[0.22]US-K Mapping Sat

US-K spy^Wmapping satellite and Tsyklon-2 booster


Note: Still needs to be updated for NFPP 0.30 and KSP Interstellar 0.8.x; depends on NFPP 0.2x and KSP Interstellar 0.7.4 for now.
Forum thread (ctrl+f US-K)

The US-K spy^H^H^Hterrain mapping satellite combines height mapping, slope mapping, biome mapping, and anomaly mapping into one satellite. Its on-board nuclear reactor provides ample* power for the SCANsat antennae & induction thruster and can be jettisoned into a safe disposal orbit once its fuel supply is depleted.

The accompanying Tsyklon-2 launch vehicle can, with proper handling, get the US-K into orbit without creating orbiting debris.

NovaPunch 2.03
KW Rocketry 2.5.4
Procedural Fairings 2.4.2
KSP Interstellar (tested* with 0.7.4)
Near-Future Propulsion Pack (tested with v0.24)
SCANsat (tested with build 3)

* Not tested in career mode.


The archive was designed to be extracted into the KSP root directory. If the subassembly variant of Tsyklon-2 doesn't show up, try copying it into your active save's Subassemblies directory

How to use

Please see the imgur album for launch instructions.


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