B9 4.0c Texture Reduction Pack (Extreme)

Extreme texture reduction pack for B9 Aerospace 4.0c.


This is a texture reduction package for the B9 Aerospace 4.0c mod. B9 is created, distributed, and maintained by bac9.

You MUST have B9 Aerospace 4.0c installed to use this package.

This reduction pack frees up 1.09GB of the 1.30GB RAM footprint claimed by B9 4.0c running on a Windows platform. You WILL notice some loss of texture quality when viewing the B9 parts at extreme close range. Examples include: blurred-out lettering, fuzzy-looking rust patterns, less detail on heat tiles, etc. When zoomed out so that the entire craft is visible, the quality loss in the textures is hard to discern.

If you enjoy bac9′s beautiful artwork and want to keep all the details, do not install this package. If you rarely spend time examining your craft from 10cm away and are more concerned with freeing up RAM for other mods, then this is the right package for you.

To use:

1) Install B9 Aerospace 4.0c.
2) Unzip the archive into your KSP root folder. Agree to merging folders and overwriting existing items with new ones.

To uninistall:

Re-install B9 Aerospace 4.0c.

Following bac9′s preference, this work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

This package contains model textures only and does not include any plugins or other functionality of the B9 Aerospace 4.0c mod.

Credits for the original work:
bac9-flcl – 3D modeling, textures
Taverius – Configs, craft design, testing, 3D modeling


See the Overview tab.

How to use

See the Overview tab.


2 Comments for “B9 4.0c Texture Reduction Pack (Extreme)”

  1. The B9 guys should be throwing money and groupies at you for this and releasing it by default. The B9 kit lasted one hour on my KSP because it wrecked more than it fixed. KSP is a horribly buggy poorly made game, or rather, Unity is a horribly restrictive engine which has led to KSP in it’s current state. Only using one core, 2gb of RAM, etc, wrecks it so so badly when you consider the kind of computers we all use (it’d be great maybe if it were ten years ago) so it’s very easy to exacerbate the crashfest of KSP normally by maxing out it’s 2gb with part packs and B9 does that (so does the USA and USSR packs combined, you should consider fixing them, I would seriously love you forever for that one and give you my firstborn, hell, I’d give you my uterus!) which then causes the game to be unplayable! :C

    I only wish I had more than five stars to give you, even though I won’t be using B9 again, this is a great idea and an even greater contribution to the KSP modding community – and on behalf of all the KSP players, we know deep down the only reason KSP is playable for more than a short period of time is the mods, so thank you!

    pr0metheus October 25, 2013
  2. So THAT’S why my KSP has been crashing! Definitely getting this as soon as I get home.

    L P October 29, 2013
  3. I cannot recommend this enough if KSP is crashing as much for you as it was for me. Great job.

    Nate December 11, 2013

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