ISV venture star v 2.0[0.18.0 +]

It is a huge ship from the movie Avatar ISV venture star. Fully functional, an almost exact copy.


Length – 250 meters.
Fuel – Antimatter and Matter. Buck on 50000 units has of fuel.
Payload – not currently known.
Weight of the ship – at the moment is not known.
Flight range – almost unlimited. Can visit all the planet and return to kerbin without refueling.
Electric – 5000
Monopropellant – 4000
Has two docking port.
Has a nuclear reactor to Recover Electricity and Monopropellant.

It is my first mod, so please free to comment and suggest. Thank you.

v1.0 – first release

1. The new solar panels.
2. Fixed symmetry on engines.
3. Replaced the texture radiators.
4. Increased the length of the ship with 214 meters to 250
5. Added fine structural detail with attachment points for radiators.
6. Fixed coordinates for attachment points.
7. New parts.
8. Switching to fuel (Antimatter)
9. encoded motors.
10. rebalanced details.

1 – added its own POD for 1 person. And the living module for 6 people.
2-final balancing.
3-added animation.
4-fixed mesh collider.
5-added nuclear reactor.
6-Added new, original engines. And rewrite their code.
7-vessel increased to 264 meters.
8 – New Parts.

Link to the forum


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How to use

Yes, yes, yes, when you start to use the debug panel. You also need to hyper edit you can find it on link will 1. run the debug panel. 2. untaint. 3. click (gravity hack). 4. Send a with the aid of hyper edit into orbit. How to manage. each run of the ship, use paragraph 2 above. Desirable engines at full power is not included.Enough 1/3 of the power to deliver any cargo to any planet.




18 Comments for “ISV venture star v 2.0[0.18.0 +]”

  1. Do you have more pictures of it? I’d like to get an idea of its detail and scale before I download it :)

    Nathan Ceulemans March 30, 2013
  2. The length of the machine 214 meters

    serj dani March 30, 2013
  3. I’m sorry, at the moment I have no further information. I can give later.

    serj dani March 30, 2013
  4. This ship looks pretty cool. The size is particularly impressive. Even so this craft is relatively useless in-game. HyperEdit is absolutely necessary to get it into orbit in it’s intended configuration. Throttling it up tends to destroy it. The only way to rotate it is using the mainsails, which makes trying to fly this thing anywhere a serious pain in the ass. Also, the one time I started the game up with it, these parts added a ton of initial loading time.

    In it’s current form, the best thing I can think of to do with this is send it to another planet with HyperEdit and use it as an orbital station.

    Fun to look at, but not very functional. Not worth the loading time to keep it, in it’s current state.

    Yasutaka March 31, 2013
  5. Just want to let everyone know that he did not make this…. SuestraGamingHD made this. He is a youtuber. If you want to see the ship in action and any details givin by the actual creator please visit and support his channel he is an amazing KSP player and an awesome builder. Again this person did not build this he is sharing it.

    Nhawks17 April 1, 2013
  6. Oh wow im really sorry. This is not the same one the thumbnail made it look like it was

    Nhawks17 April 1, 2013
  7. Apologies lol! Yes but again SuestraGamingHD did make a ship like this you should still check him out. Serj Dani I do apologizes heavily I could not tell it was your own.

    Nhawks17 April 1, 2013
  8. Nhawks17

    I know the person who collected the items ISV venture star and it’s not SuestraGamingHD!

    serj dani April 1, 2013
  9. Looking good, glad I could help with the engines :)

    Gabe Rizzo April 5, 2013
  10. Haven’t downloaded it due to fear of huge loading time (I already have KW rocketry which is big enough), however from here it looks nice. Could somebody please do a youtube review on this (also a how-to on hyperedit if it’s possible on macs)?

    Scott Henley April 7, 2013
  11. do you need the antimatter mod for this?

    Siraj Yusuf April 20, 2013
  12. there seems to be a small problem, every time i attempt to launch the craft collapses.

    iamaguy2610 April 24, 2013
  13. Siraj Yusuf April 20, 2013
    Everything is written in the instructions for use.

    Yes, when you start to use the debug panel. You also need to hyper edit you can find it on link will 1. run the debug panel. 2. untaint. 3. click (gravity hack). 4. Send a with the aid of hyper edit into orbit. How to manage. each run of the ship, use paragraph 2 above. Desirable engines at full power is not included.Enough 1/3 of the power to deliver any cargo to any planet.

    serj dani April 24, 2013
  14. This is possibly the worst mod I have ever used in 2 years, and a very bad mesh that is lagging. Should make your own low poly.

    Ted Logan April 28, 2013
  15. I havent downloaded but its not in the description so i doubt the mod has it.

    The venture star has 3 forms of propulsion
    2 Antimatter engines which provided a total of 1.5 g or 14.7 m/s per second of acceleration (with roughly 15 million seconds of fuel) (easiest to make accurate)
    one fusion PME (planetary maneuver engine) for more accurate maneuvers rather than the 1.5g or off of the antimatter engines.
    a photon sail that unfolds to 16km across and a laser from earth pushes it along. 1.5g as well but only when accelerating away from kerbin or decelerating towards it.

    lastly its supposed to be 1,646 m long

    Jarett Jones May 28, 2013
  16. sorry 30 millions seconds of fuel

    Jarett Jones May 28, 2013
  17. Ted Logan? Where’s bill S Preston Esquire?

    Thepyratemorgan June 10, 2013
  18. Very cool, but the solar panels don’t work. I imported the code from OX-STAT’s to make it work, and for some reason they spazz out and blow the ship up. Suggestions?

    Vinícius Gama de Farias August 11, 2013

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