ISA MapSat 3.3.4

Create topography maps by scanning the planets. Scan for anomalies that might be worth visiting. In game encyclopaedia with handy and neat facts about every planetoid in the Kerbolar system.


NOTICE: Newer versions are available on my blog, check:
This version has newer features than 3.x and works on .20 and up including .22.
For any that missed the forum or blog updates, I forgot to add this note to spaceport back when I decided to release dev builds of Mapsat 4.x on my blog.

Create topography maps by scanning the planets.
Scan for anomalies that might be worth visiting.
In game encyclopaedia with handy and neat facts about every planetoid in the Kerbolar system.

Version 3.3.4
-Fixed 18.0 gui problems.
-Rebuilt for 18.0
-I recommend starting without the old textures and csv’s for Kerbin, Moho, Eve and Tylo, they have changed significantly and otherwise it will merge with outdated data.

Version 3.3.3
-Fixed mac filepath issue.


-Extract the archive somewhere and copy over the files, I left the structure of KSP_win in the archive to make it easier to figure out. !!IMPORTANT Copy over the part folder every update aswell or any new gui textures will be missing. -Copy old csv files to the pluginData/isa_mapsat folder and rename if required. or prerender textures with mapgen if desired. -Launch KSP.

How to use

You need preferably 1 sat only on your craft. The gui maps are updated as long as you are in range and continue to be updated in the background if you look at different maps. You can switch maps by clicking on the button with the current map name. The rest of the buttons speak for themselves I think, all the overlays are on toggles. Toggle open the information panel to get wikipedia-like information about the planetoids straight from the game. Toggle on raw data collection if you want to collect csv data for the MapGen tool. You can find stored csv's and the MapGen tool in the PluginDataisa_mapsat directory NOTE: Toggle raw data collection off before running MapGen!!. Please see the Topic on the KSP forum for MapGen console commands.


133 Comments for “ISA MapSat 3.3.4”

  1. Seems a b rushed – texture is the same from 0.17 and I think the animation is bugged… doesn’t rotate around like it did before

    Bishop December 2, 2012
  2. apologies – works just fine – thumbs up mod adds realism

    Bishop December 2, 2012
  3. Haven’t properly gotten round to using this just yet, but first slight issue I have with it is that it’d make more sense to stick the MapSat and GPS parts in the science tab rather than Aero.

    MoonHeadJohn December 2, 2012
  4. works great!!!

    razack0404 December 2, 2012
  5. Shoudent the parts be labeled under Science, and not structural?

    Ledo1222 December 2, 2012
  6. does anyone know if this uses power ?

    germalto December 3, 2012
  7. love it!!!!

    frank December 3, 2012
  8. Can I request that that the default/added model be changed to look like communotron 88-88 or similar?

    It somewhat difficult to find a realistic/convenient way to place the current model.

    Would REALLY make my day!

    Thanks in advance!

    Wraiith December 4, 2012
  9. this is a great mod for those who want to select the perfect landing spot for your kerbonouts.

    it not only shows elevation above and below sea level, it also shows anomalies(easter eggs(i guess)) and kerbal space centers.

    fly safe my fellow kerbonauts.

    crachdown December 4, 2012
  10. Adding to my previous comment, now that I’ve had a chance to use it, it’s pretty decent. Great tool to use to plan out missions and perfect excuse to send recon probes here there and everywhere.

    Now that 18.1 is out though, the modules don’t seem to be appearing in the menu. Not 100% sure if it needs updating or it’s just me messing up.

    MoonHeadJohn December 4, 2012
  11. .18 was out only few moments and I already missed this mod. So simple and yet it brings so much more value for the game. Only problem with this is that parts are now in wrong category, but that’s only minor problem.

    Jipsu December 5, 2012
  12. A quick fix for the category, go into the parts.cfg for the isamapsat parts and change “Category=” to Science.

    Mura December 5, 2012
  13. It’d be nice if this required power to operate. Currently in 0.18.1 electricity and solar panels are next to useless unless on a deep space probe.

    JuggernautOfWar December 9, 2012
  14. Is this for 0.18.1 already?

    ExplosivePowder December 12, 2012
  15. why is the dres map 0 – 0 meters, but I love this and have always used it!

    wesmark December 16, 2012
  16. I love this, but I hope you will continue to improve it.

    I’d like to see an on/off switch (and power consumption).
    And it would be awesome if we could cut the obligated waiting time to scan a surface.
    What about when you archieve a circular orbit, it saves the mission time, and then extract scanned surface based upon elapsed time. This timer resets when the orbit is changed (to prevent cheating).

    I have a dozen mapping missions running, and now I am just waiting for them to finish, one by one… :( .

    OrtwinS December 20, 2012
  17. “A quick fix for the category, go into the parts.cfg for the isamapsat parts and change “Category=” to Science”

    About that and noobs like me:

    Its better to change in parts.cfg

    categoy = 0 to category = 5

    cheers :p

    Horasmus December 20, 2012
  18. This does not give me a GUI.

    Herpazor December 20, 2012
  19. Nevermind, just couldn’t find the button.

    Herpazor December 20, 2012
  20. Hello there
    Just wondering, is Eeloo already working with MapSat? I just put one there without realizing this was a possibility! (doh!) if not, when this becomes available will I have to relaunch or the one there will start storing data?

    diegzumillo December 21, 2012
  21. Ah, nevermind. Someone explained in the forum. For future explorers with the same question, here’s the post:

    There’s a rather big number of comments with “nevermind” in it :P

    diegzumillo December 21, 2012
  22. Absolutely love this mod. I never leave home without it. Makes the game feel so much more real. With this and MechJeb, I can do pinpoint exploration. Keep up the excellent work!

    Odyssey December 25, 2012
  23. one of my favorites mods

    zombie21943 December 28, 2012
  24. Please Talk the the makers of kethane to add kethane support or work on your project together ! Your scanner works much better the kethane one is almost useless.

    Zombie December 29, 2012
  25. Does this work in 1.8.2?

    Spizman January 4, 2013
  26. Pasted all folders as directed and it doesn’t show up at all in the parts list, and the icon png doesnt show in windows to recognize what im looking for, am I not copying something right?

    Blayde January 5, 2013
  27. @Blayde – The part is in “Aerodynamics”, for some reason… it looks like a small satellite dish.

    And I second @Zombie’s request – indicating Kethane deposites would be SUPER useful!!

    ScruffyBamboo January 7, 2013
  28. Just as an idea, if you could make a dish that looks like the AE-35 unit from Discovery in 2001, then my Discovery ship would look even more authentic. Just a thought.

    Odyssey January 7, 2013
  29. This is a really cool mod.

    I like that the scanning device only scan right below your vehicle so that you need to change your orbit a little at a time to scan the entire planet.
    And it is also cool you can view it in real time on your little computer monitor ( the bottom left side of screen click small icon ).

    Peder January 10, 2013
  30. I have all the folders installed and yet it is not anywhere in the VAB. HALP.

    NinjaSocks January 18, 2013
  31. @pjmg

    I’ve been having the same problem. This says it was made for v18.0 I suspect that 18.1 broke it. I keep checking for updates or an answer how to get it working again. I really don’t even like going on interplanetary missions without mapping them first with this mod.

    AvidKerbal January 25, 2013
  32. Loving it! My only wish is that, so long as a craft is working, it would continue to collect data. In essence, if I create and send a relay of 2-3 satellites to a planet/moon, each craft would continue to work “in the background” filling in the map as I do other missions or prepare to send the exploratory mission.

    Other than that, <3.

    Nick Mischler February 2, 2013
  33. i got a white-only eeloo scan … all other planets have good colors …
    (i’m french, so excuse some lack of language)

    gwlegion February 5, 2013
  34. Seems broken.
    Had the same problem with the parts not showing up in VAB.
    Needed to change config.cfg

    // — editor parameters —
    cost = 750
    category = Utility
    subcategory = 0
    title = ISA MapSat
    manufacturer = Innsewerants Space Agency
    description = A topography mapping sattelite.
    // attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, allowCollision
    attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0

    3rd Line: change “3″ to “Utility” and parts will show up

    Eric February 14, 2013
  35. Nevermind my last comment (system needs an edit function btw).

    Has been mentioned several times before and even if the dish is showing up I can’t get it working anyway…

    Eric February 15, 2013
  36. OMG….
    I’m playing in full HD resolution so i used to change the GUI size to gigantic. And thats almost the point….I just didn’t noticed the small icon on the bottom left…

    Now its smooth running @ 0.18.4 sorry for inconvenience

    Eric February 15, 2013
  37. Awesome mod/plugin, works very well if you use mech jebs landing autopilot to find anomalies.

    Andrew Free February 15, 2013
  38. This is the only mod I’ve installed and I love it! That is to say, I loved it… for some reason after I installed the mod, performance started to decrease steadily over several days, to the point where the game became almost unplayable. Even when I was launching rockets that didn’t carry any of the mod parts. As soon as I removed the plugin and parts my game started to work much better. It’s a shame because I think this mod is fantastic. I don’t know if it has a memory leak or what, but hopefully it gets fixed because I’d love to use this mod again.

    check February 17, 2013
  39. @Check, I agree with you, have experienced the same thing, as have others… @Innsewerants
    Please friend… this is a very awesome mod, but I would like to ask if you would PLEASE update this to the latest 0.18.4. It should be a standard and vanilla non-mod for game release, if it worked without performance degradation

    Jason J February 19, 2013
  40. great mod mate, I got the kethane mod and im using this to figure out where the kethane deposites are

    Matthew March 11, 2013
  41. Do we know if this mod works seamlessly with 0.19? I’m having lag issues but I don’t know if it’s from moving my persistent save with flying MapSats or if it’s the mod.

    Joel Happ March 17, 2013
  42. 1) Fix category;
    Replace string in files:
    “category = 3″
    “category = 3″

    2) Fix Eeloo;
    Add string to file:

    telariust March 18, 2013
  43. “category = 3″
    “category = 5″

    telariust March 18, 2013
  44. After much testing, I’ve confirmed that mapsat has to be the reason my 0.19 update is experiencing crashes/massive lag on the launchpad.
    Its a shame because this is probably my favorite mod, I look forward to an update fixing this issue!

    Alan March 22, 2013
  45. Alan, I’ve concluded the same thing, I hope to see an update that fix this problem since this mod adds so much to the overall feel of the game.

    UtterN March 23, 2013
  46. works just fine since updated to v0.19.x… its lags every few sec when i have the disk attacked, when i dont have it on, its just fine… please fix this, i find this mod very usefull :)

    Kim Olesen March 23, 2013
  47. I have a problem with MapSat… I don’t see icons and parts, only empty box in VAB inventory, but I can attach this “nothing” to my ship, and when launched, I see some chaotic colors instead of black screen over not mapped areas… KSP version 19.1

    lupino March 23, 2013
  48. ^ I am guessing this is still not updated to 19.1
    Let’s wait until 3.3.5

    Astronomer March 23, 2013
  49. I am able to see satellite dish and gps unit normally, but I can’t see GUI … no radar thingy button :C .. we’ll have to wait till it’s updated, yeah.

    Mavi March 23, 2013
  50. I’m having the same Lag issue. If the Sat is attached to any ship, then it will keep freezing every second, but once I remove it, it runs perfectly fine again. Look forward to the update, this is a beautiful Mod =]

    Aaron Someone March 26, 2013
  51. Works fine for me except for the freeze every 3 seconds. Isn’t really a problem for me because I have MechJeb set up to bring my satellites into orbit on autopilot, but when I start launching Munar and interplanetary probes it might be a problem.

    MilesNoctis March 27, 2013
  52. Is there an altitude restriction? because i have one on my Space station,but it doesn’t map Kerbin. I have oodles of extra power, so it’s not that.
    The station is on a circularized equatorial orbit at 5,000,000 Meters

    Ben March 28, 2013
  53. You should make it use power and add an option for how much power so like having max power would cover large land but use mass amounts of power.

    alex barker March 29, 2013
  54. @ben, it won’t map at all above 500 km altitude and from there the resolution is inversely proportional to altitude. i.e. for Kerbin you can get away with 499.99 km altitude and get a good map but for the moon and other bodies you need to dip closer to avoid getting splotchy graphs

    Alan April 1, 2013
  55. @ben, also you can map up to warp 50 I believe (whatever the 3rd warp setting is) without losing data but any faster and it won’t map at all. As for finding the optimal altitude to balance resolution and swath width you really just have to experiment

    Alan April 1, 2013
  56. When I attach the SAT antenna to any ship the game freezes every second, this only happens after I upgraded to 0.19. I have no issues with satellites currently orbiting other planets but launching new ships with the SAT is impossible.

    Luis Gil April 3, 2013
  57. HI, everyone.
    I have some issues with the ISA map, whenever I use it on one of my spacecraft the games get really really really laggy, like 5 FPS. Unplayable, how can I fix this?
    (I don’t think it’s my computer fault, without ISA it works smooth)

    akabranca April 4, 2013
  58. Freezing problem – you have to turn the scaning off when lunching, that will remove freezing, then when you turn it on on orbit somewhere it will be ok.

    Biggest problem for me is the fact you have to sit in ship/probe while doing scaning. I think it should be automated because I have other missions running and scaning a planet for an real time hour at 50x time warp just make a mess of my other missions.

    elkar April 15, 2013
  59. Useful tips: Best height for scanning resolution/time required to map it all is around 300 km. Also you would want polar styled orbit with 75°inclination.

    elkar April 15, 2013
  60. On the whole I love this mod, but like others I’m finding that having the mapSat or GPS part on any craft, it lags massively when switching to it. Mostly this isn’t much of a problem when loading a save game or from the tracking center, but can be a problem if I’m deorbiting to pick up say a rover that has the GPS part to take it somewhere else. I’ve seen my lander freeze for up to 60 seconds when the distance gets down to 2.2km.

    Raath April 15, 2013
  61. How do I turn the scanner off while launching??

    Luis Gil April 15, 2013
  62. Fantastic mod, It adds a whole lot of purpose to our exploration ventures on the Kerbol system. I think It should be improved to allow mapping while the ship is not being commanded directly, also better models for the parts, and a better GUI to make justice to the quality of the gaming experience it adds when you are actually collecting scientific data from your missions. I should add that I had no lagging problems whatsoever as of yet.

    André Rosa April 16, 2013
  63. @Luis just click that mapsat icon in left down corner and then press “map drawing – on”

    elkar April 18, 2013
  64. Please update this mod. It’s really going to add more realism to KSP and more purpose for my deep space probe and satellite launch missions… :)

    Julius Fabrique April 18, 2013
  65. Is there a way to see the map in game in higher resolution? (without the use of csv) It would be really useful to be able to record higher image resolution without going out of the game

    Ivan Notaros April 19, 2013
  66. OK THIS IS TOO LONG, SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET THIS MOD AN UPDATE IT FOR HIM! It’s taking too long, its an amazing mod now outdated and soon obsolete if its not updated soon.

    Richard April 22, 2013
  67. Great mod!
    But.. :(

    1. The sat. has a weird “box” around it making it weird when you try to grab it.

    2. Could you make different types of satellites to better fit our crafts?

    Keep the good work up! :)

    Sierra Khaar April 23, 2013
  68. Love this mod! Great work.

    Zack April 24, 2013
  69. wow this was created in my birthday, and it’s so awesome!

    Sergio Romero April 24, 2013
  70. Does this mod work for the new update?

    Ismael Rodriguez April 27, 2013
  71. This mod does appear to work with the current version, and I love it. The only thing I wish it had was precise coordinates for Anomalies.

    Devin J May 3, 2013
  72. FOR LOVE OF GOD….can we get an on off switch for this thing already?!? something so simple would make this mod sooooo much better.
    The actual mapping dish tends to create lag during launch stages, not a huge problem with a decent computer…or so I thought.
    Try putting more than one dish on a vehicle and even a decent pc will have issues (im using a 3.46 i7 with 16gb ram and NVidia gtx650 hd, granted its not a beast, but it do ok)
    would be nice to launch 4 probes at once…like I do with kethane scaner

    Randy Fuessel May 5, 2013
  73. Is this working for .19? Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “copy over the csv” Looks like a great mod and looking forward to using it!

    Dobbs May 6, 2013
  74. It DOES work for .19!!! It IS a great mod and am enjoying using it! Thanks for the excellent tools.

    Dobbs May 7, 2013
  75. This mod really helped with landing and terrain spotting

    Not TellingYou May 14, 2013
  76. Radar dish causes unplayable lag during ascent. Please fix this or just give the thing an on/off swith

    Alexei Kharkovsky May 18, 2013
  77. kinda feelin a bit stooped now…
    there is an on/off switch, just not one for action key mapping…
    its the ‘map drawing’ toggle in the gui
    finally my dream is realized….all of jool’s moons mapped in 2 launches =P
    just really, really hope 0.20 is not the end for of the musthaves imo

    Randy Fuessel May 23, 2013
  78. This mod has been abandoned.. Someone should make a replacement soon!

    Luis Gil May 23, 2013
  79. How about corrections to 0.20 compability?

    LameFrog May 24, 2013
  80. Bullshit, read author’s blog, he IS working on new version.

    m4ti140 May 26, 2013
  81. Yep, a functioning dev build is available, but understand that it’s a dev build so don’t complain about bugs! He’s putting some new features in, which is why it’s taking so long.

    Unit One May 28, 2013
  82. I did not run this at all until .2. I am running the Dev release and it runs just fine. Read the descriptions there. It scans based on number of scans per second that you set up as a setting option. You can run more with a faster computer. To maneuver turn the scan off then turn it back on when you are in position. There is a lot I have not learned about it but it is very impressive work.

    I would like the ability to integrate the application as a module into my own designs but I do like it with the antenna dish attached.

    Roger Whitlock May 29, 2013
  83. Works in 0.20 with the version downloadable here. I recently discovered why this wasn’t working for me before.
    It turns out that if you put both a satellite dish and a GPS unit on the same ship, you cannot properly scan the planet and the option to enable map drawing won’t appear. It will appear as though the planet is scanned but the map data wipes on switching vessels.
    Be sure to have EITHER a GPS or a dish, not both.

    Deex McDeexington May 31, 2013
  84. Hi um I got the mod but im having a few problems primarily when I get up to a certain altitude (5000-6000 meters) the game goes into a hyper lag spike and its the ISA map sat that causing it. I know that because when I take the parts of it works fine. I have a lot of other mods installed should I get rid of them?

    Stephen Prochniak May 31, 2013
  85. never mind my last comment the glitch stopped but now I have a question if I go and do other missions with other ships will the satellite continue mapping?

    Stephen Prochniak May 31, 2013
  86. @ DEEX … Open up the GUI, and turn off mapping while your doing everything other than mapping. any time you open a flight of a mapsat check its off before doing maneuvers. whats happening is your computer is choking on the data load, its simulating all the liftoff and othe rphysics while recording map info… it hammers your hdd and cpu hard, doesn’t seem to matter if you have a SSD , as I do and it still almost cripples my pc at times if I don’t have it off while doing changes to its flight paths, or if you attempt to rendezvous with a actively mapping vessel it can also occur.. hope that helps

    Scott B June 1, 2013
  87. Love this mod. Any chance the next edition could have an option to have the dish look like the AE-35 from 2001? I always use the dish as a cosmetic part when I make my version of Discovery from 2001. I love the surveying this lets me do. Great mod!

    Odyssey June 1, 2013
  88. Oh and this mod is not 0.20 compatible. it will hold data until reload, then the maps are gone again… there is a dev. version of the new one out, search for it. and it is being worked on for a new release. there’s a thread in forums about it

    Scott B June 3, 2013
  89. Ya, there’s a Forum thread with the latest version

    Richard June 15, 2013
  90. Won’t seem to operate in 0.20 just keeps saying no terrain detected… Anyone else having issues?

    Nathan Jensen June 27, 2013
  91. This mod could use an update for [0.20.2]. Its a great mod and makes sending probes purposeful. Thanks for this awesome addon.

    Jeff Hathaway July 5, 2013
  92. update this pleezzzz so buggy in 0.20.2

    Roland Gilt July 14, 2013
  93. New to the game but in 0.20.2 this addon seems to cause some extreme lag.

    Oddible July 19, 2013
  94. 1) will this work with .21 and the new terrains?
    2) If new anomalies are added will it detect them?

    Gary Wyllie July 24, 2013
  95. plz update!

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 26, 2013
  96. U woont in Nederland?

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 27, 2013
  97. Please patch and update as this causes extreme lag (on launch, I achieved 1 frame per 8 seconds)

    Christopher Karraker July 27, 2013
  98. To avoid the lag on launch, you can disable the map drawing via the control panel.
    Reactivate it once you’re ready to record data.

    Pierre July 28, 2013
  99. I love this mod however, I have a problem that when I start to draw and then leave KSP it say no map data over the bits that have been recorded previously. Hope its fixable because I believe this is one of the best mods out.

    campia608 July 31, 2013
  100. im extremly lagging when using both the sat and the GPS. anyone else?

    petter lindberg August 5, 2013
  101. update update update update please :-D

    Corey Jones August 6, 2013
  102. I’m using .21 and the parts seem to cause crazy lag when I put them on craft. I haven’t tried only just using one or the other, but why would I even want to do that? Is this just me?

    Kriz Williams August 7, 2013
  103. Can this PLEASE be updated for .21?

    Bishop Hill August 10, 2013
  104. There are problem:
    1) Lag at start (from 1-2 km to orbit)
    2) Map not saved between session. When I launch game next time, i want to see previous results.

    Mega Docent August 17, 2013
  105. This Mod has over 93k downloads and I have heard this is a fantastic mod but i don’t want to install it if it is not .21 updated. Please update I cant wait to try it out. :-)

    Leo Wells August 18, 2013
  106. Having a problem with the plugin saving the raw data for the current data, but it doesnt keep the data if I restart the program.. its getting reallllllllly annoying having to remap kerbin.

    Astral_Nomad August 18, 2013
  107. The dev build works great in 0.21.1. The developer has not posted in two months and I hope he returns.

    Roger Whitlock August 19, 2013
  108. i tried to make a satellite but when i got to 6000m it would freeze for several seconds before stopping and freezing again, has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Bryan Johnston August 21, 2013
  109. this is soooo laggy my computer froze, and my computer was purchased from apple just a few months ago!!!!!


    tothe Mun August 21, 2013
  110. To everyone having “lag” issues when launching a rocket with ISA, TURN IT OFF before launch. Little icon in the lower left, click it and turn off scanning.

    Unreal2004 August 21, 2013
  111. thank you turning isa off works

    Bryan Johnston August 21, 2013
  112. Needs .21 update.

    Richard van Dijk August 22, 2013
  113. Could any one be so kind as to be more specific on WHERE this magical off button is? it seems to evade my sights.

    Robin_Little September 1, 2013
  114. This mod i was really looking forward to but at almost exactly 6000 m the frame rate drops to about 1/3 a second.
    Any help on how to fix this or why this happens

    Brandon Hahn September 7, 2013
  115. Its a cool mod but now it beginns to legg when you takeoff at about 6000 meters.

    Johann Marsmann September 13, 2013
  116. When will this be updated for .21? I really want to use this to map some of the moons.

    ShaftamusPrime September 14, 2013
  117. Is anyone ever planning on updating this mod? It seems to not be working properly

    Dalael September 14, 2013
  118. Awesome looking mod but when I try to leave the planet with a system mounted my game lags out to like 1fps if u have any ideas for me to try that would be awesome cause it looks really cool.

    Eli George-Hinnant September 17, 2013
  119. I have discovered this mod doesn’t work with Engineer Redux in the same ship. I have fitted a satellite with the engineer redux hard drive, and the isa mapsat’s parabolic antenna, and the game freezes every few seconds. If I manage to launch a rocket and get to the second stage, when the liquid motor starts, the freezes last much longer (like 10 or 20 seconds instead of 2 or 3) It’s totally unplayable.

    I can’t avoid using Engineer Redux because I need to know the delta V of my ship at all times.

    Arkonor September 20, 2013
  120. Well, there’s a way to avoid the problem. I discovered that if you switch off the map generation during launch, it doesn’t give you problems at all. Remember to enable it again when your satellite is in the polar orbit.

    Arkonor September 20, 2013
  121. Mod is clearly abandoned. Could someone else pick it up? Are we allowed to just fix it and release it ourselves, or will people baww and claim pseudolegal infringements? I’d like to re-write it so it doesn’t have an animation as a core part of the friggen code! Atm the stupid ugly sat dishes animation is INSIDE THE PLUGIN. Like seriously. You cannot have ISAMapSat topographical mapping without that daft looking ugly dish. You can reskin the dish, but that’s your lot. The animation of the disk is tied integrally into the code of the plugin.

    So to have anything else operate as a mapping node (ie: the communotron or any number of the entire science tab which serves absolutely no purpose at present) requires a full re-write of the code. :(

    pr0metheus September 21, 2013
  122. In case someone ever wants to fix the problem, instead of using workarounds, it probably has something to do with the hundreds of log entries like this that I had during the times it was causing problems: “IOException: Win32 IO returned 1224. Path: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\Plugins\PluginData\ISA_MapSat\artefacts.dat”

    civan0 October 3, 2013
  123. Does it work on Mac osx mountain lion?

    Emilio October 3, 2013
  124. Emilio it says in the change logs that they fixed the mac issues, HOWEVER, this mod is such a resource hog on your machine that you may have some disastrous lag issues with it. Unless you are running a MacPro of course which I do NOT have haha.

    Damon October 4, 2013
  125. Jonathan Barrio October 9, 2013
  126. Jonathan Barrio October 9, 2013
  127. I have installed it but the button texture is broken and also there are no tabs on the panel. Does it not work for v. 0.21, or did I do something wrong?

    MichaelJCraven October 9, 2013
  128. And I am talking about the MapSat version last posted.

    MichaelJCraven October 9, 2013
  129. OK I re installed it and it’s fixed.

    MichaelJCraven October 10, 2013
  130. I’ve been trying for 4 hours now and I still can’t get this stupid thing to install properly!

    Guy Ramsey October 11, 2013
  131. Never mind! It’s probably been installed the whole time, but the DA put it in Aero instead of Science where it should be!

    Guy Ramsey October 11, 2013
  132. When ever i open the menu of the Mapsat (the one where you see the map you are currently making) I dont get the option to disable map drawing, and this causes me insane amounts of lag once i get to 6000 m. Am I missing something?

    Simon October 20, 2013
  133. Update please

    Warontrees October 31, 2013
  134. Someone needs to take this on. Or if the previous owner doesn’t allow it, rebuild it to avoid license issues (not that you can have license issues with mods made for a game given that they themselves are without license) as this used to be a ‘must have’ mod for KSP now it’s been dead for almost a year.

    pr0metheus November 2, 2013
  135. Not compatible with 0.22. I am sure I installed it right. But every time I launch the vehicle, the game freezes at loading, and you have to manually shut down the program.

    Weiyi Huang November 6, 2013
  136. Ok, so the owner has updated … the entry on KSPort. Saying that newer versions are available on his blog. Rather than just fixing this and uploading the newer version so we can download it, he’d rather cash in and get extra traffic. Fair enough I guess, but after being missing for a year you’d think he would;

    1. fix the fact the animation of the ugly little sat dish thing so isamapsat can be used on other sat dishes / cameras / things that would be used for mapping, where the current animation is hard coded into the thing so if you add the part to any other config it can only be used as a crude gps

    2. expand the mod so that it has more functionality, contributes to science, and allows graphical / photographic recording of what you fly over turning your data collected into a visual map like satellite map setting on google earth.

    C. said sorry for randomly abandoning the project for a year after talking it up to the point we all loved it/you, you can’t just dump us like that man, at least give us a cool excuse like you were battling cancer, or got abducted by the CIA and forced to code map making software for spy satellites. you broke our heart. :(

    pr0metheus November 7, 2013
  137. does this tie into the career mode tech tree

    Brandon Norcross November 7, 2013
  138. tried it on my laptop and it was lag city until about 25Km

    tyler burns November 10, 2013
  139. youri vromans November 14, 2013
  140. The lagging comes as you are passing the launch facility no matter the altitude. Just turn off the mapping before you launch. Its no big deal.

    Ben Kitzler November 21, 2013
  141. not working

    Daniele Piretti November 30, 2013
  142. Humm, since I somehow can’t comment to the blog, I’ll post it here:

    “You can find stored csv’s and the MapGen tool in the PluginDataisa_mapsat directory ”

    No mapgen tool only a .csv file which can be loaded into excel(-clones). I’m not sure if excel can use it to generate hight-maps from it, OpenOffice can’t for sure. However, with minimal programing knowledge one could easily write his/her own tool. My problem: I haven’t programmed for quite some time and getting into it will probably cost me 2-3 hours where programming the actual tool would probably be done in 10-20 minutes, so I’ll leave it at that for now lol. Maybe there are plotter programs in the interwebs.

    btw. I did a file search for “mapgen” in my whole kerbal directory, nothing returned.

    Other than that it’s in general an intriguing mod, thanks.

    TheYear2525 December 2, 2013
  143. I was searching for mapgen because the “isa” and “polar” projection buttons seem to only show the latest aquired bit of the whole picture, is that a bug?

    TheYear2525 December 2, 2013
  144. MapSat exploded after mapping 95% of Kerbin fomr LKO *while the game was paused* Oo . Game crashed shortly after. Game keeps crashing after a while upon restarting :( .

    TheYear2525 December 3, 2013
  145. Hi, i’ve downloaded it, but i can’t make it work.

    I’m a Mac user and i’m playing KSP on Steam.
    Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?

    Cancanaja December 11, 2013
  146. not working!

    Daniele Piretti December 13, 2013
  147. yea it doesn’t work here as well. I’m using 0.22 version of the game.

    If I m using the radar dish it causes lags until the game crashes.

    I love this mod so I hope there is a fix.

    Sascha Bendschneider December 14, 2013
  148. I am getting short pauses every 1-2 seconds on the launchpad. I uninstalled isamapsat from my mods and now I’m no longer getting the freezes. I guess I could add more if you need me too. not sure what else you need to know.

    Bill Stewart December 21, 2013
  149. Breaks KSP 0.23 whenever I try to Launch. With ISA as the only plugin, it either crashes or freezes every single time. Without the plugin, everything works as normal.

    dragonboy January 15, 2014
  150. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!! My computer crashed 5 times just because of this!!!!!

    Karlen Bell January 24, 2014
  151. 0.23 not working !
    The game crashes upon launching anything with it. It stops after the black screen and “Warp 1X” text on screen during pre-launch.
    What is worst is that the ISA radar dish cannot be removed by itself as an item… it’s premanently FUSED to whatever you attached it to… so you need to remove the attached part also to clear the this bug.

    Not good… hope there is a fix soon.

    Adrian Crisci February 7, 2014
  152. I’ve downloaded it but the parts don’t show up? What do I do?

    Alexander Huiras February 8, 2014
  153. ISA Sat Map 3.3.4 works perfectly with the 23.
    Just copy the directory “Parts”, “PluginData” and “Plugins” at the root of KSP.

    Marroux February 9, 2014
  154. This wasn’t working for me regardless of previous comment. This is a link to a similar mod that works for me:

    Roy February 18, 2014
  155. this one, wont work on .23 for me either.
    the 4.x dev version from the blog link will run as far as putting the dish on a wip craft in the VAB, but will crash the game whenever you try to launch 95% of the time.
    hopefully it will be updated soon.

    Bob Kerbin March 1, 2014

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