[0.23.5] Kerbal Alarm Clock v2.7.3.0

Alarm Clock System to remind you of important things and prevent Kerbal’s overflying destinations at high warp. Version – Compiled against 0.23.5, and adjusted time formats – added time halting code to SC and TS – fixed automannode config storage. Full details on the forum page


Plugin that can be used to kill the warp rate and fire alarm messages as you approach a given time.

With the Kerbal Alarm Clock you can create alarms for the following situations:
* Raw time alarms – created for either a specific date/time or a specific period in the future;
* Manuever node – create an alarm based on the next maneuver node on the current ships flight path. This node will be stored and can be restored when you come back to the ship;
* Other flight plan nodes – Apoapsis, Periapsis, Ascending Node and Descending node (Target and Equatorial). These can be configured to track changes as they approach as well
* SOI Point – create an alarm manually based on when the next SOI point is on the flight path, or set the alarm clock to continually monitor the active flight path and add alarms as it detects SOI changes (there is also a backround check you can enable for ships to notice simple name changes in the SOI for any background vessel, but it will not slow time before hand and will miss the SOI change by a fair margin under warp);
* Closest Approach – create an alarm based on the closest Approach of this Vessel to the targetted Vessel. Select how many orbits into the future to look for the closest approach;
* Target Distance – create an alarm based on distance to target vessel of altitude above planet
* Transfers – create an alarm based on Interplanetary Transfer Phase Angles – ie. When should I launch to planet X – Based on Kosmo Not’s post and used in Olex’s Calculator;
* Crew – Set an alarm for a Kerbal so that you can come back to them after a set time – regardless of the vessel they are in.
* “Earth Time” – create an alarm based on the time in the “Earth” alternative Universe (aka the Real World);

For all alarms you can give them :
* A short name to show in the list;
* Some more detailed message information;
* An action to take when the alarm is reached – message only, cancel time warp or pause the game;
* For Event alarms – eg Maneuever’s, SOI events, Ap, Pe, AN, DN, etc. you can also set a margin – ie. How long before the event should the alarm fire;Set the alarms to kill the warp rate in the game so you don’t go flying past them, or to pause the game so you can be AFK;

Other useful features/notes are:
* Edit the details of the alarm up until the point when it fires;
* Jump back to the ship that the alarm is related to when it fires;
* Save and Restore Maneuver Nodes and Targets associated with Alarms;
* No need to add a part to any vessel;
* Alarms are persisted between sessions and independent for each save game you have;

More details can be found on the forum thread

Documentation Site:

Source Code link also in Forum


Installing the Kerbal Alarm Clock Installation of this plugin is the same as most other KSP plugins and is as simple as copy files into the right location in the KSP Application structure. Below are some Detailed Steps: 1. Extracting the Zip file to a temporary location Take the downloaded file and extract it to a temporary location. You will end up with a folder that looks like the below: 2. Finding the KSP Main Folder The first step to installing an addon is to locate the KSP folder in your computer. This is where KSP keeps all of its files, including your game saves and screenshots. The KSP folder is located where you unzipped it when you first downloaded the game. The folder looks like the below: 3. Installing the Mod Simply copy the files from the GameData source into the GameData folder in the KSP Game folder. As shown below: 4. All Done!! Your Game folder will now look like this. And you should be able to start KSP and use the Alarm Clock

Addon Installation Guide


How to install Addons in KSP:

Installing addons in KSP is as simple as moving files into their appropriate folders. This guide explains which folders hold each type of addon, and how to locate them. Keep in mind that Addon packages may contain any combination of addon types. These instructions are meant only as a generic guide.


Finding the KSP Main Folder.

The first step to installing an addon is to locate the KSP folder in your computer. This is where KSP keeps all of its files, including your game saves and screenshots. The KSP folder is located where you unzipped it when you first downloaded the game.

The KSP Folder contains the following subfolders:

KSP root folder

NOTE: On OSX, the KSP_Data folder does not exist. (Its equivalent lives inside the App package)


Installing Part Addons

Parts are all contained inside KSP/Parts. Each part has its own subfolder in the Parts folder:

The Parts Folder

To install new parts, extract the part folders from the downloaded package into the KSP/Parts folder.


Installing Craft Addons

Craft files are saved ships created in the game. These files can be placed in a few different folders:


In KSP/Ships, you will find separate subfolders for the different construction facilities in the game. The VAB folder, for instance, holds craft files that are editable on the Vehicle Assembly Building in game, and launched from a Launch Pad. Similarly, the SPH folder holds craft files that are editable in the Spaceplane Hangar Facility, and launched from the Runway.

Craft files placed in a subfolder of KSP/Ships will be available to all saved games. Ships placed here are considered to be "Stock",. They won´t be overwritten directly if edited, and cannot be deleted from inside the game.


It is also possible to make craft files available to only one saved game:

Each game started creates its own folder in KSP/Saves. Each save has its own Ships folder, which is organized in the same way as the common Ships folder above. Craft files placed in one of the subfolders are only visible when playing the corresponding game, and can be overwritten and deleted. Ships created while playing the corresponding game are also saved in these folders.


Installing Scenarios and Training Addons

The KSP/Saves folder contains the training and scenarios subfolders. SFS files in the training subfolder are listed in the Training section of the Main Menu in the game, and files in the scenarios subfolder are visible in the Scenarios section of the menu.

To install scenarios and training missions, extract the SFS files from the downloaded package into the appropriate subfolder.


Installing Plugins

The KSP/Plugins folder holds the DLL files for plugin-powered addons. These plugins extend the funcionality of the game, adding new part types, or new missions.

To install a plugin, extract the DLL files from the downloaded package into the KSP/Plugins folder.


Installing Internal Models

Some addons add new internal spaces and objects. Those are installed in the KSP/Internals folder.


Props are objects that can be added into internal spaces, like cockpit gauges or cabin decorations. Each internal prop has its own folder in KSP/Internals/Props:


Spaces are the internal models that are associated with parts. Each internal space has its own folder in KSP/Internals/Spaces:


To install internal props and spaces, extract the folders from the downloaded package into the appropriate subfolder.



How to use

Detailed instructions at Documentation Site: Use the Alarm Clock button at the top of the screen near the MET/Warp indicator to open the interface. From here you can add time alarms based on entering raw values (ie. alarm in 25 minutes), or if your vessel has any manuever nodes set you can add an alarm based on that with some margin to prepare. The alarms can be set to wind the kill the warp rate as you approach the alarms time and pause the game if you want it to. You can also set it to monitor for SOI nodes on the current flight plan and create alarms for you. You can also set an alarm based on when the optimum time to transfer between two celestial bodies with the same parent is. If an alarm was set using a maneuver node you can restore this node from the alarm at a later stage Once set, the alarms will fire with or without the interface open. No need to add a part to any vessel, just install the plugin and start the game More details can be found on the forum thread


14 Comments for “[0.23.5] Kerbal Alarm Clock v2.7.3.0”

  1. 5/5 stuff!

    voneiden February 24, 2013
  2. First Mod I download. Makes having multiple missions easy.

    Chris Raff March 18, 2013
  3. Excellent tool. Exactly what this game needs to expand into fully exploiting multiple flights at once without worry.

    huin March 24, 2013
  4. I love this one! Thank you for that awesome mod!

    StainX April 2, 2013
  5. Heard a lot of good about this add-on. A shame I cannot get it.
    Don’t know if it’s related to the recent trouble KSP had with the Spaceport (and as of this time still with the forums) but clicking the Download Now button here gets you “Please specify file name for download.”

    I’ve downloaded another Add-on, so it’s not Spaceport wide, just yours so far. So I don’t know if it was caused by the server crash or not.

    Hope it’s fixed soon, I really want this add-on.

    Scott Hanson April 15, 2013
  6. Thanks for the info Scott. Have tested the latest version now that spaceports back and the downloads look good. Also there is an alternate download on the source code site.

    David April 17, 2013
  7. Just downloaded, thanks a lot.

    Scott Hanson April 17, 2013
  8. 4 out of 5!

    To get the 5, Have the “on alarm” and “alarm margin”, either set default after the last option made OR let us choose a default.

    Because I ALWAYS use Pause Time and 8 seconds.

    Great work!

    Sierra Khaar April 21, 2013
  9. Default options are in the settings from – released about the same time as the forum explosion :)

    David April 28, 2013
  10. what’s with the part?

    Christian Gerefalk May 25, 2013
  11. Is it just me or are the transfer window alarms off? I attempted one with a Moho transfer, Moho was on the complete opposite side of the sun when I finished the burn.

    Oliver Jia-Richards May 28, 2013
  12. how do i install the textures?

    albin June 3, 2013
  13. Exceptional work!

    I used the raw time alarm function to space out my missions so that there is a “realistic” interval between them, so that I don’t have my space program progressing at Ludicrous Speed.

    Robin Chang August 6, 2013
  14. I consider this one of my core must have add-ons. Definitely a handy must have for any mission.

    Andrew Hughes October 21, 2013
  15. Thank you for this incredibly useful add-on. I consider this to be one of “core” components of my KSP installation. I particularly love the option to set an alarm by proximity range to target: VERY useful.

    One request: would it be possible for alarms to be persistent? In particular, I would like to set an alarm on approach to apoapsis or periapsis that will fire each time I approach that point in the orbit, rather than having to set up a new alarm each time. It would also be useful for manouever nodes so that I can repeat a burn each time I reach the manouever node, or so I can skip (or miss) the maouever and perform the burn on the next orbit.

    Thanks again and keep it up.

    Clive Pottinger November 8, 2013
  16. Need an option for altitude alarm, kill warp just before physX4 shreds chutes.

    Jon Holland November 11, 2013
  17. Like it.

    Rui Pereira January 30, 2014
  18. I think I installed it properly, but there’s no Alarm Button at the top of the screen like there should be. Any thoughts?

    Jesse Bender April 4, 2014
  19. Similar issue as above. I have installed this successfully before, but after the asteroid update, this no longer appears to work. Shame, this is a really awesome and useful mod.

    Sean April 5, 2014
  20. Ok, now I feel dumb, tried it a second time and it worked. Seriously did nothing different except exit the game and try again and there it was…the little alarm clock in the upper left of the screen mocking me.

    Sean April 5, 2014

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