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[0.18] BBI First Person View

Gives your Kerbal on EVA special camera so you have a First person View when exploring with your Kerbal The Vanguard Plugin and the BBIFirstPersonView plugin, both included in the download.


The BBI VRGS contains high-tech glasses which gives you as a player the opportunity to see the world Kerbal-like. The safe also has given the newest development on infinite supplies. In order to use to use the glasses, you have to be in EVA and in a range of one meter of the safe. Sadly, enough kerbal’s don’t care for details and they forgot to rename the “Get parachute” to “Get Glasses”. To activate the glasses right-click your Kerbal or press F8 (also F8 to leave First Person View) and use the arrow keys to move the Kerbal’s ‘eyes’. To re-center the view press the Right Alt key. Have Fun!

The Vanguard Plugin and the BBIFirstPersonView plugin, both included in the download.


As every other mod. DLL in the Plugin folder and Parts in the Parts folder.

How to use

First EVA and rightclick the Part (safe), this only works in a radius of 1 meter. then select "Get Parachute" (wasn't able to change this in the Vanguard Plugin, maybe for next release). Now your kerbal is packed with the so called Virtual Reality Glasses and you can activate this by rightclicking your Kerbel or press F8 To deactive the press F8 You can rotate the view with the arrowkeys and reset the center by pressing the Right Alt button.


7 Comments for “[0.18] BBI First Person View”

  1. Great idea, however the current version seems to lack the ability to pan/look around (up and down). Also, you can see the Kerbal’s face from time to time. Looking forward for updates.

    Astronomer February 4, 2013
  2. Actually you can move the camera up and down, and also left to right by using the Arrow Keys as is stated in the Description here, the ReadMe in the download and in the Part Description. However, it is of course possible that it is not working. If so. please let me know.

    Today finished the model for a new Habitat to use with the First Person View. If things will go as planned it will be released later this week.

    maxvandelaar February 4, 2013
  3. Great initiative, something the dev’s should really take a look at. They can probably attach the camera to the head instead of the general body position so we have some head bobbing and proper head movement ;-)

    RolanDecoy February 27, 2013
  4. I’m having troubles getting this to work. I have put all files in their appropiate locations, but I am not getting any options when I click on the Kerbals for First Person View. Any idea’s?

    Aaron Someone March 11, 2013
  5. Same here. Right clicking on a Kerby nor F8 wont work on version 0.19.1.

    Marcel Fitzner May 18, 2013
  6. ok, so I guess I am not surprised that it is not working in 0.20.??

    ted amrine July 9, 2013
  7. I got it to work by updating the part .cfg (need to update the module reference)


    name = ModuleKrEquipKerbal
    count = 5
    range = 1
    guiName = Equip VRGs
    name = BBIFirstPersonView

    Adam Oakeley July 28, 2013
  8. I just noticed that some of you still used it (28 July at least). Therefore, I want to announce that this, as you may have noticed, is not longer supported due to the forum crash a long time ago. Lost interest etc. Sorry for this.

    maxvandelaar November 7, 2013
  9. Ok so the developer lost interest, but wouldn’t it be nice if he made the source available so that someone else could continue his nice job?
    please share the source or if anyone else can do it, re make it please, this is a most have feature in ksp imo

    jiraiyah January 23, 2014
  10. I’m going to shamelessly promote my own plugin here as an alternative:

    FlaccidUnicorn March 29, 2014

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