KerbalEdit – Take control of your KSP data!

What is Kerbal Edit?
KerbalEdit is a Reference application based upon the KerbalData API. It is a fully usable
end user application with source to give other developers a guide in thier own KerbalData Applications.


Current Release v0.3.1 ALPHA (In Development) tested with KSP 0.18.x and 0.19

Update: Thanks for the ratings! I would say the tool is only average myself, these is much work to do and many updates to come over the months. Check back from time to time for updates. v0.4.0 is the next planned version. It will include more features and cross platform support for Mac and Linux users!

Latest news and updates can be found on the KerbalSpaceProgram forum

KerbalEdit allows you to:

Load/Edit/Save KSP Save, Craft (both global and under a specific save), Part and game settings.
Scan a KSP install for all available data files
Import/Export Files to your game quickly
Automatically backs up changed files, keeps a copy of original data to restore live object.
Save Development Time : Time Savings
Do simple popular actions
Clear all debris and unknown items from a save
Put any craft currently in game (on the pad or in orbit) in orbit around any body
Refuel any or all craft in your save with a single command (fills any resource to max)
more to come (looking for suggestions)…


Online Docs

How to use

Online Docs


5 Comments for “KerbalEdit – Take control of your KSP data!”

  1. Allow me to be the first to say thank you for a well overdue editor! As one of the many people who suffer the ‘saves just don’t work’ bug, I’ve had to get things right first time every time. Now I can be sloppy! :D

    Kristina March 11, 2013
  2. Just finished testing KerbalEdit with KSP 0.19 and everything is working nicely, you should have not trouble with 0.19 data when using KerbalEdit v0.3.1

    Joseph Magly March 17, 2013
  3. How exactly do you remove debris and more importantly save the changes? All I could figure out was how to add / remove fuel from useless junk I wish to remove … and then I couldn’t even save the changes.

    Please don’t refer me to the website; I’ve been there and there really is no explanation for anything.

    Alex April 9, 2013
  4. I am sorry your having trouble, docs will improve over time.

    All actions you are asking about are right click menus at various levels. Removing all debris is done at the flight state level where all vessels are collected. Adding removing fuel is done on the FlightState for ALL vessels, on the vessel for all resources on a vessel or on the resource for just that resource. Save is done at the save level or at the very top where you can save all changes to a set of files.

    Joseph Magly April 25, 2013
  5. In terms of debris I have been putting them in a ocean setting the alt to about 1,500ft and then crashing them into the ocean just for fun.

    Tim Salt June 13, 2013

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