[0.20] Ioncross Crew Support Plugin v1.10

This mod adds in support systems for kerbals and their ships necessary to keep then alive. It comes setup with kerbals requiring oxygen and producing carbon dioxide and their habitation modules requiring electric charge, but it can be configured to any resources desired.


Kerbal forum thread for the Ioncross Crew Support mod.

Custom textures have been provided by forum member zzz.

This mod uses Module Manager by ialdabaoth to add the module and resource entries to stock parts without need to overwrite the files. Please visit the ModuleManger forum thread for more information.

Update (2013-07-24): Fixed a typo in ModuleManager_Squad.cfg

Update (2013-06-21): No changes to the mod but it has been repackaged with ModuleManager v1.3 and includes ModuleManager configuration files for a number of popular mods.

1.10 Update: The mod has been updated for Kerbal version 0.20 and now uses ModuleManage to edit the stock parts without needing to overwrite the files. It also now loads resource use information from an easily editable configuration file allowing it to be setup to handle any resources. Because of the file structure any files from older versions are not needed and should be deleted.

This mod adds general crew support systems into Kerbal Space Program. Kerbals and their habitation parts will consume resources and produce waste. Waste resources can be managed by collecting and destroying them or recycling them back into consumable resources. If a ship runs out of consumable resources or fills up with waste resources the kerbals can be killed and their command pod can stop functioning, depending on the resource.

The default setup for the mod has the kerbals consuming oxygen and producing carbon dioxide while their habitation parts consume electric charge. Carbon dioxide can be removed with scrubbers or converted into oxygen by recyclers. If a ship runs out of oxygen or fills up with carbon dioxide the kerbals will be killed (10% chance of each kerbal dieing each hour). If it runs out of electric charge the command pods will stop working.

These settings can all be changed in the mod’s configuration file.

In the default setup of this mod there are four basic parts to the mod used to keep your kerbals alive and their ships running:

IonModuleCrewSupport: This module is added to parts in the part.cfg file. It handles resource use for both kerbals onboard the part as well as the part itself. It also includes simple built in generators (CO2 scrubbers) used to collect and destroy carbon dioxide waste.

Resource Storage: Simple tanks to store oxygen for your Kerbals to breath. Currently there are three oxygen tanks using the default RCS tank models found under utility.

Waste Removal/Recycling: The crew support module supports has built in CO2 scrubbers, but there are also recycling generators that will covert CO2 back into oxygen. These greatly increase the longevity of an oxygen supply. Two recyclers are included in the utility category using the RCS tanks.

Intake Systems: Atmospheric intake modules will draw in oxygen or CO2 from the atmosphere. In oxygen atmospheres intakes will draw in oxygen directly; in non-oxygen atmospheres they’ll draw in CO2 instead. One intake using the circular intake model is included with the other life support parts.

For information on how to configure the mod see the forum thread or the readme file for details.


Copy the contents of KerbalInstallForlder into your Kerbal installation dir. If you're using Steam this will be \steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\. See the forum thread or the readme for instructions on adding the mod to custom parts and configuring to custom resources.

How to use

You will now have to plan for oxygen and electrical consumption on your trips. For trips around Kerbin you'll probably just need a few battery banks since the onboard oxygen in most command pods is enough for a few days. For trips out to Mun and Minimus plan to bring along some power generation. You'll also need a small supply of oxygen; however, you won't need a recycler unless you're planing on staying there a while. If venturing beyond Kerbin's little corner of the system you're going to need a lot of oxygen, some recyclers, and probably an intake system to refill your tanks when you get to your destination. Plan accordingly.


29 Comments for “[0.20] Ioncross Crew Support Plugin v1.10”

  1. Great mod. Glad the creator is testing, patching, and working on (hopefully) more content.

    Pro Tip: Don’t forget this will be draining power from your capsule constantly, so throw some of the cheap static panels on it to help.

    Chrono January 22, 2013
  2. Sounds great but I don’t think my skills are currently to the level of being able to resupply deep space kerbals at the moment. Hopefully in a month or two.

    Kerby January 25, 2013
  3. Great mod, my only problem that is if you don’t know how to mod you can’t add this to capsules for other mods, maybe make the life support a radial attachment that allows you to add O²/CO² to any capsule?

    Also, if you could change the texture for the pieces so they don’t look exactly like RCS tanks? just change the yellow stripe to blue or something.

    KhalidIbn January 26, 2013
  4. Thank you for the feedback. Except you Chrono, you know why ;) .

    I have considered doing a separate module to make installation easier but there are some trade offs for that as well. Mostly this is a presentation choice to make installation a bit harder in return for making craft assembly a bit easier and keeping the part count down, even if only by one. That may change as I get more feedback but for now I favour the current method.

    As for some visual indicators that the parts are not RCS tanks. That would be great and is fairly high on list of desired features. Unfortunately, I’m a programer not an artist.

    yongedevil January 29, 2013
  5. You really need to make parts for this, using the default parts is too confusing. I’m not exactly a pro at part making, but have made a few bits and pieces for KSP so far in old versions, and will give it a go if you have run out of motivation to finish this?

    Drop me a message on twitter (@kerbonaut) or I’ll post my email here if you don’t have an account / can’t be bothered signing up. Either way, Kerbal needs a full on life support mod, like now! >:D

    I’m working on a shuttle atm for release in coming days and a rebuild of some DEMV vehicles, including a B-double research and mining trucl, but will make time!

    Kerbonominal Heavy Industries February 15, 2013
  6. Best lifesupport mod so far. No need for extra billion mods and it’s fairly simple to count with oxygen consumption and other things. I like it a lot.
    Changing skins on those parts would be nice touch as many said already.

    elkar March 24, 2013
  7. One thing I’ve noticed is that the scrubber doesn’t stay on when you stop focusing on the craft. It was a bit disappointing to see my kerbals dead on the mun because of high co2.

    Tim Wopereis March 31, 2013
  8. I did some more research and it turns out that i was wrong about my last post. it seems that if the craft is not in loading range(2km) it does not update its resources. kind of makes resupply unnecessary. As long the craft stays loaded it keeps the scrubber on.

    Tim Wopereis March 31, 2013
  9. Correct, resources are not consumed when a craft is not loaded. Some of the changes in 1.03 lay groundwork to add in calculations to account for resource used since the last time the craft was loaded, but because there’s no way to notify the player that a distant craft is running low this may just be used when a craft is left to fill its tanks from an atmospheric intake.

    As for custom parts, I’m still looking into it. Had a potential volunteer but that fell though.

    Thank you everyone who has tried this mod your feedback is appreciated.

    yongedevil April 1, 2013
  10. The most useful/balanced crew support mod so far. Too bad I have more mods, more command pods and those are not obviously affected by this.

    elkar April 15, 2013
  11. If you can make separate skins/models of your devices, then make them an integral part within “all” of the crew capsules, then you are looking at having a “required” mod for the real KSP enthusiasts. Please finish this MOD, so it can be a “must have MOD” for KSP.

    Travis Van Hoosen April 15, 2013
  12. This is great! Very nearly what I’m looking for to add survival realism to the game minus one key point…

    Is there any way to mod the Kerbonauts spacesuit to have an oxygen supply? At the moment you can just get out of your pod and live forever… Would be great to have to manage moon walks etc as well as pod oxygen. Not sure how you would do it but I’d imagine it similar to the jetpack fuel supply – it would need to also remember how much air was left in the suit each time you EVA…possibly with the option to refill the suit from the pod’s air supply?

    Also you mentioned you may be able to add calculations to reduce supplies in non active ships (outside of loading are) – please do! IT would make this mode much more useful, especially with separate landers and CMs to manage.

    All in all a fantastic mod though :)

    Mulbin April 16, 2013
  13. Kerbals shouldn’t die because of power loss, only CO2 buildup or oxygen deprivation should do that. Aircraft oxygen systems are pressurized as well, they don’t need power to supply air, the only danger would be CO2 buildup. This is what happened on Apollo 13 (though they were using a minimal amount of power to run CO2 scrubbers). You aren’t gonna freeze to death anytime soon, much less in an hour. Mayhap it eventually does kill them… but not in just an hour.

    Second, we definitely need custom parts and models. I’d really like to see them made compact and small, and mostly external bolt-on parts. Even the monopropellant pod, being the smallest oxygen container, is awfully huge.

    Finally, a system that automatically terminates warp and give you an alarm of some sort whenever you’re running out of power, air, or have too much CO2 buildup would be nice.

    Frostiken April 27, 2013
  14. Unfortunately Mulbin, but I have no idea how to add oxygen to the EVA suits. The ship parts I can add modules too which lets me attach my own code, but the EVA suits aren’t defined as a part as far as I know.

    My eventual goal for the power requirement is to disable control on loss of power as happens with a probe core. The crew death is currently just a placeholder until I can figure out how to disable control via the code. I could simply add an electrical requirement to the command module in the part.cfg; however, I want to minimize changes necessary to stock parts. My goal therefore is to have everything contained in the life support module.

    I do like the idea of terminating time warp and having an alarm when resources get to dangerous levels. That idea is defiantly going in the todo list.

    yongedevil April 29, 2013
  15. Unless we have a separately tracked auxiliary power system, I think the intent behind the capsules not needing power is that we have a basic expectation that ultra-reliable and long-life fuel cells and internal batteries are present. The crew not needing power in my mind is a basic simulation of them going ‘oh, we have no solar power and our internal supplies are running low, let’s go to backup power’. The bodies inside can still operate the ship and bring it back to life even without power – a space probe really can’t do that without power to run the computer to receive and execute the commands in the first place.

    If you make living Kerbals require power, you sort of eliminate one of the main advantages of bringing a live crew to space, rather than a much lighter and cheaper probe core.

    I like the mod, but I’m not entirely down with the idea of having to bring along so much extra stuff. I mentioned this on the KSP forums talking about your mod. What I would really like to see instead of bolt-on extras is:

    1) The command capsule. The capsule contains small amounts of provisions and the basics of life support. You can safely send this into space without further thought. You can bring up the ‘tweakable’ life support menu, and maybe pack some extra food and water in but it makes the capsule weigh more. You can also do the opposite. If you have a quick trip to a space station, you have no need to carry provisions for a week-long mun trip, allowing you to reduce weight. Rather than sliders, it might be easier to simply have four buttons labeled ‘none’ ‘some’ ‘many’ ‘lots’, which might reduce the micromanagement tweaking load. Lots would cram as much into the capsule as possible.

    2) The living module. This part should become a staple of any ship doing more than a few days trip. The capsule can store a LOT of supplies for a handful of Kerbals. It may weigh a decent amount, but without this capsule you’re not going to be going anywhere for too long. Again, you simply select how many supplies you want to bring. You could even make the interface factor in a per-kerbal consumption rate and tell you how long your flight could last.

    3) Base or space station modules. Large, heavy hydroponics buildings that generate food, fuel cell plants that turn raw materials into power and water, etc. This way you can set up provision top-up bases along the way on distant trips.

    (By the way, you should set up a KSP forum thread, this is not an ideal interface.)

    My point is that increasing the horizontal or vertical aspect of your rockets isn’t ideal and isn’t necessary. It comes to down to weight and quantity which is something we can set up without having to slap more O2 tanks on haphazardly in a rough guess of how long my Kerbals are going to last without dying.

    Frostiken April 30, 2013
  16. I should’ve mentioned – the idea behind a provisioning mod shouldn’t be to require trips from Kerbin to keep them healthy – this makes long range missions unfeasible as you would then have to waste time sending some sort of resupply tanker. You eventually reach a critical point where it’s taking you so long to make supply runs that you can’t really afford to expand further out into space. This is a problem you run into with finite resources and striking a careful balance between making resources:

    Both fun, without being overly punishing, and important, without being frustrating, you come across some real challenges and design.

    Frostiken April 30, 2013
  17. “but because there’s no way to notify the player that a distant craft is running low this may just be used when a craft is left to fill its tanks from an atmospheric intake.”

    Take apart kerbal alarmclock.

    It should be easy enough for you to calculate the resource consumption and determine when there is 1 day, 6 hours, or 5 min left.

    Fel April 30, 2013
  18. “Unfortunately Mulbin, but I have no idea how to add oxygen to the EVA suits. The ship parts I can add modules too which lets me attach my own code, but the EVA suits aren’t defined as a part as far as I know.”

    I have had this response from another user when asking about editing EVA but I have no idea what it means!… you might have a better idea :)

    “KerbalEVA is an object that can be accessed via FlightGlobals.activeVessel
    KerbalEVA is also a PartModule that is in a VESSEL, (so you can destroy the vessel to kill the kerbal, you can add in ‘resources’ via the parts interface (or force add a part containing said resources and management module)”

    Does this help? Also I have made meshes and textures for your mod for my personal use, would love to discuss sharing them if you like the look of them. Are you on the forums?… assuming this mod was killed in the forum crash.

    Mulbin April 30, 2013
  19. In fact it was Fel… who posted just before me here!

    Mulbin April 30, 2013
  20. I’ve just added a thread to the Kerbal forums for this mod:

    Since there’s clearly some interest and idea for the mod I agree the forum are probably a better place for longer discussions. I’ll post some quick replies to stuff that’s already been said here though.

    Frostiken, I like some of your ideas though I think your vision and mine are a little different. Personally I like having the electrical draw and separate oxygen tanks so these are going to stay. However, I see no reason everyone should use this the same way I do. I’ll work to make more of the parameters used configurable so anyone will be able to setup the mod as they see fit.

    Fel, thanks for pointing me at Kerbal Alarm Clock.

    And Mulbin and Fel, thanks for the info on KerbalEVA. That dose mean something to me and I think I see how I can add life support to the EVA now. Mulbin, I am interested in talking with you about the part models you have. The forums are probably a better place for that though.

    yongedevil April 30, 2013
  21. Hi Krasov, I’m sorry but this mod has nothing to do the American space shuttle.

    yongedevil May 3, 2013
  22. Hey,
    Love this mod… Only one wish. Cane to use the RCE texture is okay. But can you give the O2 Tanks a other Color??? maybeee whit or light blue????
    Best Regards Daniel

    Daniel Schufen May 6, 2013
  23. Mulbin has offered to do some custom parts for this mod. You can see some of his work here:!-learnt-blender-while-the-servers-were-down

    yongedevil May 10, 2013
  24. Since the 0.20 update this does not work. The parts are there but other than that it’s as if it wasn’t installed.

    Ryan Lockley May 27, 2013
  25. Mod has been updated to support Kerbal 0.20 now.

    yongedevil June 1, 2013
  26. great, downloading to play it!

    bitemypixels June 15, 2013
  27. its Karbon dioxide DAMMIT!

    clyde craft July 25, 2013
  28. Command pods need updating for .21.1 as far as I can tell…
    Becoming a standing mod for me ;)

    Blair Andrecheck July 29, 2013
  29. According to the forum thread, this mod *mostly* works in .21, except for some noteworthy fluctuations in recycler functionality at high warp.

    Devin J August 29, 2013
  30. Why do you have such ugly variables written like it’s code? The variable names can have spaces you know.

    pr0metheus December 19, 2013

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