[0.23] KW Rocketry v2.5.6B

A comprehensive launch vehicle construction pack.


KW Rocketry v2.5.6

Revised sounds and added a new dual purpose docking clamp.

By Winston & Kickasskyle


KW Rocketry is the premiere modpack produced by Kickasskyle and Winston. Built originally for KSP version .15, KW Rocketry has seen many iterations, and has been reworked for KSP version .22. KW Rocketry was originally produced as a pack meant to add more parts with realistic balance to KSP, with a focus on VAB built vehicles. KSP has been widely used, however, for everything from fuel stations to shuttles and has seen many fan built craft posted on the KSP official forums.

KW Rocketry now features emissives on every engine, normals for every part, and a number of brand new parts, including side-mounted tanks styled after those on the Vostok and Soyuz rockets. KW Rocketry also includes two different versions of the vanilla strut part, a choice of automatic or manual engine fairings and a number of 1-3m converter fuel tank parts.

How to install:
Firstly, Insure any older version of KW has been removed. (GameData/KWRocketry)

Now, for a normal install simply unpack the GameData folder included in the download
>> MERGING << the folders when prompted. This should be all you are required to do
for a basic install.

For non-automatic engine shrouds you have to extract the GameData folder contained
within the Extras/NoAutoShroudConfigs folder after having previously installed
KW Rocketry as above.You should merge and overwrite the parts files when prompted
and this should mean your engines no long have automatic shrouds.

Reduced Clamp sound installation is similar to that above, extract the GameData
folder from within Extras/ReduceClampSounds.

To install the subassemblies, simply extract the folder labeled Subassemblies located
within the Extras folder into your KSP save folder of choice, for example:

Kerbal Space Program/saves/(SaveGameName)/

Updated to v2.5.6B
-Fixed the new docking rings not working correctly.

Updated to v2.5.6
-Added revised sounds to remove a static distortion (audiophiles and headphone users rejoice).
-Added new parts:
-Dual 3/2m Docking Ring.
-Rebalanced SRB thrusts to have more continuity.
-Revised SRB thrusts to work with tweakables, new thrusts are designed off of the median (50% thrust limited) values.
-Resized Globe X (X-2) SRBs & nozzle so that they correct attach onto 1m parts.
-Removed Globe X-5 HT, made redundant by tweakables.
-Engines have extra partfile sections added in to prevent alternator tweakables causing issues.



Extract the "parts" folder to your KSP directory. If you'd like to try the example rockets enclosed, place the "Ships" folder in your KSP/saves/

How to use

How to use the fairings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp0KTWlzPQk


198 Comments for “[0.23] KW Rocketry v2.5.6B”

  1. WOW! These are so going to be launched to infinity and beyond!

    Ling December 5, 2012
  2. I had to go through all of the links to find one that works, please link to the Forum.

    Yang December 5, 2012
  3. Just in case you guys didn’t know. Your Rigel 3 heavy craft won’t load because there is a missing part. KW2mtankL3 part wasn’t in the download. Just thought you should know. Other than that I love this pack!

    Zombie Rocket December 5, 2012
  4. Zombie, I fixed that and re-uploaded, thank you.
    Yang, please try again now that it’s uploaded directly to the site. If you can’t, let me know and I’ll upload it elsewhere for you.

    Winston December 5, 2012
  5. This is so awesome!!! I can’t leave this without 5 Stars!

    MartinVD December 6, 2012
  6. I tried using the Globe X-2 and the fuel was being “consumed” prior to launching. Before the game would let me launch half of the SRB fuel was gone.

    Infrared December 6, 2012
  7. I just attempted to reproduce and it isn’t happening now.

    Infrared December 6, 2012
  8. there are 4m(or more) parts claiming to be 3.75m parts (least thats what it looks like) confused me for a while, as they look the same in the menu and have the same description. Great parts pack tho thanks for the hard work.

    joebopie December 7, 2012
  9. Love that! Thx!

    mik7649 December 7, 2012
  10. Hey, just wanted to let you know any debris from my ships say unknown and show up in the tracking center and is annoying to have like 40 “ships” to look through to find the ones i want. alsocould you add a nose come for the 3.75 meter tanks, its annoying to make them out of ferings

    michael December 8, 2012
  11. Michael, the thing with debris saying “unknown” is in the vanilla game after 0.18.1. has nothing to do with KW pack

    Philip December 8, 2012
  12. After copying in the files, I start up KSP and it does not load

    Grayson December 9, 2012
  13. It gets stuck once it hits the new items

    Grayson December 9, 2012
  14. Hey guys, I just grabbed another fresh install of KSP, and downloaded another KW install from here, It works for me.
    All i can suggest is that you repair your KSP or redownload KW.

    I’d also like to suggest that people with bugs would be better off posting on the KSP thread: http://tinyurl.com/cfqmqow

    It’s easier to get a reply your problems there, as well as get noticed.

    Kickasskyle December 9, 2012
  15. Very niiiice.

    Napalm December 10, 2012
  16. Thank´s for this great mod

    Israel December 10, 2012
  17. late

    also, the effects are not as advertised. :(

    cBBp December 11, 2012
  18. Very enjoyable mod. Only a few minor issues. Not being able to attach things to the outside of fairings is unfortunate. Also noticed that, because of that, the fairing walls on an enclosed rocket can’t be held together and so shake somewhat loosely during flight. Doesn’t seem to affect functionality.

    Overall, a great little expansion pack for those Kerbonauts who need a little extra oomph in their propulsion schemes!

    spitfire8125 December 12, 2012
  19. Is it possible to add 5 meter liquid fuel tanks like in the NovaPunch mod? I love designing massive and powerful rockets

    Josh December 13, 2012
  20. Doesn’t work, stuck at KW1mDecouplerShroud when starting the game.

    Tried redownloading both the game and this and still it doesn’t work.

    Xtri December 13, 2012
  21. Get 0.18 or later then.

    Winston December 14, 2012
  22. When I launch with the parts, it always falls apart. The decouplers wobble, too. It isn’t very sturdy. I will try to ships that come with it to see if those rockets are having the same problem I am.

    Jack December 15, 2012
  23. Great Parts, yet the interstages are not fitting, wobbles like hell :/

    Fred December 17, 2012
  24. When is version 2 coming out and will there be 5m rockets or larger please? Novapunch mod had them

    Josh December 18, 2012
  25. Fred,

    The wobbling is a result of the high weight of the larger fuel tanks and is completely unavoidable unless you use the heavy struts we provide in the pack. Here is a demonstration of a 760 ton rocket that is COMPLETELY wobble free owing to the use of heavy struts at the joints between the 3.75m parts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC3l212EaKM
    This is absolutely necessary with large 2.5m rockets and ALL 3.75m ones.


    Kyle and I are both away from home for the next few days, but we almost had 0.2 ready for release so we just need to do some touch ups when we’re back and we’ll release it. There will not be any larger parts in it but that is not to say there will never be.

    Winston December 18, 2012
  26. Oh okay =) Can’t wait for version 0.2, you guys have done an amazing job (Also I really appreciate you replying to me) After 0.2 will you be working on 0.3 or is it too soon to say? Not trying to be disrespectful, I just really like the 5m parts to make enormous rockets! also, Merry Christmas guys

    Josh December 19, 2012
  27. Does this work in 0.18.2 or does it need a tweak?

    Ronin Storm December 23, 2012
  28. It should work fine now.
    Please let me know if anything is still broken.

    Winston December 23, 2012
  29. I love this package. :)

    Anorax December 23, 2012
  30. hmmm the connection points for the fairings are little bit off, the fairings have no connection to the fairing base, or hit this bug only me ?

    Ariellus December 24, 2012
  31. Looks like there is now a new connectionpoint far away from the fairings and some parts still missing this new point (mainly the Fairingwalls)

    Ariellus December 24, 2012
  32. It’s not a bug, it’s a new system for the fairings that I have explained.
    You attach the cone halves FIRST, then attach the wall halves to them.
    There’s a link to a demo video in the description.

    Winston December 24, 2012
  33. Some of the Decouplers are not working right please fix soon v.0.1.2

    Kyle December 24, 2012
  34. New fairings do not work, the bases put three points about a meter to far out and I can only add three also the fairing falls off when the decoupler seperates only

    AlphaOne December 25, 2012
  35. They work perfectly fine, they just work differently now.



    Kickasskyle December 25, 2012
  36. These parts look great. I do have some suggestions for the .cfgs, though.

    The Wildcat V and Maverick 1D are both a bit too light for what they do, compared to the stock parts. I would suggest that their weight is increased so that there’s still a reason to use the stock engines.

    The fairing and interstage pieces are all rather heavy. Most of the aerodynamic fluff in the stock parts have gotten much lighter since 0.18. It would be worth taking another look to see if the fairings and decouplers could be rebalanced with that in mind.

    Seven_Indigo December 25, 2012
  37. I’ll probably add some weight to those two engines when the next version comes out.

    As for fairings, i’m fairly sure I want them to stay the same for the sake of making it more stable, at least as far the fairing bases are concerned.

    Kickasskyle December 25, 2012
  38. Love it! Are you done now or will there be another version to look forward to? *cough* with maybe 5 meter parts *cough* :D

    Josh December 28, 2012
  39. You asked already and I answered.

    Winston December 28, 2012
  40. I can’t get Rigel 3 Heavy to steer at all it just goes straight up. I’ve tried adding different winglets and canards but nothing seems to work.
    Love this Mod btw very clean and sleek Nice Work!

    mobius December 30, 2012
  41. Just wondering how you set in place the paneling? Mine won’t go green.

    I’ve even played around with the sample ships you guys have included and once I disconnect the paneling from the rocket I can’t get it back on.

    I’m sure there’s a trick to this, just need a direction.

    Thanks for making an awesome mod!!


    spinnukur December 31, 2012
  42. Thx for great mod.

    Btw it’s impossible to use 3.75 fairing walls.

    I tried everything to attach it but no luck.

    Would you give me a tutorial for that?

    Res January 1, 2013
  43. Hey, I love this so far, but the fixed 3.75m fairing you guys uploaded causes KSP to constantly crash in the Vehicle Assembly mode. Here’s my output log: http://pastebin.com/qNgEu0A4

    Jacob January 1, 2013
  44. zip is corrupted, it won’t let me do anything with the files, says invalid or unknown .rar

    DerpGuy January 3, 2013
  45. Zip is corrupted for me as well.

    swebonny January 3, 2013
  46. Zip dead on me too. :(

    Morgantao January 3, 2013
  47. I’m getting a dead ZIP as well.

    Sleeker January 3, 2013
  48. It’s being fixed as we speak.

    Kickasskyle January 3, 2013
  49. Spaceport is breaking stuff at the moment, so the download links to the mirror for now.

    Kickasskyle January 3, 2013
  50. There is no free download? You have to create an account to download?

    wetwarez2004 January 3, 2013
  51. Worked on the 3 browsers I tried it on just now, On the two different mirrors offered.

    Kickasskyle January 3, 2013
  52. Zip is okay but I get loads of missing parts here. Too much to mention. Got a fresh install of newest KSP running, maybe I forgot something?

    Maurits January 4, 2013
  53. I just downloaded it and the parts are all there for me.

    Kickasskyle January 4, 2013
  54. Why are the shortest tanks in every width grey instead of white?

    RedRobin January 4, 2013
  55. To subtly imply they’re used in upper stage applications and small space vessels. Rather than on main rocket stacks.

    Kickasskyle January 5, 2013
  56. really amazing. doesn’t mess up the balance of vanilla too badly because it basically keeps the same fuel consumption/thrust ratios. really good and has an amazing quality. you guys did an excellent job

    jshap70 January 5, 2013
  57. Download mirrors seem to be broken. I’m re-uploading.

    Winston January 6, 2013
  58. This is the most awesome part pack ever. All of my bst ships are made with it. Excellent! How many stars out of ten? Eleven!!!

    POTKC January 7, 2013
  59. This is a great add-on. You rock!

    cokebottle January 7, 2013
  60. Corrupted download

    Will January 9, 2013
  61. Whats wrong with all the fairings? cant use them properly!

    Fred January 9, 2013
  62. NVM i found out! Great Work!

    Fred January 9, 2013
  63. I wish more people were as resourceful as you ;)

    Kickasskyle January 9, 2013
  64. Fairings are not working! the fairing bases display nodes out of place!

    MVonBraun January 9, 2013
  65. This mod is AWESOME. Thanks for the how-to vid for the fairings. Couldn’t figure out why the connect nodes were so far out and then found the vid. Serious eureka moment.

    Chris January 10, 2013
  66. A kind of basic mod every one needs if there going into modded parts. Adds mainly engines, fuel tanks, fairings, and decouplers.

    Lobsterbark January 14, 2013
  67. I have loved this pack since .16, but you really need to bring back the ceres pack.

    wesmark January 16, 2013
  68. Well Done, mate. Well done.

    Mekan1k January 17, 2013
  69. Are there any compatibility issues? My KSP keeps crashing when I try to launch my rocket. :(

    Squiddy0912 January 25, 2013
  70. how do you get the download

    ansburg January 27, 2013
  71. My fairings are broken. The bottom part always has the attachment nodes way far out to the top and side.

    herp January 27, 2013
  72. Herp, click the “how to use” tab, theres the video showing you what to do.

    Kickasskyle January 28, 2013
  73. Is this compatible with Improved Aerodynamics With Ferram Aerospace Research Mod?

    Jeb Kerman January 28, 2013
  74. yea, i can launch and do everything when im not using any kw parts, but the game crashes when i try to use them

    john c January 31, 2013
  75. Better than anything similar in the game I use only this mod because it is so polished. Using it always produces stable launch vehicles

    Halsfury_10 February 4, 2013
  76. Spaceport aint corrupting mods, everytime I do it, it works fine.

    Eric Koskovich February 13, 2013
  77. Thanks for the awesome mod, I use only your parts now, check what I did with it : http://imgur.com/a/PYNHU

    Flap32 February 17, 2013
  78. The mod looks really good but when I try to use a ship with any of these parts the game crashes. Any tips?

    Edward Anderson February 19, 2013
  79. Decouplers, and SRBs may be hitting the large 3800thrust engine as they decouple from the sides of the fuel tank, causing the engine to explode every time

    saborw February 20, 2013
  80. Flap, that’s an awesome mission plan and set of ships :) How did you get the “drop tanks” attached under the lander like that?

    Yancarlo Ramsey February 22, 2013
  81. ksp seems unable to load strutconnectorheavy/medium, debug tool says the “array index is out of range” concerning the part.cgf. help, anyone? I tried fresh install of both mods and kerbal space program, and i am using the latest version.

    william [REDACTED] February 28, 2013
  82. great engines but joints moving too much..it is like very cheap chines toy :(

    dexnom March 1, 2013
  83. This thing is a buggy mess. It has totally made my experience with Kerbal infinitely more frustrating. Nothing works like it should. For instance, getting SRB’s to attach to the decoupler and after using a work-around to get it attached dealing with the things swinging around violently as soon as the ship loads in, not having the ship inside the fairing protrude to the outside of the fairing when the fairing is clearly big enough, using a quad, tri, or bi-coupler with any of your engines, etc. You get the picture here. Nice try but it needs a lot of work. I don’t see what everyone thinks is so great about these parts. Yea the pre-built ships are great, but nothing else works. I reached a new level of frustration with video games when I installed these parts. So much so that I actually felt like I was being trolled. I was almost expecting Rick Astley to come on in the background after my ship blew up on the launch pad for the umteenth time.

    EvilFetus March 4, 2013
  84. These problems are all due to you building your rockets wrong, that’s why the pre-built rockets work fine (who knew).
    With parts this size, you have to reinforce the joints with heavy struts, there’s nothing we can do about that.

    Winston March 5, 2013
  85. great mod

    George Smola March 5, 2013
  86. Winston, so since the problems I listed were because I’m building my rockets wrong please feel free to show me a video of you connecting your biggest SRB (I think it’s called the viking) to ANY decoupler on a ship. I am not able to use these SRB’s on any of my ships as they will not attach to the decoupler. When I used a workaround the things just started swinging around violently and yes I used the heavy struts.

    EvilFetus March 7, 2013
  87. This is so cool but i got a problem… Every time when try to launch something my KSP crashes… It would be nice if someone helped me out here.

    Jaakko Kyyhklynen March 10, 2013
  88. This mod is probably one of the best in Spaceport. I used it in 0.18.2 but does it work with 0.18.4?

    Also has anyone else been having a lot of problems with 0.18.4?

    My rockets collide into the Launch stabilisers that somehow teleport a few kilometres into the air. Also parts sometimes do not attach in the VAB. (Mainly the big Orange Tanks to the decouplers, though others tanks seem to be able to)

    - - March 14, 2013
  89. does this work in 1.9?

    desepticon March 19, 2013
  90. EvilFetus
    here you go, http://puu.sh/2kSDF

    yes, the mod is working fine in 0.19.

    Winston March 20, 2013
  91. You guys rock! This is THE ONLY mod out there that has style, so the rockets don’t look like they were drawn by 5 years old. I’d only ask you guys if you are planning to add wider fairings so launching space station modules would be easier? Also I wonder if you’re planning to add heat-hardened versions of fairings so I could use them as a heatshield (I’m playing with DeadlyReentry mod), as current ones burn up pretty quickly :)

    Andrey Smirnov March 20, 2013
  92. This is a brilliant mod I use these new parts all the time, cheers.

    Nigel Stutt March 29, 2013
  93. There is an issue when you put the 3.5m RCS on top of your main rocket, and then put a 3.5m fairing on top of the RCS. Sometimes, when under moderate G, the structural link will fail.

    NKato March 30, 2013
  94. Hi! I have some issue with KW struts, I can’t see thier icons in inventory. I can’t even se them when i want to attach them to my ship… I have KSP 19.1

    lupino March 31, 2013
  95. I like this pack show much! But… You need to optimice the smoke effects, this cause a lot of lag on take off.

    Cuerdas April 10, 2013
  96. Do the fairings actually do anything in terms of aerodynamics, or are they purely cosmetic?

    Zhuikin April 19, 2013
  97. Very cool mod, but it seems the bigger, heavier parts need more oomph to decouple (I am having a lot of trouble with the largest SRB’s). Is there any way you could include a larger, more powerful decoupler in the next version to make jettisoning large radial stages easier/safer? Just a suggestion.

    Again, awesome mod, thank you!

    Bleezz April 21, 2013
  98. Guys, HELP!

    Is there a problem with this file, I can’t download it, download always freeze at 30%. When I click pause and then resume, download stops with the message “File could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.” If the file is corrupt, are there any other links where I can download this pack?

    I have the same problem with NovaPunch pack, that one freeze at 77% with the same message.

    I need those, ASAP :/
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Saša Divac April 27, 2013
  99. I tried to duplicate the Saturn V with KW ROcketry and it wobbles, any tips??

    lyndonguitar May 3, 2013
  100. My KW rockets are rotating very slowly, so much i can’t move to the burn point in time.. any suggestion or is this a bug / feature ?

    Matija May 4, 2013
  101. Weak interstage decouplers….. these are always my bane. I know that it has been said…. use struts, but this only goes so far because the object snaps to attach struts seem very random. some times I can get struts to do the job, other times they are just scrap along for the ride. as far as the premades go,it is impossible to see where they are attaching. A little explanation would go a long way.

    Paul Bartelt May 5, 2013
  102. Yup, the interstages are very weak, sometimes if I use alot of strut it snaps, and also can you make 5 meter rockets? that would be cool

    lyndonguitar May 5, 2013
  103. after i extract Parts folder in KSP -> Parts Directory and play the game
    the launch button will cause the game to crash.
    This happens only when i use this pack.
    I’m Using KSP v 0.19.1 (on Windows 8 Enterprise N).

    Falak Singhal May 6, 2013
  104. also if i place ships under saves folder then after launching KSP and clicking “resume saved ” it says that there are incompatible/invalid saves in my save folder and point them out to delete.

    Falak Singhal May 6, 2013
  105. Is there any chance we can get a low-res version? As beautiful as your parts are, the entire pack weighing in at over 400 (!!!) megs is majorly responsible for my out of memory errors. I’m using boatloads of other addons, and yet less than 1/10th of my parts folder is taking up 40% of the RAM.

    I guess we can wait and see if Squad can fix the problem themselves first though. There’s supposed to be a new memory / part loader thing but nobody knows when or what it entails.

    Frostiken May 9, 2013
  106. Also, while I know these parts are venerable and unlikely to change much, I can’t help but notice that the fuel density of them is somewhat low compared to stock fuel tanks.


    As you can see, using stock parts, for the same volume, I can pack in ~15% extra fuel. This is about the only real flaw I’ve found with these parts (enormous memory usage notwithstanding), rockets are larger than they really need to be.

    Could we get the next version adjusted with proper amounts of fuel in them? The differences add up to be pretty substantial.

    Frostiken May 10, 2013
  107. Great download.

    War Eagle 1 May 16, 2013
  108. Ummm….. broken with v2.0 of KSP as far as I can tell. Attachment nodes are all goobered up for fairings.

    Paul Bartelt May 22, 2013
  109. I’ll second War Eagle 1′s comment. I can’t get the points to match up at all.

    Austin Markiewicz May 22, 2013
  110. Any chance of updating it (fixing files and all that) for the new 0.20 ver KSP? XD

    JebediahKuteman May 23, 2013
  111. All the attachment points are wrong, Any chance of geting it fixed/updatet for v 0.20.

    Bård Haave May 24, 2013
  112. Broken in .20, but here’s the quick-and-dirty unofficial fix: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/30591?p=380377&viewfull=1#post380377

    Devin J May 24, 2013
  113. @Frostiken – Rocketry’s fuel tanks are rounded inside. That’s pretty good reason for less fuel. Plus, I think it’s fair price for more strudy parts.

    Molot May 24, 2013
  114. Thanks for Fix Devin, downloading now. Hope an official one in comes in soon, i use this mod 70% of the time. Love it. You guys rock.

    Cameron Craddock May 24, 2013
  115. Confirming that this fix by Devin J is working.
    The fairings however only use symmetry from one of the nodes, and requires a quick rotation using the SHIFT-rotate function to align. This really is half as bad of an issue as just plainly not lining up and I am greatful. Thanks man,

    Cameron Craddock May 24, 2013
  116. To give credit where credit is due, that fix was put together by Tallinu – I just linked to his forum post. Thanks Tal :3

    Devin J May 25, 2013
  117. KW, keep up the amazing work. I see many discussions about your flairings but not many about your insterstage connectors. I have been trying to use your 3m interstage connection in conjuction with your 2m-3m adaptor to create a cargo hold on my rocket for my lander. I am having major stability issues with doing so. I may be using the incorrect parts but hopefully you can help me with what I am doing wrong. I have tried strut connectors from the upper rocket to the lower tanks but they autoconnect to the interstage coupler themself and offer no additional support. What advice can you give me. Thanks. Picture links below.



    melectrok May 27, 2013
  118. I love everything about this pack, and now that i’m not using it (sorry, not using any quick fixes) i really miss it.

    So Devs, great work and i do hope you find the time to update it for us :)

    Dude May 28, 2013
  119. Great parts and craft.

    Richard White May 28, 2013
  120. Is it for 2.0 KSP

    MrDarkTap May 28, 2013
  121. Пофикси лаги, разработчик. Пожалуйста. Или напиши как пофиксить. Я – нуб и сам не умею.

    Dmitrij Nadezhdin May 28, 2013
  122. Attachment node issues are resolved in 20.1.

    Winston May 30, 2013
  123. This Mod is beautiful! But the game crashes when I use a part of the KW Rocketry. Help!: ( my version game is 0.20.1

    andrea1701 May 30, 2013
  124. Fix it! It works crookedly! (KSP v.0.20)

    Dmitrij Nadezhdin May 30, 2013
  125. I can load up the parts in the VAB but it crashes whenever i launch

    Jack Stanford May 30, 2013
  126. The page here shows this mod as updated May 30, but the download (uploads_2013_01_KW-Rocketry-v0.2.33.zip) is the same as was previously available and does not contain the proper Part wrappers for KSP 0.20 (also, the tinyurl link in the Overview doesn’t point to the correct support thread… I can’t find one through search on forum… anyone know if there is a support thread)? Winston/Kickasskyle did you intend to update today, but possibly reuploaded the prior version?

    sushinut May 30, 2013
  127. OK… answered my own question re: forum thread– no longer supported; new thread started (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/32741-0-20-X-KWRocketry-Update) (couldn’t find thread via search, because thread called it “KWRocketry” (no space)).

    sushinut May 30, 2013
  128. I suppose I will try this, but it would help if the description said something about what the addon has in it. Just saying it is an update of something else doesn’t help the people who are new to the game like me, and don’t know all the popular addons. Also, like sushinut says, the link takes me to a thread about a Koka Kola space ship?

    Allen Oster May 31, 2013
  129. Not sure what that was all about, I’ve removed the link for now.
    I’ll start a new thread again.

    Winston May 31, 2013
  130. Winston May 31, 2013
  131. I don’t see your parts in my KSP! But i see that it’s loading (at loading bar). WTF??!!

    Shipa June 3, 2013
  132. I’m on Linux and installing this mod prevents the game from loading. Latest mod with KSP version 20.

    cutiger1889 June 9, 2013
  133. Fairings won’t connect to base, the nodes are far away rendering this mod useless

    akurei June 11, 2013
  134. I love this mod. Only one quibble: in reality, “Ullage” refers to the empty space inside a tank, and an ullage motor is used to “settle” the fuel all into the correct part of the tank, before conducting a burn. They are used during stage separation, but only to prevent gaps in the fuel flow during the disrupted acceleration. They aren’t for thrusting away the discarded stages.

    r d June 12, 2013
  135. I THOUGHT I’d seen em all.. all the best mods… I KNEW NOTHING! This is SO amazing man, my first rocket built using these parts.. it blew away anything I’ve used in Stock or Mod before in terms of looking and working like a real rocket.

    Furthermore, the new rockets are undoubtedly very powerful BUT.. they only feel like realistic upgrades, NOT cheating or overpowered! Really, really fantastic job. Keep it up. =)

    jeff kuecken June 14, 2013
  136. Also like to add, the artwork and detail is actually better than the official game art.. and I’ve never said that about a mod before. I’d recommend everyone get this immediately.

    jeff kuecken June 14, 2013
  137. One of the best parts pack.

    BTW, I’m fine with the use of the stock decoupler sound for detaching. You might want to keep it that way, and save yourself a lot of trouble.

    Ruedii June 21, 2013
  138. May I please have a copy of v2.3 to use I have .20.16 and this I cant update. v2.4 is glitchy and the fairing don’t fit together properly

    john smith June 24, 2013
  139. my email is badomen257@gmail.com

    john smith June 24, 2013
  140. I love the fairings and look beautiful when installed, but, for some reason or another, the fairings won’t eject from the fairing base, causing them to just “stick” to the base, and cause my payload to fly through them. In this state, they also don’t seem to have any physics associated with them as well. I’m not sure what’s up with them, to be honest, since I can’t seem to find anything about this issue.

    Cameron Hunt June 24, 2013
  141. Well, as it turns out, I found the issue. It seems that ejecting the fairings and the fairing base in the same stage causes the fairings to not “get the message”. Bug? I don’t know, but I at least fixed my issue.

    Cameron Hunt June 25, 2013
  142. does anyone know how to fix the faring’s not working?

    kade storey June 26, 2013
  143. Cameron, if you have any acceleration forwards then they can bind against the fairing base but I don’t think that alone is the issue, it seems somewhat random.

    And not without physics, at least not completely without as I’ve sometimes had them collide with and damage the payload. I think that strutting them to the payload (to brace them/it) might also cause problems.

    One thing I’m going to experiment with is binding them to an action group so I can decouple them without staging. The reason I think that might help is that anytime I have a rocket that seems more prone to that problem, I can work around it by right clicking and manually decoupling them one by one.

    Kevin Starwaster Kerman July 1, 2013
  144. I can’t load the Rigel 2 Heavy with CSM. It just keeps saying the part “KWsrbCone” is missing.

    Nathan Jensen July 2, 2013
  145. @Nathan, They removed several parts from the latest pack that were being used by several of the craft. You need to find an earlier version (pre-2.4) and copy those parts over. You might have to modify the part.cfg file, I forget. (might need to add PART { at the beginning and } at the end)

    No offense, but really sloppy guys to remove parts without reworking the craft files first.

    Starwaster July 5, 2013
  146. A great mod with useful rockets that look gorgeous. My one complaint is that there is no 2.5m-3.75 adapter, only a decoupler. Otherwise, download this beaut.

    Freik July 5, 2013
  147. Amazing add-on! I love all the new engines and tanks that make is much more easier to build suitable rockets. Not to mention the fairings that make things look great.

    Desperado July 8, 2013
  148. I installed this exactly how it said and I have the same version but it crashed as soon as I go to launch. Why does it do that?

    Evan Reyes July 15, 2013
  149. How do I attach the X-5 Thor correct? Its to heavy for everything i tryed, and those things just fell of at the start ramp ^^

    Selgald July 16, 2013
  150. Does this work with the new patch? Is it getting updated? This is the third most used parts mod I use along with Novacore and KSPX – cant live without it!

    Nigel Stutt July 27, 2013
  151. First I have have problems with this mod and some other, but after the little afterpatch KSP 0.21.1 all is running fine.

    Imp July 27, 2013
  152. I dont know why, might a bug for me, but when i try and load the stock Rigel 2 Heavy w/ CSM it says im missing the part “KWsrbCone” Its only happened recently and im wondering if you took it out by chance.

    Chandler K. July 31, 2013
  153. Same problem here, I think it might be on purpose, :(

    Euan White August 1, 2013
  154. Hey I downloaded and installed in all the right folders, but now the game wont load.
    Am I missing something?

    Andrew August 1, 2013
  155. Andrew, I just spent 10 minutes figuring out it was KW that wasn’t letting me load game. I’m thinking that the download might be corrupt.

    Christopher August 3, 2013
  156. You idiots, it hasn’t been updated to 0.21 yet, that’s why!

    call4dead3 August 5, 2013
  157. It’s likely to take forever to get updated, or never get updated due to the modmaker vanishing.

    Christopher August 5, 2013
  158. call4dead3, be careful about calling people idiots. Especially when you have no facts. KW Rocketry is a PARTS ONLY mod. It does not require updating. I’m running this in 0.21 just fine.

    Even if it required updating to use the new SAS changes it would still load. Anyone who’s game won’t load because KW is installed probably has too many damned mod related parts.

    Starwaster August 14, 2013
  159. Well I have been running .21 with other mods fine until now. I waited to see if this would get updated first for a while then just added this mod today. The game now crashes pretty frequently. Don’t know what else to say. I feel like I have pretty much isolated that this mod is causing it.

    This is literally my favorite mod here too. I really wish I wasn’t writing this. Can anybody else offer feedback or point me to an open forum thread about this mod?

    EdgeCrusher August 15, 2013
  160. I have been trying to isolate my own constant crashing issue, it was running fine till 21.0 update, If your are getting similar frequent crashes this my be my issue as well.

    But I have many mods and It really could be any of them.

    Jeff Kerman (Harless) August 16, 2013
  161. After inspecting my mods archive (I keep all the zip files and such) I found that my B9 aerospace was outdated, and likely one of, or THE cause of my crashing.

    Jeff Kerman (Harless) August 16, 2013
  162. someone pleas update this mod!

    irpded rogert August 22, 2013
  163. after i have downloaded the mod and when i go to transfer the files a window comes up saying that the file is either corrupted or unknow and i reinstalled it but every time it does the same thing can you please help me

    noah philli August 23, 2013
  164. update, nao

    clyde craft August 23, 2013
  165. i tried that also but it still wont work

    noah philli August 23, 2013
  166. this and the laztek thing dont work together

    clyde craft August 25, 2013
  167. this still works in .21 but theres a part missing KWsrbcone for the “rigel 2 heavy with CSM”

    clyde craft August 25, 2013
  168. i would be THE HAPPIEST PERSON EVER if someone updated this!

    irpded rogert August 29, 2013
  169. Great mod now I can launch my probes safely!

    Freaddythegreat August 30, 2013
  170. Christopher September 1, 2013
  171. The forum page for KW Rocketry was closed due to haters and ragers. It was closed by a mod until K or W wanted it opened again. And now the forum is moving, and it’s still not open. I think they may have quit, but I hope not.

    David Benzschawel September 22, 2013
  172. Rise and shine mister KW… rise and … shine.

    Kickasskyle September 27, 2013
  173. This update (2.51, with auto engine shrouds) is causing my game to crash at the main menu.
    The non auto-shroud works fine, but crafts using v2.4 parts are lost.

    Damn, I spent quite some time on those maneuver nodes on the lost crafts =/

    Thauã Aguirre September 29, 2013
  174. WOOHOO , Thank you for the update, this one I have been waiting for.

    Nick Cogdell September 29, 2013
  175. Oops, I forgot to install KW-noshrouds. This is why my game started that time…
    But it means I lost those crafts for no reason at all.
    Anyway, It didn’t work with the non shrouds option. I tried deleting the fairing-related folders and puting their old V2.4 files. Didn’t work.

    I’mrolling backto the previous build.
    Good to know this mod is still being tended by its devs though.

    Thauã Aguirre September 29, 2013
  176. I’m using KSP v

    Just downloaded KW Rocketry v2.5 and unpacked the “Game Data” folder into the KSP Game Data folder.

    NO KW parts show up at all.

    So now what?

    Trever SlyFox September 30, 2013
  177. wow

    Logan Haggerton October 1, 2013
  178. @Thaua Aguirre

    You have to unpack it into the KSP Main folder, not into the Game Data folder, hope it helps :)

    Joel Unknown October 1, 2013
  179. Joel,

    Thank you very much, all is well now. Sometimes this Old Fart just doesn’t “get it” the first time.


    Trever SlyFox October 1, 2013
  180. Woop Woop! Updated!
    I really got to build a 5 meter rocket… or whatever the biggest tank in this mod is. (I forgot)

    Richard van Dijk October 1, 2013
  181. Sorry, it seems like there are no stock craft included with this version. Could you maybe reupload those? I really liked those :3

    Richard van Dijk October 1, 2013
  182. Why there is not a Ships folder?

    KerbalSlayer October 3, 2013
  183. I seems doesn’t work well under my 0.21.1,crashed when loading.Does someone else have the same problem?

    Jamber October 3, 2013
  184. use kwrockerty +http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/46033-0-21-x-Somnambulic-Aerospace-KW-Rocketry-Optimization-Pack-v0-1-1-15-Aug-13?highlight=rocketryplus to solve the problem link hear

    connor johnston October 5, 2013
  185. Great! This mod has been updated! Finally, I can make absurd explody things again!

    Kyoobic Industries October 5, 2013
  186. Shame I can’t use this new version, seems to drop my frame rate down from around 60 to 18.

    Euan White October 16, 2013
  187. Can’t wait for the 0.22 update :D

    Charles October 17, 2013
  188. Anyone know if this works with 0.22 yet? if not its ok. I understand, its a huge mod.

    chihhao October 17, 2013
  189. @chihhao – If you had read the forum updates, you’ll see that Kickasskyle has very clearly stated that he has *just* updated these parts to add 0.22 R&D Tech Node integration.

    Robin Chang October 17, 2013
  190. whenever i try to download this i get an error while trying to open the .zip archive. Anyone else having the same problem?

    enterprise0709 October 18, 2013
  191. PLease help im having many problems with this mod. more than HALF the parts in this just dont load in it seems.. says they dont exist and they are not there to be selected in game. ive put them in my parts folder. ive put each thing in individually. the parts i notice mainly not being there are the engines and fairings along with many structural components. ive installed this just like i would with any other mod. or maybe im doing something wrong not sure. i just need some help!!

    Shnaz October 21, 2013
  192. Whenever I download this, I can’t seem to get the fairings or a lot of the tanks and engines. I downloaded it several times and can’t seem to get it at all. It worked perfectly for me before you guys updated it. Can you possibly fix this issue? Thanks.

    asdfghjkl October 24, 2013
  193. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! older kw versions work absolutely fine, but when I install this version I get no engines, no farings, only 2 interstages, limited srb’s, limited fuel tanks and rcs thrusters. Am i doing the installation wrong?? Is it a dodgy download?? I DO NOT KNOW!!!!!! I WANT TO HAVE THIS MOD!!!!! HEEELLLLLLP MEEEEEE!!!!

    Sebastian Chenery November 20, 2013
  194. guys check out this awesome game. It is like a mix between Contra and minecraft and KSP

    MCCrafting November 21, 2013
  195. Stop posting links to other games^

    asdfghjkl November 26, 2013
  196. Very awesome mod! I really hate the lack of engines in the stock parts. This is very helpful, especially the new engines and fairings!

    Ulash Bakandi November 30, 2013
  197. Mod looks good, but having a problem:

    After adding the files to my KSP directory, I’m still missing some parts. In game I can see the new RCS stuff, fuel tanks, SRBS, and stack adapters, but I still do not see the KWR liquid engines or fairings. Any advice? Thanks

    Phil December 1, 2013
  198. I finally figured it out. Once you download the mod, you have to move the KW folder and put it in the KSP game data. That’s all you have to do, don’t put the individual parts in the parts folder anymore.

    asdfghjkl December 3, 2013
  199. I’m starting a youtube channel, and had the idea of showing slight previews of my favorite mod packs. would you mind if i used this one?

    Justin Mahle December 3, 2013
  200. my rockets spin when launched. is that normal?

    AG Industries December 5, 2013
  201. Thanks for the mod and by the way, why did some parts not show up on the VAB( e.g. fairings, large scale engines.)? Even though I got it correct.

    Andrew Tan Jing Han December 6, 2013
  202. Never mind, found th problem and fixed it. AWESOME MOD PACK!!!!!

    Andrew Tan Jing Han December 6, 2013
  203. This mod is so awesome that Scott Manley is doing a series with it (since it is called “Interstellar Quest”, the slightly greater awesomeness of KSP Interstellar is implied.)

    This mod and all its parts are so agonizingly well balanced and fit in with the vanilla inventory so well that it is hard to say what’s good about it. It is 99.9% awesomeness. The artwork is superb, and I really like the Service Propulsion System, faithful to its Apollo namesake in appearance but bearing almost no resemblance in the numbers. Unlike NovaPunch, these engines have generators that are appropriate in size, and so in Career mode, you can better combat the power shortages that occur (especially if you’re running with RemoteTech2) before you get to Electrics. Finally, if you like FAR, it has a bunch of fairings that are like totally awesome, especially if you consider wrapping a Procedural Fairing around an unwieldy payload cheating. A tip for fairing use: you have to put the nose part on the base first, hovering way up to leave room for the cylindrical sections.

    What’s the 0.1% non-awesome? There are no short engines appropriate for landers and the rest of the awesomeness makes the lack of a 2.5m class nuclear engine rather conspicuous. It leaves just a little to be desired (and shamelessly pilfered from NovaPunch) if it is the only parts pack added to the vanilla inventory. That leaves three little suggestions for an otherwise perfect parts pack: instructions for the fairings, a big nuclear engine (and maybe a probe class nuclear engine like RLA-Stockalike has) and a couple of short engines that can find legs that outstretch them (It’d be really sweet to whack the dome, some of the nozzle, some of the thrust and Isp off the Wildcat XR to make KSP’s first ever 3.75m class lander engine, after which the perpetually missing 0.1% awesomeness would be matching landing legs as such a lander would probably break LT-2s while setting down on Minmus…)

    And this mod gives Kylewinston von Kerman many things to do in Kerbal: Spassi Ishosh yi Aton.

    And yes, Justin, rockets spinning is normal, which is why we have struts, fins, and ASAS! This pack goes well with stuff from B9 Aerospace to make big, beautiful, and controllable vertical vehicles. BoulderCo TextureCompressor highly recommended if you want to use both!

    Terry Wilson December 7, 2013
  204. For some odd reason, I can’t access the KW engines. I’ve got the fuel tanks,All I have is the Globe I , The Thor and the Thor HT. HELP PLEASE! (And how do you use the Decoupler Shrouds?)

    Alex Bell December 7, 2013
  205. This is crappy. Whenever I plase anypart on the launch pad, it flips around and explodes. When I build a large rocket and put Launch Stability Enhancers on it, it floats around like water, falls from them, and explodes.

    Zach Johnson December 8, 2013
  206. Suggestion: The fuel adapter titled “KW Rocketry LFTA 3-2″ reminds me of the Mars one structures, should turn it into a command module or something.

    Tripper Carr December 9, 2013
  207. Great mod!

    Zack December 12, 2013
  208. Love this mod but I think I’m missing some parts, I only got 3 new solid fuel rocket boosters, no liquids, a whole bunch of fuel tanks, and no fairings… I think it may have been an install problem on my part. I just put the parts folder into the ksp parts folder. What did I do wrong?

    TheBahrbarian December 12, 2013
  209. I tried extracting the gamedata folder in the mod to the gamedata folder in KSP. Still same parts. Is this the only parts I am supposed to get or am I just making some dumb mistake/

    TheBahrbarian December 12, 2013
  210. found out what was wrong look
    click kw release and you will get several folders and a txt file
    click game data and youll get kwrocketry folder
    copy and paste it in main gamedata folder with other mods
    dont change any names on the parts!

    Tycho Gormley December 12, 2013
  211. Hi, I love your mod its great and very fun! But I’ve been having some problems with it. I reinstalled the mod (The Newest verssion) And every time it crashes my game. I’m not sure if you can fix this or not but if you could that would be great! Thanks! Again love your mod!

    br54 December 15, 2013
  212. This mod looks good but seems it has a problem with either career mode as I research the parts in the tech tree but yet it will not unlock it to use even after researching it or its conflicting with another mod. Anyone else having this problem? The mods I have are Mechjeb, Remotetech2, Ksp interstellar, Magic industry robotics.

    silverdragon41 December 16, 2013
  213. Also right now have this one uninstalled for now till can figure out why it will not give me the parts in career mode. Works fine in sandbox.

    silverdragon41 December 16, 2013
  214. Thanks for this mod i got eeloo in my first try!!

    joseph james December 18, 2013
  215. is there any update yet for KW rocketry or B9 aerospace to V.23 yet….

    robert walker December 22, 2013
  216. Parts are not loading into the game. I put the files in the right place. But only the fuel takes show up in the game.

    Andre Gomes December 23, 2013
  217. When will you update this to 0.23?

    ZzmemeguyzZ December 26, 2013
  218. Please update for version 0.23!

    Anthony Iemole December 29, 2013
  219. Is it just me, or is the zip not working?

    bruce turnbull December 31, 2013
  220. @turnbull not just you.

    xrayfishx January 2, 2014
  221. I just love this pack :D !

    Marat Muginov January 2, 2014
  222. wtf is this ?

    charlie gough January 5, 2014
  223. the engines won’t load on the game when i installed

    nick1470 January 6, 2014
  224. Ya I’m having the same problem some of the engines just aren’t appearing

    boysmmc January 10, 2014
  225. some of the parts i want wont come into the game…. help?

    David Machado January 13, 2014
  226. @robert walker lots of ppl are having this problem

    David Machado January 13, 2014
  227. How big should the download be for this pack? I am running on a small data allowance and am trying to keep my usage down.

    Evan Douglas January 18, 2014
  228. Winston it would be nice if you actually answered

    David Machado January 19, 2014
  229. I can’t get this to work for the life of me… I install everything to the correct places in the KSP directory and it usually forces KSP to crash… any ideas?!

    MitchWarnock29 January 20, 2014
  230. thanks for the rocket parts winston they really helped me make good launch vehicles btw the rocket parts even helped me make some awesome icbms

    Fizzie213 January 22, 2014
  231. @MitchWarnock29 maybe you should check if you are using the latest version of ksp and kw rocketry

    Fizzie213 January 22, 2014
  232. @robert walker both of them are ok to use with ksp .23

    Fizzie213 January 22, 2014
  233. @Fizzie213 I’m using most up to date version of KSP and from my understanding the most up to date version of KW Rocketry… been trying for a couple days and still can’t figure it out…

    MitchWarnock29 January 22, 2014
  234. @MitchWarnock29 are you using any other mods because probably those mods are incompatible

    Fizzie213 January 23, 2014
  235. @clyde craft my game still works when i have the lazor system mod and kw rocketry and some other mods installed whats wrong with your game then? btw you mean lazor system not laztek?

    Fizzie213 January 23, 2014
  236. love it.. anyone else think spaceport needs a thread/forum page

    SHIZZ January 23, 2014
  237. @Frizzie213 the only other mod I use is MechJeb… updated to 0.23.. other than that fully stock..

    MitchWarnock29 January 23, 2014
  238. @MitchWarnock29 i have mechjeb and other mods installed, ksp doesnt crash. i suggest maybe trying without mechjeb, see if that works out great.

    Fizzie213 January 24, 2014
  239. Anyone else having problems with the zip file? Windows 8, Saying its invalid and empty.

    fatblond January 29, 2014
  240. It appears to be a problem with the zip file as a zip file recovery tool shows the internal data, I am just too poor to buy the recovery tool to extract it. :( Help?

    fatblond January 30, 2014
  241. These tanks work great, except for one thing – it turns into a wet noodle when I stack a few 3.75m tanks/engine on top of each other. It might just be the power of the engines, but there aren’t really any engines that can lift without being too strong.

    lumpman2 February 2, 2014
  242. @lumpman2 if you are stacking 2 or 3 of the LONGEST 3.75m tanks, then your rocket is f*cked.

    Fizzie213 February 2, 2014
  243. @lumpman just download keral joint reinforcement and it will make it fly like a rocket not a wet noodle.

    asdfghjkl February 4, 2014
  244. I’ve downloaded and redownloaded several times and each time when I try to open the zipped file, it says it cannot be opened because it is invalid. Tips?

    bettertonek February 8, 2014
  245. AWESOME!!

    Hunter Lee February 9, 2014
  246. This is a AWESOME addon but when i installed this on the latist version of ksp on steam all the farings and more parts are missing please help

    liam McLaren February 10, 2014
  247. @MitchWarncock29 maybe also with your OS it is the problem, mine is Windows 7:Home Premium.

    Fizzie213 February 14, 2014
  248. @David Machado about: “Winston it would be nice if you actually answered,” Winston actually commented. ONCE.

    btw if anyone needs to ask me questions just comment to me on this add-on’s comment section :)

    Fizzie213 February 14, 2014
  249. I saw a Ksp movie using this mod! it reminded me of the martian chronicals!

    Hunter Lee February 19, 2014
  250. Great Mod. The only trouble I’m having with it are the subassemblies don’t show up in the game. I’m running version .23 from steam. I’ve installed them in the right folder. (I’ve tested that by making a subassembly in the game, and it saves to the same folder that I’ve installed the KW subassemblies) The only thing I haven’t done is compare the files line by line to see if there’s a difference in the code.

    David Poe February 23, 2014
  251. Hey the mod is great and everything but I’m having trouble with it. The fairings or the engines or the fairing bases. They don’t show up in the VAB. I have re downloaded kip and KW rocketry but they still don’t show up. Please help.

    Zephyr Mules-sherrin February 27, 2014
  252. I mean ksp

    Zephyr Mules-sherrin February 27, 2014
  253. I’m having the same troubles everyone else is having. I get the fuel tanks, solid boosters, and some structural items but not the fairings and engines. Whats going on…

    Josh Garcia February 27, 2014
  254. Anyone else having an issue where files can’t be opened as an archive? I’m using 7zip, any advice?

    WeirdoWithABeardo93 February 28, 2014
  255. The fairings still aren’t showing up…… help please.

    Zephyr Mules-sherrin March 1, 2014

    chris humbore March 1, 2014
  257. Ok I figured out what I did wrong. I put the main folder from the zip file into “kerbal space program>GameData” folder. Instead of the “KWRocketry” folder from the zip. Which is
    “KW Release Package v2.5.6B>GameData>KWRocketry”

    Now all the engines, fairings and a lot of other parts and sub assemblies are showing up.

    David Poe March 2, 2014
  258. @chris humbore I use WinRAR on Windows 7 : Home Premium, and I have NO problems. So, how did you install KW rocketry and how is this causing problems to your game?

    Fizzie213 March 4, 2014
  259. I keep getting corrupt file. Should i uninstall winrar or something?

    John Harper March 7, 2014
  260. Pretty impressive mod, but it keeps crashing the game (I have KSP 0.23 build 395, mod version 2.5.6B). I did a partial install (parts and subassemblies only), and game crashes when I try to switch to launchpad.
    Several times it also crashed in VAB mode.

    Dmitry Irtegov March 10, 2014
  261. I am using a iOS system and I am not getting all the parts in the mod. I get the tanks and the solid boosters but no fairings or fairing base or engines. I have done what I was told on how to install it and I the file KWRocketry from the KW folder and put it in the GameData folder I have tried this multiple times and redownloaded KSP once and KW at least five times and I am still having the same problem. Please help as I am not receiving the full potential of the mod.

    Zephyr Mules-sherrin March 10, 2014
  262. Love the parts selection and everything about the pack. Just one problem…

    The Griffon XX, the largest liquid engine, has a tendency to not sit still at the bottom of the tank it’s connected to when there’s a decent-sized payload. It’ll just move a little to the side when it gets put under load, maybe half a meter or more, and throw the center of thrust way off. This makes it mostly unusable on the rockets where it is the only engine that’ll cut it.

    In Kerbal terms: Not nearly enough glue. Do add more. Maybe some tape too.

    Vincent Kingsley March 13, 2014
  263. Kerbal Space Port has corrupted the zip file. Can you please re-upload? Same thing with NOVA Punch and a few other mods. I’ve re downloaded on Linux and Windows, definitely the hosted file.

    Jordan Thompson March 14, 2014
  264. Just 1 question, How did Scott Manley pre-adjust the gimbal on the vesta engine?

    mowgli42 March 17, 2014
  265. -1

    Latest version of Kerbal crashes constantly with 3.75 expanded fairing

    Micky Duncan March 21, 2014
  266. Great mod! It is probably the best mod for your launch rockets.

    Burticus April 4, 2014
  267. When trying to use the 3.75m fairing I can’t use the set 3 option unless I’m using the wide fairing with the standard base. And as you might know that ain’t gonna fly. (Litereally.) Great mod besides that. I use these parts in pretty much every single craft I build.

    Christian Ellis April 8, 2014
  268. i have followed all the instructions for the install but when i go to play i do not have any parts from the mod. Please help.

    noah philli April 11, 2014

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