[0.22] Bargain Rocket Parts v1.0

Bust out the duct tape, we’re going to space!


Bargain Rocket Parts Inc.



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Bargain Rocket Parts adds 34 new parts to KSP, designed to build fully functional rockets out of cardboard, duct tape, plywood, and whatever else we find laying around.

It is also integrated into the tech tree, using ModuleManager to replace stock parts as the beginning tiers. The revised tech tree can be seen here. The pack includes four new science modules in addition to several types of engines, fuel tanks, parachutes, etc.

If you do not want the stock tech tree to be modified, simply delete BargainRockets.cfg in the folder and stock parts will not be rearranged in the tech tree, and the new parts will only appear in Sandbox mode.


This pack uses ModuleManager 1.5, initially created by ialdabaoth and now taken over by sarbian.

More information about this mod, including the source code, can be found here!


Just drop the GameData folder included in the zip into your main KSP folder!

How to use

It should be fairly straightforward. Just make sure to check part descriptions if you're not clear what a part does.


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  1. Funny. and imaginative…

    Lemon battery could have more power than potato battery …
    And little more work on engines, they do not look too functional…

    kyklop November 19, 2013
  2. Oh my god, these are just too funny!

    Cane McKeyton November 21, 2013
  3. Oh My God,Glorious

    Leo Derpinson November 21, 2013
  4. Gonna do a LP of dis on youtube :D if you have a channel (and you want people to sub) give me a link ill post it in the desc of my vids during the series okay :D .

    Leo Derpinson November 21, 2013
  5. One suggestion: Trash can lid heat shields so we can use the deadly reentry mod with this.

    brillopad December 1, 2013

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