[0.20.0] Spherical Fuel Tanks v1.6

A set of spherical fuel tanks for your ship or station construction needs.


These are spherical fuel tanks which have stats that I believe are in line with the stock parts. They are stackable on both top and bottom, as well as surface attachable. They are available in 3 sizes, and all but the largest are available in both LFO and MonoPropellant varieties.

The small tank has caps designed to match up with standard 0.625m parts and a diameter of 2.5m. It’s stats are:

LiquidFuel – 640
Oxidizer – 782
Dry Mass – 0.5


MonoPropellant – 1065
Dry Mass – 0.5

The medium tank has caps designed to match up with standard 1.25m parts and a diameter of 3.75m. It’s stats are:

LiquidFuel – 2160
Oxidizer – 2640
Dry Mass – 1.6875


MonoPropellant – 3580
Dry Mass – 1.6875

The large tank has caps designed to match up with standard 2.5m parts and a diameter of 7.5m. It’s stats are:

LiquidFuel – 17280
Oxidizer – 21120
Dry Mass – 13.5

Empty versions of each tank have been included as well.

*NEW in v1.6*

Half spherical tanks in small and medium sizes!
Custom radial mounts for adding parts to the tanks!
Large tank with extended centerline ring! (Kinda looks like an old-school UFO)

Many thanks to the people in the release thread who helped me with the adjustments for the tank capacities!

Special thanks to Wyseman76 for designing the new default textures for each model!

Forum Thread:


- Fixed texture not appearing in 0.20.0
- Added Large tank
– Adjusted fuel capacities to be consistent with stock parts
– Added empty versions of both tanks
-Adjusted fuel capacities to have the correct ration of fuel to oxidizer
- Added Small sized tanks
- Added MonoPropellant versions of tanks
- Adjusted capacities (again) for the (hopefully) final time
- New (and vastly improved) textures – Thanks again Wyseman76!
- Added Half-Spherical tanks
- Added Large Ringed Tank
- Added custom radial mounts
- Adjusted masses of tanks, and lowered impact tolerance


Ensure you completely delete any previous installation of this pack. Failure to do so could result in duplicate parts and conflicts. Unpack the archive into the GameData folder of your KSP installation.

How to use

Install the part and begin building


12 Comments for “[0.20.0] Spherical Fuel Tanks v1.6”

  1. Ok, looks amazing, however the texture seems not to be showing up….

    Mekan1k May 22, 2013
  2. Thanks for letting me know about the texture issue. I’ve fixed it and uploaded a working file. If you would rather not redownload, all you need to do is open the part.cfg file and completely delete the line that reads “texture = model000.png” and it should show up. (At least it did for me)

    Talisar May 23, 2013
  3. Can you please add some information of the size and how much fuel it will contain? Thanks :)

    Gunhed May 23, 2013
  4. Lol, I guess that info would be helpful, right? Updated the description to include it. Thanks!

    Talisar May 23, 2013
  5. Dude Spica messed up your calculations the small tank should have
    LiquidFuel – 3420
    Oxidizer – 4180
    and the big tank should have
    LiquidFuel – 25920
    Oxidizer – 31680
    but the dry mass is about right

    David Haifley May 23, 2013
  6. I’ve corrected the ratios, thanks for pointing that out.

    Talisar May 24, 2013
  7. It’s also been pointed out to me that by changing the name of the first tank when I added the second, larger one, I broke the .craft files of anyone who had built using the earlier version. I apologize for that and will not be changing the names any more in the future

    Talisar May 24, 2013
  8. I like it.
    I dont usually get this kind of mod, but I can see a place for this in my ships. Thanks. Nice tank.

    Neurokerbal May 25, 2013
  9. Nice job here. Like the new textures. They blend better with the stock parts. The capacity of the large tank seems a bit more on target than version 1.4

    This will make a great addition of parts for anyone planing a Space Station for refueling.


    Elli May 26, 2013
  10. Hey, padding my parts list with a bunch of empty tanks is a serious PITA.

    If people want empty tanks, there are a few other mods that make that easy. I’ve ripped the empty tanks from my own CFG files, but please get rid of them for future versions.

    Will update my rating if you fix this, other than that the mod looks really good, and I like the models.

    hovis June 9, 2013
  11. Just wanted to say that these tanks are awesome!!!! I use them for all my heavy lifting out of Kerban. Ive always been ticked off at how the Rockomax tanks easily separate during heavy launches. These spherical tanks allow for shorter stages, less parts, and less surface area to separate! This has solved at lot of my problems. I also really enjoy the fact that there are empty tanks as well. Great for Mun base drilling rigs and orbital fuel depots! Good work! Thank You!

    The Kerbinator June 20, 2013
  12. love the concept of sphere tanks, however:

    the large tank’s connection nodes don’t like to stay connected to the larger size, rockomax stock parts. even with 16 strut connectors holding them together, i’d still get structural failures…

    Also, the large tank, even empty, is a pain in the rear to get into orbit >_<, mostly from those aforementioned structural failures.

    But, Still a great design, and an even better look. maybe include a few craft files to give ideas on how best to use the larger tanks in designs?

    Lissa MCOwens June 21, 2013

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