[0.23.5] Firespitter propeller plane and helicopter parts v6.2

Propeller engines, helicopter engines, wings, cockpit, and more!


Full change log and forum thread

Watch the 6.0 video!

-Landing gear tires bump, screech and smoke when touching down, and have rolling and retract sounds.
-Overhauled the Water launch system. Save your current position to re-use in new vessels. Launch anywhere on Kerbin! More reliable coordinate saving.
-Scaled f-86 wing lift back to 72%, which should be around the realistic lift amount (still more than stock lift)
-Subtle braking sound.
-Fixed some old tail gear scaling and floating point error rendering issues (Scale has changed a little bit)
-Support for part effects (sounds etc) in the animation module.

-Fixed some FAR Values. Included two example craft re-tweaked for FAR.
-A surprise


-FAR values added to biplane wings and F-86 wings (FAR is optional as always!)
-CoM indicator bug fixed, replace engines on existing craft for a fix. (Removed 0/0 electric resource node from engines)
-Some wings have had module changes, which will reset the texture selection. For craft already in flight, you can EVA a Kerbal an Repaint the part.
-All example craft renamed with the prefix FS to make them easier to find
-Guide PDF updated
-Added Normal map (etc) switching support to FStextureSwitch


-Biplanes! Make you own WWI planes with these new parts. Be an Ace or a Twenty-Minuter!
This is a whole matching part set with alternate switchable textures on each part.

-New custom lift and wing code that is more realistic and more customizable.
-Custom lift is used in the biplane parts and the F-86 wings. (The legacy F-86 wings are included as a zip in the Parts/Aero folder)

-KSP 0.23 Compatability with tweakables. Fewer silly popups, more nice tweaks.

-Auto deploying leading edge slats, and flaps on the F-86 wings.

-Action Group to increase/decrease hover height in heli/VTOL rotors.
-Wheels have less sideways friction for safer take offs and landings.
-Wheel motor reversing bug fix.
-FSwheel friction override bug fixed.

-KSP 0.22 compatibility

-Avro Lancaster Engines. Surface mounted big engines, one variant with internal landing gear, one without.
-All parts have been assigned a science node (costs have not been set)

Useful tweaks:
-FAR fix: if FAR is present, the control surface range module is disabled to fix incompatibility.
-Turned Allow Surface Attach on for tail control surfaces.
-The bomber cockpit is now less indestructible. (Fixed collider order)
-The bomber wings have proper collision detection
-Wheel and engine settings in the SPH now affect the whole symmetry group.
-VTOL steering can be toggled on and off with an action group (without affecting the steering setup)

-F-86 fighter jet wing with deployable leading edge for increased lift+drag
-F-86 tail control surfaces (elevators and rudder)
-Folding electric plane propeller
-Greatly reduced the weight of the landing gear. (Check the balance of your craft)
-Added brake lights to some gears
-Trim tool displays current trim
-Updated gyroscope and nose SAS to use the new SAS module. Converted cockpits to the new reaction wheel system. (very weak reaction wheels) (thanks to PolecatEZ for some input)
-Water Launch Module: On slower machines, try setting a longer timer setting if you are put back to the runway at lunch. Edit the line timer = 4.0 to a higher value (seconds). (Parts\Utility\FS_moveCraftGadget\part.cfg)

Confused? Check the Firespitter parts guide

Contains over 60 parts, including:
-Rotating propeller engine with sound effects. Internal air intake. Normal and electric varieties.
-Fighter and bomber style wings, with extender piece for longer wing span.
-Retractable Spitfire style landing gear. Steerable and trimmable.
-Helicopter main rotor, normal large and electric. trimmable and with autohover.
-Helicopter tail rotors.
-Helicopter cockpits with internals.
-B-17 style cockpit with internals, and fuselage sections to match
-VTOL propeller engine
-Swamp boat engine
-Helicopter tail boom.
-Passenger fuselage with some fuel.
-Larger battery.
-Jerry can.
-Oxygen and Air tanks.
-Info window popup part for remembering complex action groups etc.

Video of the mustang and apache

Video of the bomber, helicopter and other stuff

Many of the parts have right-click context menus with useful functions, or action groups you can set during craft construction.


Unzip the contents of the zip file directly to the KSP folder, so the files end up in the GameData catalog. For example: c:\games\KSP_win\GameData\Firespitter. If you are on a mac, take care when overwriting a folder, as it might default to wiping the target folder of other content. But don’t take it from me, let Scott Manley guide you. If you want to use the example craft as stock craft, place them in the ships/SPH folder. The Source folder is just so people can inspect and optionally compile the code themselves if they are wary of accepting dlls from strangers. More info in the Firespitter parts guide

How to use

Confused? Check the Firespitter parts guide


162 Comments for “[0.23.5] Firespitter propeller plane and helicopter parts v6.2”

  1. Holy molly this looks fantastic can’t wait to try this out!

    Mguarn January 12, 2013
  2. Looks good, good animation, but WAY TOO MUCH TORQUE. Keep up the good work!

    Mekan1k January 12, 2013

    Yeah, I’m experimenting with different values, it used to be worse, like getting to 45 000m was no problem even though the engine cut out at 20 000. I’ll have to find a balance between needing insane amounts of lift to get it off the ground, and being overpowered. Feel free to fiddle with the cfg and find a sweet spot.

    Snjo January 12, 2013
  4. This is a great addon, very nice work with everything in it. Though if I may give a suggestion, seeing how well the prop works in this, have you considered making other types of prop engines? Such as larger ones, like a prop engine from a C-130? Love the sound a C-130 makes when it flies over.

    Spectre118 January 12, 2013
  5. “have you considered making other types of prop engines?”

    Well, a youtube user suggested making a helicopter main and tail rotor, so I’m experimenting with that right now, but I originally built this as a motor to hang from the wing instead of on the end of a stack, so I’ll probably make that for a passenger plane feel. And we need some better wings :)

    Snjo January 13, 2013
  6. for some reason the animation is not working on mine ?? but this engine i will tell you is freaking great,, just handles perfectly i tested it out and by far is best in my collection and i got a large collection both old and new

    videomaji January 14, 2013
  7. “for some reason the animation is not working on mine”

    The animated propeller requires the included plugin to be placed in the KSP plugin folder. I’ve only tested it on 0.18.2, but I think it will work on earlier versions too, since it’s borrowed from Damned Aerospace, which is 0.17 I think.
    I personally prefer the max thrust in the cfg at 35, instead of the published 70, as that allows you to more realistically lose speed going vertical instead of gaining it. But that all depends on the weight of the plane of course.

    Snjo January 14, 2013
  8. So…. Are you going to re-use the damned-aerospace parts?

    Mekan1k January 16, 2013
  9. “Are you going to re-use the damned-aerospace parts?”

    I’m not sure what you mean. I’m using his rotation plugin, but all the rest is made from scratch. If you mean will I include his stuff, no, I’ll let him release it on his own :)

    Snjo January 16, 2013
  10. Quality stuff, bro. Great modeling, and the particle effects and sounds I saw/heard in the Youtube vid are nice too. It’s pretty late, will download and install tomorrow.

    Nutbag Deluxe January 16, 2013
  11. Awesome, but the blades look a bit flimsy. The need more meat.

    Cucumber January 16, 2013
  12. The propeller could use the ability to rotate the blades, like on modern private aircraft to change the direction of airflow.
    or something like that…

    Galacticruler January 17, 2013
  13. “The propeller could use the ability to rotate the blades, like on modern private aircraft to change the direction of airflow.
    or something like that…”

    That’s not poss… WAIT A MINUTE!
    You just gave me an idea for how to do it! I’ll just put a context menu to flip the thrust vector around using an animation, the same way i did steering. Thanks!

    Next version then!

    Snjo January 17, 2013
  14. I know I could simply edit the cfg files to do this, but would you perhaps make weaker electric powered variants of these parts? I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make an unmanned exploration plane for other planets that would fly indefinitely, and electric propellers are exactly what I need. I’m sure other people have had similar thoughts.

    KentCory January 18, 2013
  15. “…electric engines”

    It’s been requested, and it’s on my todo-list. I quite like the idea :)

    Snjo January 18, 2013
  16. really cool mod Snjo. i noticed the prop gets more efficient with height though, which isn’t the nature of a prop. their thrust weakens with height ( less air to bite into ) they use prop angle ( pitch ) to combat this problem but it’s still less efficient. just mentioning it depending on the realism level you wanted with the mod. i love the nostalgic look though.

    tedeee January 19, 2013
  17. oh could you put a fuel amount in the wings? just like the real thing.

    tedeee January 19, 2013
  18. “the prop gets more efficient with height though”

    ugh, no I don’t want that,I have to experiment with the settings to fix it.

    “oh could you put a fuel amount in the wings? just like the real thing.”

    Of course, great idea!

    Snjo January 19, 2013
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    Kexk January 23, 2013
  20. Needs to provide it’s own intake-air while in atmosphere.

    Needing air intakes is NOT REALISTIC AT ALL.

    Asialsky January 23, 2013
  21. “Needs to provide it’s own intake-air while in atmosphere.
    Needing air intakes is NOT REALISTIC AT ALL.”

    Yeah, it is supposed to provide it’s own air, but I accidentally based the function on a Kethane module. I have fixed the air intakes in the coming version, plus sweeping atmospheric balancing.

    Snjo January 24, 2013
  22. Snjo, can you add an option for rotors to rotate counter clockwise, that would be great!

    KBcobra January 27, 2013
  23. “Snjo, can you add an option for rotors to rotate counter clockwise, that would be great!”

    It’s actually already possible, just edit the part.cfg file, under
    name = copterThrottle

    edit the inverse the rotationSpeed value, so it becomes

    rotationSpeed = 700

    instead of -700

    Snjo January 27, 2013
  24. This looks amazing!
    Gotta try this one :)

    Morgantao January 27, 2013
  25. Ooops! Forgot to include the resource file, hot fixing. File is uploading now.

    Snjo February 6, 2013
  26. Hotfix 3.3.1 is up now, with the resource file

    Snjo February 6, 2013
  27. One thing that would make it better (in my opinion) is a couple of standard .craft files to get us started, or maybe a build sheet or some pics of how they’re supposed to look. I’m having difficulty making a chopper, but it could be that I havent used KSP in a while, and just upgraded to 18.2.
    Anyway, thanks for putting your time into this mod.

    Coda February 12, 2013
  28. Could you possibly add Turboprop engines? Or Propfans?

    Ur Didact February 12, 2013
  29. …”a couple of standard .craft files”

    Sure, I’ll put it on my todo-list

    “Could you possibly add Turboprop engines? Or Propfans?”

    I’ll have to look into how they are different mechanically, but at first glance, it seems like a good candidate for the surface attachable engines I want to make.

    Snjo February 12, 2013
  30. Awesome pack! Here are some thoughts and observations from the last couple days. Incoming textbomb:

    I’m using this with Ferram Aerospace Research which, as far as I know, won’t work with wing/fin/control surface pieces from other packs unless they are modded with the FAR aerodynamic properties. I’ve only tried using the speed brakes (which are cool!) and it broke the game physics. The speed brakes aren’t really necessary with FAR anyway since you can just add two pairs of control surfaces to the back of your wings, set them as brakes, and set one pair to 60° deflection and the other to -60° (or whatever angle.) Anyway, I really want to use the Firespitter wings and fins, but to set that up I need the mean airfoil chord and total planform area (I figure the mean chord sweep angle is 0°); I can probably figure out the rest. If I get around to it I could probably figure it out by measuring from screenshots, but if the spirit moves you that would be useful information. I can let you know the FAR cfg settings I come up with too if you want.

    I don’t see myself using the helicopter parts very much, although I admit the folding electric rotor is *really* cool. I LOVE the copter cockpit though and have been using it for small observation planes; it’s odd to have an airplane cockpit with Helicopters for Dummies on the dash but, hey, it makes as much sense as anything else the Kerbals do, right? My only criticism is the spotlights/landing lights; they work, and you get the lighted spot on the ground, but the glass diffuser on the model doesn’t light up when turned on.

    Oh, and it looks like you have an orphan bracket at the end of the cockpit cfg. Not actually important, I just figured I’d mention it. I found it while trying to get it to work with the FARs control plugin but it turns out you just can’t do that with pods unless you manually set the FAR drag characteristics, which I’m a bit too intimidated to try myself. Not a big deal, I just use a duplicated accelerometer part with FARControlSys on and it works fine.

    I’ve had a lot of stability problems with the fighter main gear and have just stopped trying to use them, but I love the tail wheel. I use it as a safety skid wheel on my tricycle planes since not over-pitching on takeoff is really hard with the keyboard. :/ I also built a couple really tiny planes using just the small wheel for all landing gear; I duplicated the part, set one to BrakeTorque = 0 and the other to BrakeTorque = 25 (since having a nose wheel with no brakes is an important part of not dying on landing) and modified the texture on the with-brakes version to have a little copper-colored disk brake like off of a good mountain bike. I can send you that texture if you want.

    Using jerrycans as drop tanks on these tiny little aircraft is also amusing. :P

    I think that the pusher-configuration version of the propeller engine should *not* have a built-in air intake function – being that it faces out of the windstream – and that it should be dependent on a separate intake; I modded the cfg to get rid of that and have been using it with miniature radial airscoops. I also cranked the heat up to 750 so it overheats at full throttle, since historically pusher-configuration piston engines have always had a reputation for overheating.

    I know the function is borrowed from Damned Aerospace and you may not have the capability/time/interest to try to change it, but the spin behavior of the propellers is really annoying. Throttling up with the engines deactivated still gives you silently spinning propellers; I have a habit of cracking to 10% and then activating the engines when taking off, and having the props spin up before the engine has even started just breaks willing suspension of disbelief. It would also be nice to be able to steer on the ground with asymmetric thrust, killing the engines on one side, without it looking like all the engines are still running… and be honest, being able to dramatically start up the engines one at a time would be cooool. There should be some prop RPM lag time when activating/deactivating engines too so it doesn’t just instantly jump to 100%/0% RPM if you have wide open throttle when switching it on/off.

    Having the propeller windmill very slowly when it has a lot of forward airspeed while deactivated or with the throttle all the way closed would be cool too, but I know that might be too much to ask.

    I always find it annoying when people are pestering content developers, “You NEED to add this and that and also this,” like geez, it isn’t like they don’t have enough to do and have their own ideas. I kind of get the impression that Damned Aerospace has kind of died off and everyone expects you to fill that void now… I have to say, if that’s the case, you’re doing a good job, and I like your visual style a LOT more than than the DA parts. Everyone asking you to add turboprops or fanprops though, if you want to do that then by all means it’s cool, but I don’t think I like people hounding you for that when it doesn’t necessarily fit the visual theme of what’s obviously intended to be a retro-style parts pack. As for myself, I just stick a propeller on the front of a nacelle, a mini jet engine on the back, and a mini airscoop on the bottom and pretend it’s a Rolls Royce Dart-style turboprop engine.

    Having said that, I apologize for the following hypocrisy: I do think half-meter versions of the prop engines would be cool, as would a full size version of the electric prop that just has the spinner cone mate directly to the front of a half-meter nacelle. The one piece of new content that strikes my imagination is a set of gas- and electric-powered ducted fans; one 1m diameter that mates to the back of a 0.5m nacelle and one 1.5m that mates to the back of a 1m nacelle, air intakes on front around the attachment point. They would look like the fans off of an Edgley EA-7 Optica or the Cessna XMC.

    So many words!

    Kaitlyn February 13, 2013
  31. Can take of with heli rotors for the life of me XD

    James Hamell February 17, 2013
  32. Kaitlin:

    Wow, that’s a lot of good input!

    Wings – If you send me a PM on the forums, I can send you the project files, and you can figure out the proper coordinates. If you get some good cfgs out of it, send them my way, and I’ll include it in the pack.

    Stupid shutdown spin – Fixed in the next version. Also the spinning on other craft. I should tie it to thrust instead of throttle too…

    Other stuff – slowly seeping into my subconscious.

    Snjo February 18, 2013
  33. I will PM you as soon as I can get password reset to work on the forum. -___- I haven’t logged in in like a year and a half and can’t seem to remember the right password, but it seems like a lot of stuff is broken with the forum software.

    Kaitlyn February 18, 2013
  34. “Can take of with heli rotors for the life of me XD” – James

    In the hangar, turn on the weight and thrust indicators, and make sure they align perfectly. If they don’t, you won’t get even weight under the rotor, and you will tilt forwards or backwards. Some people prefer having the wight just in front of the center of thrust, to more easily get the speed up from the outset.
    Also, the coming update, which is available in a pre-release state on the forums, allows for ASAS, which makes it easier.

    Snjo February 18, 2013
  35. What would be really nice if you made a separate download for a FAR version of this mod, and to add a fighter plane style cockpit. I love the way the helicopter cockpit gives you tons of visibility, without being unrealistic.

    lobsterbark February 25, 2013
  36. wow

    Alexander Davenport February 25, 2013
  37. how can i i rotate the vtol engine, where is the option to do so??????

    Alexander Davenport February 25, 2013
  38. “how can i i rotate the vtol engine, where is the option to do so??????”

    You can right click to see a simple context menu that allows you to rotate fully, or invert the rotation, and set max rotation.

    However, the most control will be gotten by using the action groups editor in the hangar. (The cog symbol up top when building your craft.)

    Snjo February 25, 2013
  39. Out of curiosity (haven’t tested), are the electric engines any more… efficient in the new update??? I found that the earlier models guzzled energy to an extent that they could DRAIN a hack battery LONG before max altitude was reached (Without Regen, a 100,000 energy battery starts seeing visible dents seconds in to flight, and with generators/panels, it still sees them within a minute.) Electrical propellers are used on modern military helicopters today by the US forces, and can travel for distances that a jet can… from my analysis, the inefficiency on your electrical helicopter rotor was so bad i used it (and it was a quite accurate means of doing so as i calculated) to beta test a fusion reactor design for my 1km long starship that will be space built from around 10 SMALLER ONES! Has that been fixed, or is it still held true? If not, please correct the listed ISP accordingly. :) thanks!

    Zachary Johnson February 26, 2013
  40. BTW, i used the air tanks from your pack in my recent craft. I uploaded it so you can look if you would like.

    Zachary Johnson February 27, 2013
  41. Zachary Johnson, I know it’s not quite realistic, but I didn’t want to create a free ride either. If you put a bunch of tiny solar panels on it, you can fly forever in the sunlight in a small plane, which is more than you can say for liquid fuel.

    If you only tried the very first version, I did multiply the ISP value since then by about three, which made a huge difference.

    Of course, if you want to get better ISP, all you have to do is edit the cfg until you find something you feel is realistic. PM me on the forum if you have any technical problems doing so.

    Snjo February 27, 2013
  42. i took the bomber, turned it into a triplane, and then strapped on 4 large vtol engines.
    let me tell you, it was glorious

    Alexander Davenport February 28, 2013
  43. These are great! only thing I wish is that it included a set of main rotors that counter rotated to the ones already in there, that way, I can make V-22′s and CH-47′s without all the torque problems.

    Brett Stevens March 2, 2013
  44. Never mind! I edited the Part.cfg under “rotationSpeed = -700″ and changed it to a Positive 700, then renamed the part, and made a new folder for it. works great noa, and no more torque issues!

    Brett Stevens March 2, 2013
  45. Odd issue with the sounds of helicopters.. they aren’t there.. like the files are in the sounds folder.. but they don’t produce any sound

    Cman1200 March 4, 2013
  46. Hey in this mod are you capable of using the propellers on other planets with atmospheres, because i might want to send a probe to duna or laythe

    jack jensen March 12, 2013
  47. Yes, it can be used in any atmosphere. Oxygen is not a requirement.

    Snjo March 13, 2013
  48. what is this garbage? is a space simulation and who should fly in airplanes and helicopters swing Lock on and Black shark play in airplanes!

    Krasov Sergey March 13, 2013
  49. заебали флудить!

    Krasov Sergey March 13, 2013
  50. пиф! паф! не попал!

    Я пропустил надлежащего самолетов, так что я их сделал.

    Snjo March 13, 2013
  51. “-The VTOL engines now remember their when reloading a craft in flight.”
    You accidentally a word.

    Galacticruler March 17, 2013
  52. Does this work in 0.19?

    NotableEight1 March 20, 2013
  53. Yes, it works in 0.19. I’ve had no reports of any problems so far.

    Snjo March 22, 2013
  54. mine sucks, it does not even have any sound I put the sound files in the parts and the sound folder. HELP

    sebastian March 24, 2013
  55. “mine sucks, it does not even have any sound I put the sound files in the parts and the sound folder. HELP”

    Yeah, I’m seeing the same thing suddenly too. It might be an occasional bug. It worked fine in the same version with the same parts earlier today…


    Snjo March 24, 2013
  56. Found out why the sounds stopped working.
    I had a shortcut to the game from way back, which I had just updated the exe file location in, not noticing the field “Start in:”

    When I removed my old KSP folder that location was no longer valid. Fix that field, or recreate the shortcut, and you should be good to go.

    Snjo March 24, 2013
  57. ummmmmm i hav a mac DDD:

    sebastian March 24, 2013
  58. but im trying now that means im compressing it and opening it back up

    sebastian March 24, 2013
  59. ok di it
    look down |

    sebastian March 24, 2013
  60. NOT WORKING ok find methods for mac like a word comment or a youtube vid tell me the name

    sebastian March 24, 2013
  61. its late ill check in tomorrow :D :D:D:D:D::D:D:D:):):):):):)X|X|X|X|X|X|

    sebastian March 24, 2013
  62. Don’t have a mac, but if you run the executable from the KSP folder directly, it works fine on both windows and linux. The error was an old shortcut. It’s not a bug in the mod, but a bug in how the game asks for the adresses for sounds specifically, which is different than how it asks for other stuff like model and texture files it seems.

    Snjo March 25, 2013
  63. then whats the answer i did not get what you meant in the first place :P

    sebastian March 25, 2013
  64. A little while ago i figured how to speed up the game :D

    sebastian March 25, 2013
  65. K im back

    sebastian March 25, 2013

    sebastian March 25, 2013

    sebastian March 25, 2013

    sebastian March 25, 2013
  69. BYE :(

    sebastian March 25, 2013
  70. Where do I find the Coolant

    Ethan Millsap March 26, 2013
  71. dude you know the creator of this add-on wasn’t responding for a day

    sebastian March 26, 2013
  72. 3 days now

    sebastian March 28, 2013

    sebastian March 28, 2013
  74. You said the “Hover” command needed to be binded to an action group, but when I try it does not work. Problem with the plugin maybe?

    crashman1390 March 28, 2013
  75. roll down the window and flick this mod off.

    t g March 28, 2013
  76. the k17 mermaid and the swamp master has missing parts how can i get them.

    Tim Lindholm March 30, 2013
  77. I’ve been having issues flying the helicopter parts. whenever I use the helicopter cockpit when I go to launch it (on the runway) it will load everything and then It will all go black and the navball goes black and the altitude goes forever into space. If anyone can giveme advice, that would be great!

    Bhall12301 April 1, 2013
  78. Sebastian, sorry I didn’t see your messages. I don’t get a mail when someone leaves a message, so I only notice it if I check this page. If you want to ask me something and be sure I see it, post it in the forum thread linked on the main page of the mod description. Or send me a PM on the forum.

    If you still have problems, try running KSP.exe directly from the KSP folder, not through a shortcut, and see if it helps. Otherwise, PM me on the forum.

    Snjo April 1, 2013
  79. Bhall12301 , I’ve seen this issue when there is a material missing from a mesh, but there’s no reason that should happen in this case. Try downloading the pre-release version available in the first post of the forum thread, or here:

    Snjo April 1, 2013
  80. On Linux, I had to rename the “Sounds” directory to “sounds” or else the sounds would show as missing (strangely, this only happened with sounds from the mod). Not sure if anyone else has had that issue or not.

    rifter April 17, 2013
  81. I really like this mod but its not working 100% all the parts load and can be used but things like the propellers don’t work, they have the animation that allows the angle of the blades to change depending on the thrust, but they don’t spin.
    The VTOL propellers don’t rotate and stay locked in position.
    and the action groups don’t seem to exist for any parts.
    Ive tried this multiple times on both 0.19 and 0.19.1 and i have the same problem regardless.
    Any help would be appreciated :)

    Rhys Taylor April 17, 2013
  82. Rhys, those errors fit exactly with not having put the plugin in the plugins directory.
    the blade thrust angle is using a stock module, all the other things require the firespitter.dll to be in the folder Plugins in the KSP directory.

    rifter, I have changed this in the upcoming version, so it should work on linux straight away. Not sure about mac though, have had reports of problems there, but have no way of testing that.

    Snjo April 17, 2013
  83. It wasn’t a problem with the mod that’s working perfectly now thanks :D
    I did have the ddl file in the plugins but it just wasn’t reading it so i moved it to a new folder on the desktop and its solved.
    Really amazing work 5 starts for you and thanks again :)

    Rhys Taylor April 18, 2013
  84. Thank you for this really cool mod. I’m yet to create a stable “rescue” heli though: whatever I try, it’s always nose- or tail-heavy. Engine control is tricky too, I just can’t stabilize vertical velocity, heli is either going up with 10+ m/s or drops with the same speed. Good for attack heli, I guess (because you can trade Vv for Vh), but bad for getting landed astronauts back to base. Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong. =)

    Max April 22, 2013
  85. None of your Craft files will load. They all say they are “missing parts” yet the parts are all there in the parts bin.

    William Jordan April 23, 2013
  86. “None of your Craft files will load. They all say they are “missing parts” yet the parts are all there in the parts bin.”

    I haven’t seen that error before, but try launching the game directly from the .exe file in case you have an error in your shortcut path.
    Then try a new install of the mod, then KSP.

    If all else fails, some of those craft are pretty badly designed anyways, so as to give you all room to improve upon them :)

    Snjo April 24, 2013
  87. Hello please help me im trying to install this but there is a file called source what do i do with it? HELP!!

    Christopher Ramirez April 24, 2013
  88. Christopher the source folder doesn’t need to be copied into your KSP files.

    Dylan April 24, 2013
  89. Hey Snjo, any plans for adding an F-86 engine anytime soon? I noticed the intake that’s been recently added, and I’m bummed that there isn’t an engine to go with it. Also, there aren’t any proper F-86 wings, which is another problem. Sorry if I sound whiny, but I don’t want to make a P-80 look-alike, dangit!

    Fox62 April 26, 2013
  90. Hi Snjo,
    Just letting you know that I really like this mod, but I can’t load spaceplanes after installing it, and I mean the spaceplane selection box doesn’t come up, so, could you please fix this, I’m on a windows, running KSP with steam, version 19.1, please help, as i’m planning to do a KSP youtube series, but I really want firespitter in it, If worst comes to worst, I’ll start the series without firespitter and add it in later, once it’s been fixed.

    Espresso April 26, 2013
  91. Espresso, that sound very odd, but I’m not quite picturing the issue. If you are in the hangar, can you launch? If you are on the overview picture, the runway can be pretty hard to click to get a list of craft, you kind of have to pixel hunt.
    If you can post a picture or explanation on the forum, we can figure it out.

    Fox62, yeah I know the jet is still MIA, I fully intend to add it.

    Snjo April 27, 2013
  92. The K17 Flying Mermaid mk2 has missing parts for me can someone tell me where to download them?

    Austin Boatright April 27, 2013
  93. Im running on osx and I cant find the Seaplane Floats

    Austin Boatright April 27, 2013
  94. This is a really awesome mod! But i have a problem concerning helicopter rotors: when i activate the main rotors and the tail rotors, The helicopter just doesn’t fly upwards. Instead, it sometimes rolls to the front and sometimes to the back, This is a big problem for me if i were to make helicopters that carry small planes or other cargo.

    Ali April 27, 2013
  95. “The K17 Flying Mermaid mk2 has missing parts for me can someone tell me where to download them?”

    Sorry, I forgot to remove that craft file. It’s obsolete now. The floats it used to use are gone, and replaced by my new ones. Try the Seahorse instead. This also goes for the Swamp Master. I’ll update the mod so there won’t be any confusion (And make a new Swamp Master)

    Snjo April 27, 2013
  96. “…The helicopter just doesn’t fly upwards. Instead, it sometimes rolls to the front and sometimes to the back…”

    The rotor should be exactly above the center of mass. Check this picture: http://i.imgur.com/Sud1JBi.jpg

    Snjo April 27, 2013
  97. “Im running on osx and I cant find the Seaplane Floats”

    That’s odd. I see they are in the pack. Look in the Structural tab for some red stuff…

    Snjo April 27, 2013
  98. Snjo,
    I can’t create a forum account, but with my problem, I can launch from the SPH, but I can’t load saved ships In the SPH or on the runway, I’ll try with the new version of the mod, and maybe it is nothing, But to be descriptive, Loading a saved plane is impossible when clicking load in the SPH and the selection box doesn’t come up when clicking on the runway, the VAB and Launch Pad are fine, so I don’t know what’s wrong.
    It may be an incompatibility with one of my other mods.

    I’ll post again to tell you if the new version works or not, If it doesn’t work, I’ll list my other mods.

    Espresso April 27, 2013
  99. Hi Snjo,
    It seems that it must have been a problem with version 4.0, so it now works! Thanks for a great mod and keep up the great work, looking forward to more new stuff.

    Espresso April 27, 2013
  100. Hello, what program is used to create the parts?

    Krasov Sergey April 27, 2013
  101. “Hello, what program is used to create the parts?”

    I use Blender to do the 3D models, Unity to export it to a valid part, and Visual Studio to write code.

    Snjo April 29, 2013
  102. Hi! you will model the American Space Shuttle?

    Krasov Sergey April 29, 2013
  103. the flying mermaind doesn’t work

    Jachu2530 April 30, 2013
  104. Hey dude, really nice mod, but having some problems with floaters aswell. They are in the parts folder, but cant load em ingame :/

    Pliuple May 2, 2013
  105. where does source file go?

    Travis Shoemaker May 4, 2013
  106. i would love to make a suggestion. can you put fighter jet parts like the ones on this mod pack. http://goo.gl/hUqJS the mod maker of that one had broken links and hasent been herd from since last christmas

    ben raina May 13, 2013
  107. ben raina, I know several people are working hard on some awesome jet parts. Both DYJs dynamic wings, and InfiniteDices multi function wings and clever jet engines are worth looking forward to. That’s not to say I won’t make some of that stuff myself of course. I’m including the f-86 jet tail piece in the next release hopefully, and I’ve been thinking of doing some more modern wings to match. Also ejections seats would rock, but I’ll have to work out some clever stuff to make it all one part that will separate nicely, and not show up as a module, decoupler and parachute in the staging.

    Snjo May 14, 2013
  108. Awesome update dude !!

    Pliuple May 20, 2013
  109. can i install this on steam? THIS LOOKS EPIC and a idea: helicopter with airplane propeller to go forward! TRY THE IDEA!

    Will Waghorne May 25, 2013
  110. All mods should work the same on the steam version, you just need to find your steamapps folder.

    I don’t use the steam version myself, but I’ve never heard of any issues with it.

    Your idea reminds me of a gyrocopter, I’ve been thinking of doing that kind of non powered copter rotor that just lifts based on speed.

    Snjo May 25, 2013
  111. well i found a different way from a steam installation video that makes it really simple!

    Will Waghorne May 26, 2013
  112. wait i cant browse local files :(
    Anyways the steam version is free

    Will Waghorne May 26, 2013
  113. BEST MOD EVER! I love the IVA’s and the planes/helicopters! The apache is awesome with the lazer missle mod! :D

    tygoo7 May 26, 2013
  114. Snjo, I have windows D:

    Will Waghorne May 27, 2013
  115. Will Waghorne, if you have a problem, please post on the forum thread, or send me a message there. It’s very hard to notice when someone posts here.


    Snjo May 28, 2013
  116. I’m having a problem. After I install the files and start the game, it just gets stuck loading. It works when no mods are installed. Any help?

    Rowan Smoot May 29, 2013
  117. “I’m having a problem. After I install the files and start the game, it just gets stuck loading. It works when no mods are installed. Any help?”

    Yeah, 0.20.1 is broken in terms of loading mods with png textures.
    Wait for 0.20.2, or use the older 0.20.0.

    Snjo May 30, 2013
  118. what does the proppellers need to start :U i have been stuck to the ground for ages now

    vincent during May 31, 2013
  119. If you are stuck to the ground after coming to a complete stop, you need to gun the throttle to get loose. The game places you in a pretty firm “landed” state, where motion isn’t really updated. You can also retract and extend the gears to get loose.

    Snjo June 2, 2013
  120. when i use the cockpits from the mod no kerbal is there to control the aircraft so i can`t fly. please help this is a great mod that i want to use

    bob karlsen June 2, 2013
  121. You probably lost a folder, specifically the Internals folder. Don’t do any manual unpacking of separate folders, just put it all in GameData. Check the guide for instructions.

    Snjo June 2, 2013
  122. Hi i have a problem i can’t find the ksp folder can anybody help me. :-)

    Badass June 5, 2013
  123. If it’s from Steam, it’s probably in c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\KSP or something similar

    Snjo June 5, 2013
  124. Hi, I have one problem, the propellers and rotor blades don’t actually move on the engines. I can see the blades pitching when I throttle up/down, but yeah, the whole thing just stays stationary. Could be because I’m using KSP 0.20.2, because I installed in the Gamedata folder as required.

    Jordan Philip June 7, 2013
  125. Nice stuff in general, many thanks, but I have a problem with the pontoons. The pontoon sections don’t stay stuck together under the weight of the plane, no matter how many struts I add to them.

    When the plane 1st appears on the runway (so I’ve got 2 wheeled sections per pontoon), it’s slightly above the ground and all is fine. But once everything boots up and the Kerbals appear in their monitors, the plane settles to the ground and the joints between the pontoon sections all come unglued. If you have no struts, the pontoons come apart completely and the fuselage falls to the ground. If you have struts, they become rubber bands, essentially turning each pontoon into a slinky. If you have enough struts, you can taxi along a short way at low speed but eventually one of the wheel sections turns sideways and that’s that. Thus, I haven’t yet been able to reach the water to see how they do there.

    I wish I could send you a picture or 2. I’ve got a plane with pontoons built as follows: Nose section, wheel section, pontoon strut, center section, pontoon strut, tail section. Each section is strutted to its adjacent neighbor, it’s neighbors 2 sections away, the nearest pontoon strut, and either the wing or fuselage of the plane. It looks like a WW1 plane down there with all the bracing wires. But it still goes slinky at the get-go.

    Geschosskopf June 11, 2013
  126. Geschosskopf, I have seen some of what you describe, but not quite as bad. Probably because I make pretty light sea planes.

    I think it might be because the parts are very, very light, and that might mess with their tendency to stay in place. I’ll have to talk it over with InfiniteDice, he’s the float master.

    Snjo June 13, 2013
  127. Jordan Philip, this will happen if the plugin isn’t loaded. Make sure it’s included in the GameData folder, and that you don’t have any other mods with an older version of firespitter.dll installed.
    (If so, remove that version of the dll)

    Snjo June 13, 2013
  128. I can’t get the rotors or propeller blades to spin, but they will function.PLZ FIX

    Phoenix has risen June 18, 2013
  129. Phoenix PLZ READ DOCS.
    Or in other words, you are missing the plugin. Install all the folders, don’t move stuff around, follow the guide linked three separate places.

    Snjo June 19, 2013
  130. where does the source part go in the ksp folder please help

    Sean O'Connor June 22, 2013
  131. Can there be a version with nothing but the rotors and propellers? The cockpits and landing gear and such are nice, but they really don’t serve much purpose because there are already parts like that in the game, and I hate having a quadrillion parts clogging up the VAB.

    Sam Lewis June 22, 2013
  132. Sam, now that the Parts folder is categorized, you can just delete all the sub folders except Engines. If you don’t want any cockpits at all, you can also delete the Spaces and Props folders to save some RAM.

    Be sure not to delete the plugin and sounds folder etc though!

    Snjo June 23, 2013
  133. Can you add a nosecone for oblong in the future versions? I want to make Me 410 (or etc) type of planes. Thanks.

    kaik June 29, 2013
  134. kaik, that’s a neat looking plane. I’ll add the nose “cone” to the list.

    Snjo June 30, 2013
  135. The sounds wont work someone help me.

    Roland Gilt June 30, 2013
  136. why when I add this and start ksp only like 4 part show up in the vab or sph? HOW i FIX THIS???

    ted johs June 30, 2013
  137. Check the guide for correct installation instructions if you are getting messing sounds/ features.

    ted, if you followed the install instructions and still get the error, you can post a link to the error output log in the forum thread or as a PM to me, and I can see where it goes wrong.

    Snjo June 30, 2013
  138. Turboprop engines could be really useful. At subsonic speeds, they’re more efficient than jet engines.

    Ur Didact July 4, 2013
  139. I have a problem with Electric Helicopter Main Rotor. This engine works only in retract mode. When I am deploying blades, the engine stops work.
    Please help me correct this error.

    Andrey July 18, 2013
  140. Would it be possible to get real skids and tail skids? Like on a Huey?

    nIkbot July 26, 2013
  141. Does this work with 0.21?

    Jeremy Laird July 28, 2013
  142. I can confirm this mod works in 0.21.

    Petrock July 30, 2013
  143. After adding the mod in 0.21.1 the game randomly (not always) crashes (CTD) when a propeller is attached on a ship design and you press the button to go to the launchpad.

    As I didn’t have any problems before it must be this mod or it’s conflict with another one? I also use B9 and I saw that it uses the firespitter mod too… I updated the .dll to this latest release, so maybe a B9 issue with the newer firespitter.dll?

    Just trying to give as much info as possible! :)

    But still this is a must have mod!!! I’m glad you took the time to updated it! :D

    Dude August 1, 2013
  144. Dude, if you can send me the error log on the forums or here (using pastebin for instance), I can check what went wrong.

    Snjo August 1, 2013
  145. Hi! Great mod Snjo. But when i use the Water launch module, it spawns me a few feet above the Water. But then it instantly telports me back to the air strip. Thanks for the great mod!

    Cool Beans August 2, 2013
  146. And by the way now that i read my comment, the last part sounded kinda mean. I didnt mean it in that way. And I truly think its a great mod. : )

    Cool Beans August 2, 2013
  147. I’ve had this mod for some time I have to say great job.

    Ryan Mckearnin August 4, 2013
  148. You need a much better UV map / texture for this thing. I wouldn’t download it on the principle that it’s heinously ugly colored. :(

    pr0metheus August 10, 2013
  149. pr0metheus, I have my own taste in colours, and that obviously shines through here. If you want to retexture the parts, all the textures are in the png format. If you should need a UV layout guidline for a part, just ask me on the forums.
    The mod now even includes a module that allows for multiple textures per part, so you can switch on the fly.

    Snjo August 15, 2013
  150. The .zip it’s damaged (15/08/2013)

    Alvargon August 15, 2013
  151. Thank you for creating such an amazing mod but I’m having issues getting the sound to work. Any help is appreciated.

    Jacob Abel August 15, 2013
  152. Jacob Abel, if you follow the instructions in the guide (which is also inlcuded as a pdf in the zip), it should work. Sounds require all the folders to be in the right place (in GameData\Firespitter).
    There’s also a link to a very helpful Scott Manley video on installing mods in that guide.

    Snjo August 16, 2013
  153. needs real landing skids, im trying to make a UH-1 huey, or atleast somthing like it

    clyde craft August 18, 2013
  154. After installing I can no longer use my joystick. It shows up in settings, but it doesn’t do anything in gameplay. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    Chris Nealis August 27, 2013
  155. If I may add something, I think that it would be fantastic if you could add parts from like the Curtis Helldiver, Buccaneer, or the vought Corsair Carrier-borne aircraft. for use in other addons such as the boat parts R3, so we can have a….. say, more realistic looking carrier-borne aircraft. the odd shape of the wings would also allow us to add bombs to the inside (just the way they were placed) and the landing gear comes from the lowest point on the wing, so then we could have a lightweight and easy to control bomber without the need for any extra attachments to keep it far enough off the ground so it doesn’t go off on us. Thank you.

    whitejoker576 September 13, 2013
  156. i find that this mod is the second best mod i use. the only one that beats this mod is B9 but this is my most favorite mod for planes because i really like the fact that i can make a prop plane! so much more could be made. i really wish that this mod also included guns on the fighter wings. so i could make actual fighter planes, but other than that there is nothing wrong with this mod other than the difficulty of flying helicopters…..

    r8cefan88 September 20, 2013
  157. Is there a way in the vtol enginges to make them rise like a helicopter or make them like a normal propeller enginge????

    demus10 October 15, 2013
  158. Is there a way in the vtol enginges to make them rise like a helicopter or make them like a normal propeller enginge?

    demus10 October 15, 2013
  159. demus10 – Yes, absolutely. You can right click them to do it, or assign an action group to toggle the modes or do incremental controls. Check the parts guide linked on the main page.

    Snjo October 17, 2013
  160. I would like to leave a suggestion, could you make some parts from the old german ME-262 jet fighter from WW2?

    I think that a game called “War thunder” could also be quite a big inspiration source. (It’s F2p, but not pay to win)

    Great mod by the way.

    Marcus Magnusson October 20, 2013
  161. Fantastic pack! Would it be too much to get a P-80/F9F nose for the oblong fuselage at some point?


    :D :D :D

    buenhombre October 26, 2013
  162. Have you considered turboprops yet?

    Sorry I’m pestering you for this, but it’s just something that should be in the game.

    Ur Didact October 28, 2013
  163. might be a dumb request, but can u make one small vtol engine electric?
    nice humming sound and all.
    would be nice to scout planets with atmosphere.

    nohulohe November 1, 2013
  164. Quick suggestion: Oblong-fuselage decouplers. I tend to make my experimental jets based on the F-86, but bailing out of them is often very hard indeed.

    Jonathan Hughes November 2, 2013
  165. each time i use a part from the mod use it and try to go back to the sph it closes my game

    shayne grundberg November 22, 2013
  166. Awsome mod but can you add a mi-12 size rotor.

    Ryan Mckearnin December 2, 2013
  167. very cool, good job!!!

    I like the rotating vtol engines very much , it would be nice if you could maybe add a Turbofan/Jetengines of these if you like ?

    druppi December 4, 2013
  168. Good Job :) been trying to find a good spot for the Torque to tell you no luck yet :/ i know basics on codeing but im more of a tweaker rather than a creator (so yes if i was part of a game team i would be a bug fixer)

    But yea besides that EPIC MOD Hey also i have a suggestion for your next mod (obviously your pretty capable) i think you could make a mod kinda like the stock like mod but little diffrent so basically your adding to stock to keep that original fell? You agree???

    Leo Derpinson December 6, 2013
  169. Any chance for an open-type cockpit with IVA? Would love to be able to make proper open-seater planes without having to try to dump Kerbals into command chairs.

    Dakala December 10, 2013
  170. I think this mod actually broke me Spaceplane hanger. The load button no longer works….

    TheBahrbarian December 10, 2013
  171. I can’t get the sounds to work is there anything I can do?

    Colin De Maria December 13, 2013
  172. This is not working for me. I have a fresh install of ksp and everything original works fine. My props don’t spin, they planes pull very hard to the right working their way off the runway very quickly, and I have no engine sounds. thoughts?

    Allan Roy December 19, 2013
  173. Allan Roy, sounds like you didn’t place the files in the right folder. Make sure you follow the normal mod install procedure, and put the Firespitter folder straight in the KSP_win\GameData\ folder.
    Scott Manley has a a great video explaining mod installs, linked in the guide for this mod.

    Snjo December 20, 2013
  174. hey Snjo, can you make a machinegun for planes?

    lightfromdeath December 24, 2013
  175. Hey I can’t get the engine sound to work and they don’t spin for my did. I misplace files because I know the sounds are in the right place.

    Sgt_Hailfire75 December 24, 2013
  176. Either I am the worst pilot EVER or none of the Pre-made aircraft is controllable. I use FAR and even the planes that are tweaked for FAR won’t fly correctly. They just randomly flip over or disassemble.

    Simon Käser January 1, 2014
  177. well you forgot the ball turret on the flying house sooo can you add that

    shane oglesby January 11, 2014
  178. help! i installed propely this mod and other 2 mods (RollKage and NovaPunch) and it crashes when it loads my game (crashes at about 1/3 of the load bar)! please help me! (i tried this with ksp 0.22 too, same thing, right now i have ksp 0.23)

    Akkupack January 19, 2014
  179. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    X-plosins! And Bombs February 5, 2014
  180. Hello I have a problem with this mod. When I launch KSP it gets around 80-70% and its stuck on a file call copermotofenderson. This file is stoping me from playing this game :( Any sugestions? I want to play this mod so bad..

    Sean Hofmann February 14, 2014
  181. I was using firespitter, and my whole damn game crashed within 2 minutes. seriously.

    Fizzie213 February 18, 2014
  182. I got the issue Fizzie213 reported too, but not based on time. Trying to save planes or purchase new techs in career seems to cause this, since installing FirespitterPre3 that I downloaded 2/17.

    It might be the plugin. When I removed the firespitter plugin from the game’s plugin folder (put it in Gamedata/Firespitter/plugins instead) and the game didn’t crash, but the animation on props went away.

    V Harr February 18, 2014
  183. I removed the latest version of the plugin and pulled an older version from a dowload a few weeks ago, and it works fine now.

    V Harr February 18, 2014
  184. @V Harr can pleaaaaase you email that “older version” to me? email: massiverocketscience@aol.com

    Fizzie213 February 20, 2014
  185. sorry snjo, but, THIS MOD SUCKS:the reason: my game crashes with this mod installed.

    Fizzie213 February 20, 2014
  186. my game crashes with this mod installed too,can you Repair the mod.I love this mod! :)

    ye jerry February 22, 2014
  187. well, i agree on everyone’s suggestion for saying that their game crashes with this mod, so, maybe, you can at least try to fix it, snjo. :( but, anyway, it is a fun mod to play around with. :)

    Fizzie213 February 25, 2014
  188. I’ve downloaded and used this mod previously, and after trying to download it again, I’m having an issue where Windows explorer says that I can’t open this .zip file as an archive through 7zip, any advice folks? Never had this trouble before :-/

    WeirdoWithABeardo93 February 28, 2014
  189. There should be some contra rotating propellers and coaxial rotors next…

    Philip Wong March 1, 2014
  190. hey Snjo;
    is it possible if you could add a twin prop engine? (as in two sets of blades on one piece: MORE POWER!)
    be awesome if you could, since i currently merge the two existing prop engines and this causes problems with hooking them up to fuel tanks.

    oh, also, infinitedice is doing automatic turrets (currently 7.7mm machine guns) to protect aircraft, so is it possible if you could make a WWII-esq turrets for bombers? not right away, i can imagine the work necessary would weigh more than a concrete elephant, but it would be sweet

    Siraj Yusuf March 13, 2014
  191. i love this pack but i wish you did a p51 styled air intake as i dont fancy the stock one and if possible wings made to resemble that of the p51 or p47

    Chase Becker March 24, 2014
  192. Downloaded for the wheels (looking forward to exploring the rest) and noticed something odd. The reverse motor setting on the fighter rear wheel doesn’t “stick.” I need the motors on one side to be reversed (not sure why, it looks like they’re facing the same way as those on the other side). I reverse them in the VAB, save, and launch, and reverse is off once again when I check on the pad.

    Let me know if you’d like details of the design.

    Eric Shafto March 29, 2014
  193. —– A reminder —–

    I do not get notified about comments here. Please post in the forum thread.

    If you post there I get an email immediately, and usually respond promptly. If you have issues, make sure to try only this mod + KSP to see it the issue persists.

    Snjo April 2, 2014
  194. I have one prob. the file for the engines is curruted :( pls help. I tried to repair it but it still doesnt work.

    Jake Wesley April 2, 2014
  195. I downloaded it and i launched the game but it said every thing was missing and it only had the wings in the building menu :(

    liam collier April 4, 2014
  196. really wanted to try this mod but when i put everything in the correct spot my game would crash at the end of the loading screen. PLEASE HELP!

    Kian Morrison April 6, 2014
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    Ezekiel Bacon April 8, 2014
  198. Ezekiel, no.
    Anyways this is a REALLY good mod Snjo.
    I mean it, it’s good!

    Mozziedoo April 9, 2014
  199. how do i get the o.22 version

    liam collier April 10, 2014

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