Kosmos Space Station Parts Pack [0.21+]

[0.21+] The Kosmos Space Station Parts Pack is back, with higher-quality modules, better balance, and near-unlimited versitility and usefulness. Included is the VA capsule, TKS utility craft, Salyut station modules, Balka truss pieces, APAS-69 docking rings, RD-33NK and RD-0146 engines, and a few odds and ends to help boost any space program to new heights.


Kosmos and its derivatives are the property of Kosmos Team and may not be distributed without verified written permission from both CardboardBoxProcessor and Normak. If permission is granted to redistribute, please bundle this readme with any unmodified Kosmos parts. Modified Kosmos parts will not be supported by Kosmos Team. All Rights Reserved

Kosmos Spacecraft Design Bureau has been designing parts for Kerbal Space Program since January of 2012. After more than a year of continuous refinement, the current iteration of the Space Station Parts Pack, one of KSP’s oldest and most downloaded user-made contents, features a wide range of parts for highly-technical flights in need of rugged and reliable equipment.

The VA Capsule is the heart of the pack. Designed to carry three Kerbals, the VA is a multipurpose vehicle that can easily be expanded into numerous configurations, and comes equipped with built-in RCS, navigation, and retro rockets in a detatchable nose section. Now also packaged with a matching escape tower, the VA is one of the safest and most tested vehicles available.

The TKS, a science and utility expansion of the VA, is a large, pressurized cabin with custom solar panels and RCS tanks that connects to the VA through the capsule’s secondary hatch (located at the bottom of the craft.) This version of the vehicle has reverse-faced “rendezvous engines” that are useful not only for propelling the crew towards docking targets, but also for pushing docked spacecraft to adjusted orbits. In layman’s terms, this means the TKS is ideal for assembling space stations.

Kosmos Parts are entirely modular, and can be connected using the included APAS-69 docking ring. These androgenous rings can be mounted on most types of spacecraft, regardless of whether they are Kosmos-designed or not, or whether they carry crew or not. Also included is a six-faced “node” to which many docking rings can be attached to allow for large, Mir-style space stations.

Kosmos Team has committed itself to fielding better-quality parts than in previous editions. For example, the Balka truss series has replaced the obsolete Expedition truss series. New features to Balka include packed-in RCS tanks and purpose-built ISS-style giant solar panels. Thanks to the new hex-shape, Balka is more versitile than previous offerings, allowing users to design rigid structures in more shapes than what was possible in the past.

The Salyut modules make up the bulk of the current series of station parts. These accomplished pieces of space infrastructure allow for long-term or even permanently-crewed flights in space, thanks to unique solar panels, packed-in RCS engines, and seperate body-sections and tapers.

The newest additions to the pack- the RD-33NK and RD-0146, are rocket engines designed for maximum performance. The former is a compact engine that offers extreme thrust and fuel efficiency for heavy-lift vehicles, while the latter is a fuel-sipping upper-stage engine with an extending nozzel, helping to decrease the overall length of the rocket (and thus increase stability.)

Please leave only comments in the comments section. I get no notification as to when there is a comment here on KSPSP nor do i check daily, weekly, or monthly. So Please direct all questions to the provided Forum link. Thanks!. sorry!


Not enough memory? Older Computer? parents won’t by you more RAMS? Patch with Kosmos lite, A Texture Quarter reductioning Patch


Added RD-58SS engine. That is all. :D

changed many textures to .tga for user to resize at their disgression for memory limitations
added several new small parts
added URM 1.25 meter parts package
now includes procedural fairings with matching Kosmos texture (thanks E-dog)

Updated included firespitter plugin
changed RD-210 to RD-275K
Added mod matching Strut Connector (looks good too)
Changed some textures to .tgas for personal resizing and compression.

added RD-0146 and RD-33NK engines
Added a mending to ISS Style Solar arrays. (Finally. Thanks Sumghai!)
Special Thanks to FireSpitter Plugin for RD-0146 engine Emissives
Refer to this link for Firespitter Updates

Removed the last of the original KOSMOS models. the obsolete and ancient VA ASAS module. Now integrated into various parts.
Added Battery, ASAS, and Reaction Wheel modules to various parts.

changed folder arrangement to comply with new stock game methodology.
added some silly flags. (just edited CCCP propaganda. I cannot read it. sorry if it is bad stuff on accident)

added smaller Smaller Panel like the Attached Salyut panels

All reasonable pressurized modules now have crew Manifest support for non-EVA crew transfers.
Use this plugin for this to work. http://kerbalspaceport.com/18-1-kerbal-crew-manifest/
VA Capsule now supports built in Mechjeb 2 plugin
VA Capsule texture and UV Mapping redo to make it alittle more crisp and looked more rounded.
VA Capsule glows a bit brighter for reentry but effects are still missing for some reason :/
Added single TKS style RCS tank.
Added Ladderless VA Lockdown for sleeker looking parts.

added some truss pieces.

overhauled ISS style panels texture to look a lot better than before
added singular iss style panel that side attaches as per requests.

R2: fixed APAS-69 not docking to stock rings.

Added an ISS style panel to scale with the russian modules on the ISS.
Fixed the small ASAS form not keeping rotation positions.

Now includes:
Radial Kosmos Common Berthing Mechanism attachment points
The Pravilo, an autonomous unmanned control Device and ASAS Control System
The KOSMOS Inspire, a save file with various station and spacecraft configuration examples in flight for your viewing pleasure.
Several Included prebuilt .crafts for your using pleasure.
The whole Salyut set which offers tons of possible combinations for stations for endless amounts of aesthetically pleasing space ships.


Installation instructions are provided in the readme file.

How to use

In-depth instructions coming soon. Pre-assembled TKS craft provided.


118 Comments for “Kosmos Space Station Parts Pack [0.21+]”

  1. So glad this is updated early.

    M@ December 1, 2012
  2. so… for 0.18?

    Max December 1, 2012
  3. Not working for my game.

    Will December 1, 2012
  4. Just so you know, this is NOT THE MOD. It is a text file with a mediafire link.

    El Triple' Cruz December 1, 2012
  5. Are the solarpanel working now?

    Herioc December 1, 2012
  6. Yep, 0.18. Its out :P

    TD December 1, 2012
  7. It have an Interior?

    MrrPamplempousse December 1, 2012
  8. The command ring doesn’t fit to the bottom of the capsule for me =x.

    Barman December 1, 2012
  9. seems to be empty, only has a readme.txt file in it.

    ManaaniWanderer December 1, 2012
  10. What is this? I downloaded it and there is only a picture and a readme in it?? Seems to be a problam with the file size cap? Can´t you tell us in the description before downloading?

    Upuaut December 2, 2012
  11. Do you have a rocket project, which is to orbit? If so, share it.

    Carbon December 2, 2012
  12. If you are uploading it in anything, but .zip, it won’t work.

    Miles December 3, 2012
  13. Working very well. Look forward to more from you guys. :)

    Spewson December 3, 2012
  14. The link in the readme is dead.

    M129K December 3, 2012
  15. I took the stock example and put it in orbit. When I came back down and the VA Triple Parachute deployed, it lasted about a second and then broke away.

    Infrared December 8, 2012
  16. Thank´s for this great mod

    Israel December 10, 2012
  17. The APAS69 docking ring does not work. It doesn’t automatically dock to other docking rings of the same type:(

    Soviet Borris December 29, 2012
  18. tested

    bobby December 30, 2012
  19. |

    Sunnynyy January 9, 2013
  20. Where does the interior folder go? readme says nothing on install

    Tom January 12, 2013
  21. make a download of one wher it is fully asembeld i cant put it together so make 1 wher it is complete

    Raami January 12, 2013
  22. Tom, the Interior folder goes where KSP’s “Interior” folder is.

    Raami, incase you didn’t notice, THERE IS ONE! THERE IS A WHOLE SAVE FULL OF THEM!

    11JRidding January 12, 2013
  23. This is one of my absolute favorite addons. It is a must have for every kerbal engineer.
    The new Salute parts are great as well. Building new space stations without those parts is now unthinkable for me :)

    Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

    donyfreaky January 12, 2013
  24. Question- is it possible to add ‘crewtank’ style capacity to any of these parts? I’d like to be able to, well, store kerbals in them. XD

    Tassyr January 14, 2013
  25. You are my God King ! !
    Thank you for this, it is amazing.

    Sleepsinabagonhiswall January 17, 2013
  26. wich file is the fully asembeld 1 in orbit? the

    persistent.sfs or the


    starstream January 30, 2013
  27. Great detail in those parts! The RCS placement in craft files however are horrible, completely disregarding the COM making for some worst docking experience ever.

    Astronomer January 30, 2013
  28. @ starstream Quicksave.sfs is useless. You can delete it. Its just for quicksaving. Persistantce file is what you want.

    The_Destroyer February 6, 2013
  29. i want to get a file with it fully assembeld i cant dock and i hate it

    starstream February 7, 2013
  30. on the Kosmos_Balka_PanelBlock1 is there anyway to set the .cfg file to keep the solar panels open, like others i.e. when i deploy them leave then come back to it they retracted close its a bit of a pain when you have no power do to them being closed

    please let me know on the forum thanks

    kerbonaut molly February 9, 2013
  31. question why is the nuke engine labeled as a mumechengine ?

    george gouyer February 18, 2013
  32. I just cant get the APAS69 Docking Ports to work.

    Tried for hours yesterday with my Spacestation, they just bump together and dont connect.

    Any advice ?

    Abyss February 20, 2013
  33. same here. cant get em connected.
    btw: whats the deal with those fins?

    Eric March 3, 2013
  34. great mod

    George Smola March 4, 2013
  35. What the hell? your mod does not work completely, I open the solar panels save and get out of the game but when I run the game again, the panel closed. ispravte this ashibku please. ps note that the panel is closed, they are active in the menu.

    Krasov Sergey March 10, 2013
  36. What the hell? your mod does not work completely, I open the solar panels save and get out of the game but when I run the game again, the panel closed. Please fix this bug. ps note that the panel is closed, they are active in the menu.

    Krasov Sergey March 10, 2013
  37. lol iv asked this question last month i dont think he cares be careful with them solar panels them will go boom!! i lost a lot of sats now i do not use any of these parts i had to do a mass recall on all my Sats, was not very happy

    kerbonaut molly March 11, 2013
  38. how do i get it in space cuz hell it aint flying there i spent a week trying

    russ r March 16, 2013
  39. Russ r, you need to fly it up in sections and Construct it in Orbit.

    Aaron Someone March 18, 2013
  40. update it for 19.1

    Jachu2530 March 22, 2013
  41. The readme does NOT provide instructions

    Nope Nope March 29, 2013
  42. То за черт панели раскрою выйду из игры как вернусь в свое сохранения так панели закрыты исправьте эту проблему!!!

    What the hell panel will reveal how I get out of the game back to its preservation as the panel closed fix this problem!

    Krasov Sergey March 31, 2013
  43. What the hell? your mod does not work completely, I open the solar panels save and get out of the game but when I run the game again, the panel closed. Please fix this bug. ps note that the panel is closed, they are active in the menu.??????

    Krasov Sergey March 31, 2013
  44. your mod does not work completely, I open the solar panels save and get out of the game but when I run the game again, the panel closed. Please fix this bug. ps note that the panel is closed, they are active in the menu.??????

    Krasov Sergey March 31, 2013
  45. If you’re referring to the dual Balka Solar Wing part, the game can only run one animation at a time, and when a scene is loaded it restarts all the animations, so the panels end up looking like they are closed because the third animation aborts the other two that stretch the panels out. I don’t believe there is anything the author can do about this issue until or unless the game begins to support multiple simultaneous animations.

    Yancarlo Ramsey April 1, 2013
  46. Yancarlo Ramsey///// нет дело в том что я включаю их по очереди. одну анимацию запустил она отработала до конца за тем вторую анимацию запускаю и так же третью что бы не было конфликтов а то если сразу их включать одна останавливает другую и начинается конфликт! А проблема в том что я открою их и выйду с игры а когда вернусь к своей станции панели закрыты!!! почему так ???? p.s в меню они включены а сами закрыты!!!!

    No matter is that I include them in turn. one animation started it worked until the end of the second order for the animation start and just the third that there was no conflict and that if you just turn them on one stops and the other begins the conflict! And the problem is that I’ll let them go out of the game and when I get back to my station panels are closed! Why is that?? ps they are included in the menu and themselves shut!!

    Krasov Sergey April 2, 2013
  47. the panels have 2 points that they move around to catch the sun, so thats 2 animations at once which the game cannot handle. the author can’t do anything to fix it.

    George Smola April 7, 2013
  48. все понял спасибо за помощь, жаль что не может автор исправить панели супер.

    Krasov Sergey April 7, 2013
  49. Just a thought for the dual solar wing part. The problem is multiple animations on a single part, so is there a way to do away with choosing one panel or the other and just have everything go at once? I have no idea if this can be done or not but I’d really love to be able to use that part and at the moment its unusable. Alternately, could you make a separate rotating part that aligns with the sun, and then you attach the single panels to that?

    Real Plastic Tree April 7, 2013
  50. Я тоже очень расстроился, что этот мод ни как не исправить,. может как то по другому его можно создать??? или действительно, просто отдельно вращательную деталь создать и панели как стандартные Gigantor XL Solar Array и прикрепить их параллельно и все???? или опять не получиться???

    Krasov Sergey April 8, 2013
  51. Пожалуйста автор создайте ваши панели только раздельно как Gigantor XL Solar Array, но при этом надо еще создать вращательный механизм, и мы на это механизм ваши панели прикрепим параллельно. и я думаю что проблема будит решена!!!

    Krasov Sergey April 8, 2013
  52. Does anyone have any ideas on getting stuff into space like the salyut ISS solar panels? Plz help!!!!

    Andres Aviles April 16, 2013
  53. Looking forward to the instruction manual for this mod. Thanks! :D

    CanadianRocketSurgeon April 20, 2013
  54. Is there a bug with the solar wings block or something cause sometimes it will say its extended but it still looks like its in block form. Plz help.

    Andres Aviles April 21, 2013
  55. Hi,

    I am also having a problem with the docking port. Can you tell me how it works? I put 2 of them on my station, but I cant make it a target, nor can I dock to it.


    Dave Pecoraro April 23, 2013
  56. How to dock with the APAS 69?!

    3dmaxon@gmail.com April 26, 2013
  57. The mod is pretty and all, but the APAS-69 docking ports are buggy pieces of shit. Please, fix them.

    EksCelle April 26, 2013
  58. I registered simply to comment on this thread. I have done some testing with the APAS-69 docking port and I can confirm that it DOES work as intended. Make sure that one docking port is upright and the other is “inverted” so that the two triangles interlock. That is all I can say. KSP 0.19.1, and working fine, with multiple addons and mods installed, including Mechjeb 2 and KAS.

    MY only issue is, how in Gods name do I /u realistically u/ launch the two sided solar array??! The thing is so wide that it doesn’t even fit inside my 3.75 meter expanded fairings. Apparently it’s over 5 meters in diameter, according to sitting the part on top of a 5 meter tank. I guess I’ll just have to launch it “unrealistically” without any kind of fairings. I just hate having to do that.

    Kevin Stoffel April 27, 2013
  59. People tell me, with help of which program to create mod??

    Krasov Sergey April 27, 2013
  60. People tell me which program to use to create a mod??

    Krasov Sergey April 27, 2013
  61. People tell me which program to use to create the parts??

    Krasov Sergey April 27, 2013
  62. Krasov, if you want help dude, why not go register on the FORUMS and ask, or read the frequently asked questions rather than SPAMMING the crap out of the spaceport, which is for addons, not for general questions about KSP. That’s just rude bro. Rather than reporting you to the Spaceport Moderators, I am giving you this chance to resolve the issue yourself.

    Kevin Stoffel April 28, 2013
  63. Привет! Вы будете моделировать Американский шаттл?

    Krasov Sergey April 29, 2013
  64. Hi! You will model the U.S. space shuttle?

    Krasov Sergey April 29, 2013
  65. Hi!

    For some obscure reason whenever I use MechJeb (not the one integrated, but an extra module (used for automatic ascent)) it keeps attemting to dock at a 90 Degree angle.

    Is this a bug, or a problem on my end?


    NHBoehm May 1, 2013
  66. Hi all,

    How do we report a bug i having the same 90 degree docking problem with mechjeb v2. I need to test with normal docking ports but they give off some odd artifacts not that kosmos is loaded.


    Andy Hierro May 6, 2013
  67. Best mod. bad news I’m bad at docking stuff, besides on ground docking

    Not TellingYou May 12, 2013
  68. Great module. If I only could see example rockets to lift heavier cargo without explosions… Need to examine models provided, I guess. I’d love to see oversized docking ports in style of this module, not for usual docking but to neatly assemble ships in space. But that’s just my fantasy.

    Molot May 15, 2013
  69. Really enjoy this pack. Found tons of uses for it and love toying around with the different parts.

    Michael Sheedy May 16, 2013
  70. Can you please fix the dual solar wings part?

    Alexei Kharkovsky May 18, 2013
  71. Great mod, but for me APAS 69 only docks in one position out of 3 that looks possible. Other positions give either nothing (good) or spin my crafts with great power!

    Molot May 23, 2013
  72. Does this work with 0.20 ?

    Renats Vasiljevs May 24, 2013
  73. Tested R4.2 on 5/25/13, and no, its not working with 0.20. There are issues with the modules connecting with each other.

    david sherfick May 25, 2013
  74. david sherfick May 25, 2013
  75. do you think you could try additional IVA’s for this?

    like the station modules and ect.

    possibly even resorting to something similar to what bobcat did in the soviet pack.

    Betaking May 27, 2013
  76. I tried this mod but it only makes my game crash… such a shame for an awesome mod… :(

    Tom Davis May 30, 2013
  77. Will the pack be updated for 0.20?

    ISS May 31, 2013
  78. thanks a lot cbbp for the 0.20x update!

    techstepman June 2, 2013
  79. I have tried to dock with the APAS 69 and it would not work. i also tried with the mechjeb 2.0 and it would line it up sideways. otherwise, this is a good mod.

    Dylan Kuzyk June 3, 2013
  80. Will we ever get a Vostock capsule? or some solid R7 rocket parts? That would be amazing.

    905 June 8, 2013
  81. Anyone else have a weird bug With the solar panels? specifically the huge double ISS ones? Whenever I right click on them to open, they start to do their thing, then stop and start producing power. i had to keep on pressing the buttons until they managed to fully deploy and work. When i go to the VAB or tracking station and come back tot he vessel, they are folded up but still keep on producing electricity?

    Anyone with this? and yes i have recreated it

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 6, 2013
  82. Yup I also get the bug with the Balka wings not opening properly, especially if I open the double one both at once.

    Also the APAS-69 and mechjeb dont like each other.

    Other then that a very nice mod that makes my space station a lot nicer.

    Desperado July 8, 2013
  83. Having the same problem as above. The wings DO open (you just have to wait and not try to open them both at once) but after leaving and selecting the station again they are folded and still active.

    theend3r July 20, 2013
  84. I have a question about the crew tunnel. How do you use it? Is it possible to get a kerbal to transfer from one pod to another using the tunnel?

    Allen Zhu July 23, 2013
  85. It says that the install directions are in the Readme. However upon opening the only text file in the download, all it says is “Kosmos and its derivatives are the property of Kosmos Team and may not be distributed without verified written permission from both CardboardBoxProcessor and Normak. Thanks for downloading!


    Any one want to help me out? Might sound a bit retarded but am new to KSP as i only brought it yesterday and this is the 1st Mod/Addon that i am trying.

    Scott Rumbelow July 27, 2013
  86. Scott,
    Same issue here, bro. some of the other mods say to add sub-folders to the KSP folder but this README doesn’t specify what or where.

    Jon Southwell July 27, 2013
  87. Thanks for the update, I love the huge solar wings

    Daniel Kerman July 30, 2013
  88. how do we launch those HUGE parts up?

    irpded rogert July 31, 2013
  89. I use Fairing factory for huge parts like Balka Solar arrays

    Warontrees July 31, 2013
  90. I have a small problem with the huge solar pannel. I can’t keep them open on my space station. Each time i come back they are visualy closed but still producing energy. Does someone else experience that kind of trouble ?

    Pierre August 3, 2013
  91. Yeah Pierre I do too

    Warontrees August 3, 2013
  92. Same here! I really love those panels, and its a shame they don’t work correctly.

    Matthew Schoffelmeer August 3, 2013
  93. Didn’t this mod include a Centrifuge part that spun around to make artificial gravity? I remember having that before from one of my 0.20 mods, but now I can’t find it. I need it for my Icarus II replica.

    call4dead3 August 5, 2013
  94. So I have this weird problem. I used the solar wings while constructing a space station in orbit. Whenever I come back to it from the space center, the solar panels are always retracted regardless of whether they’re actually “retracted” or not. Maybe a bug?

    Sean Yen August 7, 2013
  95. For those of you with the Solar Panel bug:

    I’ve already spoken to CardBoardBoxProcessor, and we’ve figured out a workaround.

    Whether or not he will implement my suggestions remains to be seen.

    Robin Chang August 7, 2013
  96. Whoopie, the solar panel workaround has been implemented! :)

    Robin Chang August 10, 2013
  97. Thanks for the update(s) and improvement(s) dev.

    Zachary Toms August 10, 2013
  98. For almost 100 meg, or 1/4 the size of the game when compressed, I’d kind of want more variation of color than that dark grey that’s being used, or at least a customizable modifiable textures file in an editable format.

    There are clearly some awesome parts in this pack; but the whites of those RCS tanks are far too stark white and the grey of the ships is far too dull grey.

    Have you considered releasing a pack / version that’s lower res but matches the KSP artwork theme so it will blend in with all the other mods and stock parts out there?

    pr0metheus August 10, 2013
  99. oh gosh. you guys should leave the comments in the forums. I totally get no notification that these were even here lol. Sorry.

    CardBoardBoxProcessor August 11, 2013
  100. can you get it into spaec with mechjeb? or does mechjeb fuck up?

    clyde craft August 22, 2013
  101. Perhaps it’s not ready for 2.1, but it’s crashing my game. I’m sad because it looks so damn cool! I saw the creation date of August 19, 2013 and assumed it was up-to-date. Or it is just me?

    Jason August 24, 2013
  102. Windows says that the file is invalid so I can’t install the mod

    Starfishstalin August 30, 2013
  103. Apparently the file is empty

    Starfishstalin August 30, 2013
  104. Tested this on 4 different KSP installs. Three on this machine, and one on my wife’s laptop. Crashes any install I have. I even tried a base install with nothing but the game and this addon. Loads all the parts, but crashes before starting.

    Bradly197 September 1, 2013
  105. I can’t fully download this file, it stops at 60 megabytes, then if I try to open the file with winrar it says “unexpected end of archive.” I think the download is being forced to end too soon. I tried on multiple computers after clearing the cache and that didn’t help. Is there a file size cap? The download seems to end at 60 megabytes each time.

    Matt Bryant September 2, 2013
  106. Can’t download says its corrupt every time. Please upload to mirror till problem is fixed.

    ShaftamusPrime September 6, 2013
  107. I am having the download problem, same as everyone else.

    Have downloaded large mods from spaceport before with no problem.

    I am also having the exact same thing with BobCat’s soviet pack.

    p1t1o September 12, 2013
  108. I had to DL this with a browser other than Firefox for some reason, it seems to be a Spaceport thing though, all larger mods were giving it issues.

    Also that strut connector is sexy as hell.

    Ballistic Idiot September 16, 2013
  109. Your crafts are messed up, i mean you can’t load it because of the version, can you update that?

    Jenson Wong September 18, 2013
  110. Confirming the issue with premature cutoff of the download. As soon as the forums are back online, I’m bringing this up to CBBP.

    MaverickSawyer September 18, 2013
  111. this doesn’t work on my computer.

    Mike Thompson October 2, 2013
  112. this doesn’t work because of some file called “mono.ddl”,help!

    irpded rogert October 5, 2013
  113. Hi.

    First sorry for my bad english.
    It make my game bug. I did the instal at it say in the read me…
    Please help. I have it befor and it was working great.

    jb LM October 8, 2013
  114. I’ve downloaded this separately three times now.. Every time I try to unzip it, it says there’s no files within it.

    rwbabco October 9, 2013
  115. it’s very,very, laggy.I have a lot of mods,and i can’t even get to the start menu with this plus my other mods…

    irpded rogert October 12, 2013
  116. So, does it work for 0.22 or not, if it doesn’t, when would the update come up?

    jason Kim October 29, 2013
  117. Why is there there no tech tree support? When it does come I hope that appropriate science instruments are built into the modules.

    Dylan October 29, 2013
  118. Update Please!!!!!

    Johann Marsmann November 1, 2013
  119. For some reason the WINRAR file breaks and i cannot put the files into my KSP folder… Any Suggestions?

    Cameron Smith November 10, 2013
  120. When will we get a 0.22 update? I just can’t wait to use this mod to make a MIR-2 space station!

    Nicholander November 10, 2013
  121. I’ve got a problem with Balka Solar Panel. I’ve built a base on Eve and used this part for gathering electricity. I’ve left the panel extended. Now when I reload the game and switch to my base the panel is falling apart and destroying itself without any reason. can somebody help me with this problem? I don’t want it to be destroyed :(

    Tommytheripper November 28, 2013
  122. My favorite Mod :)

    Michael December 4, 2013
  123. Im sorry but i dont understand how to install it. It says extract in KSP folder, so i get the compressed GameData folder pasted in KSP folder, but when i load the game i dont have this mod.
    The only 2 mods that works doing that are Mechjeb and Prometeus rover.

    What i need to get ths working and exactly where to install?.

    ARGENTVS December 12, 2013
  124. Not sure if it’s just me or not but everytime I try and Download this I get a zip that has a CRC error

    Jason Rotramel December 19, 2013
  125. NVM apparently it WAS me.

    Jason Rotramel December 19, 2013
  126. help ZIP getting broke

    carlotheemo January 13, 2014
  127. rebuilt.uploads_2013_10_Kosmos_R4.7.2-1.zip: CRC failed in Kosmos_R4.7.2\GameData\KOSMOS\Parts\Engine\Kosmos_VA_RRV_Escape_Unit\Diff.tga. The file is corrupt

    files corrupted

    carlotheemo January 13, 2014
  128. can you update this to .23? I would appreciate it if you do. :)

    Fizzie213 January 24, 2014
  129. if you dont update i am going to be so fu***** mad

    Fizzie213 January 24, 2014
  130. I’ve tried downloading this a few times now and the zip file comes up as invalid when i try to open it. I apologise if it’s just my computer or something, i’ll update this comment when i know what exactly it is, if it’s my issue.

    Paul Purcell January 26, 2014
  131. Please ignore my above comment, as i tried one last time and the file opened this time… Strange though.

    Paul Purcell January 26, 2014
  132. so when i mouse over some parts the part expands to a extreme amount

    erik hallmark January 27, 2014
  133. My Kerbals seemed to be trapped in the largest Soylut 3m Body sections. Is there anyway to do an EVA right from that module, like the hitch hiker can? Or do I need another part?

    Madeyes2882 February 1, 2014
  134. An update to .23 or planning an update for the upcoming version .24 would be really appreciated.

    Frank G February 18, 2014
  135. Umm I can download it but when the download reaches about 50% it just stops…

    Daniel Counsell March 8, 2014
  136. can you update it 2.3

    ryan lundy March 25, 2014

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