Interplanetary Ship by Scott Manley

This is a replica of the interplanetary spaceship used by Scott Manley in his YouTube tutorial


It’s capable to get to any planet and back (without powered descent to Kerbin).

I recommend this calculator to get to other celestial bodies easier:

There are four version:

1. With launcher to get into orbit
12 With launcher to get into orbit and with MechJeb 2
3. Only the ship (You can use this with orbital constructions or cheat it into orbit)
4. Only the ship with MechJeb 2

The mechjeb 2 launcher sometimes does strange things. This is MJ related not because of the craft.


Extract and put into /"KSP directory"/Ships/VAB or /"KSP directory"/saves/*desired save*/Ships/VAB

How to use

Load and launch


2 Comments for “Interplanetary Ship by Scott Manley”

  1. Missing file mk1-2podrobotic. What add-on is this from?

    john pellmann June 30, 2013
  2. Same problem (missing mk1-2 pod), I found that mod and tried to install it but I still get this error.

    Scott Iver July 5, 2013

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