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[0.22] DSL Pandora rover v1.4.1

Lionhead Aerospace Inc. (Yogui87) and SCSP (The Stinger) are proud to show you their last rover, a big un-maned rover to explore new planets: Duna Space Lab Pandora.


- Curiosity rover replica
- Controlable robotic arm
- Laser in the “head” of the rover
- Skycrane with deployable cable
- Space travel capsule with a “drogue” parachute, a heatshield and a cruise stage

What’s new in 1.4.1:
- Add a node on the top of the Cruise tank to permit the capsule being stacked upside down.

WARNING: This mod needs CleverBobCat, MuMechLib (MechJeb1 included) and HSTWlaser plugins.

Report bugs and comments to the official thread.


pandora DSL msl Lionhead laser rover

Addon Installation Guide


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Finding the KSP Main Folder.

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KSP root folder

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Installing Part Addons

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The Parts Folder

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How to use

Commands: z = forward s = backward q = left turn d = right turn b = handbrake n = brakes o = cruise control Robotic arm: control throw the GUI panel. Head and laser: Num pad


38 Comments for “[0.22] DSL Pandora rover v1.4.1”

  1. Needs to be a zip file… i think quite a few people are having trouble with .rar files. Anyone know why this is? :)

    Spewson December 4, 2012
  2. You need to re-upload as a ZIP, this site doesn’t allow the downloading of RAR files.

    Kal December 4, 2012
  3. The arm does some really weird stuff when you deploy it, and I can’t seem to find the head in the assembly menu.

    Loading the design would help, but it tells me it’s not compatible

    kuris7885 December 4, 2012
  4. I can’t load the save file and it’s a bit lagy :(

    Herioc December 4, 2012
  5. And I see now I forgot the elbow joint. All the sam,e, I think I’ll wait until you refine it ^^

    kuris7885 December 4, 2012
  6. Sorry for the issues. Zip files uploaded and laser and .craft file fixed.

    Yogui87 December 4, 2012
  7. My game doesnt work with this mod

    Gonçalo December 6, 2012
  8. If something wrong, post your issue on my main thread on the official forum:


    Yogui87 December 6, 2012
  9. ive had no porblems loading this up with the craft file. but i will not be useing it as its very very unstable. dissapointing too that the wheel arms dont move atall. i will wait for a revised version as id love to have this to explore planets.

    joebopie December 7, 2012
  10. Please post your questions / issues on the official thread:

    @Joebopie: how unstable? in the rocket?
    The wheel (and?) arms don’t move: be sure you had the plugins in the plugins folder.

    Yogui87 December 7, 2012
  11. for some reason i cant post in the forum. unstable to drive, its too easy to flip while driving. at least on a planet with strong gravity. not sure about mun or smaller.

    joebopie December 7, 2012
  12. I think i’ll use it when the pod and skycrane come out.

    wesmark December 14, 2012
  13. I love this rover but when ever I go back to it from the space station after landing the mast and head go into the rover instead up up like it’s supposed to. Any help?

    Nick December 20, 2012
  14. Will this work for 18.2 or will you make a version for 18.2 in the future? Please do it, I love this rover so much.

    Nick December 27, 2012
  15. great mod! thanks.

    tedeee January 20, 2013
  16. I’ve been waiting for the update, I’m excited to try it out! = D

    Yasutaka January 26, 2013
  17. Добрый день помогите у меня не работает лазер и не вращается голова та что с лазерам???

    Hi help I have not worked and the laser head is the one that rotates with the laser?

    Krasov Sergey April 8, 2013
  18. рука только одна работает и балка на которой держится голова с лазером. помогите пожалуйста как настроить чтобы работал лазер и вращалась голова!!!

    hand, only one works and the beam that holds the head with the laser. please help how to adjust to working laser and a rotating head!

    Krasov Sergey April 8, 2013
  19. Sergey can you explain the issue in english please?

    Yogui87 April 9, 2013
  20. Hi help I have not worked and the laser head is the one that rotates with the laser?

    hand, only one works and the beam that holds the head with the laser. please help how to adjust to working laser and a rotating head!

    Krasov Sergey April 9, 2013
  21. Sorry for my bad English!

    Krasov Sergey April 9, 2013
  22. using 19.1.54 from steam, the rover will not move in any direction. I can deploy the wheels, antenna and move all the individual parts, but the rover refuses to move.

    Demetrius Cassidy April 15, 2013
  23. To move use “i” “j” “k” and “l” keys, to rotate the head you need to use NumPad keys.

    Yogui87 April 16, 2013
  24. New update. Now, work with 0.20.x

    Yogui87 June 24, 2013
  25. the head is missing

    william Maclean June 24, 2013
  26. The head isn’t missing but you may have an issue with the sunbeam plugin. Have you download it (link in the archive file)? Is it correctly installed?

    Yogui87 June 24, 2013
  27. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Yogui87 & The Stinger for your work very nice ive been a fan of yours for some time now always impressed please keep making your projects you have alot of people that love your work.. i read people complaining about it not working and this and that but it works fine everything works have to use i,j,k,l to drive hold 9 to deploy and 0 close all.i was w8ting for this update from the 0.19 version ty again guys u pwn

    choco smoke July 3, 2013
  28. i cant ex[and my zip folder (i got a mac)

    sebastian July 7, 2013
  29. description says it requires “MuMechLib and HSTWlaser plugins” but when I search for them I either come up empty or get a bunch of other mods that require them. are they part of MechJeb or the sunbeam laser mods?

    salporin July 27, 2013
  30. @salporin: just check Instructions file in the archive for links.

    Yogui87 August 6, 2013
  31. Only the mechjeb it’s update for 0.21 version.

    How do you make that rover without the other plugins?

    Alvargon August 16, 2013
  32. @Alvargon: just download the required plugins. Check Instructions file in the archive for links.

    Yogui87 August 16, 2013
  33. the craft files are like broken or something. ireally dont wana build it i just wana launch it xD

    David Clapp August 16, 2013
  34. When I load the rover there comes an error that the parts dls.skycrane dls.schoulder … is missing!?!?
    But I haven installed it!

    Johann Marsmann August 25, 2013
  35. I know this isn’t very important but I noticed that the skycrane anchor part in my VAB says “Skycran Anchor”. Also, for some reason the mast laser shoots out a large yellow laser instead of a red one does anyone know why this happens?

    Sparics August 30, 2013
  36. Most of all issues encoutered are dued to a missing plugin, just check INSTRUCTIONS.txt file in the archive for all download links.

    Yogui87 August 30, 2013
  37. Can you please include dependencies, or make the parts undependent? I cannot download the laser plugin because I have to have a forum account and I don’t use forums (haven’t seen a forum used in a decade), also most of the parts don’t load in game atm, not sure why.

    pr0metheus September 27, 2013
  38. YOGUI Its ur # 1 Fan Saying thank You Again always perfection. your are truly the Man .22 ftw and forward ) take care ..

    P.S. Concorde Wink Wink hehe thanx again

    choco smoke October 27, 2013
  39. If you could remove the dependency on CleverBobcat and port the wheels over to stock rover wheel logic, it’d be much appreciated.

    Bobby Henderson November 5, 2013
  40. Yogui: Make a canadarm2 based off of any of the hundreds of detailed meshes available all over the web; at the back of the wrists (remember, the real arm has two hands, two wrists, etc) with the hand segment tucked away apply a simple attachment node, and create a small ‘docking port’ adapter for it, and a radially attached docking port (like the junior, but skinned to look like the arm / less crappy and not straight grey) that can be placed along your space station. That will allow the arm to relocate itself by reaching out to the next node and attaching, then releasing the trailing wrists docking port, end over end like an inch worm.

    This is how the real arm works, and it is something everyone keeps missing. You deserve the break of getting the dev drop on the competition because your work is vastly superior to the other modders you see on this site, everything about your satellite and payloads that are based off of IRL vessels shows dedication to accuracy, thus it’s about time someone brings the canadarm to life and I feel that someone should be you. The current two candarms out there are crappy and don’t have this feature, they’re just stock lame-o arms.

    pr0metheus November 24, 2013
  41. nice mod, but I can neither raise the eye nor move the tool arm. i see the config gui in assembly building but it seems to lack certain movements, on the launch pad I haven’t been able to move anything yet :(

    Sascha Bendschneider December 23, 2013
  42. Same issue as Sascha above. What happened to the GUI once in game (planet surface)?

    Paul Bartelt December 26, 2013
  43. Im having the same problem too. I think it’s the update of CleverBobCat, please fix

    Britt Stokes December 28, 2013
  44. Please update this! One of my favorite mods.

    Tobias Johannessen January 5, 2014
  45. Get the latest Infernal robotics, too. As long as you have all the plugins AND that you will ahve rover fucntionality


    The problem I have is that I can’t get the damn thing on to the surface after reentry. As I am going thru the stage progression, specifically where the rover should drop on the skycrane, it all goes BOOM! and I am left with the sky crane and a wrecked rover.

    Paul Bartelt January 17, 2014
  46. if i try to land on duna my game crashes pls help!!!!

    flogzko January 29, 2014

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