[0.23.5] KAS – Kerbal Attachment System 0.4.7

Winches, grab, parts attachment, ressource transfer, struts, pipes and part storage


This mod introduce new gameplay mechanics by adding winches, hooks (magnet / grappling-hook / anchor), containers, grabbable & attachable parts, constructible struts and pipes.

It mainly focused to give some purpose to eva and can be used for many things :
•Ressource transfer (winches or pipes)
•Towing parts (winches)
•Adding/removing part to a vessel (grabbable & attachable parts)
•Storing parts (containers)
•Bases/vessels interconnections (pipes)
•Vessel consolidation (struts & pipes)
•Grabbing parts (magnet)
•Cranes (winches)
•Airship anchoring (winches)
•Skycrane (winches)
•Elevator (winches)

- Important Notes -

Because of major changes, KAS v0.4.x is not compatible with previous version. Old vessel with KAS parts will have a great chance of not been loaded.

Find more details about KAS on the official thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/53134-Kerbal-Attachment-System

> KospY : Plugin
> Winn75 : Models, textures
> zzz : Models, textures


Just unzip the files into your KSP directory. Warning : Be sure that the KAS folder is in the GameData folder. Also, please do not rename the KAS folder.

How to use



114 Comments for “[0.23.5] KAS – Kerbal Attachment System 0.4.7”

  1. yay!!!

    gsf December 28, 2012
  2. I’m not sure why this is happening, but i noticed that if i release the cable, then reel it back in, it just stops, and right clicking reads “Idle”, even with the GUI open it will let me click to retract or extend but it doesn’t actually do anything once it “Jams” i just wanted to make you aware of this issue :) A great concept and i was dead excited once i saw it, and look forward to it’s development.

    10/10 for idea and function, 10/10 for looks, and 5/10 for function, because for me it only half works :P

    Richard Hirst December 28, 2012
  3. I was really looking forward to this to make a Mars Direct style artificial gravity centrifuge, which I just did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XO3mXQCTH10
    Now, if only it would stay spinning during warp :<

    Winston December 28, 2012
  4. this awesome

    BobCat December 29, 2012
  5. Richard, I’m sure you running out of power.
    The winch use electricity, just add some batteries :)

    KospY December 29, 2012
  6. Haha! So I need to apologise for my last comment xD I was having so much fun on the launch pad dragging bits about and having poor Kerbals dangling below rockets, i forgot to keep an eye on the power, so correction

    10/10 for idea, 10/10 for looks, and 10/10 for function, because for me, *I* only half work :P

    Richard Hirst December 29, 2012
  7. I wonder how reliable this will operate for docking purposes? Might make orbital connection of two stations a bit easier.

    I can match and sync orbits easily enough but I can spend hours with RCS thrusting to *try* docking in orbit and it’s a real pain. If I can park a station close enough to a dock port and then reel it in, this looks perfect if I make a hardpoint for it close to the docking point :)

    Corran December 31, 2012
  8. A much needed mod/part. Now you just need to iron out the few bugs and make the cable hook into physX (make it flexible).

    Radus January 3, 2013
  9. Dont use it for/as a docking assistant! It obliterates your kerbal, creates spins on the attached ship and collides them. So much pain!.
    RIP Aldo Kerman and his crew, who died in Koyuz-SMA5 resuply mission, and RIP half of the Kinternational Station,now as debris in LKO. (The hook stays fixed to a point in the surface of the planet,shooting the kerbal away because of Delta-V, and spinning ships out)

    MrVonBraun January 4, 2013
  10. file doesn’t work, please update!!!

    alex January 6, 2013
  11. The .zip file is corrupted and won’t unzip. Please update!

    OrbitusII January 6, 2013
  12. Can you fix the ZIP file? i would REALLY like to try this mod out!

    KingFlight January 6, 2013
  13. And what is the mod for the ship that is floating in the air? i would like that too

    KingFlight January 6, 2013
  14. Try to just upload the mod to mediafire and then upload here a txt file with the download link like the KW rocketry mod did!

    KingFlight January 6, 2013
  15. O….M….G….. just what we have been needing! now I can use this to retrieve my spaceplanes that have run out of fuel in orbit. And get all that space junk out of the way!

    xXDeathRangerXx January 6, 2013
  16. Is there a link to download this from another site until this is fixed? I’m itching to get this mod! (more than any other one!)

    Rufus Callahan January 7, 2013
  17. KingFlight : It’s the Airship mod made by Hooligan. You can find it on space port.

    About file corruption, I uploaded a .txt file with a mirror link in it.
    Thanks KingFlight for the KW rocketry trick :)

    KospY January 7, 2013
  18. Rufus Callahan thanks for the upload! this is one of the best mods i have ever seen! Super usefull! i cant wait and see if you make other mods or make this mod even better1

    KingFlight January 7, 2013
  19. Make it like the sky hook! It was very useful for spies, now we
    can have a Kerb Bond!

    TRUGAMER45 January 7, 2013
  20. mazing

    narutoa123 January 10, 2013
  21. I love this idea, as I’m into skycranes…
    But I don’t trust the download links…
    Can we have a mediafire?

    Llamatoes January 15, 2013
  22. the sendspace download link has a trojan in it do not use.

    If you have used it check your anti virus and run a scan.

    subject47 January 16, 2013
  23. ok so correction to my last post if you try downloading from the sendspace and the file looks like this
    KAS_v0.1.1.zip.exe it contains the trojan, it is also the wrong size

    subject47 January 16, 2013
  24. Hey, please add a DLoad without a Program because my Antivirus Program don’t allow me to open it. Just add a zip. file with normal folders.


    The Pilot January 16, 2013
  25. I have to agree with carp above, need a more trustworthy dl link. I really want to try this but who pays for a premium dl service? or uses sendspace-spamalot?

    A mediafire upload would be greatly appreciated, its free, well known and relatively safe.

    Roberius January 16, 2013
  26. As spaceport upload seem to be fixed, I uploaded the complete file on the site directly. So no more mirror problem :)

    KospY January 17, 2013
  27. Time to build a mobile crane for my space station!!!!!!!! YAY :)

    OopsThatNotWork January 25, 2013
  28. Does this work in 0.18.4?

    Some Dude February 17, 2013
  29. Where do I put the source’s???????????????????

    Plz Reply

    David Tucker March 12, 2013
  30. @David Tucker, you don’t need to do anything with source, that’s just for developers.

    William Jagels March 17, 2013
  31. Would love to see this updated for .19. I just discovered it and it doesn’t work with the latest version.

    Balthozar March 20, 2013
  32. to the guy that tried it to dock with above, did you try using two? one on each side of docking ports? and winching at same time?…is that possible? also, is there any responce to the update for .19? are we sure it doesnt work for anyone at all?

    apoch1999 March 31, 2013
  33. Hi Apoch,

    I’m playing ksp via steam, so I’m assuming I’m using the latest version, and this addon seems to be working fine to me. What exactly is the problem people are having? I haven’t tested all the parts, but certainly the electromagnet with the stack winch works perfectly for me.

    I’m running Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit.

    carranty April 1, 2013
  34. Hey, great mod, I only have one issue… when I attach the winch to a stock part rover, and add the hook the hook just falls off whenever I try to control it, is there something I’m doing wrong?

    sirdabalot April 2, 2013
  35. is there a way that the cable could be longer

    wiliam lowe April 2, 2013
  36. Was working for me in 0.18.4, but now in 0.19+ it won’t work, even the exact same ship I had working in 0.18.4, the magnet/suction cup just instantly fall off the winches the moment I try to move them. That’s with or without something already attached.

    Unit One April 2, 2013
  37. in 0.19+ adding rover wheels to a vehicle with KAS will make magnet simply drop to the ground. Remove the wheels or undock so the part of your ship with KAS doesn’t have rover wheels and it should work fine.

    Stretch April 3, 2013
  38. I love the implications and uses of this mod, I have a small bug to report however.

    Whenever I use them in space, they float off with no cable at all!
    I have them placed inside of the winch, and everything. I have used them for Kerbin vehicle/scrap recovery truck.

    5 stars either-way, I’m sure it can be fixed.

    Christopher Mitchell April 6, 2013
  39. Update it please.

    Aaron Comis April 6, 2013
  40. i am new to kerbal space program and am running the lastest version .19 , i have it installed and all the parts are there but it doesnt work when i try to use it, i right click on the winch and nothing comes up. Please help so i can use this awesome mod

    Ian Wright April 17, 2013
  41. erm winch no worky for me in 0.19… whats up mate?

    Devogen April 23, 2013
  42. Is anyone else having the problem where the file is in-complete-ish? It finishes downloading but only the two small winches are there?

    Howk April 24, 2013
  43. no its working fine for me great mod time to make hand gliders

    ash wood April 24, 2013
  44. Kudos for TMNT Blimp

    NielsP April 24, 2013
  45. Finally registered to vote on this, It is fantastic keep up the good work

    Gavin April 25, 2013
  46. Every time I hit “Extend Cable” it just drops the hook to the ground. No cable attached or anything. When I try to reel it in it doesn’t do anything. Also when I try to grab it with a Kerbal it appears on his back until I move then is just stays where I was standing. (Still no cable attached after I grab it.) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hunter Force April 25, 2013
  47. The winch connector part doesn’t seem to attach to the node of the connector ports…

    Julius Fabrique April 25, 2013
  48. Nevermind, I figured out how it works after I saw the forums thread.

    Julius Fabrique April 25, 2013
  49. suggestion
    make a set of fine controls that move the winch slowly and a set that moves the winch fast

    chris thompson April 30, 2013
  50. Wow what a great update thanks man.

    Loving the new connectors and hooks.

    Are you planning to add a provision for the cable to have slack when connected.

    I figured this out the hard way when I connected a vessel with the destination port on the opposite side of the winch.

    The cable sliced the craft like cheese wire! Very pretty lights and some how Edan Kerbal survived the rain of explosions!

    Not what I was expecting, I will have to be careful when landing and positioning modules which side ports are on in the future.

    Bazz85 April 30, 2013
  51. This mod was working and now it keeps saying there’s no hook!!! Please help me fix this!!!

    Faux May 1, 2013
  52. Hey, may I ask what addons were used in the making of the airship, so I can try and make my own? It looks mighty fine.

    Christian May 3, 2013
  53. what category is it under i cant find it?

    Sam Capon May 4, 2013
  54. dont worry i found it!

    Sam Capon May 4, 2013
  55. great ACTION MOVIE! :) :-) :D

    joey baltus May 6, 2013
  56. keyboard controls dont work:(

    akurei May 6, 2013
  57. I like it very muck but i have a problem, sometimes when i connect 2 ships while they are landed one of them falls down very slow for no reason, the winch length is green. I tried to disconnect the winch then use RCS or the engine to turn it back up, nothing, i can gain altitude but i cant turn the ship, its stuck on an axis, I must go to space center then back to it again to gain control. Some ships don’t have this problem, other ships have it from the start and other ships don’t have it at start but when i use the same winch the second time it will happen to them too.

    FoX13 May 7, 2013
  58. KospY! It’s not working in the 0.19 version! It’ll destroy your spacecraft if you try to use it in space. Spacecrafts start to spin out of control (if not disassemble) if you try to install any kind of conector on them. Although, it seems to work right on the ground, it isn’t appropriate to use in space. Anyway, Great mod! Congrats!

    Leonardo Branco May 11, 2013
  59. Anchor please?

    Andrew Hathaway May 18, 2013
  60. The winches and hooks don’t seem to like the new loading system in 0.2 (they are not loading). Is there any quick fix for this ?

    Samuel Lear May 23, 2013
  61. Found a fix, in the parts.cfg file there is this line: module = Part .
    in the problematic files, the p in part is not capital, which seems to cause problems with the new loader.

    Samuel Lear May 23, 2013
  62. Thanks Samuel for the fix. I’m finding that, while the parts load, they don’t seem to actually work in 0.2. right click brings up the relevant info but the buttons don’t seem to do anything, nor keyboard shortcuts. Anyone have any ideas?

    Zack May 23, 2013
  63. unfortunately can’t get it to work in the new version got all of the parts to appear but they don’t work same as the comment above

    daniel smith May 23, 2013
  64. Ey, I’ve got an idea!
    How about we wait until the mod gets updated.

    Astronomer May 23, 2013
  65. What tab are the winches located?

    Jared Johnson May 24, 2013
  66. can someone give me a craft file to use i carnt seem to make one for a ship with KAS but awsome

    carntfly May 24, 2013
  67. PLZ .20 Update. loved this mod but now it’s “unuseable” :D

    Philipp Neff May 25, 2013
  68. for some reason everything but the the winch shows up on my item screen

    andrew wilson May 26, 2013
  69. kospy’s working on an update. just be patient.

    j h May 27, 2013
  70. I see an update, I just read about this mod an hour ago and was sad to see it wasn’t 0.20 ready. And now I’m excited.
    Thanks for the fast update.

    Michael Matyas II May 27, 2013
  71. HELP! I am trying to use this mod and I don’t know what the controls are, and using the built in GUI doesn’t work correctly, any help would be appreciated.

    Dylan Verran May 27, 2013
  72. And there is the fact that I can not do ANYTHING this mod is supposed to do, I will grab a connector, and walk to a connecter port, and I will right-click the port, and nothing will pop up.

    Dylan Verran May 27, 2013
  73. Does anybody know why only some parts are loading in the game i,m missing the winches I have the hook bay the stack connector and 2 radial connectors showing up but nothing else
    I tried relocation the parts but to no avail Real Shame these parts look fun to use Anything animated is cool Cheers

    Heath Anthony May 28, 2013
  74. It’s a great mod I’ve been using it for the past month but it’s not working with the new update, a fix would be much appreciated.

    Grant May 28, 2013
  75. Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work, this is a great mod to have. :)

    Jonathan Barrio May 28, 2013
  76. Thanks update gona try out now :)

    Renats Vasiljevs May 29, 2013
  77. Thank you so much for this mod! Love it! Also, thank you so much for adding the anchor with the new update! It’s a lot less dangerous to use than the grappling hook with HL Airships. Keep up the great work!

    Jack Kerman May 29, 2013
  78. I cant get this mod working anymore. I put all the files in there place but where the heck does the source file go? There no source file in KSP Folder.

    Cyber Bite June 2, 2013
  79. before the 0.20 update this mod worked smoothly and was a great addition. but after the update, i cant retract the cable once i connect it to something

    brennan bennett June 4, 2013

    joey baltus June 5, 2013
  81. Aahh. nowing that I have downloaded this totally awesome perfect amazing mod, I can rest in peace.

    Daniel Lindsay June 6, 2013
  82. Feature request:

    selection boxes on the GUI to enable the same action to be performed across multiple winches simultaneously.


    Mic_n June 17, 2013
  83. Whenever I attach two ships together in docking mode, they both begin to tug each other and roll like mad. Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong. I’ve tried everything I can think of and it still happens.

    Bodeddie June 21, 2013
  84. erm how do you make the winch work I can’t figure it out ??

    lol tolol June 26, 2013
  85. The sounds and textures wont work someone help me.

    Roland Gilt June 30, 2013
  86. I install it correctly (excluding the source folder) but only half the parts show up in the VAB and SPH, why is this happening?

    AB Percival July 8, 2013
  87. How would I download this for OSX if anyone could help that would be much appreciated. :P

    Max Mitchell July 8, 2013
  88. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me :’D

    Harry Ayres July 17, 2013
  89. What effect would manually removing the old v0.2.3 parts from the .craft file have on the game? I’ve seen several modded ships that I’d like to use, but without access to the previous parts, I can’t load them to remove the outdated parts and place the new ones. (If this has already been answered here or in the forums and I didn’t see it, a simple pointer in the right direction will suffice.)

    Robert Hood July 22, 2013
  90. Update to 0.21.1? No? Please… Update it -.-

    Elias Stagg July 30, 2013
  91. Does this version work for 0.21.1?

    Lewis Watt July 30, 2013
  92. I saw someone use this in a really lucrative mission so now I haaaave to have it.

    P.S. @Robert Hood
    I’m pretty sure you can remove/replace parts at will. But the mapping system (so far as I can tell) is based on one part’s relation to another, so messing with the numbers might just mess everything up. I recommend starting from scratch because a) It can be really fun [I mean, it is KSP] and b) It’s good practice.

    Karl Hellberg July 31, 2013
  93. It works in 0.21.1 I have heard

    Euan White August 3, 2013
  94. this would be amazing with damned robotics

    r8cefan88 August 7, 2013
  95. Anybody know when this will be updated to 0.21.1 ?? Would like to use it with my current version of KSP

    Allan Nygaard August 9, 2013
  96. I love this addon tho the hook loves to fly into the planet and brake trying to get back but if i don’t miss on the first shot it is easy :)

    Benjamen Matthews August 9, 2013
  97. Currently using this with v21.1 and no problems so far. I LOVE this mod! So much more to play with now! Refueling is great with the connector, and the grappling hooks are awesome for Airships! Although, kerbals DO NOT like to be retrieved with grappling hooks, it works… but deadly. Thank you so much.

    @ KospY Any chance for a disk pivot to set between beams and a little device to attach to beams to move winch along them so it would be possible to make cranes? Or just the addition of a hinge to make ramps to pull rovers up for easier surface docking. (We need a hinge and your devices are HIGHLY functional.)

    Thanks,5 Stars!

    OptComm August 12, 2013
  98. Good job guys. This really expands the possibilities.

    Rui Pereira August 21, 2013
  99. Does it work on Version 21.1

    Startrooper22 August 31, 2013
  100. yeah does it work? and it it does than i will download it right away im on the edge of my seat

    ethan isawesome September 5, 2013
  101. Thanks a ton for this mod! It makes loading stuff in big cargo planes a breeze. :D


    Nuclear Pony September 9, 2013
  102. ‘Bount darn time this addon had an update! This is literally my favorite addon along side the Kethane addon (the two work together amazingly).

    Joseph Pitman September 30, 2013
  103. Update is here, enjoy it :)
    And thanks you all for your support

    KospY September 30, 2013
  104. Kethane+KAS = Super KSP

    darkfrei October 1, 2013
  105. Whats the difference between this 0.4.1 and the one I downloaded yesturday 0.4.0. i love you for updating it, but please state whats new so I dont have to just accidentally notice the version no. is different.

    Niclas October 4, 2013
  106. this Mod is great!

    Alfred Yap October 5, 2013
  107. The mod is great, and imo essential, but now that I migrated to Linux (Ubuntu), I cannot use it. I can load the game, but there are graphical glitches. Other mods work fine.

    Would be nice if this issue can be fixed. :)

    anesko October 5, 2013
  108. dude no need to ask 4 more this is AWESOME YAYAYAYAYAY! u r so awesome

    ethan isawesome October 6, 2013
  109. and when there is a knew update that is the only time for asking thank you SOOOO much

    ethan isawesome October 6, 2013
  110. After my second mission to Minmus, building a base for mining.
    Imagine my surprise when the climax of all my efforts, joining two buildings with pipe to be able to trade resources, would not happen.
    The special cursor for attaching things while present and obvious on Kermin was starngely absent at Minmus.
    On later numerous tests on kerbin, I found that sometimes a kerbal would take a part from stock but not actually carry it. A different bug to the non-changing cursor.

    I don’t have loads of mods installed.

    KW Rocketry
    B9 Aerospace
    Docking Port Alignment
    RLA Stockalike

    Daveroski October 11, 2013
  111. Daveroski, some of those mods are massive (KW,B9, Kethane) and most likely are messing with KAS. Sorry, you may have to remove a mod or two :/

    Euan White October 22, 2013
  112. When will you be adding tech tree support?

    Jona D October 25, 2013
  113. :Jona D:
    you can add tech tree support by yourself, it takes one minute:

    1 install mod
    2 find .cfg file for each KAS part (16 parts)
    3 add “TechRequired = start” without “” (add different tech name to “discover” it later). write it above cost parameter for each part
    4 done

    btw you can modify each part that way, you can modify whole ksp game by yourself. easy.

    klobasa October 25, 2013
  114. Devin J October 25, 2013

    that is all

    vincespeedmk2 October 28, 2013
  116. This mod is one of the mods that is a must for my mod pack.

    As normal I was very impressed with your update and added functions for EVA, more then KSP ever did under the same engine limitations, great work.

    Also I have a idea that you might like to add, some sort of pin or anchor that can fix a base to the surface of a planet or planetoid would be great especially.

    Clint Hooper November 6, 2013
  117. I made a SPACE Wrecking ball so i could explode all my debris :D it also has a engine to move around >:D

    Leo Derpinson November 21, 2013
  118. on the mun when i attach a base to pylon and pylon to another ship or base, they start floating away. what’s going on there?

    David Ballard November 21, 2013
  119. Why isnt it compatible with Career Mode ?

    Ben December 3, 2013
  120. Im sorry but i dont understand how to install it. It says extract in KSP folder, so i get the compressed GameData folder pasted in KSP folder, but when i load the game i dont have this mod.
    The only 2 mods that works doing that are Mechjeb and Prometeus rover.

    What i need to get ths working and exactly where to install?.

    ARGENTVS December 12, 2013
  121. Does KAS not work in career mode or am I doing something wrong? Lots of experience with other mods

    I can manually go edit the cfg file for the parts and they show up just fine when I set the TechRequired and cost correctly in the individual parts but trying to avoid editing every part in KAS and play with the mods how they were intended

    Created a new game with stock Techtree and same thing

    Parts obviously show up in sandbox without an issue

    slackerhobo December 14, 2013
  122. Just ignore my last comment, I was unaware that the comments were oldest to newest, my question was answered!

    slackerhobo December 14, 2013
  123. Hey All

    What a Legendary Mod!!

    Question: Can someone explain to me how to go about loading grabable parts into Type A/B Containers while in the VAB…. Please!! Right-Clicking seems to open up the container by the sound of things but where to from there on?

    Matt Maree December 15, 2013
  124. Are you going to implement this into the tech tree?

    Nicholander December 17, 2013
  125. Guys i installed the mod,(i am running steam version of the game) and the cables,struts and generally everything that can link/attach to another part is just 1 white line(no texterues) and theres no sound.When i load a ship with a KAS part it says that theres no sound and i havent intalled it correctly.Please help guys.

    Zaxarias Maraz December 20, 2013
  126. Zaxarias, you probably did it wrong. All you have to do is extract the folder (I don’t know if you have to extract it, I just always do), then move the KAS folder to your KSP GameData.

    asdfghjkl December 24, 2013
  127. i did not get a connection module for attaching the hooks to the winch i have looked and missing from folder down load so i can not use it

    robert maple December 29, 2013
  128. found my issue for some reason i had 3 DLL,s in the plugin folder i deleted the folder and did a fresh install and working fine nice mod thanks

    robert maple December 29, 2013
  129. slackerhobo, and whoever else is interested, if you want any part in Career Mode, just do this:

    1. Open each part.cfg in Notepad.
    2. Add the following lines to the text above “Cost = whatever”:

    TechRequired = start
    entryCost = 0

    3. save the file as the original part.cfg
    4. experiment with adding it to different tech nodes like “advConstruction” and making it a challenging price.


    On topic: Great mod guys, super work, even with the base-destroying pipe explosions. Downloaded 4.5 so we’ll se if it’s nicer to me now.

    Clint Howie December 30, 2013
  130. The theory is good. the parts are good. but for whatever reason my game doesn’t like me using them. if I have even one piece from this set attached to my ship, the camera stops tracking my ship somewhere between 6000 and 6100 meters off the ground. My ship could be in perfect geosynchronous orbit, but the camera would be looking at empty space about 200 kilometers away. Is there any way to get this problem to stop?

    BabLe7 January 2, 2014
  131. This is a vary cool mod, but the picture doesn’t do it justice!

    competitor125 January 3, 2014
  132. KospY,
    ► Cool stuff, but I had explosion problems linking pipes in space.

    I had two ships with different size Clamp-o-Trons that could not link up to refuel… so Ludly Kerman had the great idea of using the magnet to tow/retrieve/and join the two spacecrafts. That worked great. Both ships solid as a rock.
    He then went on to put a nozzle, link the first pipe to his EVA pack and go to the other ship’s nozzle.

    Upon linking the second nozzle, KABOOM ! .There was nothing left but a few smithereens raining down on Minmus.

    What went wrong ???? Both ships were perfectly stable!

    PS: Ludly was promply re-incarnated and given CPR by the Gods of the F9 Key and is recovering at Minmus Base.

    Adrian Crisci January 24, 2014
  133. how do i refuel?

    dom batt January 26, 2014
  134. If you Kerman go winch cable in back in space station inside KAS crash.
    Noticed in harmony models.

    t l January 30, 2014
  135. Hi, it looks nice but… please modders, add all the text you wrote here inside the archive (try to figure out what a mod do 1 week or 1 month after you donwloaded it :P without any info). And some craft example will be not too much to see how these new parts can be usefull (especially the boxes).

    Michael January 31, 2014
  136. Hey there. Something is wrong with the sounds. As with a couple of other users as well.

    Sound File: KAS/sounds/hookbaystore as not been found, please check your KAS installation !

    Sound File: KAS/sounds/containeropen as not been found, please check your KAS installation !

    Sound File: KAS/sounds/containerclose as not been found, please check your KAS installation !

    Sound File: KAS/sounds/bipwrong as not been found, please check your KAS installation !

    I extracted the downloaded add on, and put the folder into the ksp game data folder as with all the other mods i have downloaded (the others work) and get these errors when clicking on the part in game. Parts show up, but don’t have sound file for some reason. Any help will be appreciated. Email me at 2small2betall@gmail.com or to help with all users having this issue just post here. Thank you.

    Gage Stepek January 31, 2014
  137. Great Mod!

    Only things missing are gantry to move winch back and forth horizontally, and a rotating joint to rotate your crane. I know mods, that provide it, but I would like to have it in single gui window. And last note: ability to rename winches at VAB would save us from stupid mistakes when we need to operate the winches.

    Something like this:

    WildLynx February 2, 2014
  138. No offence but what fun things can you do with this mod? I don’t get it.

    Hunter Lee February 8, 2014
  139. WildLynx you can just install InfernalRobotics… it has like 9 or more gantry size and variants (tex and model is same on all) and it also contains spiney stuff… a lot…

    Akkupack February 8, 2014
  140. by the way i have like 10 mods installed and still ksp is running like i just got a fresh copy of it (the last crash was about a week ago [avg. crashes before computer major cleanup: 5 per day])

    Akkupack February 8, 2014
  141. Good mod, I still have no idea how to make anything with this mod though maybe a youtube vid explaining the parts?

    Golden Wombat February 15, 2014
  142. This download is broken…. downloaded 3 times each time it has no connectors so i cant use the winch’s pls help

    Golden Wombat February 24, 2014
  143. Thank you now i can save bill who’s stuck in a sealed cockpit on the mun

    FATALHERMIT March 6, 2014
  144. If you connect docked with two ships then turn off SAS. You don’t have too do this on the ground. Turning will also shake you up. Another way is to have both ships in exactly in the same piston when you dock, even though this is impractical( and I mean impractical). Otherwise I don’t recommend connecting docked.


    Alex Nguyen March 14, 2014
  145. “You don’t have too do”
    I meant ” to do”.

    Alex Nguyen March 14, 2014
  146. All these parts and not one single hinge or rotating plate? :/

    D1B March 26, 2014
  147. bullshit! after updatings KSP parts, Stopped Working robotic-arms-pack!!!!

    Krasov Sergey April 11, 2014
  148. Please fix that would work robotic-arms!!!!

    Krasov Sergey April 11, 2014
  149. bullshit! after updatings KAS parts, Stopped Working robotic-arms-pack!!!!
    Please fix that would work robotic-arms!!!!

    Krasov Sergey April 11, 2014

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