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Airships to Other Planets

Float in any atmosphere with buoyant parts! Please delete all old airship plugin and part files before installing this 0.21.1 version. Check out the instructions. Example videos at our YouTube page, now updated with a video of using included crafts to float over Eve, Laythe and Duna: http://www.youtube.com/user/HooliganLabs Requires the KAS Attachment System mod to use the airship anchor http://kerbalspaceport.com/0-18-2-kas-kerbal-attachment-system-v0-1/ The Airship to Jool uses many mods. It will require many more, larger envelopes to float in any other atmosphere. It is complex and may be a good idea to redo it. http://kerbalspaceport.com/hooligan-labs-party-starter-max-kerbals-before-launch/ http://kerbalspaceport.com/firespitter-propeller-plane-parts/ http://kerbalspaceport.com/mechjeb/ http://kerbalspaceport.com/0-18-1-h-o-m-e-start-kit/ All HL experiments can be discussed at this thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/23774-0-18-2-HL-Airships-Shields-and-Party Experimentation-Center Development


Release 2.2.0: The Realism Update. D:
- Airship envelope volumes recalculated!
- The Cirrus now expands to be much larger, reflecting what its deployed volume should be!
- Based on recent graphene research, mass has been recalculated to be much less!
- The plugin now appropriately handles the difference between kilograms and metric tons. As a result, envelopes have far less lift per volume than they did before.
- Now there is a new variable in the part.cfg files, envelopeVolumeScale, which allows parts to have lift similar to what they used to. This has been set to a default of 40, as in it has the lift of an envelope 40 times larger than it.
- Added a new “Real” Cirrus part as an example of setting the envelopeVolumeScale to 1.
- Overall, expect less performance from the envelopes than before. Much less from the rigid envelopes.

Release 2.1.0: Warning, land your airships before switching to this!
Pitch control has been removed from the GUI! Now pitch control is handled individually for each envelope. You can right click the envelopes or (better for working with symmetrical designs) assign action keys!
… Was attempting for auto-stabilization, but unfortunately the code was lost.

Release 2.0.2: Digging through my OLD stuff I got the .dae files I needed to restore the original rigid envelopes! Tested in 0.20.2. Colors are still wrong but the .png textures otherwise work fine.

Release 2.0.1: Return of the “Airships to Other Planets”! Also updated with the returned yet new and improved KAS anchor! Except for the Jool airship… I left that as a grappling hook since it might dissuade the Kraken. Or maybe it will just make it more tasty. Jool is a crazy place.

Also has two more example craft which will be featured soon in my Cirrus release video~!

Release 2.0.0: The giant deployable envelope “Cirrus” added has been added! Textures fixed! I’m having trouble getting the very old envelopes back into the game still, but they have been included if you want to poke around with them.

Release 2.0.X: Temporary fix for KSP 0.20. Something is definitely wrong with the shaders, I think it is due to how they changed rendering in KSP. However, this will at least have working parts. Yes, the old rigid envelopes are missing for now.

Release 1.7.1: Sharp-eyed THEcasualGamer156 noticed that the “Ludo Blimp” that came with this pack was broken with the new KAS. Fixed!

Release 1.7.0: Airships to Duna, Eve, Laythe and Jool have been updated to work with the new KAS parts.
- The grappling hook does NOT work like the anchor in the video! If you are moving too fast when it hits the ground then it will smash your ship into the dirt! Be careful!
- It is possible to have a kerbonaut go EVA out, grab a connector, and drop from it to go bungee jumping. To retract, switch back to the main vessel, then return to the kerbonaut to grab a ladder and get back on the airship.
- You may have to climb out onto the Airship to Jool’s ladders to reach the futhermost connectors.
- Check for preset action groups, or use your own.
- Saving and reloading with kerbonauts hanging from a connector may or may not result in a sudden disappearance.

Release 1.6.0
- New rigid semi-transparent envelope, the Dodec! Designed for creating crazy new airship shapes that look awesome. Give feedback!

Release 1.5.2
- Animations fixed.

Release 1.5.1
- Fixed issue with losing control of throttle when other vessels are around.
- There still seems to be a bug with animated envelopes not deploying when unanimated envelopes are around.

Release 1.5.0
- The airship plugin is now a Part Module! Each envelope is now a normal part with the HLEnvelopePartModule module running! So you can make anything a buoyant part. I tested it on the Stayputnik for fun. :)
- Everything else seems to work.
- I tried to add Tosh’s PID controller. It gave super accurate vertical velocity control but it would always crash the ship into the ground if you tried to land with an anchor. :(
- Attempted mid-air saving again with no luck. I talked to Mu about it and he wants to redo saving for 0.19 or 0.20, so I am leaving it alone at least until then.

Release 1.4.0 Notes (Many new requests from forum users)
- Kreuzung provided code so you can now see the “center of lift” from the blimps by clicking the button in the SPH or VAB!
- Added the original Ludo Blimp. It is compatible with the plugin, so pitch control and the rest is available.
- Added a Ludo Blimp and Airship to Jool to the Ships folder. The Airship to Jool… Well, just watch my video on Gas Giant Bungee Jumping before making any decisions about using that.

Release 1.3.0 Notes
- Inflatable parts no longer spam “Resetting inertial tensor”
- This means multiple inflatables now work with ASAS!

Release 1.2.0 Notes
- Reintroduced “Make Slow to Save”. The parameters of this can be adjusted in the .cfg file for each. This may be a way of making persistent airborne balloons easier to save.
- Removed debug text. Oops!
- Added reactor to HL Airship to Eve.

Release 1.1.1 Notes
- An astute tester noted that pitch control was broken…. again. It’s been fixed. Probably the fixed code from before was lost when my hard drive crashed.
- Reduced the drag on undeployed inflatable parachutes.

Release 1.1.0 Notes
- Included craft files for flying in three different planetary atmospheres! Requires the KAS Attachment System mod to use the airship anchor.
- Cut the drag for the Ray and Una envelopes in half.
- Noted that multiple

Release 1.0.3 Notes
- Moved parts to “Aero” tab.
- The “Una” and “Ray” parts are labeled that they will not or will work in Duna’s atmosphere, respectively.

Release 1.0.2 Notes
- Pitch control fixed!
- Fixed error spam by non-animated envelopes.
- Reduced drag on deployed inflatable parachutes. They now have drag like normal vessel parts and not like deployed parachutes. This can be changed in the .cfg file.

Release 1.0.1 Notes
- Added the “Ray” parachute for thinner atmospheres!
- Seems pitch control got broken somewhere, will look into it more soon.

Release 1.0.0 Notes
- Added animated inflatable parachute! Once the buoyancy is set to greater than 0, it will deploy if there is sufficient outside atmosphere.

Alpha 3.1.1 Patch Notes
- Compressors no longer needed! The envelopes automatically pick a leader to run the GUI, logic and calculations.
- Many 0.18 bugs squashed. This also has improved altitude control.
- Docking totally works!

Check out instructional videos here:


Release thread (post your screenshots or videos here!):


Development thread (contribute here!):


- Docking can result in multiple GUIs appearing. Save and reload from the tracking station to fix.
- Midair saving has been removed as it often resulted in physics stopping permanently.
- Be warned, switching from your craft while it is in midair may result in KSP destroying it.


Copy the GameData folder into your KSP_win (or equivalent) folder!

How to use

General instructions: - Click on the Center of Lift button in the SPH or VAB to see where lift is coming from the envelopes. - Use altitude control to hover in place. - Use vertical speed for easy landing and ascent. - Use pitch control for blimp-like shapes. This requires having more than one envelope. Envelopes should be placed evenly on either side of the center of gravity for this sort of flight. Note: Inflatable animation does not work if used with unanimated envelopes too.


28 Comments for “Airships to Other Planets”

  1. I am having problems with this mod. It hangs loading HL_AirshipEnvelope.

    Daemon December 12, 2012
  2. Have you copied the .dll to your Plugins folder? If that does not work, press Alt+F2 when it hangs and send me the error from the debug window. Thanks for the feedback!

    Hooligan Labs December 17, 2012
  3. Is there any way to get an airship to persist without the use of anchors?

    nubeees December 30, 2012
  4. Unfortunately, KSP destroys anything that is not touching the ground automatically. I took out the feature because attempted work-arounds resulted in very buggy behavior. I’ve re-implemented an improved version of the feature that keeps you slow so you will be able to save for sure, but you still need an anchor for now. Test that and let me know if it works.

    Hooligan Labs January 18, 2013
  5. when i use it it screw up all the words and removes letters and such anyone know how to fix this? and i cant rember where to put the source whered does it go?

    logan hunt March 18, 2013
  6. Will this mod work with .19?

    Bug Armstrong March 31, 2013
  7. ok…so im trying to use this to put an airstrip from the blast shields pack on the mun…any idea if this is even possible?

    apoch1999 April 6, 2013
  8. Hi
    I found out that your mod fixes a problem that I have with my mod: When I open a ship that has been saved while floating on water and marked as “landed” it usually gets frozen and the debug log shows me that it’s waiting for ground contact.
    With your mod for some reason that doesn’t happen, the message “ground contact…” pops up and controls resume normally.
    I went through your source, but couldn’t find what fixes it. Can you give me a hint in the right direction ?

    dukeofhell April 16, 2013
  9. Does it work? It sounds great, congratz!

    Brienne April 30, 2013
  10. you should put the mod parts needed in this mod

    Patton1885 May 4, 2013
  11. im missing some parts where can i get them

    screen shot http://gyazo.com/df5b4f09a67799590e44a92f9c1e6c86

    Anthony McDonald May 5, 2013
  12. When you create a U.S. space shuttle?

    Krasov Sergey May 6, 2013
  13. Really love this mod. One small problem. I can’t get a ship to save on Jool. I’m even using an anchor. Can anyone help?

    riley evan May 8, 2013
  14. YAAAAAAAY!!!!
    the Bohwheemith shall ride again!!
    (hope the whole texture/render issue aint to much of a headache)
    Thanks for fast update

    Randy Fuessel May 25, 2013
  15. love the mod, but before i download it again for my new 0.20 version i have 2 requests about the deployable ones:

    1:can you give it a more stock look? it doesnt even have to be stock just something nicer that goes with something its really odd looking on my ships

    2: a connection node at the top would be very handy (where you would have to put a decoupler obviously or it would explode if you deploy) for nosecones and such

    Maxonis May 28, 2013
  16. Nice Job Hooji, you have inspired me to try an airship now, any hints you can give?

    Devogen May 30, 2013
  17. I’ve been having a problem with this mod. It loads but I do not see any of the parts in any category when I am building.

    Jonathan Barrio June 5, 2013
  18. Pretty cool but I really wish it used resources, like helium or hydrogen gas, at least for the inflatable ones. It’s not realistic that it could suck in enough LTA gasses from the atmosphere is such a short amount of time to inflate. Feels too much like cheating with some magical flight thing…

    Funny story: (apologies in advance for the spamminess) I cobbled together my own airship probe with a kethane scanner and the Ray envelope. Originally developed them in the SPH then exported them to VAB with subassemblies plugin. I only mention that last part because of the subtle PEBCAK error that crept during that process.

    I built a quick rocket design to lift the payload to space. It was a bit of a rushed hack job on my part but I was confident it would fly. Unfortunately it proved beyond my piloting skills to get it to orbit due to excessive wobble. I turned to MechJeb only to watch in horror as the rocket did a 180 and straight into the ground. I spent the next full IRL two DAYS debugging the design, adding and removing all manner of fins and RCS schemes. I was on the verge of submitting a bug report about the airship plugin because clearly the ‘Ray’ part was adding all kinds of torque and weird forces that were sending my rocket wildly off course. Until I realized the autopilot was deliberately flying into the ground. But WHY??

    Apparently at some stage in development of the probe I turned the Okto probe core upside down. Being the root of the ship, the autopilot assumed that the end with the rockets was meant to point at space, not the ground. No doubt explaining why I had a bad problem and did not go to space today… Ala http://xkcd.com/1133/

    Kevin Starwaster Kerman June 19, 2013
  19. can you put the ship you used for the gas giant bungee jumping vid.

    Roland Gilt June 30, 2013
  20. i really want to use this mod, but every time I’ve tried to install it the envelopes wont lift any ship off the ground, please help

    tyler horning August 6, 2013
  21. I am guessing the [stock] builds no longer work right? I spent a couple hours trying to get the Duna airship to Duna in one piece, but even if I completely kill my velocity with the nuke motors and drop them, the airship is still negatively buoyant and blows up?

    David Turpin August 14, 2013
  22. Nevermind, I figured it out. Landing on a mountain left me with almost no buoyancy. After the twelfth time trying to land I finally got it to survive! At full inflation is only goes up 100m or so from the ground (2200m from “sea level”)

    David Turpin August 14, 2013
  23. I’ve noticed that the envelopes don’t change the center of lift of the vessels. I’ve had a few airship attempts that floated upside down. Pretty funny, actually.

    David Turpin August 15, 2013
  24. IRL I’m Pretty Sure Some Scientists Have Developed Flexible Solar Panels, It Would Be Really Cool If You Could Build In Some Functionality With Them Into The Top Of The Balloons

    Michael Shields September 1, 2013
  25. To all of you that are missing parts with “KAS” in the title, its from the mod called Kerbal Attachment System, which is what you need for anchors, so you better get it! XD

    Another note, i do agree that the creator should list which mod parts are needed for the crafts he included, i’m missing an obscure part right now.

    Marcos Lopez September 1, 2013
  26. help! i installed this mod, KAS and Firespitter mod and it crashes about halfway loading

    Akkupack December 19, 2013
  27. I’m having trouble when I go to load the ships that go to other planets
    , it says I’m missing something?

    Alexander Huiras February 1, 2014
  28. Hey guys, I was hoping for clarification; when I attach my ‘Inflatable Parachute “Una”‘ to my rocket in the Vehicle Assembly building, it is in a deployed state and stays that way when I go to the launchpad. How do I get the un-deployed version? I don’t want it deployed when I lift off from the launch pad…

    Quinn B March 13, 2014

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