FusTek Station Parts NEW KARMONY MK II [2 6-Man Command Pods, 12-Node Truss, 1 Giant Static Solar Panel] Fixed 2/25/13

2/25/13 ATTENTION MKII OWNERS: RE-DOWNLOAD FOR NON-BUGGY VERSION OF Karmony MK II w/Adapter!! Collider errors fixed, ladders no longer block part-placement/pickup in VAB/SPH!! UPDATE: Karmony Mk II Released!! ALL NEW IVA, New Look (breaks craft, but for the better!), same old K1 truss, and Giant Static Panels Forum Post: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/24826 UNZIP THE FusTek FOLDER DIRECTLY INTO YOUR GameData folder! Karmony Habitation Nodes: There are 2 6 man command pods with complete IVA and working ladders and airlocks. They are nearly identical save their tops and bottoms. One ends in a flush 2.5m diameter face, while the other tapers to 1.25m for convenient and recessed docking node placement (among other things!). Note: These are TOTALLY command pods now. Feel free to incorporate them into lander designs or whatever. K1 Truss: The K1 truss does nothing but sit there, look pretty, and allow massive expansion. The part is over 10 meters long and has 12 radial attachment nodes (and another two stack nodes on the bottom and top). Note: The yellow handles you see denote ladders running the length of the part, try it out! 0X-STAT-XL: These are large static panels so you don’t have to spam the small static panels on your larger craft. They don’t match the stock panels charge per surface area, but that is only because the stock ones are overpowered. These will charge 5.5 per second in full sunlight. They’re very nice!


Karmony Habitation Nodes:
There are 2 of my 6 man crew tanks in here. One is just like vanilla, with 2.5m ends. The other comes with integrated docking ports on each end (fully compatible with the 1.25m stock docking ports, mechjeb, and LazorDockingCam) and some RCS fuel on board.

Note: These are NOT command pods. You will find them in the same category as the stock Crew Tank

K1 Truss:
The K1 truss does nothing but sit there, look pretty, and allow massive expansion. The part is over 10 meters long and has 12 radial attachment nodes (and another two stack nodes on the bottom and top).

Note: The yellow handles you see denote ladders running the length of the part, try it out!


These are large static panels so you don’t have to spam the small static panels on your larger craft. They don’t match the stock panels charge per surface area, but that is only because the stock ones are overpowered. These will charge 5.5 per second in full sunlight. They’re very nice!




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43 Comments for “FusTek Station Parts NEW KARMONY MK II [2 6-Man Command Pods, 12-Node Truss, 1 Giant Static Solar Panel] Fixed 2/25/13”

  1. Yes it does look nice:)

    IceBerg January 21, 2013
  2. I recommend a redownload IceBerg, it looks nicer and has a partner now!

    fusty January 21, 2013
  3. These are amazing! Would love to see more modules added :D

    Matthew January 21, 2013
  4. The stock solar panels are over powered, to the point the only reason you would use two is to look balanced, or are using the underpowered stock one.

    Lobsterbark January 25, 2013
  5. Yeah, I basically went by charge per unit mass. Gigantors were around 128, and the stock static panels are at 150. All of this is too high, mine are at 110. Quite useful, and you don’t have to feel like you’re cheating.

    fusty January 25, 2013
  6. I LUV the newest textures. Well done.
    *Sound of slow clapping*

    Mekan1k February 20, 2013
  7. @Kerbonominal Heavy: They’re all over the place. Look at this picture of the Hubble http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/03/STS-125_EVA1_Grunsfeld.jpg – Yellow hand railings going vertically and horizontally across the telescope.

    Mike Bernat February 20, 2013
  8. Love these parts but there is something seriously wrong with the Karmony Mk II it cause 5 fps when i load it into the VAB or in the actual game dont know the reasons but i did nit add any other parts to it and it did this everytime so i cant use this but i can use the 2.5 pod

    Thomas sTRICKLAND February 21, 2013
  9. sTrickland, do you notice this slow down once on the launch pad/in flight?

    I notice a bit of a slow down the moment I place the node into the vab but it goes away after 5 or so seconds, even on my slowest machine. Still picking people’s brains as to what could be the issue, so thank you for any feedback!

    fusty February 22, 2013
  10. I love the IVA on it!

    mw2mw3rhett February 23, 2013
  11. I’m having the same issue as Mike Bernat. I thought I’d build a more accurate version of the ISS using these parts but docking to the station is nearly impossible because (presumably) the Mk II is seriously lagging my game. When I’m actually flying it, it’s okay (after it loads), but flying in the vicinity of it is nearly impossible.

    Michael Braedley February 24, 2013
  12. Thomas sTRICKLAND, Michael Braedley and everyone;

    Please re-download as I have fixed the collider issue, as well as parts placed along the ladder (45* offsets) were not able to be picked back up and that is now fixed on both the 2.5m and 1.25m flavors.


    fusty February 25, 2013
  13. Would you be okay with a resized version of the truss being used in my stations pack I’m working on? You haven’t mentioned any license terms, so idk if it’s okay to mod and re-release these, or whether you don’t allow sharing of your parts. I’m not 100% sure I’ll be including it yet, but atm it’s been a handy structure for sticking things together to see how they sit in VAB for my testing. I’d have to reskin it a bit, darken it down, make the yellow handles more of an off white like truss grips are IRL, and generally make it fit the overall theme, but thankfully you’re awesome and used PNG so we can actually do that easily! :D

    Kristina February 25, 2013
  14. Go ahead Kristina, I’ll be re-doing the K1 truss entirely at some point so it is free to use as you please, just be sure to credit me as the original author/maker as long as you are using some parts that I made :)

    fusty February 25, 2013
  15. What do you use to launch the K1 into orbit… Every rocket I used seem top heavy and falls over (and crashed KSP lol).

    NeoMorph February 25, 2013
  16. Might just be me, but none of the radial attachment nodes seem to be working with anything, and the top and bottom ones don’t seem to work with stock docking ports or your own FusTek ones. I can place things on the positions, but they don’t lock to centre.

    This is 0.18.4, by the way. Am I just doing something wrong?

    CSquared February 26, 2013
  17. CSquared, you probably are doing something wrong actually.

    It arises from me allowing you to surface attach as well.

    I fixed this problem for someone else, let me know if this doesn’t help you (includes pictures).


    fusty February 28, 2013
  18. I have some suggestions:
    1. Large solar arrays like on the ISS
    2. Truss/Girder segments shaped like the ones that make up the backbone on the ISS

    Keep up the good work!

    Alexander Davenport March 4, 2013
  19. fusty:

    As it happens, EOverM on Reddit is me. It’s my alternate username for when CSquared’s taken.

    Your solution worked perfectly, thanks a lot for your assistance.

    CSquared March 4, 2013
  20. Mk II is very laggy for some reason, but the 2.5 meter one works just fine.

    I just use the 2.5m and adapters on it.

    Jeremy Neil March 5, 2013
  21. Jeremy, when did you download if I may ask? I reduced the polycount massively on 2/25, so if you downloaded before then, give it a redownload and let me know how it goes.

    fusty March 6, 2013
  22. Apparently I downloaded this literally a day before it was updated. I could have sworn I downloaded post-update. Apparently not.

    Works now.

    Jeremy Neil March 9, 2013
  23. Not sure if this is just me, or if i even should be saying this here, but I get this weird bug with your mod that causes some letters in the UI to disappear

    TheOnyxReaper March 10, 2013
  24. also encountered a problem with some textures, again might not be your parts but check anyway

    TheOnyxReaper March 10, 2013
  25. In 0.19, something’s wrong with the textures or meshes. It doesn’t cause any big issues, but the Karmony nodes appears pretty much flat aside from the nodes. The tiles are supposed to stick out, but they just appear as flat grey lines. Your parts were some of the best-looking space station parts in 0.18.4, and it’d be really cool if they looked right in 0.19 as well!

    Ryke March 17, 2013
  26. Interesting, checking it out now. Been quite busy with work, but I’ll see what I can do.

    I’ll slap a [.19] on the title once everything seems up to speed.

    fusty March 18, 2013
  27. Tried it, but it’s totally not for me. There is no oxygen/co2 managment to those parts. 3 stars for effort.

    elkar March 24, 2013
  28. I haven’t actually used the Karmony or K1 truss in any designs yet, since their aesthetic is so different from stock parts, but they’re beautiful, and seem to work just fine now that the mesh lag is fixed. The OX-STAT-XL can be found all over my stuff though, especially along the large modular girders! Like so: http://imgur.com/a/3Z3T7

    @elkar – Down-rating for “not adding a feature to the game”? WTF? There’s no O2 / CO2 management to *anything* in KSP, in its current state. Why would you expect a small parts pack like this to change that?

    Yancarlo Ramsey March 25, 2013
  29. I get two versions when I download – Mk 2 and Legacy Harmonies? Which one do I use or do I use both? A readme file in the download explaining this would help in that I have to wait for an answer here now before I use these – I dont want to put them in my game and than have to find them again to delete them if the ‘old legacy’ ones (whatever that means) are not needed.

    Nigel Stutt April 15, 2013
  30. Nigel Stutt: Use the MK 2 stuff. The legacy parts are just older and not as nice looking (No IVA either)

    fusty April 18, 2013
  31. I love it, please do more space station modules, the game is lacking as of the moment

    lyndonguitar May 3, 2013
  32. Way too cool, fusty. I really like the art style of the Karmony II modules, as well as the fact they have integral RCS tanks and ladders.

    Whilst I do share the same sentiments as other users regarding “moar modulez”, I’d be more interested in taking a more proactive approach to this – would you be interested in releasing the source files / textures / workflow under a Creative Commons license (or equivalent), so that folks could have a crack at making variants?

    We could discuss this further on the forums, if you’d like.

    Robin Chang May 15, 2013
  33. 2.0 compatible version on the way? Nodes are incorrect with latest version of KSP (… for me, at least).

    Paul Bartelt May 23, 2013
  34. YAAAY!
    thankee for the update…now I can start rebuilding my kerbin logi station while I wait for the rest of my parts =)

    Randy Fuessel May 23, 2013
  35. or so I thought…..
    parts don’t seem to show up…
    the props and internals show as loaded in the debug database, but the parts I cant find, either in the VAB menus or in debug data…
    having same issue with all the FusTek parts, maybe I overlooked something, but im fairly confident I got em installed right (got a couple other mods installed that workin fine)

    Randy Fuessel May 23, 2013
  36. Paul and folks, redownload. The nodes have been fixed. Everything looks perfect now. (or as perfect as it ever was . . .)

    fusty May 23, 2013
  37. Thank you Fusty. Actually figured it out myself from some release notes. Great stuff, wish I could make the same. Your efforts are appreciated.

    Paul Bartelt May 24, 2013
  38. Cant figure out how to install these things now. Doesnt help that the install info is out of date. Seems every mod has different install folders. Used to be simple…..

    Nigel Stutt May 27, 2013
  39. The format for how mods are handled was changed so I assume these are no longer compatible without changes.

    Jeremy Neil May 30, 2013
  40. Thanks for updating them for 0.20!

    Richard Springstead June 1, 2013
  41. Is it possible to dock these items together in space? or should I add a docking port?

    Terry Bryson June 9, 2013
  42. Loving it. Seems to work fine so far here (0.20).

    And @ Richard Springstead, you have to add docking ports yourself. For a clean look, download the ‘FusTek Common Berthing Mechanisms’.

    Erik June 14, 2013
  43. Would be useful if the ends were flat for the Docking Port Sr.

    I prefer assembling my space stations with the Docking Port Sr as it provides a better bond.

    Ruedii June 18, 2013
  44. very nice.

    t l January 27, 2014

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