Half Meter Parts and Other Useless Crap R4

A collection of smaller than usual parts for smaller than usual ships. And a few bigger parts too. Includes Mpd Thrusters, Vtol Engines, Rockets, Jets, Rcs Parts (including hall effect and bleed thrusters), structural widgets, and a cockpit! Now over 40 parts! Mod pack now compatible with 0.20.


New from r3:

0.20 compatibility (now uses new mod heirarchy)
all textures are now png (you can now edit if you dont like)
NEW! structural lattice construction kit
some parts now come in a larger sizes
better colliders for parts that had bad colliders (like the cockpit and the tail boom)
depricated arrrghohn, all hall thrusters and mpd engines now use xenon
resized fuel tanks to more strict specifications to make them compatible with the new lattice system
rebalenced some parts (mono tank is a lot less useless now)
atmospheric vtol engine can now be throttled more quickly
*known issue* 0.20 broke the sound effects so that badass mpd thruster sound doesnt work


Extract the archive to a temp folder with paths and copy the contents of the 'KSP_Root' folder from the archive to your KSP_* directory (where * is your platform, eg KSP_Win). Craft will go into KSP_*/Ships/VAB and KSP_*/Ships/SPH, and the mod will go under KSP_*/GameData/Nuke/

How to use

Install mod and start building with new parts. See example craft for ideas.


4 Comments for “Half Meter Parts and Other Useless Crap R4”

  1. Great Pack, The Parts are totally that whats needed, but the Pod Hatch is obstructed :(

    TheOrion May 31, 2013
  2. From what i’ve seen, i love this mod, just what i need for my small probe explorers, but it has made my game very unstable now (may be a mod conflict, or something i’m doing) because i’ve had no problems with 0.20 yet; so ill be keeping my eye on this pack for future updates

    Jonathan Rigby June 1, 2013
  3. I love this mod, but I have a problem with the xenon thrusters. I am using KSP version 0.21.

    They consume far more electricity than their advertized requirement and the generators on the small ones don’t work. I’ve tried assigning them to a hotkey and toggling them manually, and they still don’t work.

    I’ve had to make craft with ginormous battery reserves and dozens of solar panels and the big xenon thruster still eats through everything in about two seconds, even when my Energy-per-second collected should be well over 300. I even tried using a nuclear reactor from another mod that generates 500 energy per second and even it couldn’t keep up with the demands of the big xenon engine.

    Petrock August 21, 2013
  4. @petrock

    In early versions of the game, the fuel consumption of an engine was specified in the raws. But in current versions, as with liquid engines, fuel consumption on ion engines is a function of the specific impulse(Isp) of the motor. The propellant amounts listed now are the *proportion* of each propellant that is used. The ion thrusters in the game use great amounts of electricity but very little fuel- one small xenon tank can last an for more than an hour of full-throttle thrust on the stock engine. They are designed for missions with very long time profiles.

    By editing the part.cfg file and reducing the number given for electricCharge, you can modify the engine to consume less electricity at the cost of proportionately increased xenon usage. Depending on your mission, this may be good or bad.

    Fooblack September 2, 2013

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