Overview.

How to use

see Overview.


44 Comments for “KSP MOD Admin V1.3.11 (Windows Only)”

  1. I miss my newlines?

    Bastian Heinrich July 3, 2013
  2. Work?

    Max July 4, 2013
  3. Yes im at work right now =)

    Bastian Heinrich July 4, 2013
  4. Hey just a fyi, might want to make a mention that if you’re using windows 8 (and I think maybe 7) it comes with Net 4.0 preloaded :)
    I love this program btw TYVM!!!!

    chad b July 12, 2013
  5. Thats not completely right. Win8 came with .net 4.5. and Win7 normaly has 3.5 installed. But on Win8 you dont have to install 4.0 i think. I’ll test it and change the install infos then.
    Thanks! =)

    Bastian Heinrich July 13, 2013
  6. Brilliant piece of software !

    I recommend a “clean unzip” of your KSP_win directory. Then only install or un-install via this “KSP Mod Admin” window. (Do not directly install a mod/add-on to your KSP_win game folder directly.)

    KSP Mod Admin keeps a configuration file … so when you close, then open at a later time … it will remember the mods you have installed.

    You can install one mod at a time, or a group of mods.
    You can easily un-install one mod or everything back to your “vanilla” (un-modded) KSP state if you want to.

    Just a great way to keep all these mods/ add-ons organized.

    5 out 5 stars from me !

    John Kimberley July 26, 2013
  7. Thank you!

    Yes for now its recomended to start with a vanilla KSP installation,
    but in the next version (1.3.0) there will be a scan button that searches the GameData directory for installed mods.

    Bastian Heinrich July 27, 2013
  8. Oh god this is what I needed! Thank you thank you thank you!

    peeonyou August 5, 2013
  9. y is all my part gone even the bacegame parts?

    state1212 August 6, 2013
  10. @state1212:
    Wait i’ll get my crystal ball …
    Joking aside, if i should help you i need more information,
    like what did you do, which versions are in use. when does this happen. Maybe some screenshoots will help too.

    Bastian Heinrich August 6, 2013
  11. It doesn’t seem to load all of the mods i ask it to. specifically the ‘Kethane’ mod.

    TheThingKing August 6, 2013
  12. @TheThingKing
    When i use KSP MA 1.3.0 KSP 0.21.1 and Kethane 0.7.5 all works well for me. It would help if you could you action with more details (like which versions are in use, what did you do exactly, …)

    Bastian Heinrich August 7, 2013
  13. i meen:
    It would help if you could discripe your actions with more details

    Bastian Heinrich August 7, 2013
  14. I’m using .21 i just realized i neglected to start with a clean ksp folder so that could have been it.

    TheThingKing August 8, 2013
  15. Sorry for the 10 downloaders who already got the KSP MA 1.3.1, i discovered a small bug and erased it already but those who downloaded the version befor 18:35 (GMT+1) and where the welcom screen don’t shows up right. Redownload the KSPMA zip.

    Bastian Heinrich August 9, 2013
  16. This keeps crashing on me. I open it, then it closes. And it says something about compression. I am using winRar but it never affected it in the past

    Nicholas Sutherland August 9, 2013
  17. @Nicolas: Did you copy both files (KSPModAdmin.exe & SharpCompress.dll)? or is it a unzip problem? If its a Zip problem, try the forum download (The link is in the Overview).

    Bastian Heinrich August 10, 2013
  18. @Nicolas: Did you install the .Net 4.0 Framework.

    Bastian Heinrich August 10, 2013
  19. Thank you very much!

    STomHUN August 15, 2013
  20. Doesn’t run correctly with part catalog 2.0. Seems like mod doesn’t exist in game. But everything is cool if you patch with mod admin and run ksp.exe directly

    Chaos_Legion August 16, 2013
  21. @Chaos_Legion:
    I installed PartCatalog 2.0 with KSP Mod Admin 1.3.2 in KSP 0.21.1 and it works without any problems. Could you disctribe the problem in more detail please.

    Bastian Heinrich August 16, 2013
  22. 1 add mod part catalog and check it
    2 press “all mods” button
    3 press “launch kerbal space program” button
    4 go to space yard
    5 no part catalog
    6 exit game
    7 launch ksp.exe directly from install folder
    8 go to space yard
    9 part catalog works now!!

    Chaos_Legion August 16, 2013
  23. P.S. just figured out that it works fine as long as you keep admin manager in the same dir as ksp.exe

    Chaos_Legion August 16, 2013
  24. @Chaos_Legion:
    Thanks for the details! =)
    hmm …i’ve tried my best to reproduce this behavior but till now without any success =(. I used several old KSP installation a complete new one and my KSPMA isn’t in the same folder as KSP.exe, but after installation of PartCatalog 2.0 every thing works fine (with or without using the launch button) .. I’ll give it some more tries in the evening. Could you reproduce this behavior?

    Bastian Heinrich August 17, 2013
  25. funny enough its 100 % reproducable on my pc. Well, never mind i solved it my way )))

    final details:
    ksp inst folder: F:\Kerbal Space Program

    adminmod folder: F:\

    Chaos_Legion August 17, 2013
  26. You should be able to port this to use Mono. There are sometimes .NET only routines that prevent this. I could take a look.

    Ruedii September 6, 2013
  27. Its a interesting suggestion! But i don’t know if i get the permission to convert the SharpCompress.dll. The conflicts that shown by the Mono Analyzer are quite few, but im still sceptical. I think i’ll get tons of bug reports ;)

    Bastian Heinrich September 6, 2013
  28. Thanks for 10k downloads!

    Bastian Heinrich September 28, 2013
  29. If someone with a MAC would work with you,then i will download this.This app has just so many uses so….A MAC version would be awesome!

    Champion Aerospace October 8, 2013
  30. Iam thinking about the Mono .Net framework, which will provide support for linux and ios, but i have to redo the complete GUI. Don’t expect this too early =(.

    Bastian Heinrich October 8, 2013
  31. This is a MUST have thanks great program. I did not need to install the .Net files with a clean windows 7 install

    Brad Bombardiere October 9, 2013
  32. ok, thanks for the info!

    Bastian Heinrich October 9, 2013
  33. @Bastian: Finally you made it here? Maybe you can test an automatic update option for mods! ;)

    Christoph Thißen October 10, 2013
  34. Hi Christoph,
    I have discussed the Mod Update function in the german and eniglish forum. Till now there is no easy way to track versions of released mods without a permanently updated database. I don’t have the time and money to organize a comunity driven (updated) database. May be its possible to Squad to make some changes on KSP Space Port, so that we can track the mod versions there and make requests for a mod version without loading the complete site of a mod.

    Bastian Heinrich October 11, 2013
  35. I know we already talked about that before…
    Squad will have to improve the Space Port soon…

    Christoph Thißen October 11, 2013
  36. If I try to add a mod it gives me a window saying “Could not load file or assembly ‘SharpCompress, Version=, … Error” and the mod is not added. I’m using the latest version and a clean installation of KSP. Any ideas?

    Patrick Delaney-Pao October 14, 2013
  37. It sounds like you haven’t copyied/extracted the SharpCompress.dll from the archive. This file must be in the same folder as KSPModAdmin.exe (This library is needed to de/compress archive files).

    Bastian Heinrich October 15, 2013
  38. Ok, I’ve just downloaded uploads-2013-10-KSPModAdmin-v1.3.9. I already have the dotNetFx40 thing. So I go to 1.3.9, then KSPModAdmin. I see KSPMODAdmin.exe and Sharpcompress.dll. What do you mean by extracting the SharpCompress.dll from the archive though?

    Patrick Delaney-Pao October 15, 2013
  39. How is this a Solid Booster? Or any of these things – Command & Control, Connector, Crafts, Decals, Decoupler, Fuel Tank, Landing Gear, Liquid Engine, Parachute, Propulsion, RCS, SAS, Space Plane Hangar (SPH), Structural & Aerodynamic, Utility & Scientific, Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), Wing – ?

    MakiMaki November 15, 2013
  40. @Patrick:
    You are right, this is not a part, but it manages the parts and i that way it is related to it ;) . If you have any problems with that, i will change it only for you =)

    Bastian Heinrich November 19, 2013
  41. Great software, lots of effort put in to build it. Easy to use. Multinational. Simply awesome :D

    5/5 Great job!

    Vitalij Kornijenko December 17, 2013
  42. I really do like this application. Makes life easier. My only complaint so far is that this (along with many other mods) tend to stuff themselves under every category under the sun. It makes finding things a pain :|

    John Banks December 20, 2013
  43. Hi John,
    wich category(s) fits to this app?

    Bastian Heinrich December 21, 2013
  44. Great mod, Love it :D

    David_DK1 December 30, 2013
  45. I Am use Steam so on main screen i click c and it did not do anything
    win 7 64 bit version kspmodadmin 1.3.11 any idea?

    Beau Thompson April 14, 2014

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