[0.22.x] Taverio’s Pizza and Aerospace v1.5.1

Spaceplane-centric parts pack, plus stock spaceplane part rebalance and rescales. Jets & wings & things. Realism oriented.


This pack contains the stuff I add to KSP to make flying spaceplanes fun for me.

Wings, jet engines, spacecraft fuselages, all of the spaceplane stuff is rebalanced the way I like it. The balance is heavily towards realism. In general this makes things a bit harder.

There’s also a few custom parts for things I thought were missing, as well as parts by other modders who were kind enough to let me include them.

If upgrading from 1.4.1 or earlier, and you do not use a Mod Manager, please be sure to reinstall the Gamedata/Squad folder.

Please ask your questions on the KSP Forums Thread, I don’t monitor the comments here on the Spaceport.

Please report bugs on the official Issue Tracker

Mediafire Mirror


Rescaled and variant stock parts:

Tailfin (2 sizes).
AV-R8 Winglet (2 sizes).
Delta-Deluxe Winglet (2 sizes).
Swept Wing (5 sizes).
Landing Gear (3 sizes).
0.625m (probe size) diameter Mk1 spaceplane fuselages, jet engines, intakes and nacelles.
Heavier, stronger small hardpoint actually able to support an engine.
Faster, heavier, far more power-hungry sort-of-balanced racing versions of the medium wheels, with torque curves based on the Tesla Roadster.

Additional parts:

Mk2 and Mk3 Rocket Fuel and Structural fuselages.
Mk2 and Mk3 alternate adapters (flat upper side rather than lower).
Mk2 to 2xMk1 BiCoupler.
Asymmetrical Airplane Tail fuselage part.
High supersonic range ramjet engine.
SR-71 style shock cone intake.
UAV probe core with internal camera view, pan & zoom.
2 very small UAV/Ultralight-size jet engines.
Conformal RCS tanks in 2 sizes.
Lots of extra wings.
A stronger, longer strut to lash it all together.

Balance notes:

All wings and control surfaces balanced via MATHS! to vary in lift/drag/mass/connection strenght realistically but still be in the stock value range.
All spaceplane fuselages actually given sensible, scaled values for mass/capacity/connection strengths. MATHS! again.
All jet engines given pseudo-realistic Isp and Speed curves. Looooots of MATHS! here.
All intakes tweaked to have proper drag per intake area. Yup, MATHS!
All rover wheels have had their speed and steering curves smoothed out with tangents (MAAAATHS!) for a smoother driving experience.
All landing gear have had their impact and connection strenght values adjusted. No maths this time, I just eyeballed them.
Quite a few parts with visibly wrong attach nodes have had their attach node positions tweaked.
Integrated support for Ferram Aerodynamic Research. Wings will work correctly both with and without it. Be sure to install /after/ FAR.


Install the ‘Gamedata’ directory for the main mod files. The config files work both in the stock drag/lift model and with FAR.

Attachment nodes have been tweaked, and the mass and lift changed significantly, as well as the performance of engines. You will almost certainly have to redesign your planes. In fact, I guarantee it.

The extras directory contains override configuration files for various mods I use which I rebalanced to be in line with my main mod, or fix things which annoy me. These are provided without any guarantee that they will work for you, don’t complain to me if they eat your couch and shout at your dog.

For the camera in the Ballshark to function you will also need to have MechJeb 1.9.8 installed. It will work fine (without the cool camera) if you don’t have it.

Usage Notes

Ramjets are hard to use. Youll need to be going at least 1100m/s to successfully transition to ramjet propulsion, and since the Turbojets about stop going there (like the real ones) this will be hard.
Don’t try to use them for spaceplanes, they’re designed to go real fast in-atmosphere.

Spaceplane fuselages now have the correct capacities for their volume (adjusted for greater inert fraction to account for the much greater impact and connection strenght values). If you try to build planes stock-style just using fuel sections everywhere, you’re going to have a hard time getting off the ground.
You don’t need nearly as many fuel tanks – you can get around the world in on a single Mk2 fuel tank if you design right, so use the structural sections. They’re there for a reason.

- v1.5.1
* Update small versions of stock jets to use the proper heat animations.
* Fix for stock engine nacelle doing 3x as much drag as it should for its intake size.
* Update small engine nacelle using new base area values.
* Update alternator values on engines as appropriate.
* Hook in R&D.
* TurboJet moved to Supersonic, cost/entry cost decreased.
* Decrease cost for Mk2/Mk3 adapters as these don’t have fuel here.
* New wing data based on 3 decimal point precision measurements of mesh vertexes.
* FAR already has these measurements, FAR data for stock wings removed.
* Override FAR’s thrust levels for jets, if present.
* Convert remaining .png textures to .tga for faster loading and proper MipMap generation.
* Remove TT’s mods from Extra, I don’t use them any more.
* Remove KSPX fixes from Extra, they are now in the base mod v0.2.4.
* Add RW Improved Trusses to Extra and hook it into R&D.
* Redo Novapunch winglet rebalance as a ModuleManager file, with new vertex-based measurements of the wings.

- v1.5
* Use ModuleManager to overwite stock configs.
* Optimize compression on a few .png textures.
* Use better formula for unitScalar/maxIntakeSpeed for off-mass intakes.

- v1.4.1
* Fix node on small AirScoop.
* Update Extras.

- v1.4
* Add content from DA-TV UAV Pack.
* Ballshark UAV core.
* Bonusjet and Tiny Jet engines.
* Add Tapered Wings.
* Redo all wing values from new formulas.
* Animate Cone Intake with KTechAnimation plugin.

- v1.3.5
* Update to 0.20 file structure.
* Add structural Mk2/Mk3 fuselages.
* Update Heavy strut to new .mu model.
* Tweak Mk3 fuselage node positions by a few cm.
* Fix some missed node sizes on a couple of 0.625m parts.

- v1.3.4
* New thrust/mass/isp values for turbofans, from a new formula.
* Adjusted spin times on jets to be faster.
* Small fix to FAR values for stock control surfaces.
* unitScalar drag fix for small ram-air intake.

- v1.3.3
* Merge stock and FAR configs.
* Add some more NTBI variations.
* 12×8 with straight trailing edge.
* 9×6 both types.
* 5×4 tailfin.
* 3×1.5 and 3×3 rectangular.
* 2m large flap.
* 0.5m & 1m small flap.
* Rename NTBI directories for better sorting.
* Mk1/2/3 connection strength increased.
* Normalize intake drag per unit area.

- v1.3.2
* Tweak volume and inert mass for Mk2 and Mk3.
* Increase connection strenghts for Mk1.
* Various node size tweaks as FAR uses these for exposed node drag.
* Add relatively balanced turbo rover wheel.
* Minor bug fixes in wings.

- v1.3.1
* Fixed visual fx event triggers for Ramjets
* NTBI Airplane Style Wing Parts now included in the main package.
* Case fixes for linux.

- v1.3
* Major rebalance pass on pretty much everything.
* Added two conformal RCS tanks.
* Redid some of the models.
* More attach node tweaks.
* Normalized attach rules on stock winglets.
* A few fixes.

- v1.2.3
* Mk2 Fuselage – Rocket Fuel pointed to wrong model.

- v1.2.2
* Fix part name for small fuselage empennage.
* Fix calculation error for larger swept wing mass.
* Adjust Turbofan, Ramjet Isp on the basis of relative TSFC from turbojet.

- v1.2.1
* Fix typo in spinup value for turbofans.

- v1.2
* Second balance pass on air-breathing engines.
* Many name and description and attachment node tweaks.
* Second balance pass on Mk2/Mk3 fuselage sections capacity/weight.
* Tailfin: large size rescale factor error fixed.
* Avionic nosecone: Tweak attach node and rescale factor for looks.
* AV-R8 Winglet: add medium and large sizes added, rename default to small.
* Delta-Deluxe Winglet: medium size added, rename default to small.
* Add Empennage Fuselage Section, S and M.

- v1.1
* Add shock cone intakes.
* Add ramjet engines.
* Rename Basic Jet to Turbofan.
* Rebalance Turbofan, Turbojet, Ramjet with data from NASA EngineSim.
* Fix visual FX on small turbofan.
* Fix visual and sound FX on small turbojet.
* Add JellyCube’s Mk2 BiCoupler, converted to .mu with specular and normal.
* Tweak Mk2/3 fuselage attach nodes.
* Add retextured rocket fuel Mk2/Mk3 fuselage.
* Convert rkman’s alternative spaceplane adapters to .mu and add specular and normal.
* Make landing gear lighter.

- v1.0
* Initial release.
* Consolidated v0.16-era packages.
* v0.18 compatible.
* Updated gear, inlet, engine models.
* Redone fuselage dry weight and fuel capacities
* Update all relevant parts to new .cfg syntax.
* Reset engine stats to stock, double Basic Jet impulse.
* Add half-size Mk1 fuselage.
* Add half-size tail.
* Add double-size tailfin.
* Add half-size air scoop inlet.
* Add alternate spaceplane adapters by rkman.
* Add Heavy novapunch strut by Tiberion.
* Add example crafts.

Copyrights and such

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Alternative spaceplane adapters remodel by rkman, originally by C7, used with permission: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/15541

Heavy Strut from Novapunch, edit by Tiberion, originally by HarvesteR, used with permission: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/3870

Mk2 BiCoupler by JellyGoggles, based on work by C7, used with permission: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/4542

NTBI Airplane Style Wing Parts, by ac14, used with permission: http://kerbalspaceport.com/?p=1031

Ballshark, Bonusjet and Tinyjet by DYJ, used with permission.

All other models by Squad.


Addon Installation Guide


How to install Addons in KSP:

Installing addons in KSP is as simple as moving files into their appropriate folders. This guide explains which folders hold each type of addon, and how to locate them. Keep in mind that Addon packages may contain any combination of addon types. These instructions are meant only as a generic guide.


Finding the KSP Main Folder.

The first step to installing an addon is to locate the KSP folder in your computer. This is where KSP keeps all of its files, including your game saves and screenshots. The KSP folder is located where you unzipped it when you first downloaded the game.

The KSP Folder contains the following subfolders:

KSP root folder

NOTE: On OSX, the KSP_Data folder does not exist. (Its equivalent lives inside the App package)


Installing Part Addons

Parts are all contained inside KSP/Parts. Each part has its own subfolder in the Parts folder:

The Parts Folder

To install new parts, extract the part folders from the downloaded package into the KSP/Parts folder.


Installing Craft Addons

Craft files are saved ships created in the game. These files can be placed in a few different folders:


In KSP/Ships, you will find separate subfolders for the different construction facilities in the game. The VAB folder, for instance, holds craft files that are editable on the Vehicle Assembly Building in game, and launched from a Launch Pad. Similarly, the SPH folder holds craft files that are editable in the Spaceplane Hangar Facility, and launched from the Runway.

Craft files placed in a subfolder of KSP/Ships will be available to all saved games. Ships placed here are considered to be "Stock",. They won´t be overwritten directly if edited, and cannot be deleted from inside the game.


It is also possible to make craft files available to only one saved game:

Each game started creates its own folder in KSP/Saves. Each save has its own Ships folder, which is organized in the same way as the common Ships folder above. Craft files placed in one of the subfolders are only visible when playing the corresponding game, and can be overwritten and deleted. Ships created while playing the corresponding game are also saved in these folders.


Installing Scenarios and Training Addons

The KSP/Saves folder contains the training and scenarios subfolders. SFS files in the training subfolder are listed in the Training section of the Main Menu in the game, and files in the scenarios subfolder are visible in the Scenarios section of the menu.

To install scenarios and training missions, extract the SFS files from the downloaded package into the appropriate subfolder.


Installing Plugins

The KSP/Plugins folder holds the DLL files for plugin-powered addons. These plugins extend the funcionality of the game, adding new part types, or new missions.

To install a plugin, extract the DLL files from the downloaded package into the KSP/Plugins folder.


Installing Internal Models

Some addons add new internal spaces and objects. Those are installed in the KSP/Internals folder.


Props are objects that can be added into internal spaces, like cockpit gauges or cabin decorations. Each internal prop has its own folder in KSP/Internals/Props:


Spaces are the internal models that are associated with parts. Each internal space has its own folder in KSP/Internals/Spaces:


To install internal props and spaces, extract the folders from the downloaded package into the appropriate subfolder.



How to use

Just install the plugin and parts, use them the same as the stock ones. READ THE README FILES, THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON :)


25 Comments for “[0.22.x] Taverio’s Pizza and Aerospace v1.5.1”

  1. How do RamJets work? They just seem to eat up fuel and not really do anything.

    James December 8, 2012
  2. Also, your Mk2-Bicoupler can’t transfer fuel, I have to use Fuel Lines to get fuel to my engines.

    James December 8, 2012
  3. The ramjets have to be moving at roughly 1300m/s to provide enough thrust to accelerate. Its hard to transition to ramjet propulsion, which is why almost nothing uses them in real life.

    Thanks for the bug report about the Bi-Coupler, I forgot to add the relevant line when I updated the .cfg, it will be fixed in the next version which will be out soon.

    Taverius December 11, 2012
  4. Your addons keep making the loading process for KSP increase dramaticly is that normal?

    hoodedarche0 December 19, 2012
  5. Just soyaknow, drag in the game is a coefficient of mass. Silly how tanks will get lighter and more aerodynamic as fuel is drained =P.

    I suppose it made balancing easier though.

    Thesandbar December 21, 2012
  6. @hoodedarche0 I’m afraid that’s unavoidable when you add a lot of models. Currently I have to duplicate the model for each rescaled part, eventually I’ll be able to just reference the base part. Add any large mod and you’ll see the same issue.

    @Thesandbar I know, its one of the reasons why people want a new drag model. Its also why I’ll soon be releasing in parallel a version for Ferram Aerodynamic Research.

    Taverius December 22, 2012
  7. If they work similar to real life, you must be moving very fast before they work, then they are very powerful. That’s why they are rarely used in reality.

    kerbal suicide industries December 31, 2012
  8. you still have this up wow I need it for the wright bros. plane I built for 0.18.2

    mastermapmaker February 25, 2013
  9. Not sure if this is just me or not but when ANY of the parts for this mod are loaded my KSP will stop loading at that part and will go no further, even if i leave it for a considerable amount of time (in one case over 2 hours)

    Mechrior March 3, 2013
  10. @Mechrior, that’s completely bizarre and should not be happening. Are you on a mac? Macs by default replace folders instead of overwriting the contents like on windows and linux and … every other operating system ever, actually. What’s happening most likely is the override cfgs for the stock parts are causing osx to delete the … other important files in that folder, like the model and textures.

    There’s information on the forums on how to properly install mods on mac.

    Taverius March 6, 2013
  11. im having the same issue that mechrior is, my OS is windows 7, got any advice?

    hunter unschuld April 24, 2013
  12. found the issue, i was installing the FAR version not the normal one

    hunter unschuld April 25, 2013
  13. Doesnt work for MAC, did it all correctly and freezes on loading screen on the first stock part.

    Captain_Party April 28, 2013
  14. Weres the Far Version of this Mod?!
    I cant find it :(

    Mission_to_Mars May 10, 2013
  15. Doesnt work for MAC, did it all correctly and freezes on loading screen on the first stock part.

    Captain_Party April 28, 2013


    I had the same problem. I actually ended up just starting a whole new KSP because I couldn’t figure it out. Good thing I was far at all. But when I went through Installing mods again I noticed that all the Parts that didn’t have TV or NTBI in front of it, were missing things in the actual part folder, it only had the cfg file. They were missing the model files. I went through and deleted those ones. I am thinking that is what caused it. Mine would stop loading on MK3 Fuselage. So I am going to try it again and see what happens.

    Michael Crane May 14, 2013
  16. I am using windows 7 and when I installed this mod KSP would stop loading when it reached the mk3 Fuselage. I deleted the file to try and fix it but even though its gone the game still loads the file. I’ve checked several times and the folder isn’t in the KSP folder. Any advice?

    geordie May 14, 2013
  17. Im pretty sure the FAR in this mod makes everything difficult, cos no matter wat I try I can never make an SSTO that works cos nothing has the power to push my craft up to 2200ms. I wanted to delete the FAR stuff out but I have no idea where to find it. Help plz?

    Thomas Middleditch May 16, 2013
  18. I have a serious issue and it’s not letting me load into the game. As soon as i installed this mod like i did all my other mods i launched Kerbal Space Program on steam and it loaded all my other mods and stuff and almost fully loaded and got stuck on mk3fuselage and wont continue, i have given it a whole day to load and here are my specs just in case you need them:

    CPU: Intel core i7 3770k 3.5ghz
    Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 690
    RAM 32 GB DDr3 1600mhz

    i am currently using steam could you please help me with this it’s really annoying me

    Breakfast cactus May 21, 2013
  19. Would it be possible to install this mod while keeping the stock parts?

    Well I mean I imagine it is entirely possible, would just require renaming some things and maybe copying some others. right?

    Concordski June 8, 2013
  20. It could have been made more clear that this mod changes everything in the base game, I have to reinstall

    Ryan Browell June 12, 2013
  21. I’m gonna test it out, man!
    It seems great!

    BriXman June 19, 2013
  22. can i add the parts but not the physics tweaks?

    Edward_Elric June 23, 2013
  23. [quote="mastermapmaker February 25, 2013"]

    Not sure if this is just me or not but when ANY of the parts for this mod are loaded my KSP will stop loading at that part and will go no further, even if i leave it for a considerable amount of time (in one case over 2 hours)


    I just had this exact same problem, KSP does seem to have very long loading times, though in this case I don’t think it can have been successfully loading.

    p1t1o July 10, 2013
  24. Hey, while I love this part pack, I think the Ballshark’s Center of Mass is a bit off, no matter what i do all my craft veer off-course really hard

    Manifolder October 6, 2013
  25. So far I’m loving 1.41, and I’m really looking forward to using the new mod! Keep up the good work since so far all the parts work great!

    Geoffery Dean Jackson October 21, 2013
  26. Love all the parts, they all look and work amazing. I didn’t install the physics changes because after trying it out, almost all my planes became un-flyable. My new favorite past time is launching ram jet drones (although I suspect because I’m not using the physics tweaks, the ram jet doesn’t work the same as a turbo jet can get almost the same speeds if not better). Keep up the good work.

    p.s – you should make a scram jet next to get up to insane speeds.

    ElR0acho November 29, 2013

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