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This adds larger versions of the Cubic and Octagonal Struts, useful for spaceships, and smaller version of the new girders/trusses. Now you can make probe-sized extensions for putting various equipment on. They also make for a good escape tower for the small command pod. Also contains smaller/larger versions of the new structural beams and panels.

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Compatible with 0.19.

-Added upscaled/downscaled versions of the new structural beams and panels
-Added some flavor to the descriptions of the truss parts
-Scaled the breaking force, torque and crash tolerance of the truss parts to match their rescale
-Updated the mass of the truss parts to account for the tweak to the stock trusses in 0.19.1
-Fixed struts not working properly


Unzip the file and put the part folders in the game's part folder. Alternatively you can download JSGME (Google it), place that in the KSP directory and unzip this mod to a folder. This folder, often called RW - Improved Trusses, can then be placed in the mod folder that JSGME will create when it's first launched. In the JSGME program you can then activate/deactivate the mod.

How to use

They're right there in the Structural section, neatly divided into the smaller and larger truss sets (renamed some of the stock trusses to create consistency).


7 Comments for “Improved Trusses & Girders [0.19] – Robau’s Warehouse”

  1. i liking this mod so far but i was wondering if you could make adapters between the 2 sizes of the girders/trusses, Cubic and Octagonal Struts?

    Hell_Neko December 17, 2012
  2. Having some issues with trussAdapter, trussPiece1x and trussPiece3x causing KSP to freeze on loading screen when trying to process those folders.

    Tried re-downloading and replacing them with no change. The other files cause no issues.

    Brian January 7, 2013
  3. The larger struts and adaptor are missing their .mbm and .mu files. Since the mini’s are just rescaled versions you can copy the respective files over, but you might want to fix the upload.

    spawnofbill January 19, 2013
  4. The larger struts/adaptor don’t need their .mbm and .mu files. If you install correctly (and on 18.0 and above) those files should be in the KSP parts folder to begin with.

    CaptRobau February 22, 2013
  5. Can you give your parts a prefix, please? They clash with the existing trusses and it makes it very difficult to sort out your parts from the stock ones.

    Catullus May 7, 2013
  6. The attach nodes are incompatible with 0.20, could you fix that?

    TomatoSoup May 25, 2013
  7. agreed, attach nodes are not working now. had to remove this mod til it’s fixed

    salporin May 28, 2013

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