[0.22] B9 Aerospace Pack R4.0c / Now with 210 parts and tech tree integration!

This pack vastly expands a selection of parts, in particular with high-quality spaceplane components such as new engines, cockpits, wings and fuselage systems.


Latest updates and discussion:

Inspirational albums:



Make sure you have KSP 0.22 or higher. Support for KSP 0.21 is discontinued, use R3.4 if a compatible version is needed. Support for KSP 0.20.2 is discontinued, use R3.2 if a compatible version is needed. Versions below 0.20.2 are incompatible completely, even with older releases.


Double-check whether you are using KSP version 0.22 or higher. Your root KSP folder should already contain GameData and Ships folders. Overwrite them with folders from the archive. Do not, under any circumstances, extract just GameData/B9_Aerospace/Parts folder alone, the mod won't work this way. With a proper installation, you should have multiple new folders in GameData alongside with Squad folder that was there originally. Do not try to move the part folders elsewhere or sort them by category subfolders, that will break resource linking in all configs. You don't need the Source folder for the mod to work, it contains source code for all the plugins.

How to use

Check example crafts to get the idea of how all the parts can be used, and start building!


228 Comments for “[0.22] B9 Aerospace Pack R4.0c / Now with 210 parts and tech tree integration!”

  1. Holy crap! This is a super awesome pack. I just got it installed and working. I made this account just to comment and rate Bac9′s awesome overview cockpit and drone core, got lazy, didn’t do it, but there this is!

    jamesblake April 23, 2013
  2. I just want to say IT IS AWESOME!

    Paul Estrada April 23, 2013
  3. craft files?

    Alexander Davenport April 23, 2013
  4. nice job and thx!

    Alex PLANDE April 23, 2013
  5. bac9, you’ve provided some of the best mods to date in this pack. Thanks very much for these amazingly detailed parts – I can now complete my Duna Direct KRV – sweet!

    Charlie Brown April 23, 2013
  6. I have just uploaded the latest version, R2.4. Changes:

    ▼ R2.4 // Current version

    Complete rebalancing of part mass, crash tolerances, capacities and other parameters. Should result in much more sturdy and nice flying crafts.
    Warning! Wings structure had to be changed to solve the main source of issues with FAR. Point of origin was moved to attachment point for all wings (with the move compensated through CoMOffset parameter). Unfortunately, this can break existing modular wing setups you are using. Won’t happen again.
    Added two example crafts:

    - D-175 Strugatsky heavy transport plane
    - BRV-4 Heinlein SSTO spaceplane

    Added new parts:

    - S2 widebody 1.25m engine mount (S2W->S2+4×1.25m adapter)
    - S2 large crew tank (6m, 6 seats)
    - S2 monopropellant tank
    - A65 2m semi-span delta wing (additional piece for the modular wing system)

    Restored C125 adapter that was mistakenly removed onwards from R2.
    Fixed large structural S2 fuselage section model, should no longer exhibit z-figthing issues.
    Fixed interior display emissive animation to be less noticeable.
    Texture improvements on some parts.

    bac9 April 23, 2013
  7. woot. great job, that engine mount piece was greatly needed

    Alexander Davenport April 23, 2013
  8. So many parts, so many broken parts. I have the latest KSP and nearly half mods have either failed to load, or either do stupid things like just blow up on launch. Please take more care in future when uploading so much stuff. They look really good, but obviously you need to learn a bit more as far as the game mechanics go? I cant make mods, so I cant say much but no one else s is as broken as this pack for me, its was nearly 90 megabytes too!! now I have to sort through all the parts and figure out what works and what doesnt, its about 50/50 so far.

    Ted Logan April 23, 2013
  9. Wow, this pack looks amazing! I am having alot of trouble with the parts, but I hope you will fix them up. I have cockpit that will not let me attach anything onto it, I have exploding parts.. I have wings that not connect proper. I think need alot of work, but will be awesome when is proper fixed.

    Bill Preston April 23, 2013
  10. This is what I need to make a Shuttle. THANKS!!! 5/5

    Mission_to_Mars April 23, 2013
  11. BRV-4 won’t load.. bxss missing.

    Michael Brotherton April 24, 2013
  12. The wings do not work i cant move them :o help please :/ ?

    danielo74 April 24, 2013
  13. epic nice work

    applepie April 24, 2013
  14. EPIC

    enough said

    Siraj Yusuf April 24, 2013
  15. Wow ! Cool mod!
    Great job !

    Alfred April 24, 2013
  16. New version uploaded!

    ▼ R2.5 // Current version

    The notorious FAR bug with spontaneously exploding delta wings is solved completely (it turns out mesh colliders with triangular surfaces aren’t supported).
    FAR configs merged with stock configs, no need to install them separately anymore.
    MK5 cockpit hatch obstruction issue completely fixed. Unfortunately, the solution involved offsetting the part, so you will have to reattach that cockpit on all your crafts. Fortunately, in contrast with wings, that would be easy to do.
    Further rebalancing of some parts.
    Updated existing example crafts:

    - D-175 Strugatsky heavy transport plane (docking clamp in the cargo hold, action group to close cargo doors, MK5 repositioned after, ACU unit)
    - BRV-4 Heinlein SSTO spaceplane (balance updates, additional control surfaces, ASAS unit)

    Added new example craft: I8-L Bradbury, supersonic crew transport capable of taking 12 passengers on board.

    Added new parts:

    - Radial ASAS
    - Radial avionics (ACU)
    - MK2 ASAS nose cone
    - SH/SE 1m control surfaces

    Fixed the shading issues on S2 cockpit model.

    bac9 April 24, 2013
  17. This mod looks amazing, downloading right now..

    Luis Gil April 24, 2013
  18. nothing to say other than it is amazing

    berraomar April 25, 2013
  19. Just registered so I could rate this 5 stars

    oystein sorebo April 25, 2013
  20. YES! It is completely beautiful and brilliant! Finally big wings in different shapes to make interesting airplanes. Thank you very much! 5\5 no question :D

    Mihax209 April 25, 2013
  21. I’m getting an error that says the file is invalid when i try to open it, any suggestions?

    ryan young April 25, 2013
  22. i’m getting an error too. it appears spaceport may be corrupting the file

    spongebob sqarepants April 25, 2013
  23. same here D: and it’s VERY frustrating

    Siraj Yusuf April 25, 2013
  24. can’t open the file!
    Fix please? I am really hyped up on this thing.

    Derpty Derp Derp Derpty April 25, 2013
  25. yess the file has fixed it’s self just give it some time and tlc

    ryan young April 25, 2013
  26. this is really good

    Kennyf160 April 25, 2013
  27. nope, file still broken for me. make it into 2 half.

    Ted Logan April 25, 2013
  28. How do you install this on Mac?
    I would really like some help.
    Thank you.

    Norton April 26, 2013
  29. Absolute lovely!

    I’m a big fan of your work! Very nice textures and functions!
    A must have Add-On for all Jebediah’s!

    Keep up the good work!

    daydreaming Stargazer

    Rafael Billiani April 26, 2013
  30. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. You sir are king of the KSP mods page!

    Ian Dyknes April 26, 2013
  31. First post and I made this account to comment here. I loved the look of the first pack you made and this, this is just wow. Your skill is to be praised and this pack is one that will add to the future of KSP. I love how your style is , I do wish that you could make a second skin for the same look as KSP but you are making this road and the direction is yours, don’t change it if this is the work you are doing. I can’t wait to have more of what you make and looking at the down load counter and 5 star’s you have I am not the only one.

    David Ross April 26, 2013
  32. Aaaaaaaarghhhh!!!!
    One damn imperfection for this mod that I’ve seen so far. I’ve built a perfect replica of the space shuttle, works great with the winches also for the engines, but ONE downside. When I get to orbit and I use time acceleration, when I stop the acceleration the wings break of spontaneously… :(
    Any idea of fixes?
    Other than that, brilliant mod

    Mihax209 April 27, 2013
  33. Amazing mod, one of the best part packs I’ve found! Highly detailed with some much needed additions. Keep up the great work!

    GhostChaser April 27, 2013
  34. Tip for the mod creator: Don’t delete your old submission when you have a new major release! Just update the existing one with the new information. When you deleted you old version, you also deleted your ratings, download statistics, and broke every link pointing to your mod that people have made saying they like it. Take a look at Kerbal Engineer Redux: The URL to that page hasn’t changed in a while, but the title and files are updated when new changes come out. You’re shooting yourself in the foot a little.

    SagaciousFoo April 28, 2013
  35. I cry tears of awesome every time I use your parts. Thank you.

    Wilder Parks April 29, 2013
  36. Hi! you will model the American Space Shuttle?

    Krasov Sergey April 29, 2013
  37. Hi! you will model the American Space Shuttle?22

    Krasov Sergey April 29, 2013
  38. Hmm very nice looking parts, but very sterile, no feeling. Also different color textures on parts make them all look like they don’t match. This pack is good but looks like made over a long time with no continuity.

    Bill Preston April 30, 2013
  39. Awesome pack, very detailed parts, all of them work well. Just wondering if it’s possible to reduce the wobble when making long aircraft.. It seems i need a lot of struts to keep just the body of ships from drooping in the middle. That’s all though!

    The cockpits… Are easily the finest IVA work I’ve ever seen.

    Denver Donnan April 30, 2013
  40. Neither the Spaceport dl or the Mediafire are working for me, its been 2 days….strange

    Jonathan Barrio May 2, 2013
  41. haha, right after I said that it finally worked, what a miracle! Now off to enjoy this splendor I hear about!

    Jonathan Barrio May 2, 2013
  42. awesome mod

    Aleks6010 May 10, 2013
  43. OH MY GOD this is an awesome mod this must have taken ages yo are a king when it comes to detailed and awesome designs I am going to re model every one of my jets now!

    TThomas189 May 12, 2013
  44. Amazing. Simply amazing.

    Crav A. Kerman May 12, 2013
  45. A very Epic pack!
    I have a question though…. I have looked in the zip file and in my parts folder just encase I may have missed something but I haven’t…..is there supposed to be a MK4 body? and body with doors? in your screenshots I see a couple parts I do not have. I was going to build a transport with the tail ramp,which I have both and I have the adapter and the HL adapter MK4 so its hollow….but….there isn’t a MK4 Body or MK4 Body with doors….were pieces overlooked or forgotten? plz update with all parts and keep up the great work!

    Mr Sinister May 15, 2013
  46. I try using this mod but now if I launch any vehicles my game crashes, if I can get to fix it I’ll be sure to write an opinion on the mod.

    Kyle Wright May 21, 2013
  47. This isn’t in the vanilla?!

    Astronomer May 22, 2013
  48. can you update this pack for KSP v0.20.0.162 if not done yet pls

    Skyers Naik-Read May 24, 2013
  49. your parts are the basis of all spacecraft in my game!im waiting for the 0.2x update!without this i cant go to space!

    techstepman May 31, 2013
  50. no i will wait until it will be updated to 0.20 v :D :(

    airidas mazuolis June 1, 2013
  51. UPDATED to R3! YES!

    Mekan1k June 1, 2013
  52. Dat Thrust Vectoring.

    Crav A. Kerman June 1, 2013
  53. I have a problem with SABRE M. Liquid fuel is consumed, but engine doesn’t work.

    Alexander June 2, 2013
  54. i have a problem it fails to load the crafts which come with it it says some parts are missing can someone help me?

    Florin Stancu June 2, 2013
  55. Missing parts where can i get them???

    Florin Stancu June 2, 2013
  56. There are NO PARTS MISSING. Due to the new KSP 0.20+ file structure and part loading system individual folders CANNOT be counted as single parts. The current 83 folders = 173 parts. For this mod pack to work it MUST be installed as indicated in the readme and on the forum.

    Orphican June 2, 2013
  57. Orphican June 2, 2013
  58. I cant use the cargo bay doors? please help

    mike sa June 2, 2013
  59. Holy crap this update is awesome!! no problems here it may be a conflict with people trying to update old craft files i started fresh. Oh BTW then new engines are badass

    Thomas sTRICKLAND June 2, 2013
  60. Only real complaint I have with this mod is that the parts aren’t categorized correctly, ie. all of your fuel tanks are in the Structural category, etc. Not a huge priority issue I know, but it would be nice. :)

    qev June 2, 2013
  61. I think I peed a little when I first saw this new B9 pack up and running… It’s not just beautiful, it’s art. You don’t build planes with it – you make SCULPTURE. The parts are cleanly modeled and textured and most importantly they are modular and versatile.

    While we all appreciate the jury-rigged, scrapyard aesthetic of the stock parts, these B9 components are more enjoyable to use and build more professional (less-Kerbal like) ships and planes. When playing KSP I prefer the aerospace hangar to the VAB, so this pack is almost a necessity for me.

    There are a few niggles but nothing that detracts from the elegance and usefulness of the parts. (The small air cooler transforms into the large air-cooler when launching or using ctrl-Z). Perhaps a few of the X-Y-Z points are still wobbly, but this mod is still well worth it.

    Well done Bac9! Gorgeous job, it’s basically art. Thanks for sharing!!

    Brendan2097 June 3, 2013
  62. I agree with Brendan fully. When I finally got the full game and started getting mods a few months back, I picked this one up, but since I wasn’t really building aircraft, coupled with the sheer volume of parts and subsequent load times, it didn’t stay with me long. Now however, I’ve been assembling a massive ship in orbit to send upwards of a couple hundred Kerbals to colonize Laythe and all I needed was a reusable transport to get them from orbit to the surface. Now, I suck at building space planes (really suck), but thanks to this mod, I now have a ship that take off, dock, and carry 20+ Kerbals down to the surface, all within a day (and unlike my previous efforts with stock parts, this one looks pretty good too). Awesome mod.

    Nathan Smith June 3, 2013
  63. it says 175 parts. i got 75. :( help me plz

    Meteor Industries June 3, 2013
  64. oh i got it, sorry

    Meteor Industries June 3, 2013
  65. Ok so I don’t know what I am doing wrong, I have either, 1 been in the sun too long the past few days and just fried my brain that I can’t install this thing correctly to give me all the multiple parts in a single folder, or I am just completely lost on how to do it. I tried it the normal way since .20 came out, I have .20.2 now. the first time I went, KSP/GameData/Squad/Parts/ then copy over all the parts folders, I would then put all the props in the props folder, resources, resources folder etc. Wouldn’t load some of the extra parts in a single folder. So I just took the entire GameData folder in the download, and put it here…. KSP/GameData/Squad that didn’t work either. So I am just confused on where to install this thing correctly.

    Michael Crane June 3, 2013
  66. Michael I’ll help you, double click on “gamedata” in the zip, select all folders (b9areospace,ExsurgentEngineering etc.) now drag and drop these in the gamedata folder (DONT put them in the squad file,put them next to it) then go to the “ships” file in the zip folder and select all of the .craft files and put them in KSP/Ships /SPH. Aaaaand that should work :)

    Stanford Burley June 4, 2013
  67. Mother of God… OK I waited this long, but not anymore. You got me!

    Benoit Gauthier June 4, 2013
  68. wen i get the mod and inport the parts most of the parts are gon and the ships are “unstable” soooo haaaaaaa

    edward supczak June 4, 2013
  69. Thanks Stanford Burley! It all got in their correctly. The only problem I have is the same as Alexander.

    “I have a problem with SABRE M. Liquid fuel is consumed, but engine doesn’t work.

    Alexander June 2, 2013″

    Anyone find a way around this problem?

    Michael Crane June 5, 2013
  70. Saber Engines!!!! F-22 Engines!!!! this mod pack now has my dream parts… I… I think I love you bac9, B9 is the greatest mod pack ever and it’s getting better all the time.

    Casey Hall June 5, 2013
  71. i only have 83 parts Help?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! Please?!?!??!?!?!

    Hi_pie555 June 5, 2013
  72. Same as previous commenter only 83 parts in aerospace parts file.

    qepsilonp June 6, 2013
  73. So i’ve removed and reinstalled the ships and the parts from this mod twice, but still i’m missing parts and the craft files won’t load because it says it’s incompatible with this version of KSP. I’m updated to the newest version, so i’m unclear where this problem is from.

    I can find the part folders in game data, and there’s nothing in the debug that would indicate a problem.

    cainfortea June 6, 2013
  74. Please disregard previous statement. I was in fact on .20.1 instead. I am a giant dork.

    cainfortea June 6, 2013
  75. Why do I only have 83 parts? if someone could get back to me, that would be much appreciated.

    stefan medley June 6, 2013
  76. Can I get a tutorial or something so I can set up the mod properly? I honestly have no clue what to do, and I dont want to break the game.

    stefan medley June 6, 2013
  77. i got everything on but im missing a lot of parts. halp plz

    jhggygh June 6, 2013
  78. just got 83 out of 175 parts any ideas people?

    Gonzalo Petricioli June 6, 2013
  79. Guys make sure you use the correct version. so if you have 20.1 your outdated

    Action Hank June 7, 2013
  80. the Zip only contains 83 parts regardless of which ksp version you have. however I do think it does have most, if not all, 175 parts:

    If you look through the folders in “…\KSP_win\Parts” (or where ever you put the mod) (IE: Structure_P_Clear-Half, or Utility_Light_N) these folders contain more than one “.mu” and “.cgf” files which I think need to be moved to their own folder. and since none of these parts show up ingame, my theory is that the game doesn’t know how to load a folder with more than one .mu or .cgf file inside. (tried moving them to their own folder – doesn’t work) this mod is partly broken

    I’m using 0.20.2

    osldgoth June 7, 2013
  81. ok I have NOW got it working, (took most of the day)…

    I used kspmm at first – DO NOT use kspmm.





    your computer will merge the 2 GameData folders. once that is done open “…\ksp_win\GameData” and you should see these folders:


    read through this b9 forum for additional insight: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/25241-0-20-2-B9-Aerospace-Pack-R3-New-pods-IVAs-engines-fuselages-structures?p=435166&viewfull=1#post435166

    my apologies to bac9 and company for my lack of understanding of this mod. keep up the good work.

    osldgoth June 7, 2013
  82. Love the pack, but would it be possible to get a few decouplers added to it?
    Considering the amount of thought and work that went into this it’s hard to believe such a simple part was overlooked.
    Matching decouplers would make this PERFECT!

    John Westbrook June 7, 2013
  83. Hi when I was trying to install the mod, I went to find the plugins folder in the ksp folder but it wasn’t there. please help

    GGR123 June 7, 2013
  84. Also when I went to load an included ship from the mod it said that I had parts missing please help

    GGR123 June 7, 2013
  85. fixed

    GGR123 June 7, 2013
  86. It would be extremely beneficial for all us users of this mod if you can add the option of “Toggle Color” to the Omni Lights. Then you wouldn’t have to create different versions and sizes for various colors.

    Thank you for the great mod

    saher negm June 15, 2013
  87. I’ve packed reloaded and packed yet it says im missing 12 parts just for the heinlein

    kaito kanazawa June 15, 2013
  88. Looks like a cool mod, I’m giving it a 3 only because almost half the parts are missing. I don’t know if this is a glitch, because I checked all my files and all the parts from the download were present in the KSP folders. Please fix this, or do something. Either that or I’ve installed it wrong somehow.

    Kibbles June 15, 2013
  89. ^ I’ve also uninstalled and re-installed the mod several times, same outcome.

    Kibbles June 15, 2013
  90. This is a very good mod but I am having problems in the installation. First some parts I don’t know where to put them because when you download the pack it cant hurt to divide all the parts like Command, Propulsion, Engine,etc… and not to put them all joined. Also, when I install the parts I do know where to put them or figure out, some of those parts to do not appear in the game or when I load a craft. file.
    If someone know how to fix this or etc… comment the answer.
    Thank You

    Sergio Cepeda June 15, 2013
  91. I see the problem now, in the download there were only 83 parts, not 175 like it says. Can you fix the download, please? If that’s even the problem. If not then I don’t know.

    Kibbles June 15, 2013
  92. I love this mod, love the parts, made an incredible crew spaceplane that goes and lands from GKO easily, but can’t get the cargo doors close by no means at all, checked the action groups and theres no action to close the doors, please help.

    IGNOBIL June 16, 2013
  93. Great mod, i have some suggestions that could improve the mod for the next update though.

    It would be really cool if you could make some forward swept wings, i Think it would really fit the concept of this mod.

    I also Think it would be good if you could perhaps make the Mk2 fuselage have intakes intigrated to it (like the S2W adapter intake).

    All in all, great mod and i hope to see much more of this mod.

    Marcus Magnusson June 16, 2013
  94. I got a bug when I download the mod I don’t get the parts doesn’t say anything about B9 in the parts folder

    Fart McFarting June 16, 2013
  95. This is the BEST mod pack ever! I love all the part varieties and all the different sleek parts. It doesn’t get any better than this. And the SABRE engine is even included! Which is also a real conceptual engine made by a private company.

    10 stars out of 5. :)

    Jimmy Tran June 18, 2013
  96. I get a bug when I go back to the VAB or the SPH after a flight, it crashes the game. everything is installed as it should be, i think.
    this shows the error in the crash report:
    ERROR: Error while initializing dbghelp.dll, GetLastError: ‘De bewerking is voltooid.’ (Address: 00000000)

    ========== OUTPUTING STACK TRACE ==================

    ERROR: Error while initializing dbghelp.dll, GetLastError: ‘De bewerking is voltooid.’ (Address: 00000000)

    ========== END OF STACKTRACE ===========

    **** Crash! ****

    patton446 June 19, 2013
  97. Its amazing. I downloaded the pack and everything turned out alright. However, I decided to delete the folder and download the pack again. Now it keeps saying that I have missing components. Where have the missing components gone? Unless my computer decided to not download all the components to me, I don’t know why its saying this even though I followed the instructions.

    The Mac June 20, 2013
  98. Yes, there are missing parts. I cannot find them in my folder as I have re-downloaded the pack again and again. I’m not sure if its my computer’s problem or the pack’s problem.

    The Mac June 20, 2013
  99. Hello. The game states that I have the following components missing, and yes, I am using the latest version of KSP. The missing components are the following:


    The Mac June 20, 2013
  100. I’m missing a lot of parts, mostly fuel tanks… Solution?

    jimothy squilliams June 21, 2013
  101. @jimothy squilliams and @The Mac I have the same problems as you guys D:

    Spacemonkey June 22, 2013
  102. I think I’ve figured out the problem with the missing pieces after taking a look at their folders and have concluded that the part’s folders hold two different length “data” that I think is creating conflicting with KSP.

    I don’t think KSP recognizes the part files if there are more that one size of the part in it.

    I can’t solve the problem.

    bac9 will have to create separate part files with only one part size data per file.

    Commander7 June 23, 2013
  103. It looks amazing but I have one problem when I go to load the ships that the mod gives me its says I’m missing parts and I don’t know what to do I just got the game 4 days ago and downloaded some other mods and they worked so I’m kind of at a stump of what to do please help me.

    Austin LeBlanc June 24, 2013
  104. doesn’t work for me, crashes every time I try to launch a craft

    Joshua Johnson June 25, 2013
  105. While this mod is great, it gives me some funky light shows I can’t get rid of without restarting KSP. It happens when I take something to the launchpad, end the flight and go back to the VAB. When I go to the launchpad the second time, crazy shadows cover everything within about a 100 metre radius of the camera. I have the latest version, and I’ve also tested it, and it definitely seems to be this mod.

    Daniel Evan June 26, 2013
  106. I have a question,
    I installed all the folders into the files and when I open KSP and go to the SPH and press on the load button it comes up saying that there were some craft that were incommunicable or something like that, so I pressed Delete and went into the loads afterwards and the B9 craft weren’t there?

    Matthew June 26, 2013
  107. I downloaded it and it only has half the parts, no bay doors or anything I downloaded it for. this download link sucks. :(

    ragmarock_no117 June 26, 2013
  108. Yeah me to I got only like 20 or so parts instead of 175 promised

    Matthew June 27, 2013
  109. My game keeps crashing every time I launch something, whether it was from the VAB or the SPH. it looks like a good add on, but now I can not launch anything, so I have got rid of the mod :( . If anyone can help that will be very nice.

    J White June 29, 2013
  110. Great support!

    Ted Logan June 29, 2013
  111. Im having the same problem as everyone else. Im missing a great deal of parts and ive read the forum and tried what it says. I have a mac so idk if thats the reason for my problems.

    Steven June 29, 2013
  112. does anyone else have a mac and suffer the lack of parts too?

    Steven June 29, 2013
  113. Just started playing the game this is the first mod i installed this mod adds so many parts and it has so much Focus to detail it is truly an amazing mod. I recomend it to everyone in my opinion it sets a new mile marker for making mods. Every part added to the game through this mod should be added to the vinilla game it is such an inprovment


    Kerbal10 July 2, 2013
  114. Why is the average rating 3/5? This is by far a 5 star pack!
    Must be grumpy envious fools downvoting it :(

    Baleur July 3, 2013
  115. @Baleur Maybe if you read the other comments, you’ll see that some of us arent as lucky as you and dont get all the parts

    Steven July 3, 2013
  116. The wing pylons are faulty. I can’t use symmetry with them, and have to place engines on them individually.

    Ur Didact July 4, 2013
  117. Deserves much more than 3 stars. Well polished parts, nicely designed textures and an absolute asset to the game. SSTO would not be the same without it.

    Peter Spears July 5, 2013
  118. KUDOS.

    Machnine9 July 7, 2013
  119. I can’t seem to open and close the cargo bay doors on the structural fuselages and they always start open when I launch the plane. There are no options in group actions and nothing happens when I click on them in flight-mode. Can anyone help?

    Mark Newnham July 7, 2013
  120. i just downloaded this and i only have 83 parts not 175 as advertized

    r8cefan88 July 10, 2013
  121. Do we really have to overwrite our existing mods!?

    calvinj2002 July 10, 2013
  122. Oh wait…

    calvinj2002 July 10, 2013
  123. needs more compatability with stock parts D:

    clyde craft July 16, 2013
  124. Even though I cannot seem to get all the parts I’ve got to give 5/5 Stars for the work put into the pack. ;)

    Eric Maizner July 18, 2013
  125. Maybe an IVA for crew cabins if possible, just for fun?

    causticham July 20, 2013
  126. Good luck on being On The Squad Team!!!

    gip gippy July 25, 2013
  127. Could you change the cockpit interiors so that I could see what my plane is pointing at? It’s so much easier to land or aim with the plane if I could see what I’m pointing at.

    xrayfishx July 25, 2013
  128. i cant get the file to open

    hulk man July 25, 2013
  129. After downloading the .zip file I try to extract it and it says “The archive is either unknown format or damaged.” I tried the MediaFire link on the forum as well as downloading with IE7 and Chrome (which is what I use). I tried multiple times for each and it’s still the same thing.

    Kenneth Wunpheng July 25, 2013
  130. because this mod hasnt been updated for 0.21

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 25, 2013
  131. @ xrayfishx- double click on windows in IVA to see out of them,the center window should point directly forwards.

    Alex Lane July 26, 2013
  132. Thanks!!! Now i can actually play with cool parts! and I’ll have to re launch everything with your awesome lights

    Matthew Schoffelmeer July 28, 2013
  133. it says the package is invalid

    AlChestBreachfan1 July 28, 2013
  134. I get the same message says package is invalid after download

    Mark Wilson July 28, 2013
  135. same here, invalid

    Ted Logan July 28, 2013
  136. Im missing parts

    Nikolai Autzen July 29, 2013
  137. i swear to god fix this pack the published parts arnt in the download

    gruller43 July 29, 2013
  138. I’m having issues finding the HL fuselage, I’m guessing something is wrong with the file or it’s not in the pack yet. Any help?

    Dylan Doole July 29, 2013
  139. There’s an error with the MK5 Cockpit, right? Either there is an error with the internals, or the cockpit is awful.

    Erik Strangstad July 30, 2013
  140. Same for me, invalid thing when i try to put it into the gamadata folder

    vinster7 July 31, 2013
  141. Alright, for some reason it works now. But the sabres don’t work. No guis. nothing. All I see is lock gimbals when I right click on it.

    vinster7 July 31, 2013
  142. All part are not in this map lol,,,, do somenthing i need this pack completeee or i cant play the game

    danielo74 August 2, 2013
  143. 1…. Word… EPICCCCCC!!!!!!

    lulukitty22 August 3, 2013
  144. Wheels? I can’t seem to get my SP to land after takeoff.

    Paladin Co. August 4, 2013
  145. I want to second Paladin. This pack really needs some wheels created for it. The stock landing wheels are too small/short for many of the aircraft and larger aircraft should have larger landing gear assemblies.

    Also, the big cargo plane appears to have a part which isn’t showing up in my parts list. Is this just my installation?

    Otherwise, great part pack. Much thanks for the hard work you have put into creating this and keeping it compatible

    BootlegFC August 4, 2013
  146. Best part pack that I’ve seen for Ksp!!

    Ryan Mckearnin August 4, 2013
  147. still missing parts. no cargo bays. no fuel tanks. only like 10 parts

    r8cefan88 August 6, 2013
  148. turns out i didnt install right! great pack of parts!

    r8cefan88 August 7, 2013
  149. I have got problem .I can’t switch engine modes and hypersonic cocpit shield .This is best mod I’ve ever innstaled.

    mmatej August 8, 2013
  150. Does this mod require any other mods and/or is incompatible with other mods? I can’t do anything with the parts included in the mod, not action group or anything. Plus, the Sabre engines are firing during construction inside the VAB. They don’t show up in the staging, either, so best bet, they don’t work at all.

    call4dead3 August 8, 2013
  151. I want to make B9 mod finished package, expect your license

    fxw700 August 8, 2013
  152. Best pack on the space port!

    Benjamen Matthews August 9, 2013
  153. hey Bac9 do you think you could do an engine that fits with the standard S2 parts? i really think they would be a lot better if i didn’t have to strap on some big ridiculous adapter or use a circular engine.

    Brycce Krick August 9, 2013
  154. The SABRE engines eat up FORTY TIMES the usual when moved from atmospheric air to oxidizer consumption? Is that a typo in the engine details?

    Dan Volodar August 9, 2013
  155. Seems broken…

    Kerbal_Aerospace_ind August 10, 2013
  156. I’m missing a huge amount of parts, not to mention crafts too. I’m mainly missing fuselages and crew holders……help please?

    Dylan Doole August 10, 2013
  157. All the parts that have b9 are missing! Please help us!

    kaito kanazawa August 11, 2013
  158. I’m getting very impatient! Fix the damn pack NOW. One star until it’s fixed!

    Jonathan August 12, 2013
  159. To all of you who are complaining about the pack having “parts missing”:


    This is an installation issue – that is to say, “Problem exists between keyboard and chair”. If the pack was broken, every user would have the issue. We don’t – most of us (except the people who complain here) can follow the instructions and install it properly.

    Do it as advised in the installation instructions and it will work for you – all the other parts will be visible.

    HeadHunter67 August 14, 2013
  160. Ok bac9, I would like to apologize for my previous comment. Ot turns out that I’m a dumbass and there’s absolutely nothing wrong woth your gorgeous mod.

    Jonathan August 14, 2013
  161. There is one very irritating bug: sometimes it won’t let me click on parts to set up action groups. Not sure what’s causing it. I have novapunch, kethane, mechjeb2, subassembly manager, and obviously b9 aerospace. All for .21/.21.1

    Jonathan August 15, 2013
  162. I have B9 installed and I think I have all the right parts, (except for MK4 bodies?) but everything from the pods section in vanilla is replaced by B9 pods. I even looked in the files and they were missing. I was also missing various winglets and wings from vanilla. Can anyone help me?

    Ethan Jarocki August 18, 2013
  163. @Bac9,

    Turns out I was missing the tree for the forest on the cargo loading ramp. I don’t want to seem like I am being critical, I love this pack and it is one of my must-haves. I did find the part which I mistakenly thought was missing, there are a lot of parts in this pack and it is easy to miss some of them until you get used to the sorting.

    I would like to reitierate my earlier suggestion for some aircraft wheels. I think there need to be more options than the spindly and short stock aircraft wheels. After all, a C-5 Galaxy doesn’t use the same type and size wheel assemblies as a gulfstream or learjet

    BootlegFC August 18, 2013
  164. For some reason the modules appear without the texture only the 3d model in white can anyone help me? :( I love the mod but without the texture i can’t make awesome ships look awesome…

    João Boga August 19, 2013
  165. great job !!!

    gaveral August 21, 2013
  166. It says the .zip file is invalid

    Jack Lowe August 24, 2013
  167. I love this mod! There does seem to be an issue with the collision physics on the structural panels, however. Whatever constants are being used to set collision force are set WAAAY too high.

    For example, I built a craft out of mostly 8 x 8 structural panels, sort of like a container you would see on a ship, using the really big vanilla wheels. Most of the time it drives around fine, but recently I haven’t been able to drive it because it will randomly disassemble itself. (and yes, I used tons of struts) It’s actually pretty funny to see; looks like a pile of tortilla chips falling out of a bag.

    Also, I tried using the same panel as a ramp, but it is impossible. Whenever I try to drive a rover up on the ramp, just getting over the edge of the panel breaks my rover wheels 100% of the time. (even the vanilla “ruggedized” wheels which are tough to break!)

    David Turpin August 24, 2013
  168. AWesome mod, but a few things are broken:
    The VTOL engines work, but they cant be turned up or down. Ect. Toggle vtol mode isn’t there in action groups or right-click.

    SABRE engines dont work at all. They dont do anything.

    vinster7 August 25, 2013
  169. hi. love the mod, but im missing some parts. im missing the mk2 cargo bay in particular (its wierd, i havent tampered with the file path, the files are still there, and the game even loads that part in the loading screen, but it just doesnt show up in either assembly building).

    i also seem to be missing a few others, i see some light rigs in the pictures, dont have those, and i read another comment mentioning some fuel tanks, dont have those either. i mostly seem to be missing some structural components. im sure i goofed up the installation somehow, im using KSP mod admin, could that be my issue? also, the premade crafts dont show up, but i think i put those in the wrong folder. Finally, it seems to copy all my stock command pods once or twice for some reason. could someone please help?

    anyway, is it possible to use autocad to make meshes for addons? id really like to start making some parts of my own. :)

    Non yabuissiness August 27, 2013
  170. do i maybe need an older version of this mod, then update it with this version?

    Non yabuissiness August 27, 2013
  171. never mind, i figured out the problem. i uninstalled the mod and reinstalled it manually. apperently, mod admnin didnt install it correctly. if you are having similar problems as me, dont use mod admin, just read the read me, and install manually.

    ps, superb mod.

    Non yabuissiness August 27, 2013
  172. Interesting mod. but when i tried to unzipped it using 7-zip, it says that i can’t open it as archive! Help me!

    Andrew Tan Jing Han August 27, 2013
  173. Luckily the downloads at the forums worked well
    now let’s play it!!!!!

    Andrew Tan Jing Han August 27, 2013
  174. after installing the mod, the game crashes right before i enter the main menu, please help

    darth.thomas August 28, 2013
  175. Wait…… I just extracted the entire thing to my KSP files and when i want to load KSP, it keep crashing non stop… Help.

    Andrew Tan Jing Han August 28, 2013
  176. I’m having the same trouble as many others. Missing parts and ships won’t load. Keeps saying parts missing. Someone please help. I did what the read me file said but it still won’t work. 0 stars!!!!!

    k g August 29, 2013
  177. I have the latest download, threw it in my gamedata, and everything shows up beautifully in my game. Thank you.

    William Taylor August 30, 2013
  178. Doesn’t work on my computer. I just get ‘too many heap sections’ error when my ksp finishes loading.

    Crazy Rolo August 31, 2013
  179. i am haveing a problem with the parts only some are thar

    michael August 31, 2013
  180. Uh… I need some help. It will only download anywhere from 50% to 90% and then it stops, and it says it is corrupted from an unexpected ending of the download. Any ideas on what to do?

    whitejoker576 September 3, 2013
  181. is this even updated anymore? we have all these people with the same problem, but he is a developer now so he probably does not spend any time on this pack, shame ,it was good now its another mod that breaks your game.

    Bill Preston September 5, 2013
  182. Works fine on my mac but lags my game seriously when i use any of the parts. Is there a possible fix or can it be done with an update. :) Thanks!

    Kernaledchips September 8, 2013
  183. Just downloaded and installed this today and it works great!

    Also I tried using a big rear loading cargo plane with the KAS winch mod, this allowed me to easilly load and unload trucks from the plane without having to fit them to a docking port(as long as the winch is in undocked mode, docked mode does wierd stuff).


    I rather like it this way because the winch system is pretty intuitive and easy to use for loading stuff.

    Nuclear Pony September 9, 2013
  184. extracted it but only got like 15 parts. so much for 176 parts

    9898101 September 15, 2013
  185. This mod is AWESOME! I like everything about it, the attention to detail, the bigger hulls, and the VTOL engines. I would give it a 10/10 if it weren’t for all the trouble i keep having getting the VTOL engines to rotate in the same direction. Other than that I would recommend this mod to anyone wanting to improve their flying experience in KSP…

    GWhitexProfessionalxkerbalnaut September 16, 2013
  186. The only reason I made an account was to give this awesome person, or persons credit for their awesome mode. I wish you luck in all of your future modding endeavors.

    GWhitexProfessionalxkerbalnaut September 16, 2013
  187. It looks awesome to say the least. Unfortunately each of the times I downloaded it I couldn’t open it because it was a “Corrupt file” and neither 7-zip nor Windows Explorer could open it. Internet problem maybe? And is anybody else having the same problem?

    Jarod Whiting September 17, 2013
  188. I downloaded an older version (r3.3) on Mediafire and everything is there and the download worked but half of the mods are not loading into KSP like they should. They are in the GameData directory, but only some of them get loaded. Any tips?

    Jarod Whiting September 17, 2013
  189. I messed up on that last comment, I thought r3.3 was an older version. Nevermind that, but still, it won’t load.

    Jarod Whiting September 17, 2013
  190. I guess the whole 176 parts thing just flew out the window. I got less than last time I tried downloading it.

    Last time I got 86 parts.

    Now I have 60.

    Idk if this is because I have a Mac, but I’m starting to get annoyed.

    Kibbles September 17, 2013
  191. I re-downloaded it, and now I have 84 parts. Do I have to just keep re-downloading and hope I get lucky?

    Kibbles September 17, 2013
  192. The actual number of parts loading in KSP is a lot less than 176.
    Most of the hull sections don’t load for me! The hull adapters and cockpits load, the engines do, the wings do, but no fuselage parts.

    The actual number of parts that I have in my KSP that load are 47 parts! That is considerably less than 176. What is going on?!

    Jarod Whiting September 18, 2013
  193. I have ALL config files, I went into each folder and counted, but only 47 load. I would really like to know what is going on, either that or have Bac9 remove the link with the pictures, it makes me envious of what I might get if I can just figure it out!

    Jarod Whiting September 18, 2013
  194. Hey bac9 you should make more kinds of jet engines like for example, Scramjet, Turboshaft, Turboprop, ect. if you could make a big huge Rockomax sized similar to the mk-16XL parachute and so it looks cool! :)

    chromedude223 September 18, 2013
  195. hey BAC9 this might be a bug but whenever I download your mod I put everything in the right pace but where does the source folder go and It always crashes after loading what did I do wrong?

    Quentin You Would Want to Know September 21, 2013
  196. the intakes for the jet vtol engines don’t work when you have four jet vtol engines please please fix

    Roland Gilt September 22, 2013
  197. the intakes for the jet vtol engines don’t work when you have four jet vtol engines please fix

    Roland Gilt September 22, 2013
  198. One of my favorite!

    wynnfarm September 25, 2013
  199. http://kerbalspaceport.com/b9texturereductionpack/

    I have uploaded a reduced texture pack, which should reduce the lag from these parts in the game.

    Ram footprint is 200mb less than the original textures, with little or no loss of fidelity.


    William Taylor October 3, 2013
  200. All the parts that I am looking for is here……….. Thanks guys……

    Carlyle Dioleste October 3, 2013
  201. …. will it work? will it not? will it work for 5 seconds then crash my computer? probably the 3rd one.

    miles lewis October 5, 2013
  202. Don’t work…

    jb LM October 8, 2013
  203. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu
    I did the overwrite thing and it auto deleted al my other game data files!!!!!!!!!!! how the f*ck do i fix this????????

    Yazza29 October 9, 2013
  204. I didnt get all the parts. It only had 83 and it left out all the fuselages. I cant even build anything. Im dissapointed

    clark alex October 11, 2013
  205. Well I installed it correctly, and everything works…exept the download wasn’t complete and I only have 84 parts. I tried downloading it again a few times, but stille the same.
    Now I can’t play with B9, please help.

    Frankieboy October 12, 2013
  206. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    there are only 83 part folders but there are 176 parts. there is nothing wrong. you would have known this if you read this inteire thread. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/25241-0-21-B9-Aerospace-Pack-R3-3-New-pods-IVAs-engines-fuselages-structures (the first post) just install and have fun :)

    chihhao October 18, 2013
  207. So this mod is mainly for planes construction? and is it FAR compatible?

    Vincente October 20, 2013
  208. Can I get a more in-depth instruction on how to use the low-res textures? I don’t understand, “overwrite the GameData folder in your KSP directory with GameData from the Textures_Reduced folder”. Can I get help?

    stefan medley October 20, 2013
  209. you think you could add the wide body cargo tail fin

    Kirk Kerman October 20, 2013
  210. the R4 version chrashes everytime if i start the game or i click on the vab house

    Bhatou October 22, 2013
  211. everytime crash when i start the game. very bad

    Shadowmasterrr October 22, 2013
  212. Step 1: Launch Game
    Step 2: Load a craft
    Step 3: Try to add some extra features to the craft but then it starts lagging like heaven and the parts become invisible or strangely discolored.
    Step 4: Game crashes and spend 15 minutes opening ksp again (i only have a couple other mods installed nothing else) also graphics are all on lowest setting. (btw, no matter what size craft you put into orbit from the tiniest probe core to the largest starship, game lags horribly when facing Kerbin in LKO.

    Otherwise great mod!

    Tycho Gormley October 22, 2013
  213. I love b9, but the size of this mod has increased too much.

    Nick Cogdell October 22, 2013
  214. I cant find the fuel tanks and crew tanks Please help!

    Tan Kuseyri October 23, 2013
  215. I love this pack! I’ve had it practically since I first got KSP, and it’s done wonders for me! I love the array of parts, the plugins, how everything looks, everything! However, as a contrast to this, I have one minor question: I recently built an SSTO that is perfectly capable of getting into Kerbin orbit, but the Sabre M engines keep overheating, even though I’ve used precoolers. How do I stop the overheating and subsequent explosion??

    Sam Curry October 23, 2013
  216. runs like crap. not at all friendly with ANY other mods. crash immediately after loading. lower graphic parts dont work. B9 has gone to the damn hole to die for me. seems i will have to replace my favorite mod. Oh and when i dont have any other mods installed it works. until it crashes randomly.

    r8cefan88 October 23, 2013
  217. Just dropped a line over on NovaPunch 2. Having a problem running B9 and Nova Punch together. If I have both in the folder the game will crash and not even load. If I take out NP2, it works. Have NP2 in the folder and take out B9, the game loads. Willing to drop game crashes logs for you. Just drop me a line if interested.

    Timothy Holston October 24, 2013
  218. Really wish i could just run one of them. Timothy Holston I’m not an expert but since they don’t work when installed together they are conflicting with each other and causing the game to crash because before .22 when i could actually run B9 or NP2 they did not work together well. but it could be that the update pushed the two mods to where they don’t work together at all. Not to mention i am having this problem with any other mod i have with B9, so it wont load with anything else for mods except B9 before it just crashes when you try to save or launch a craft.

    r8cefan88 October 25, 2013
  219. Not compatible with KW Rocketry Addon pack.
    Somebody having problems like me? anyone?

    Yong Chan Ahn October 25, 2013
  220. I have installed as instructed but I only get a limited amount of parts

    Ed Fandango October 26, 2013
  221. I have installed as instructed but I only get a limited amount of parts help!?

    Ed Fandango October 26, 2013
  222. I downloaded the mod but when I try and extract the .zip file it says the file unexpectedly crashed. What could be causing this. Have even tried downloading from different browsers, same thing. Please help.

    Ziyaad Adam October 27, 2013
  223. the cargo-bay doors don’t work. Otherwise it’s awesome like all your mods!!

    One-Way Gaming October 28, 2013
  224. The .zip file is crashed? I Can’t Extract

    Yiğit Coşkun Albayrak October 29, 2013
  225. Well I lost ALL MY PROGRESS BECAUSE OF THIS MOD. Dammit make sure it works next time!

    RULERULTAMIS October 29, 2013
  226. Great mod, but the lack of a 1m cockpit means 4 stars

    buenhombre October 29, 2013
  227. Where did all my stock parts go, and why are the only available parts for spaceplanes only?

    Mitchz95 October 31, 2013
  228. b9 does not support any other mods game even fails to start or crashes if i have any other mods installed- i had to delete my next fav: KW rocket

    however this has gotten much better w/ new update

    Tycho Gormley October 31, 2013
  229. i can’t open the compressed file…

    jules Cugnet November 2, 2013
  230. My game crashes as soon as I get to the startup screen. Any idea how to fix this?

    aslimchicken November 3, 2013
  231. I appreciate the amount of effort and skill put into these parts, but I gave this a 3/5 becasue
    -There is WAY more parts than most people need, and no way to sort them out other than manually deleting files
    -The wings are very hard to pair up with, and look awkward when put together due to them being so thick
    -The wings don’t give many options for builds
    -Some stuff is in the wrong categories, such as fuel tanks in the structure part

    Alex November 5, 2013
  232. Ok, what am I missing? How do I open the zip file?

    ! C:\******\Downloads\uploads_2013_10_B9-Aerospace-Pack-R4-0c.zip: Unexpected end of archive

    Please help.

    Tommy Richardson November 6, 2013
  233. I love this mod every time I download new version works very well but I think it does not need any more parts I am mainly worried about this aspect due to the UnityEngine LIMITATIONS, and would like to see some of the parts more refined, especially vertical take off parts I have a lot of fun making a craptastic Vertical Take off that spins wildly out of control……small VTO are easy large ones are hard.
    PS I use the Low def texture pack as I have other mods thanks for adding that.

    Clint Hooper November 6, 2013
  234. My game still crashes when it reaches the very last part to load (which is one of the stock spaces)

    Sean Gohrt November 9, 2013
  235. It always crashes the game and it wont work fix it plz?

    Quentin You Would Want to Know November 9, 2013
  236. im having the same problem when it gets to the last load suff and it crashes and i really want this to work :(

    William Bates November 10, 2013
  237. I have the same problem when game loading last file.

    Georgy November 11, 2013
  238. And why this version is too heavy, 450 MB!

    Georgy November 11, 2013
  239. Ahh….finially,….some landing gear to go along with B9!!!

    irpded rogert November 15, 2013
  240. Hi dude, i have a small problem with your pack. The nose cone that is in science, the texture doesnt load properly, it is loaded as a blank nose cone and not the science type. i found this out when my friend stevens science nose cone loaded and my didnt, i just have the default blank one, is if becuase im running on a mac or is there a problem with the texture. If Posible can i have a way to fix it. but besides the point i love this mod, it is by far the best mod i have every used. Thanks man


    Nicolas Friesen November 15, 2013
  241. Also, i have one question dude, are you going to make this mod compatible with KW orcketry because that might be the problem. And also, what is your avitar for your account, it really cool.

    Nicolas Friesen November 15, 2013
  242. are people still having trouble loading the pack as i am, or is it just me?

    Sean Gohrt November 15, 2013
  243. I just want to say, “This should be added as a standard part of the game.” Thank you for the time and effort you put into making such an amazing and extensive parts pack and also for the craft that come with it.

    Stephen Conklin November 16, 2013
  244. I cannot get this to download and install correctly on my mac. I had B9 before and tried to re-download it but the zip file will not open in my gamedata folder. Any advice?

    Dylan Davis November 24, 2013
  245. The example craft won’t load.

    Julianus Naevius Lucius November 24, 2013
  246. Textures are beautiful. But they’re one heck of a memory hog.
    So much that this mod was causing my game to crash at the third time the game loads (like, loading save, loading the VAB,doing wathever then trying to lauch the craft. The game will crash while loading the simulation. Or loading save, loading vehicle on launch pad then switching to the VAB. The game will crash loading the VAB).
    If you have a problem like I did, just search for B9 Aerospace Texture Reduction Pack . I have a ton of mods loaded and the game runs flawlessly. I can even Alt+tab it without a problem.

    BTW, this mod is AWESOME.

    Could you just assign the speedbrakes to the B key? Thanks.

    Thauã Aguirre November 24, 2013
  247. Sadly, when I downloaded the mod I only had about 50 parts in the VAB and SPH. I don’t know why this has happened, but can anyone help?

    Evan Douglas November 26, 2013
  248. Am I the only one who when they go to the VAB everythis is white and I can still access the entire UI but none of the textures load and my CPU load spikes.

    Starns November 27, 2013
  249. I am having a lot of trouble using your prebuilt ships. The ships will show up under the load tab, but when I click on them, It gives me a list of all the parts in your pack listed, saying that I don’t have them. However, a lll of the parts show up in my parts list when I free build. Help!

    Jacob November 27, 2013
  250. I have a huge problem when i download this…. there are no fuselages… PLEASE FIX

    Trenton Chrisco November 27, 2013
  251. I have a problem that whenever I revert a flight to assembly building my game crashes. It has all the parts loaded and runs fine (the parts work) but it will crash. I can list system specs, but I think the problem is that I am using the integrated graphics on my i5 4670k. Anything will help.

    Benjamin Dowers November 28, 2013
  252. When I try to load the mod it ether crashes or all the texture bug out.
    Please fix.

    squirlemaster November 29, 2013
  253. In videos I see the computer screens actually working, in my thing, it works fine, but all the computer screens are blank, did this get removed or is just a bug?

    Byzantium Domd November 29, 2013
  254. It cannot go past the load up screen. I have a quad core i5 Macbook pro. It worked for me 0.21. It was AWESOME!!!

    Ryan De Oliveira December 2, 2013
  255. @ Ryan De Oliveira, I’m getting the exact same problem. I’m on an iMac ( not mac book or any sort of laptop) and when I used this in 0.21 it worked fine. Every time my game finishes loading and about to go into the main menu the game crashes. The other mods (apart from the ones that come in the B9 Aero package) I have are DamnYouJapan’s Gatling Cannon and Snjo’s Firespitter mod! How do I fix this?

    Spacemonkey December 2, 2013
  256. I’m starting a youtube channel, and had the idea of showing slight previews of my favorite mod packs. would you mind if i used this one?

    Justin Mahle December 3, 2013
  257. Someone help! I think the files are corrupt, and when it works, the altimeter is all weird and the engines won’t fire, and the landing gear are so wobbly!

    Ulash Bakandi December 4, 2013
  258. Could you make a mac version? because it isn’t working for me

    Matas Gasiunas December 6, 2013
  259. Hey Bac9 can you make an extra folder in the download where the cockpit internals don’t have the firespitter module, because it lags my computer to HELL. Please :(

    Roland Gilt December 7, 2013
  260. I’m having a lot of trouble downloading this file, when i download it I only get a small amount of the parts, for instance my structural tab in game is less than two pages long. I’ve downloaded this correctly before and I have seen how many parts there are. If anyone knows whats happening please help!!!

    scollins055 December 7, 2013
  261. finally got this to successfully load on my mac :)
    i go to the VAB
    i only see – 48 parts :(
    i can tell many others have this problem
    lets get this over with
    i can’t build spaceplanes with no adapting fuel tanks

    Tycho Gormley December 8, 2013
  262. SAME!!!^ except I’m using Win 7!! I don’t get it!

    scollins055 December 8, 2013
  263. getting a damaged Zip file error when trying to open the zip file

    Krista Kenneth December 10, 2013
  264. For some reason It does not co-operate with the ‘Squad’ folder in the ‘Gamedata’ folder. If I remove the Gamedata folder b9 works though, but without every normal part. :(

    Ryan De Oliveira December 12, 2013
  265. Some great ideas, but tries to do too much at once.

    JeffreyCor December 13, 2013
  266. Unfortunately this pack isn’t working for me. I’m working with a mac osx v10.8.5, and both archive util and iZip give errors. The latter software returns the message
    “Unable to expand ‘uploads-2013-10-B9-Aerospace-Pack-R4-0c.zip’ into ‘downloads’.
    (Error 2 – No such file or directory.)”

    Because I am successfully downloading other mods into a sub folder within this directory, I suspect that I may not know what’s going on whatsoever x). Just trying to help give some specificity! I have seen the mod working on the Scott Manley youtube channel though and I have to say it’s a beauty of a mod!! keep up the good work :)

    Will M December 14, 2013
  267. will mechjeb work with this?

    Isak Haugen December 14, 2013
  268. not getting all the parts?

    Luis December 15, 2013
  269. Worked perfectly for me, all problems were fixed, great mod! 1337/10

    Byzantium Domd December 16, 2013
  270. i was having some problems with the saber engines where they wouldn’t fire ,all i could do was lock gimbal

    johnross brechany December 17, 2013
  271. same problem here with the sabre engines as johnross. they aren’t recognised as engines.

    drr5795 December 17, 2013
  272. Unfortunately Sabre M and S Engine is not working for me, even after a clean reinstall.
    The options for Engine on off etc. are not available (same for the engine in stage control)

    OpamitKruecke December 18, 2013
  273. The Sabre engines aren’t workin for me either, is this a bug in the mod or is 0.23 doing something?

    Markus Videfors December 20, 2013
  274. B9 is not working with .23 yet guys. Some of the engines aren’t recognized and in my game any undocking / decoupling is done with so much force that all vessels explode. The engine issues are definitively B9 as far as I can tell. The undocking issues may be some kind of glitch between B9 and another mod I have installed in .23.

    Thomas Black December 20, 2013
  275. will there come an update for .23?

    Markus Videfors December 21, 2013
  276. I have 0.22 ksp but the r0.4 will not let me in the game so i use r3.1. BUT it will not show any fusealage parts in the s2 plane and mk2 plane categories. what should I do?

    Uncle corgi December 22, 2013
  277. Seems like .23 broke the sabre engine, they no longer do anything at all. Once you attach them no engine icon appears in your staging and when you launch you can’t activate the engine.

    James December 22, 2013
  278. Does it work for KSP 0.23.0

    Kirk Kerman

    Kirk Kerman December 23, 2013
  279. Hello,i have the version 0.23 of this game and i downloaded this add-on.I installed him under the instructions from read me(for the install) and when i start the game,he is loading and after the loading is 100% the game crash and stop the application.I think is a error,but he don’t give me a error.Any idea to resolve this problem?Please.

    Tiberius Tibi December 23, 2013
  280. The problem is out of memory.

    Tiberius Tibi December 24, 2013
  281. this mod causes KSP to crash if you have the ISA MapSat 3.3.4 mod and put the mapping antenna on a craft. Gets stuck loading and says game not responding under task manager. Did not have any parts from this mod on the craft. Have tried twice , wound up deleteing mods until mapping would work again. Both times it was this mod that had to be removed 8/

    Dragonette December 26, 2013
  282. NOTE: You MUST update ExsurgentEngineering.dll to the current v.23 compatible version after installing B9 or the Sabers will NOT work!(https://github.com/careo/ExsurgentEngineering/raw/master/ExsurgentEngineering/obj/Release/ExsurgentEngineering.dll)

    Roberto Mourao December 27, 2013
  283. I’ve tried to download this 3 times now, and every time I get a corrupt ZIP file :(

    Other addons download fine.

    Agathorn December 29, 2013
  284. Well, er… .23 broke the 2D Thrust vectoring turbojet. Had a bunch of aircraft that relied on that engine as their sole maneuvering surface aside from torque-roll.

    Joseph Winter December 29, 2013
  285. I have to say, this is a great mod. The new parts look great and I haven’t had any compatability problems with KW or mechjeb or anything else for that matter. My game crashed a couple of times but that was mainly due to the out of memory bug. Overall, great job.

    I’ve only got 2 questions;
    1) When placed above a decoupler, the L2 Atlas engine does not generate an engine shroud. I tend to use the atlas in my lander stages so it is nearly always near the top of the rocket. It leaves a noticable gap between the engine and whatever is below it. Does anyone have any advice on how this can be fixed?

    2) Quick suggestion: Now that the new editor tweakables system is in, would it be possible to make it so you can open/close the ship cargo bays in the editor? I like the fact they open by default to let me get inside but it would be nice to close them to arrange parts on the outside as well. Same with editing the new landing gear.

    MarkyJ279 December 31, 2013
  286. my game runs out of memory with this installed, i guess KSP caps the RAM it can use because my PC should have enough for whatever KSP needs to load (8GB)

    i do have a number of other mods installed

    is there a fix to let KSP allocate more memory for textures or something, seems textures from all these mods take up all the memory

    jitsuin December 31, 2013
  287. WOW This mod rocks good job Bac9

    joseph james January 1, 2014
  288. @MarkyJ279
    You can already open/close cargo bays in the editor by going to the action group tab, clicking on the cargo bay and selecting if it should start open or not. However, if you attach parts to the moving parts of the cargo bay, they will not move when you open/close the cargo bay and will instead remain floating where they are. I don’t think it’s easily fixable, but if bac could talk to the creator of Infernal Robotics, something could perhaps happen.

    xrayfishx January 2, 2014
  289. Some parts doesn’t load for me.

    Jesper Hammare January 2, 2014
  290. This may have been answered already, anyone have any idea why some parts aren’t loading? I have the same problem as some people that have posted earlier; I dont think I have even half the parts when I load the game…..

    Arciteck January 2, 2014
  291. i can install every single mod, i have a high end pc with more than enough memory and then some and this is the only mod that crashes the game, even if i install the low res version or install normal version and then use that low res texture pack, which is a seperate download… no matter what this crashes the game and yet i can install everything else no prob.

    check your mod, somethings up

    jitsuin January 3, 2014
  292. I have the same issue as you Jitsuin. This mod definitively crashes .23 consistently. I think we need to give the developers time to update things.

    Thomas Black January 3, 2014
  293. I have a mac computer and I tried to use this mod (I am running v0.23). If your KSP is crashing or failing to go to the main screen you should try this. ONLY WORKS FOR MAC COMPUTERS!!! Open terminal. Type in ‘ditto ‘ minus the apostrophes and with the space. Drag the downloaded game data folder (full res, not the reduced texture) into terminal then put in your ksp game data folder. Press enter. Viola. B9. If you do run plenty of mods (like me, my game data folder contains half of spaceport) open terminal again, type in ‘ditto ‘ (again) go into the game data folder in the reduced texture folder. Drag the ‘B9_Aerospace’ folder from said gamedata folder into terminal. Press space. Drag in the B9 folder from the Ksp game data into terminal. Press enter. Thank you for reading. I finally found this out after many failed attempts from early 0.22 to now

    Ryan De Oliveira January 4, 2014
  294. How do the SABER M and S work?

    Johnny HammerStyx January 4, 2014
  295. I think they just don’t work because the mod is outdated.

    I have many game crash issues while playing with this addon on 0.23…

    Marc Forest January 5, 2014
  296. will this work in .23?

    shane oglesby January 5, 2014
  297. Update pls

    Ghost 7588 January 6, 2014
  298. I salute the sir! Awesome mod!

    Chris Reilly January 6, 2014
  299. I had it on this on my computer before… It got a factory reset… and now I can’t download it for some odd reason…

    Chris Reilly January 6, 2014
  300. It says the file is invalid for me. I can’t open or extract the file for some reason.

    Agentcto January 7, 2014
  301. i wont download until it is updated to the current verson

    shane oglesby January 7, 2014
  302. Most parts work but some engines do not show up on the stages and do not turn on. Is this because its outdated or what?

    jack malley January 8, 2014
  303. The mod is great, but the cargo bays wont close, the interior screens wont work and the landing gears wont close. Any help?

    tymolo January 8, 2014
  304. @tymolo, They just patched to .23 and the author is working on fixing this mod to work with .23. otherwise it works as advertised. been using it a while.

    Jason LeBoeuf January 9, 2014
  305. When i start up the game instead of the menu it will shown me some random picture when you can see something that looks like underpants AND the screen is flickering, what am i doing wrong?
    MacBook Air.

    Patrik Olsson January 10, 2014
  306. Is the link broken or something? I downloaded it and installed it correctly and im missing about 170 parts! I don’t have fuel tanks the cargo doors all I have are the pods and some of the engines I don’t understand please help!

    Mr.Missile January 12, 2014
  307. Small problem, the bay doors included with the pack and landing gear do not have animations and the bay doors can not be closed or binded to action groups. The landing cannot close either and the wheels do not roll on the runway. I have installed a texture reduction pack and am on a Mac (I don’t know if these affect the mod pack). I also have other mods installed and have removed some unnecessary parts from the pack. If anyone knows why and knows how to fix it plz help.

    Hayden Carey January 12, 2014
  308. Is it just me or are the wheels buggy as all hell? I cant get a lot of my planes off the runway because the wheel keep bending from the place they’re attached to.

    j0es January 16, 2014
  309. Soooo. I reinstalled a fresh KSP and followed the instructions. I copied the first 3 folders into KSP root folder. I start up KSP and it gets to listing all items as a loading bar then BAM! Crashes. Any assistance?

    Justin Serianni January 16, 2014
  310. @j0es : Yeah… The wheels are buggy as hell for me too. I don’t know why. If someone found a work arround, I’ll buy it ;)

    Pierre January 16, 2014
  311. @Justin Serianni : this might be a problem with RAM. B9 does take a lot of space up and probably will crash for most people. But you can fix this by using texture reduction packs.

    Hayden Carey January 19, 2014
  312. @Pierre : currently there isn’t a way to get around and i would know because I have the same problem. The problem involves the wheels and bay doors and is a compatibility issue when KSP was update to 0.23. The developers should be fixing this soon.

    Hayden Carey January 19, 2014
  313. Urm, i downloaded this pack yesterday and most of the parts are fine. The only trouble is that the sabre engines do not appear as engines in the SPH (I cannot set them in an action group to toggle them or anything) and even when on the runway, if i right click them, i only have the option to toggle the gimble. Also, the thrust vectoring engines do not thrust vector? A little bit confused. Other than that, i also get this odd graphical glitch in the SPH where every part except for the cockpit of the “stock” B9 craft appears slightly grey and occasionally flashes white. Suggestions?

    Daniel Counsell January 20, 2014
  314. I downloaded the mod a couple days ago and I am having issues with the Sabre engine as other people are saying it does not appear as an engine and I cannot make and action group for it or make it fire at all. Also the engine does not appear on the staging list. I am going to try replacing the mod pack with a fresh download and see if that works.

    Alphawolfguy January 22, 2014
  315. I can’t get this to work every time I try I get a memory leak dose windows 8 have everything to go with it? if so can someone tell please. this is such a EPIC mod thanks.

    David C January 22, 2014
  316. do with it not go with it my bad

    David C January 22, 2014
  317. when i saw the thrust reversers on the cf34 engine, i was like, what the f***,because i hit a random action group button. in fact, i thought it was a bug with the mod, but then i watched scott manley’s video, and i finally figured out what happened. btw that was like, five months ago when i first saw that happen.

    Fizzie213 January 22, 2014
  318. Parts not working in KSP 0.23 version
    * Speedbrake – nope.
    * Landing gear – nope
    * Cargo Doors – nope
    * Narrow tail, cargo door – nope
    * Shielded Docking Port – nope.

    Other fixs:
    * SABRE Engines – fix the ExsurgentEngineering.dll
    * Landing legs – fix the ExsurgentEngineering.dll


    t l January 23, 2014
  319. use to be a cool add on but it no longer works for me. I’ve spend hours reading forums, reinstalling the entire game with various setting and it crashes every time on every computer i’ve tried it on.

    first last January 25, 2014
  320. wouldn’t you know, 5min after i make a bad comment, I find the fix. I replaced the default B9_Aerospace with the B9_Aerospace found in the reduced tectures dir.

    first last January 25, 2014
  321. can u plz update for 0.23?

    secretqwerty10 January 27, 2014
  322. I have an old version because the new KSP lags me too much. How do I get the old version of this add-on, I have no idea what R3.2 means.

    Owen Marubayashi January 27, 2014
  323. did somebody noticed this already:there is a c7 aerospace in the normal and this is b9 aerospace

    secretqwerty10 January 29, 2014
  324. Wouldn’t mind trying this mod but cant. I dont have version .22

    Trying to download compatible version ie r3.4 only leads back to this page!!

    so where is version R3.4?????

    Jeff Moore January 30, 2014
  325. Whoa, this mod is GREAT for spaceplanes but not very good for rockets, but still, im not complaining, but maybe add a few more parts for rockets. other than that a FANTASTIC mod to have in KSP.

    tyler susee February 2, 2014
  326. Hello, I have a problem everytime i download the file with the B9 i have an error unexpected end of archive in WinRar. Is this problem because of file if yes could you fix it ? Thanks :)

    Jakub sdjhuzfgasdf February 4, 2014
  327. For some reason, the SABRE Engines do not work anymore.

    Stephen Duerr February 4, 2014
  328. This is such a fantastic mod, I won’t even load kerbal mods unless this is available… Any timeline on an update to .23?

    E M February 5, 2014
  329. Game crashes anytime I enter a building after the game loads. Using Texture reduction, same thing.

    TheBlackLotus February 5, 2014
  330. Not working for me. Only got SABRE parts. Otherwise looks great!

    X-plosins! And Bombs February 5, 2014
  331. Dosent work

    tdfsf tdfsf February 7, 2014
  332. Wow! great work! i can finally make my sr-71 and my F-22 look like the real planes!

    Hunter Lee February 8, 2014
  333. Maybe he’s working on something BIG!?

    hutton cearley February 8, 2014
  334. great mod accept how do you switch the angle of thrust on the vtol engines?

    Hunter Lee February 9, 2014
  335. This mod messes up my game. I installed all the game data folders, and I went into the game and it started flashing, epilepsy style. I removed some folders, thinking it was a memory problem, and it stopped the flashing but it wouldn’t let me click anything.

    I really want this mod, so if someone can help me, that would be great.

    awesomedude674 February 10, 2014
  336. The sabre m and s engines do not activate and use no fuel. Any ideas

    Adam February 11, 2014
  337. Great mod except Sabre (both M and S) engines don’t work (and have animation within the buildings), and all craft veer to the right, even when perfectly balanced or even one the example craft are flown. Any ideas for these problems would leave me very grateful!

    Kerbaliser 2.0 February 11, 2014
  338. My Sabre engines don’t work as well? Is this because of the fact that I (we) have 0.23?

    Ircghost February 13, 2014
  339. If the saber engines don’t work it means that you aren’t using Ksp 0.22 as for the mod says it is for Ksp 0.22

    Devin Vidalier February 14, 2014
  340. But it says:
    “Make sure you have KSP 0.22 or higher”
    So surely it should still work?

    Kerbaliser 2.0 February 15, 2014
  341. my sabre engines don’t work as the engine icon in the staging doesn’t show up and the engines just act like decorations. if it is because of me(us) having KSP 0.23 then please fix it

    ravage25 February 16, 2014
  342. sorry I forgot to mention but the TFE 731 jet engine does not want to be placed on anything

    ravage25 February 16, 2014
  343. Could you please add bigger and brighter colored lights?

    Jon Paskewïtz February 16, 2014
  344. Some say ‘Moar stuts’ or ‘Moar boosters’. I do say both but I am different because… ‘MOAR MODS’. Running this lovely one with a few mods (about 20-30) uses about 6GB of RAM total, but hey, I need fun. Oh, I forgot to mention that I almost need this mod and please put the fuel tanks in ‘propulsion’ not structural! Thank you!

    Ryan De Oliveira February 22, 2014
  345. I have followed installation instructions exactly on 0.23, works beautifully on 0.22 but you said in the installation guide that it works on 0.22 or higher. It just crashed when the game finishes loading. Want me to alt+F3 it or the crash report or anything?
    really want to add it to my modded KSP career :(
    FYI thanks for the time I know you will put into this issue.

    Andrew Free February 23, 2014
  346. I downloaded this mod three times and each time Windows explorer says it can open the zip file.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Caleb Vander Klippe February 23, 2014
  347. Annnnddd that’s what I get for not rereading my comment before hitting publish.


    Caleb Vander Klippe February 23, 2014
  348. Having the same issue as Caleb :-/ I’ve used this mod before with no problem, any advice?

    WeirdoWithABeardo93 February 28, 2014
  349. Can someone send me a link to R3.4 please i have addons for .21 and i dont want to update

    Dark_reshiram March 1, 2014
  350. Y U NO UPDATE TO 0.23 ?!

    Leo Kerman March 1, 2014
  351. leo calm down it is not necesarry to be 0.23 it is just an EXPANSION of ksp

    Akkupack March 2, 2014
  352. please i would like .21 i dont want .23

    Dark_reshiram March 2, 2014
  353. Why .21? :l 99% of people want .23. Hes not going to make older versions. He already made .21 anyway.
    Majority rules, Dark.

    vinster7 March 7, 2014
  354. if you want sabre engines to work on steam the go to properties betas then click previous stable release

    meepman March 7, 2014
  355. I give it a 11/10! Totally awesome although it has a 50% chance of crashing. Does this work with FAR (Ferream)? If so that would be cool.

    X-plosins! And Bombs March 9, 2014
  356. the sabre engine doesn’t work for me in ksp 0.23!
    is there a bug or am i doing something wrong??

    Isak Stexå March 10, 2014
  357. sabre engines wont work? any suggestions?

    josh X March 10, 2014
  358. omg my plugin wont work i put it in the correct way iv even tried diffrent ways can anyone give me any info

    gruller1 March 11, 2014
  359. wtf is with the sabre engines

    Dark_reshiram March 15, 2014
  360. I can’t download it, it stops after 10 min

    Hubert Wang March 17, 2014
    ENGINES I NEED THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    liljoe7700 March 18, 2014
  362. +1 for unfortunate download deaths. It downloads slowly then promptly dies some time into downloading, leaving a corrupt ZIP behind. :(

    Connor March 19, 2014
  363. To all the people who are having issues with this mod on [0.23], please refer to this thread from the official KSP forums. Understand that mods developed for KSP are NOT required to be updated. They are most often created by a developer on their own time for the community for free. Here’s the link and you can manually fix almost everything for [0.23]. Good luck. It’s not difficult.


    Reynold Prasad March 19, 2014
  364. Downloads a corrupt .zip that will not do work at all.

    Ninjalope March 21, 2014
  365. Some of the parts don’t work, as in some of the engines aren’t registering as engines and wheels wont act as wheels they just wont pull up or they are just stiff and dont spin like they are supposed to.

    Amir Salem March 22, 2014
  366. Simply AMAZIIING!!! 20/10

    This helped me build epic looking planes without boring stock parts. Not only that, but I made a fighter plane that flew like a dream, unlike my other planes. THANK YOU FOR CREATING SUCH A GREAT ADDON!

    Sam Bates March 22, 2014
  367. when I download the archive, 7-zip says its invalid what should I do?

    robot_rover March 23, 2014
  368. Can’t open or extract the zip file.

    longshotf258 March 23, 2014
  369. It appears to be empty. Very confusing. All I did was download and try to open it. error message says it’s invalid.

    longshotf258 March 23, 2014
  370. I love the mod. very cool parts BUT i had the problem where about 60% of the parts were not there. Poked around a little and saw that the part.cfg wasn’t in the specific parts folder. downloaded a few times on different computers and saw the same thing. I’ve come to the conclusion that your mod is broken. Good idea. Poorly executed.

    Aj Holman March 29, 2014
  371. Really good stuff although I deleted tons of parts I know I’ll never use.

    What’s with the spotlights though? Good Lord, man! If Al Gore ever saw those things from orbit his head would probably explode. Then again, he likely has an entire strip of these to help land (and display) his petroleum guzzling, hydrocarbon spewing private jet that he uses to fly back and forth from environmentalist conferences.

    D1B March 30, 2014
  372. As of the new update, my parts won’t function properly. Is this happening to other people as well?

    Zachary Nall April 3, 2014
  373. I don’t have all the fuel tanks

    Tay Swain April 5, 2014
  374. I can’t download this pack. I put the folders (B9, Firespitter, e.g.) into the game data folder in the main KSP folder, open KSP, it loads the parts in the loading menu, but when KSP opens there’s wrong shades everywhere and it’s flashing a lot. when I go into the VAB or SPH my game crashes. I use a macbook air. please help???

    Luke Logan April 6, 2014
  375. I’m having trouble figuring out how to start a few of the engines.. Specifically the SABRE engines.. None of the buttons work.. Any help?

    jjmarch1 April 8, 2014
  376. Best. Ever. All is said.

    al pall April 9, 2014
  377. Saber engines are broken. :’(

    Ninjalope April 9, 2014
  378. so i have a problem with my copy or what ever u wanna call it i got it here or from the forums but the sabre engines dont work it just sits there like nothing when i spawn one its activated and it dosent show the icon down in the staging tab or whatever u call it i need help

    James Weir April 12, 2014
  379. @James Weir:

    I don’t think the Sabre engines have ever worked right, although I could be wrong but they have never worked for me and I’ve had this for a long time.

    Someone, somewhere uploaded a patch for it but I have no idea if it works or even where to look for it. As best I can remember it was just a little something someone had in their mod pack.

    I guess you could try to google it up.

    D1B April 13, 2014
  380. I tried downloading it on my macbook air, I went into KSP, and nothing had changed. Then I tried it on my windows computer and it worked fine. PLZ HELP!

    Luke Logan April 13, 2014
  381. is there going to be anymore updates to this ?

    taurus bledsoe April 14, 2014
  382. I have a question and would love an answer so far the mod is AWESOME HOWEVER everything does work EXCEPT THE REASON I GOT THE MOD the F119 engines don’t have 2D Thrust Vectoring is that just this version or is it just me?

    Alex April 16, 2014
  383. for me i’m not getting any of the fuel tanks in the download, please fix

    Alastair Brown April 16, 2014
  384. Error on starup saying too many “Heap” Exeptions.. Anyway to fix? using latest steam version

    Peter Palka April 17, 2014
  385. I Downloaded it… but it crashes my game while loading!

    How do i fix it, and what is “Root” folder?, i really dont know!

    Johnny Petersen April 18, 2014
  386. i load the game and everything is running but then i find out there is not just 210 parts but only 30 parts!!!!!!! OUTRAGES!!!

    vipakilla April 21, 2014
  387. I had KW Rocketry, deadly re-entry, and ferram aerospace research installed and when I installed b9, the game crashed every time I started it up. So I uninstalled KW, and it worked! Next, I wanted those BEAUTIFUL volumetric clouds, and the game crashed. Well, yeah…

    Harrison Yates April 21, 2014
  388. For me KSP gets stuck on the loading screen for B9_Aerospace/Parts/Engine_Jet_Pod_Medium/part/B9_Engine_Jet_Pod_Medium
    Does anyone know how to fix it?

    brick20000 April 21, 2014

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