Kerbal Mania

A racing car look-alike rover for racing enthusiasts (B9 and Procedural Wings required)


For those who want new things to smash against kerbal buildings, but are a bit afraid of heights

it also has small rockets if those marvelous eletric engines aren’t enough for you (must use infinite fuel cheat)
the cool part is that you can do full speed turns without overturning (except if you activated the rockets :c ), what i’m not sure if has anything to do with the spoillers

It has an extrategicaly mounted capsule on it’s back, so you don’t have to launch an extra vehicle with crew

Kerbal Space Program (duh)
B9 Aerospace Pack (
Procedural Wings (


Download the .craft file and open your KSP folder. Drop it into /KSP_(yourPC)/Ships/SPH or KSP_(yourPC)/Saves/(save name)/ships/SPH

How to use

1 - Launch 2 - Go on EVA an climb down the ladder (or jump if you are a real kerbal) 3 - Get near the car's cockpit an get on the seat (righ click on the seat) 4 - Stage to eject the capsule 5 - Ride it 6 - Run over things/kerbals 7 - Explosions


3 Comments for “Kerbal Mania”

  1. ive been trying to make this forever thanks

    Nathan Foreman July 16, 2013
  2. Could do with more struts, but otherwise i love this car!

    Siraj Yusuf July 22, 2013
  3. Hehe Kerbull Mania Race

    Champion Aerospace August 5, 2013

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