Deep Space Mission Pack

This pack aims to provide parts for the deep space part of the game.


Contains many parts for building an interplanetary craft, including but not limited to: ion engine, nuclear reactor, struts, centrifuges. Also contains a spherical 2001 Space Odyssey’s Discovery like spherical command pod.

For more information please visit the forum topic:


Screenshots (some are from previous versions):


1.9 released:
-Updated for 0.21
-Major optimization on textures (they are reduced to 1/4th of their size)

1.8 released:
-Updated format for 0.20
-Decouplers no longer allow fuel cross-feed (no more stolen fuel from upper stages by the lower ones)

1.71 released:
-The gold foil is really gold this time (thanks Felorius)

1.7 released:
-Now both pods contains an autopilot, so you can control them without kerbals inside.
-Command pods now also store and generate some electricity.
-The ion engine is now a little bit more powerful and consumes less energy (enough to be on pair with the nuclear reactor)
-As it turns out what I intended to be gold foil all along was something of a bright green mess (I’m colorblind), now its fixed (I suppose :D ), thanks Kerboniminal for pointing that out.

1.62 released:
-fixed the airlocks, now going to EVA won’t launch your kerbals away from the ship
-fixed the decouplers (hopefully, tried it for some times now) breaking things

1.61 released:
-fixed strut tank and strut rcs tank


Unzip the contents to the GameData folder of your KSP installation.

How to use

1.) Install 2.) Enjoy


29 Comments for “Deep Space Mission Pack”

  1. I’m assuming its not updated for 0.18.2?

    Matthew January 5, 2013
  2. Why wouldn’t it be? I uploaded it here because of the update :D .

    kockaspiton January 5, 2013
  3. Finally rotating centrifuges? =)

    Linard January 5, 2013
  4. Not yet but soon (after finals, likely february).

    kockaspiton January 5, 2013
  5. OMG thankyou for updating this. This is a corner stone mod.

    Katateochi January 6, 2013
  6. the nucelar reactor isn´t working :´(

    kerb-science January 6, 2013
  7. Interesting, it works for me, what version of KSP are you using? 18.2?

    kockaspiton January 6, 2013
  8. yes 18.2

    kerb-science January 7, 2013
  9. design based on movie Mission to Mars?

    Deaf3279 January 8, 2013

    Drakomis January 21, 2013
  11. I wish you did more with the cabin, I use it for everything as the Dragon module just falls off stuff if you sneeze. You could turn it into a thing of beauty with very little work too! Any chance of releasing the .dae maybe and the .png’s so we can tweak it? I would love to work on some of these parts! I’d especially love to fix the green lava (?) coming out the nuclear reactor and replace it with gold foil or something!

    Kristina February 25, 2013
  12. Uhm there’s a green lava coming of from the reactor? I wasn’t aware of that, it looks fine on my PC (well Hackintosh), could you please post a screenshot of it? About releasing the .DAE contact me on the kerbalspaceprogram.com forums in a PM and we’ll discuss the details.

    kockaspiton February 28, 2013
  13. No IVA. :S

    Jeremy Neil March 9, 2013
  14. decent pack, but no IVA and bad textures, please update them ;)

    lyndonguitar May 4, 2013
  15. Open the pod bay doors…

    Timothy Watson May 25, 2013
  16. For some reason its not working for me.

    KSP does not load all the way and stays stuck.

    I’ve installed the parts correctly…Does it require a plugin to work?

    If so then the plugin should be included in the download or at least a link.

    Commander7 May 26, 2013
  17. No IVA, no moving parts, centrifuge is just a big stationary disc, no “Open the Pod Bay Doors” option on the Odyssey pod (which seems like a no-brainer!). Shoddy grammar or spelling on some of the part descriptions. Cute idea, but had to uninstall because it just doesn’t deliver.

    Devin J May 27, 2013
  18. Most of the things you are missing can only be fixed by writing a plugin for the mod. The no brainer “open the pod bay doors” is much harder to implement than you might think. As for the grammar and spelling mistakes I’m sincerely sorry, english is not my main language, and the text editor I used for the files didn’t have spell-checking (and I was lazy to open it somewhere else).

    kockaspiton June 3, 2013
  19. This is a nice pack of parts. The tanks and engines are fill a gap between the very large to the small. The ‘open bay doors’ would be amusing but absolutely necessary. I work on getting the centrifuge to rotate and fixing the spars symmetry. I want to use the spars (with the built-in tanks), but I can’t right now. Still a very good effort.

    Richard Eseke July 1, 2013
  20. You should check the zip file you uploaded. I unziped the DSM folder to my parts folder and it comes out tagged for encryption. I didn’t notice right away but saw a pop up asking me to backup my windows file system encryption key. I had a moment of panic because I didn’t know who/what was encrypting my file system right away. And no, I don’t encrypt my gaming box. Its not a laptop.

    Christopher Gahlon July 10, 2013
  21. It’s worth at least cherry picking a few of the best parts in this. Just unpack and delete the ones that you don’t like.

    MilesNoctis July 18, 2013
  22. strange i have the latest version of KSP and soon as i load this mod it stops working, it seems you tested it as others have used it.
    maybe your latest version does not work.

    what i have installed
    mech jeb 2.0
    wayland ship forget its name.
    lazor stuff
    russian space craft pack.

    if you like i can post an error report here or email you the error report.

    Clint Hooper July 19, 2013
  23. support for 0.21 yet?

    vinster7 August 5, 2013
  24. Seems to work fine in 0.21.

    I love the big struts, spherical command suite and the centrifuge. The Xenon engine seems to burn fuel as fast as a rocket, though, and I would love updated IVA views.

    David Turpin August 15, 2013
  25. The Nuclear Reactor isnt connected to the rest of the ship. It flies away when the main engine is shut down. I didnt use a decupler. The reactor is between the DSM Battery and the DSM Ion Engine.

    Ruben Vorwald August 31, 2013
  26. I really like this mod!!!!!,But interiors would make it SO MUTCH MORE AWSOME,can you make interiors,please?

    irpded rogert September 3, 2013
  27. Why does the ion engine run out of fuel in like 5 seconds?!

    And unzipping the file contents into my ksp folder also didn’t work. I had to copy the files themselves and paste them into the indidual directories in the ksp folder. Grr!

    sbarrett5432 September 7, 2013
  28. Is it me, or does the ship in the picture look like the ship from “Mission to Mars” Just without the solar panels.

    Johnathon Schmidt October 16, 2013
  29. You know what I’m thinking?
    2001 a space Odyssey remake.
    Think of the possibilities if this mod had more parts from the movie!

    Avery Ricaldi October 23, 2013
  30. when i install this ALL my ship doesn’t exit…
    FUCK YOU!!!!

    Daniele Piretti November 17, 2013
  31. I really like these parts, I have been using them to build a interplanetary transport and space stations.

    Eegxeta January 4, 2014
  32. is this being updated for .23?

    taurus bledsoe January 18, 2014
  33. Don’t install untill updated, from September 3, 2013 to newer version!!!!

    Futuramaking January 23, 2014
  34. there will be new versions?

    stellarator March 6, 2014

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