[0.23] GHud for Logitech Keyboards [1.2]

Adds displays to the screen on the Logitech G19 / G510 / G15 / G13 family of gaming keyboards.


This plugin adds useful displays to the built-in screen on Logitech gaming keyboards. It supports both the large color screen on the G19 as well as the smaller mono displays on the g510, g18 etc. (Currently only tested on G19 & G510)
(Update: Community confirms it works on G13 and G15 v1)

NOTICE: If you are updating from version version you MUST delete the GameData/GHud directory before installing.

NOTE: When installing you MUST extract to the root KSP folder and not just to Gamedata as a dll to support the keyboard must be in the root.
The mod currently only works on Windows.

Version 1.2 is here with new screens, custom split screens and more.

1.2: Imgur Album: Album for GHud 1.2
On the G19 you can independently change the top and bottom displays with the “up/down” display arrow buttons. Use the Menu button to change full screen modes.
– Added Target orbit displays
– Can now independantly select top and bottom displays on the G19 in the
split screen view. Use up and down display buttons.
– Added Situation field
– Removed atmosphere rendering from orbit graphs for monochrome displays.
– Improved performance
– Removed stray log spam.
– Verified on 0.22 sandbox and career modes. Fixes incompatibility with Mechjeb2 and possibly other mods (delete GameData/GHud dir prior to installation) Initial release

Current features:
G19 Color screen:
(Cycle displays by pressing the ‘menu’ button on the keyboard)
- Orbit Screen: (split between text and half-height orbit graphic)
Text: Velocity, Inclination, Apoapsis, Periapsis, Time to Apoapsis, Time to Periapsis
Orb Graph: Rendering of the current orbit. Displays the correct parent body size/color as well as an alpha blended atmosphere correctly sized.
This display is a 2d rendering done orthoginal to the inclination. Thus you won’t see any inclination in the display other than the inclination number.

- Large Orb Graph: Fullscreen version of the orbit graph.

G510/G18 mono screen:
(Cycle displays by pressing the right most button under the display (button 4))
- Orbit info: Velocity, Inclination, Apoapsis, Periapsis, Time to Apoapsis, Time to Periapsis
- Orb Graph: Monochrome version of the Orbit Graph described for the G19.

Future Plans:
- kOS integration, allowing your kOS programs to display to the keyboard screen.
- Target info
- Surface info
- Custom displays
- Display the Lazor docking cam (if you have that mod installed)
- Target body patched conics
- API allowing other mods to display to add screens.

Imgur gallery: Album for GHud 1.2
Imgur gallery: Album for GHud 1.0
Official Forum Thread: forum thread
Code at Github:


Extract the zip to the root of the KSP directory. This is important as there is a .dll which must be in the games root directory in order for the plugin to load it.

How to use

When you enter a flight the keyboard will begin displaying. You can cycle screens using the "Menu" key on the G19 or "Button 4" on other monochrome keyboard models. NEW for 1.2: On the G19 when on the split screen you can change the top and bottom displays independently using the up and down arrow buttons next to the display on the keyboard.


8 Comments for “[0.23] GHud for Logitech Keyboards [1.2]”

  1. Using the G13…works a treat although graphic orbit is a bit crappy, but thats due to poor resolution, so no blame there.
    Well done, this is a keeper!
    You can add the G13 to the list.

    Fuddhotep September 28, 2013
  2. You can also add the G15 v1 to the list.
    Thank you for a nice addition to KSP. (I might even abandon mechjeb)!

    TheCardinal September 28, 2013
  3. Thanks guys. G13 and G15 added to the list.

    Rob Petri September 28, 2013
  4. Crap. Now I just NEED a Gxx keyboard… this mod looks so damn geek.
    Just a thought… does this also work when KSP is minimized? That’d be awesome.

    Richard van Dijk October 2, 2013
  5. Yep. It does work when minimized as long as you have simulate in background on in ksp.

    Rob Petri October 2, 2013
  6. Works fine with my G510 and just do his Job. Thanks

    Lukas October 16, 2013
  7. Yes i love the mod. I always love any app or w.e that uses the LCD on the G510…Cheers Rob P. major plus!!!!!!!!

    kc c October 24, 2013
  8. mark1cock?

    charlyle edwardson October 25, 2013
  9. Seems to work well on my G19. I look forward to future developement of this.

    Skankman December 30, 2013
  10. Awesome job, Rob! Thanks for this, this will help me avoid using mechjeb for simple procedures :)

    Steve Smith January 2, 2014
  11. can someone please give a more detailed installation guide. For example, what is the KSP root folder? Are there any extra steps to set up the keyboard?
    i have a g510 keyboard
    windows 8
    non-steam download

    Daniel Lorell January 26, 2014
  12. Daniel,

    The ksp root folder is the directory you installed Kerbal to. For example, you will see subdirectories in there such ask GameData, KSP_Data etc.

    Just unzip it into that directory. No need to do anything else to setup the keyboard.

    Rob Petri February 22, 2014
  13. THANK YOU!
    For this great mod!

    Andrey Taranovskiy February 23, 2014

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