[0.21.1] H.O.M.E. 1.0.5

The HOME 3m system is a group of parts designed to enable you to create a fully functional base on moons or planets. We will be developing additional add-ons to the HOME 3m series to allow you to expand your base functions in the future. HOME 3m Changelog 1.0.2 update -add chiller air intake module -add Atmospheric mining facility *All 3m parts strength increased to 630 to match Jool V. *All 3m parts now use size 2 attach nodes (except super thin parts: Decoupler, legs, heatshield) *Habitat hatch now works. *Side Engines and Aerospikes collider fixed, adjusted surface attach so they don’t “float” above 1 meter tanks. *All colliders optimized for better performance. *heatshield shroud hidden in VAB Known bugs: Recon Hatch allows entrance but is “blocked” when trying to exit. HOME 3m Changelog 1.0.3 update – 0.20 version


It is set to colonize planets and build bases

HOME Command Pod – Lightweight double, command pod, which has no thermal protection. Developed specifically for the project. For the convenience of docking in front of two portholes.

HOME Parachute system – Double parachute system, comprises two phases of work. The first is a braking parachute to help slow down the heavy construction. The second phase, a triple dome, which provides a soft landing, even in the rarefied atmosphere

HOME ASAS – The module provides the control, nothing unusual

HOME SAS – Just 3m SAS

HOME Fuel Tank – 3m low profile fuel tank contains liquid fuel and oxidizer

HOME RCS Tank – 3m low profile MonoPropeliant tank , use for RCS

HOME Legs – Four Leg module , very slow to deploy but very stable to landing

HOME Horizontal Legs – Expereminal Legs Modules are used for a touchdown in a horizontal position

HOME Side Engine – Main moving and landing engine, old good rocket engine and compact size.

HOME Airospike – Airospike version side engine, very good in the atmosphere, no good in vacuum.

HOME decoupler – 3m version heavy duty decoupler, main separator for HOME project.

HOME Heat shield – Just HeatShield part , зrotects the spacecraft from overheating in the dense layers of the atmosphere. (NOT WORK in this version KSP)


HOME Recon Module – Universal module for exploration of the planet. Has some fuel in itself, an inflatable living tube, and a garage for the rover Mk5 (Airlock dont work now)

HOME Habitat Module – Has some fuel in itself, 2 inflatable living tube, and 1 greenhouse.

HOME Powerplant Module – This module provides power to the entire base. Have big nuclear reactor whit cooling system, and big solar array (dont work now)


To install copy the included folders into your KSP directory.

How to use

There is a lot of functionality in these parts, take the time to learn their capabilities and you'll have a lot of fun designing bases


140 Comments for “[0.21.1] H.O.M.E. 1.0.5”

  1. Thank you,about your share with us,all these awesome mods and parts.
    Thank you,you are a very special group!

    CERVERUS December 11, 2012
  2. Fantastic job guys! It is amazing what you have done here

    KD3 December 11, 2012
  3. Well done mod ! BobCat FTW

    ZeWalrus December 11, 2012
  4. Holy Cow great mod and designed to work well with the rovers too, i love it

    B787_300 December 11, 2012
  5. Awesome work guys this is amazing! This is huge step in the communities development on what the developers can take from! Keep up the good work and I hope that the developers take note of the job you have done and maybe find a way to incorporate it into the vanilla game! Congrats!

    hoodedarche0 December 12, 2012
  6. This is going to be fun! Thx! ;D

    Rico December 12, 2012
  7. sooo.. what’s in this “package”?
    I refuse to believe that such a lazy description is worth my time.

    Radus December 12, 2012
  8. Absolutely amazing what you have made guys. this sets an incredible standard for all ksp mods.
    Keep up the fantastic work

    Rob December 13, 2012
  9. Radus December 12, 2012:
    “sooo.. what’s in this “package”?
    I refuse to believe that such a lazy description is worth my time.”

    Though I agree on that it is in fact a lazy discription, which makes even looking at the mod as rule of the thumb time wasted already, I must say this was more than worth my time, except for a few minor things like the lack of a 3m2m adapter (which make it more modular with the existing junk).

    Of course you can’t just take the authors word for it that this is worth your time, but you can take my word that it is worth your time.

    Unless you already have all building blocks for a extra-kerban outpost from other mods which isn’t only a base, but also a good looking base, I’d suggest to try it out.

    I wonder… Would my base survive if thrown into Eve’s atmosphere, using the included parachutes? Let’s try, Jeb!

    Menno Lente December 13, 2012
  10. nice job on those modules, but i cant enter in the Module throught the Airlocks.. any ideas?

    TheOrion December 14, 2012
  11. nice job on the models, but just a few things i would like if u guys can make a tutorial and a mk2-mk3 adapter

    warlocal December 14, 2012
  12. Help wen i load the game with this installed it wont load at all i think im missing some .mbm files is there any fix?

    Moltakkk111 December 15, 2012
  13. I have a question..i dont understand how the generators work when i turn it on it just says nominal even with power. I am trying to make a base on duna and it would help if someone could make a tutorial or something for this great mod

    Ryan December 16, 2012
  14. что нового?

    gsf December 17, 2012
  15. Very good! looking forward to many more modules and interesting concepts.

    DiMethylMercury December 17, 2012
  16. What I would really love is if you could use more hydroponic or farming galleries! =P

    Especially if this round expander tube could be made its own part to be used outside of Home pack… This would be awesome… perdy perdy please! =P

    Kamenov December 17, 2012
  17. Переведи старый модуль auncient на 0.18.1 пожалста

    guve December 17, 2012
  18. Hello BobCat and your team.

    Thank you for all the job you have done with all the mods (Jool, Home, all the vehicles). THANKS A LOT.

    In addition I would like to ask if you are going to create/design some mod for gathering rocket fuel/oxygenizer/RCS fuel? It definitely is not my idea to refuel my ship out of Kerbin. As a mining equipment it could be big, heavy and brittle; and consuming lot of energy (need of solar panels or your reactor), maybe some raffinery. ;-)

    Once more THANKS FOR ALL THE FUN you gave me.

    Locus December 19, 2012
  19. Will this require updating to comply with 0.18.2??

    Klimklamity December 21, 2012
  20. File archives of Add Ons same for version 0.18.1 and 0.18.2. What is the difference between them? Or a new version of an add forgot to upload?

    Архивы дополнений одни и те же для версии 0.18.1 и для 0.18.2. Какая разница между ними? Или новую версию дополнения забыли закачать?

    Ded Pihto December 22, 2012
  21. I think this is a great mod however the radial thrusters are a bit unbalanced. The aerospike thrusters for example have the same ISP as regular tordial Aerospike (which is fine) however have 1/3rd the mass, thrust vectoring and well.. are radially mountable ;) .

    Someguy December 27, 2012
  22. They work in 0.18.2, works fine, glad you like it :)

    The_Destroyer December 27, 2012
  23. Can I see a video of this mod?

    MrFastZombie December 30, 2012
  24. First off; AWESOME mod. thank you so much!

    Two questions though.
    One: What kind of fuel does the reactor use for refueling purposes? I intend to make a -very- long term base.

    Two: Any idea when that crazy powerful solar panel’ll be up? ;)

    Tassyr January 1, 2013
  25. Third question. Why can’t I load a kerbal into the hab module…?

    Tassyr January 1, 2013
  26. I used the HOME before and everything seemed to work fine, now the solar array is not working any more, reinstalled everything, did not help at all.

    m2 January 7, 2013
  27. nice

    alfietonge10 January 7, 2013
  28. broken download, get an error when unzipping about the spaces folder and something called model00001 or something like that.

    Will January 9, 2013
  29. You should include some images of the parts included.

    Le_Origin January 19, 2013
  30. This comment is my opinion so dont let any strong linguage if you dont like what i wrote her!

    Hi, BobCat i have a question for you. i download the start kit and i dont like so much, first of all, i really dont like the texture of the parts, see the NOVA PUNCH pack, that texture is compatible wih the textures of the original parts of the kerbal… Second, where are the engines? and for what the fuels need to be so big? you cant do for this fuels a big engine? and creat a small fuels tanks too? The parachute and the decloper is so big for a small pod? ( that parachute looks like a big adapter ) and i really dont think is it a start kit, for me is the NOVA PUNCH kit, if you like a START KIT add too more parts like satellites, engines, fuels, utilitys, solar arrays, parachutes….. new parts for rovers, bases, and too parts for spaceplanes, autopilot parts like mech jeb…

    -news objectives to do the game more realistic, see the remote tech for example…

    So hopefully you ready me comment and start, creat, fix, ree-creat… all you think ok? later

    Piacesi January 22, 2013
  31. @Piacesi
    Go make your own mod if you don’t like this one , and stop being such a baby.

    Libe January 25, 2013
  32. Seems like I never build a large ship without a few of these parts to keep my poor Kerbimuns comfy and warm (a little radiation chases those cold mornings away). Thanks. :) Bobcat mods continue to be part of the backbone of my KSP tomfoolery.

    CabbageRed January 27, 2013
  33. Yet again, beautiful work, but I think you rushed the textures on this, they look very stretched and not as good as previous Bobcat texturing.

    Devogen January 29, 2013
  34. So I finally started playing around with this. Very cools and just wow. Great work.

    However the landing legs… The ones that attach from the bottom of the module… there are only two legs in there and they don’t open all the way (don’t work) Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

    Thanks, again very cool mod.


    RemoteC4 February 3, 2013
  35. @ RC4

    There is supposed to be two sets of gear. One is 4 deploying gear, (45 degrees to normal, make sure not to place your engines there, learned that during testing) and the other is (Home horiz legs) for HORIZONTAL landing.

    The_Destroyer February 6, 2013
  36. Destroyer,

    Thanks!!! I was totally overlooking the second set of legs.

    RemoteC4 February 6, 2013
  37. Fun, but hard to send to the Mun with a 2M rocket.

    Paladin Co. February 7, 2013
  38. Hello all, Can you tell me if the Powerplant Module, works if it is not coupled other modules?
    Is that it can supply the other modules, if it is not coupled to side and?

    Thank you very much and sorry for my english.

    Alban Royer February 8, 2013
  39. Awesome set! A must have for colony minded players!

    G F February 13, 2013
  40. One problem I have encountered.. .sometimes I can get Kerbels into the Hab module airlock port and sometimes it just won’t work. Not sure why. Is this a bug? do I have to do something special to get the [F] to board to show up? I am wondering if it is the height the kerbel is at when it touches or comes close to the port door. I think it has worked on ones on hills so I am wondering if kerbels are just too short to reach the door!

    G F February 13, 2013
  41. a nice new challenge for people who have done almost every thing

    john michel February 14, 2013
  42. I have a question. How do you get the home base to other planets and moons when the thrust doesn’t even get you off of the ground?

    Sugarcomb February 17, 2013
  43. Hello. The HOME powerplant module looks that have a solar array. is it true? If is true, how can i deploy it? because i have search but not….

    Guillermo De Andrés Iglesias February 19, 2013
  44. @John Michel, You use other rockets to break into Orbit first…

    Cpt_Franklin February 20, 2013
  45. @Guillermo De Andrés Iglesias, Reading is important,but to know where you have to read is important too.
    One hint: Look at the Overview. ;)

    Spoon Loffel February 28, 2013
  46. u guys going 2 make a drop garage 4 the DEMV MK1 or what?

    Faced River March 2, 2013
  47. I really like the idea of this mod, and I have been playing around with it, but I’m still clueless as to the purposes and uses of some of the parts. I’d like to see a website (perhaps a wiki?) dedicated to this mod, like what MechJeb has.

    Jacob Mitchell March 6, 2013
  48. Ummm it is listed above as 0.19 yet the download is still for 0.18.4

    NeoMorph March 17, 2013
  49. @Jacob Mitchell :
    I noticed this too, and went to the comment section to check if it was just me.
    Either they forgot to re-upload, or they didnt rename the file.

    Nirahiel March 20, 2013
  50. Any screenshots or pictures anywhere? Understandably I like knowing what I am downloading before I download it.

    Unique sounding mod, I need pictures to understand. Sounds amazing.

    JuggernautOfWar March 20, 2013
  51. Hi Bobcat! I think you’ve done great work with the mod. The one thing I’m noticing is that there seems to be some kind of bug with the garage section when I’ve got a rover in it and I’m letting mechjeb land it. Mechjeb seems to be miscalculating something about the object because it smashes into the ground at around 30m/s rather than slowing to a stop. Manual landing is just fine, no issues at all. I can have a design twice as heavy land just fine but it seems every HOME garage smacks into the ground if I have mechjeb land it. I’ve have emailed you directly about it but I didn’t see a place to do that so I apologize if this is not the place to mention the problem.

    P.S. Love the Ant.

    i am the fish March 20, 2013
  52. Hi, I’ve had an issue where the Power Plant vanishes from the item list. I’ve had a look in the parts folder and it is there, does anyone know a solution?

    dylankhoo1 March 23, 2013
  53. As far as I can tell, if you try and enter a module through the airlock, the Kerbal just disappears, never to be seen from again. Kind of makes the habitat module less… habitable.

    MilesNoctis March 27, 2013
  54. I just downloaded and Installed this mod, the Fuel making pod says it requires a Transfer pod to pump fuel out to other ships/containers…There doesn’t seem to be a transfer pod in the parts list anywhere… is one still being worked on or was it just misplaced while packing the Zip file?

    Todd Millhouse March 28, 2013
  55. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but the back wall of the garage has no collider, the buggy goes right through it O.O

    Todd Millhouse March 28, 2013
  56. I installed this mod and am unable to access IVA on the pod. Also the crew portraits do not show up in the lower right corner. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

    timwmu90 March 31, 2013
  57. Great mod, as always, but I have one suggestion: Could you add a tank for extra nuclear fuel? Nothing huge, I just want to be able to refill my Dunar fuel depot’s nuclear fuel without sending another reactor over.

    cypherwraith April 3, 2013
  58. Where can I find screenshots of this mod?

    Luis Gil April 3, 2013
  59. There seems to be a problem where when a kerbal goes into the habitat, they disappear entirely.

    Joe Bowen April 5, 2013
  60. Love this mod. So much fun. However I found a bug in the recon module. If you set it up, put a kerbal in it, return to space center and then come back to the habitat at a later time, the habitat is closed and even if you re-open it, the kerbal cant get out.

    OopsThatNotWork April 6, 2013
  61. Also suggest creating a structural tunnel or something to link the modules together, right now I’m linking them with a radially attached docking port and a structural part from a separate mod.

    OopsThatNotWork April 6, 2013
  62. For exactly what I use the HOME admin module ? Can anyone explain it for me ? PS: I’m Brazilian, so if you don’t understand something, i’m sorry.

    Baruck April 6, 2013
  63. I have a mod but I wont use it just yet. It looks both very cool but the fact I cannot park mkV in recon one and apparantly disappearing cerbals is something that needs fixing, since there is not much of it actually functional. :X

    elkar April 15, 2013
  64. So from what I have read, and even disclosed on the mods info page, this MOD is broken and should NOT be available for download. Remove this MOD and fix the bugs/issues. This is not very professional. If you do not want to deal with a community by making mods, or do not care about your reputation as a Modder, then continue to leave this MOD up for download. Or remove it, FIX IT, then re list it on site.

    Travis Van Hoosen April 15, 2013
  65. Why you use the same dll name in all your mods? And they had different sizes.

    What happen if we remplace them? well i guess just one thing.. Bugs.

    AngelLestat April 23, 2013
  66. This mod lacks documentation, there is no explanation about the different modules, how do they work, what can they do and some of them are bugged and no effort will be made to fix them. as elkar said, this mod should be deleted.

    Luis Gil April 26, 2013
  67. Tested and working with 0.19. As for the Kerbal disappearing, I’ve tried to replicate the bug to no avail.

    As with your other work BobCat, some of the best mods out there! Keep up the great work!

    GhostChaser April 28, 2013
  68. Says that I don’t have any of the H.O.M.E. parts? I’ve reinstalled it many times and i have the latest bobcat but it doesn’t work?? Please HELP!

    Sam Capon May 4, 2013
  69. I’ve start started using this mod and a little confused by what everything does.

    The Power Plant module…
    -Sounds rather basic, but does it need to be attached somehow to the other modules or just sitting in the general area of the others? HOW does this work? Do I need to stack it on top of or under a habitat or what?
    -I see doors on it like on the Recon and Habitat but they do not open… Should they be opening? Some sort of animation?

    Habitat Module…
    -I’m guessing this is similar to the space station habitat’s where as it serves no real purpose other than visual being as Kerbals neither eat or sleep or breath (endless air supply). This correct or should there be something else going on?

    Recon Module…
    -This is pretty nice, seems to work well, but it would be nice to have a few different sizes so we can fit something a little larger than the ANT inside.

    Elcarim May 6, 2013
  70. When my Command Pod is on the pad, there are no Kerbals in it. This means that they cannot EVA. Also, if my Kerbals enter the Ant or the Command Pod, they disappear.

    Ernie Sharp May 7, 2013
  71. I’ve had the same problem Emie, They are still there and I can get them back when I leave the area and come back, but it shows my command pods and Ant as empty at times….

    Really annoying. Makes me wonder if they are ever going to fix this. btw, anyone got answers to the above questions I posted?

    Elcarim May 7, 2013
  72. So this mod ever going to be fixed? More bugs than I can count. Love the idea, and look, but needs work to make it worth using…

    On a side note.. Any idea how to stop landers from “loading” or “spawning” in the air when loading to them from the space center? If I load into Eve or Mun or Minmus (I’m assuming others are the same) the lander/rover/whatever you have control of is no longer on the ground, but 5 or so meters above it. I’ve had some things nearly fall over because of it.

    Elcarim May 8, 2013
  73. You already know about the blocked Recon hatch but another issue with the Air Lock on Recon is that if you leave the planet and return to space center, whenever you return it appears closed. It isn’t closed, but in order to use/see it again you have to right click to close it, wait for it to fully shut, then right click open it again. Each time. This might be why it is blocked. Habitat doesn’t do that.

    More information needs to be given on how the different systems work. The Power Plant module doesn’t seem to power the rest of the base.I activate Egine and it shows “NuclearF…” green lighted at 5000/5000, however it shows “ElectricC…” at 0.00/2.00 and red as if it isn’t functioning… I have solar panels and batteries, so no idea how or what any of that means. Again, from a lack of information.

    Elcarim May 8, 2013
  74. I love this mod but it is crying out for an update.

    I would love to see a revamp of the power plant and atmo mine.

    The atmo mine is a bit buggy in terms of staying deployed and often the tanks don’t want to deploy.

    A few craft files would be nice too.

    Much love and all hail Bobcat the magnificent!

    Bazz85 May 19, 2013
  75. I noticed a glitch with the hab module, when I put a kerbin in there I can’t control them or even see that there in there, is this part of the mod, or just me? (I may be an idiot)

    andrew bell May 20, 2013
  76. planning on updating this one too? waaaay more useful than the soviet pack or ISS alpha imo..

    Randy Fuessel May 23, 2013
  77. MOST awesome part is the hab module…. always felt guilty about leaving my kerbals without proper rations. now they can grow thier own.

    fastfishy2 May 24, 2013
  78. bobcat Please update this awesome mod for .20, thanks for all the hardwork

    lyndonguitar May 25, 2013
  79. please update to .20. perhaps this is a possibility to include a 3 to 2m coupling?

    patton446 May 26, 2013
  80. does the power plant transfer work?

    lyndonguitar May 26, 2013
  81. So happy for the Update…one small problem…cant interact with crew
    no response clicking on crew hatch for either home command pod or the habitat. Also no PIP view of crew in command pod (they do show up on crew manifest list though)

    Randy Fuessel May 26, 2013
  82. So… You all update this mod, yet don’t fix the bugs? Really? Power Plant still doesn’t work. Recon mod airlock still doesn’t work…. I mean come on, what’s the point of the update if everything’s still broken?

    Elcarim May 26, 2013
  83. Atmospheric mining facility?

    Yes I can tell its to be used around Jool but…What does it really do?

    Commander7 May 26, 2013
  84. OMFG!


    Commander7 May 26, 2013
  85. some crew hatches still have issues, but the mod is updated fine for the most part..check your install Commander7
    the atmospheric miner takes air out of the atmosphere and makes liquidfuel & oxidizer, it does use a lot of power to do so though

    Randy Fuessel May 26, 2013
  86. @ Commander7 – The Atmospheric miner module mines Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer from any planet with an Atmosphere (Kerbin, Duna, Laythe)

    It still works even though it’s bugged (fuel tanks do not stay out if you leave and come back and cannot reopen them)

    Elcarim May 26, 2013
  87. when I installed the mod, I went to get the rover and it did not work. Please help

    GGR123 May 30, 2013
  88. *I could not find the rover

    GGR123 May 30, 2013
  89. the rover isnt part of the HOME mod, its a different mod

    Thomas Middleditch May 30, 2013
  90. For some reason it makes KSP get stuck at the loading screen.

    for both 19.1 and 20.1 versions.

    I’ve narrowed down the problem to something to do with the parts.

    Before this add-on was updated it worked…In other words it did not get stuck at the loading screen.

    I think for some reason my 20.1 version is not compatible with any add-on parts.

    Commander7 May 30, 2013
  91. my kerbals seem to dissapear upon entering the modules?

    Action Hank May 31, 2013
  92. need to fix broken module parts, also what mod is the rover part of?

    elind21 June 1, 2013
  93. @ elind21

    The rover that they designed to fit inside the Recon module is called the ANT from Bobcat, DEMV Mark 5


    Elcarim June 2, 2013
  94. By the way, when using the ANT I would put at least 1 small (smallest) solar panel on it and a battery on the back. Sadly, it’s top speed is only 15 to 16 m/s… So getting anywhere on the thing takes a year and a half.

    Elcarim June 2, 2013
  95. cant get it to load on 19.1 please help me

    Carl Kirby June 3, 2013
  96. I was excited to see this had been updated to 0.20, but after seeing the comments about all the bugs still there, I’m going to pass on this. It’d be great if they were fixed, and I’d probably sing praises about this mod with all it *could* achieve, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

    VolatileBullfrog June 3, 2013
  97. is anyone other than myself having problems with the command pod if i have it on any of my crafts the staging is hidden and the throttle is missing

    thorlof June 8, 2013
  98. Thorlof,
    Works fine for me..and haven’t seen any other people commenting that issue. Well, the mod works as good as it can till they fix the animated module parts from flipping the ship once landed and such (just don’t open side panels on modules)…But as for your issue go in and check you command pods file for missing data against a fresh download…or just re-install it.

    scott armstrong June 14, 2013
  99. @ Thorlof
    I also have the same problem, Have you found a way to allow me to keep the CMD pod or do I have to remove it?

    Alderon June 17, 2013
  100. do i have to re land the mun to use this? or can i just go to kerbals i have on the mun and start building?

    luke zajac June 18, 2013
  101. Paul maybe instead of making all the new mods you keep going on about, you could fix the ones you have up. I don’t know why you keep these mods active if your answer to update is, “Ok parts altered but only half work now, enjoy the update”. Mate your shooting yourself in the foot as a Mod developer, cause no one is going to want some one, that takes such little pride in their work.

    Travis Van Hoosen June 18, 2013
  102. I love these parts! Thank you so much for making them! I have built a modular base on Laythe using these parts. It would be nice if you updated them so that the nuclear reactor is not controlled using throttle, so you can leave it running. Also, please fix the issues involving the solar panels not extending on the nuclear reactor. The community does not want mod parts that only work in older KSP versions. Thank you for your time.


    rdude71 June 28, 2013
  103. great mod!
    but some adapters would be nice :)

    Sam van Emelen July 7, 2013
  104. I just put 2 kerbonauts to HOME Habitat Module and i cant see their avatars anymore (icon in right bottom corner). How can i get them out oh those modules? All ship controls work it means they are still alive!!! Please help me save those two brave men.

    Jebito Kerbini July 13, 2013
  105. Loving this Mod. Great work. Seem to have Kerbals stuck inside the inflatable habitat on the recon module. Can see them in there but when I try to eva get the message “airlock can’t open as it is blocked” or words to that effect

    steveb July 16, 2013
  106. I keep looking inside one of the nuclear generators and see there are solar panels, but, I cannot figure out how to extend them :/

    Peter Kovshevnikov July 17, 2013
  107. For the habitat module to work you need something like Crew Manifest to transfer Kerbals between parts. The recon module is kind of useless since the rover is out of date. For things like the habitat module to extend, you need to make sure nothing is blocking them, and for the admin module, only open one at a time. They can get stuck halfway open.

    Most other things work fine. The parachute will get you landed on any planet with an atmosphere, and the radial engines work for moons. Atmospheric mining works, though it uses a ton of power.

    MilesNoctis July 18, 2013
  108. I cannot seriously be the only one who’s Recon module flips the hell out and spins into oblivion when I open the garage, or airlock???

    Brian Anderegg July 21, 2013
  109. Make the green house porduce like ~50 RCS fuel / Hour, that would be usefull.

    Roland Gilt July 23, 2013
  110. this mod is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool epic a must have, i think you should sell this design to Nasa as its not that far fetched to be possible to build.

    The only thing they would have to be worried about is micro astroids ect, but as a foundation would be really cool, maybe have another unit that builds some sort of cover over it, i can’t wait till we can walk inside and look around.

    PS what car goes on the inside of the garage?.

    Keep up the good work and for the people that not try this mod they are missing out……..

    Clint Hooper July 25, 2013
  111. @clint hooper
    The ANT MK5, Look it up in bobcat’s profile.

    Firenexus13 July 25, 2013
  112. The RCS tank capacity is too low for its size and weight compared to the stock tanks already available.

    Based on the stock tanks, it should hold 1000 mono with a dry weight of .5 and full weight of 4.5

    Smurfalot July 26, 2013
  113. When (or if it is please tell me) will this be updated for the new ksp update?

    Harry Livesley July 26, 2013
  114. Looks good. Definitely a work in progress.

    -Needs 3m/2m adapters (only the heat shield or the parachutes seem to work)
    -The Recon module appears on the launchpad with the bay open.
    -The recon module’s airlock never loads into the game with the airlock open, and the EVA function always says “access blocked”. Lunar Kerman is stuck in there!
    -Needs bigger 3m tanks. My main stage is 8 of the tuna cans stacked together.
    -What is this “Mk5 Rover” that is supposed to go in the recon module?
    -The modules don’t seem to actually consume power. I neglected to put any power generation on my command module but it never went below 250/250 power.

    Oh, and a hint to others: The modules will only be at the correct height if you use the lander legs directly under the module. I also learned the hard way not to try to land two together…. Those decouplers are super flimsy, landing at more than 1.5m/s breaks it every time.

    David Turpin August 4, 2013
  115. Oh, it’s the DENV MK5 that is supposed to go in the recon module. It can even be launched in there! Wish I would have known that.

    David Turpin August 4, 2013
  116. Unfortunately the ANT doesn’t work in 0.21…. Sad face.

    David Turpin August 4, 2013
  117. Actually it will, unless something change between .20 and .21. you have to use the PART [ ] fix on the file. It is in the kerbal forums but too lazy to look it up right now ;)

    Damon August 9, 2013
  118. 0.21 version ^^

    Alvargon August 10, 2013
  119. The little habitation module with the weird legs is entirely out of color code / UV map likeness to the rest of the HOME series. The yellow, grey, and golds are all off key entirely. Also the design of it, the color of the windows, etc, all entirely different to your earlier HOME parts.

    Also; the generator and other parts crash KSP.exe when you click on them in the VAB. No idea why. Trying to trouble shoot it now and will touch base if I find a solution.

    pr0metheus August 10, 2013
  120. if you find there is a module named [HOME Powerplant module] and it doesn’t work(does not output ElectricCharge as it shows), then you need to go to [ KSP_win/Resources/Resources.cfg ], open it, and put this things in:

    name = nuclearFuel
    density = .00001
    flowMode = NO_FLOW
    transfer = NONE

    then, save it. Now you can see the module is working and definitely perfect.
    if you can’t find [ KSP_win/Resources/Resources.cfg ], you can simply create one. If you don’t now how to create a .cfg file, please create a .txt format file and do the same things as i said. After you save the file, change the name to [Resources.cfg], then it will work.
    hope this things will help you a little

    zyddzh018 August 15, 2013
  121. found a couple of bugs as I was messing around with this mod, took me forever to figure out what I was doing wrong.

    1. love the idea of hub module and being able to customize which hubs you want, however they are not identical in weight or drag like the description says they are. for example if you use 3 greenhouses and then put a habitat on one side, the module will spin out of control because the habitat hub weighs more than the greenhouse.

    2. most of the modules do not allow parts to sit flush with parts being installed on the side of them, for example when you try to install the side engine or airospike, it clips more than halfway inside of the module. this wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the 3m leg adapter didn’t stick out a bit underneath, when you fire the side mount engines it will be deflected onto the lip of the leg adapter and rip it off or send you spinning out of control.

    TOASTER August 15, 2013
  122. Hi, Love the plugin, I have some questions and suggestions.
    1, AitIntake for the fuel generators? can you set it that the inflatable greenhouses produce this resource, i would like a base to be able to produce fuel for return journeys etc (mars direct esc..)
    2: an IVA for the crew bearing pods would be nice.
    3: How does one obtain “radioactive material” for the generator?

    jay August 19, 2013
  123. ok, i found the atmosphere miner, please excuse my ignorance. :) I expect that not to work in space or places with no atmosphere, would the greenhouses take over or can that be added? I’m quite new to KSP and am looking for just a core of plugins to keep on my install (i dont want to spoil the game lol, I wont even look at the planet wiki im discovering what i need for planets with probes for myself)

    jay August 19, 2013
  124. this is an awesome add-on but one of your files saves its corrupted: 3m_SAS/model001.mbm

    Cameron McCutcheon August 23, 2013
  125. hey there, i have a problem:
    if i board kerbals in a “HOME2 living module”, i cant get them out, i cant even change cam to them. what am i doing wrong? it is huge problem for me and make this awesome mod kind of useless. please help.

    klobasa August 26, 2013
  126. Do you need help making witty descriptions for your parts? It makes it 10x harder to figure out what something does when there is no description.

    Erik Mjelde August 27, 2013
  127. Phenomenal Mod.

    The inflatable tanks are the main staple in my interplanetary flight process.
    Realistic and well built… very nice.

    only downside is the oxidizer/liquid fuel ratio in the tanks is not right for most engines.

    Chain_algorithm August 27, 2013
  128. where can i get the MK5 rover?

    yohey August 28, 2013
  129. To bad he just updates to new ksp version and not fix any bugs. Parts look awsome. other then that. i don’t recomand. A lot of things don’t work.

    HaoSs September 2, 2013
  130. Could component pieces be made to be similar to Mars Direct type of technology, i.e., have a generator that makes the liquid fuel, and some separate containers that only have oxidizer in them to bring with you to the surface?

    Scott Dotson September 15, 2013
  131. There still a lot of bugs with 1.0.5 release. I wish this would work as i love the parts.

    Andy Hierro September 24, 2013
  132. every time I place Kermans in the living module, hub module, and the habitat module, they disappears.

    Please help :P

    agpalving September 26, 2013
  133. You may already know this… but the hub habitat and the hub greenhouse do really odd things to a craft in flight. The habitat seems to have waaaay more drag or weight and causes the craft to pitch in it’s direction. Same with the greenhouse if you take the habitat off. Take them both off and it flies straight as an arrow.

    Robert Azar October 3, 2013
  134. I love this mod, the habs and greenhouses make Off-planet bases much more ‘real’!

    On the down side, I noticed a really strange problem:

    I tried to connect a clamp-o-tron to a strut sticking out from the HOME2 Hub (Airlock didn’t connect to stuff) and it worked, but attaching a rover to it (with the big wheels from the base game, didn’t try it with others) causes the steering to no longer work. Accel/decel still OK, but you could no longer turn left or right. Bizarre.

    Great mod, again, though!

    Dave Parm October 15, 2013
  135. is this going to be updated ?

    joyklerk October 22, 2013
  136. Can you madke new version of it please
    Можете ли вы сделать новую версию его пожалуйста

    xxxx xxxxxx October 26, 2013
  137. Can you update this to .22? this looks like a good mod

    Patrick Bryant October 27, 2013
  138. Dave, your problem exists far in the docking code, its the part where docking makes it one vechicle and the wheels are adapting to center of mass, if you want a mobile base, just put 2 rovers, on on each side, or just do the easy thing, build it mobile from the start

    Patrick McIntyre October 28, 2013
  139. Please! Update his to .22!

    Avery Ricaldi October 29, 2013
  140. This is Updated now. The title just does not reflect it.

    Levi Franks November 1, 2013
  141. You need to get someone to read over your posts (or ask someone to manage posts for you), your English is very poor and in some instances difficult to understand. I’m sure anyone here would happily help you by proofreading or correcting.

    But the main thing I came here for is to say you should allow custom modification of skins, this pack would be great but it looks absolutely terrible when beside other realistic (or even kerbalish) packs and stands out in bad ways. There’s no real way to blend it in without using a decal part to ‘paint’ the outside which is what I did as a last resort.

    Just release the texture as a PNG format so people can customize it to match whatever they’re working with. Should only take thirty seconds to resave all textures as PNG instead of SVG or whatever format you’re using in your editor.

    pr0metheus November 2, 2013
  142. I do love all of the home series I just wish that they get completed “fully functional”

    some of the old pods have stuff that was half complete

    the rovers are very out of date and have some functions not completed.

    but that been said the concept of these mods is very good and well thought out, I use so many of bobcat’s parts on nearly every ship, I hope the future holds some updates on the current parts from bobcat rather then new parts.

    Clint Hooper November 6, 2013
  143. Does this work for 0.22 yet?

    Connor Hawkins November 13, 2013
  144. Connor, some parts do. But the recon module does not. Apparently the dev for Bobcat has been busy updating his many other mods and will no doubt get to this one as soon as he/she can.

    Jim Fries November 15, 2013
  145. are you working on updating this to .22? that would be awesome!

    not telling November 15, 2013
  146. Can someone please fix the download link……. Always gets interupted at about 115 MB…

    sanchezuno November 17, 2013
  147. when will this update to 0.22?

    jochem de vries November 19, 2013
  148. Does this work with 0.22? I downloaded it an added it fine but after a while the game crashes?

    Joe Doran November 21, 2013
  149. Will this be updated for 0.22 or 0.23 when it comes out ? Because home mod is good for space stations on mun.

    Renats Vasiljevs November 22, 2013
  150. 0.22? are you working on it or isen’t this supported anymore?

    Dennis Christensen November 25, 2013
  151. I am just wondering when the next update for this mod will be out… I like a lot of the new features in 0.22 and would like to use this in 0.22

    Connor North December 10, 2013
  152. Will this come to newer updates of KSP?

    Isak Haugen December 13, 2013
  153. HOME_Powerplant causes KSP to hang at initial loading with the .23 update ( Removing the powerplant folder will allow KSP to fully load. Have redownloaded the mod and the issue still persists.

    Gorn NR December 17, 2013
  154. Please update T.T

    Alvargon December 19, 2013
  155. nooblets! he’s updating/creating a new verion for 0.23!

    Stanford Burley December 20, 2013
  156. Update?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Johann Marsmann December 21, 2013
  157. You can fix the error quite easily with a text editor. I use Notepad++ (it’s free, and so damn handy.)

    Browse to (Your KSP Directory)\Gamedata\H.O.M.E.1.0.5\BobCatind\Parts\H.O.M.E.\HOME_Powerplant\ and open the “part.cfg” file with your notepad/whatever

    The very top line will read:
    PART {

    Change it to read:

    Then save it and launch the game. The part will no longer crash the game. I hate syntax errors :D

    Dreadp1r4te December 23, 2013
  158. You can’t see the correct space on my previous comment; there needs to be a SPACE before the first {. Sorry for double posting; there’s no edit option.

    Dreadp1r4te December 23, 2013
  159. LAST EDIT! I promise! I spoke too soon. The module doesn’t crash due to a syntax error, it crashes due to the resource “NuclearFuel” not existing. Since I don’t really want to invent a new resource (Which I’m sure Bobcat is already doing anyhow…) this fix will get you by until he releases the next update!

    In that same file I listed above, change all references of “NuclearFuel” to “Kethane” IF YOU HAVE AND USE THE KETHANE MOD, if not, change it to something like “LiquidFuel.” Kethane can then be mined from your nearest Kethane deposit and brought to the Powerplant. If you use LiquidFuel, keep in mind you’ll need to bring fuel to your offworld base to fuel the module if you intend to generate power with it; if not, don’t worry about it; at least you can use it as a decoration. Good luck!

    Dreadp1r4te December 23, 2013
  160. Ok so I’m gonna sound like an idiot, but is this compatible with KSP 0.23?

    spacefanatic December 24, 2013
  161. By itself yes, but the Powerplant part will cause the game to hang due to an undefined resource. You can either change the resource as I outlined above your comment, or simply remove that part as it’s not a required part; it’s just an oversized generator for all intents and purposes.

    Dreadp1r4te December 25, 2013
  162. Is this mod going extinct?

    asdfghjkl December 25, 2013
  163. I was just wondering if this mod is compatible with the 0.23 update… If not… please update it

    Connor North December 27, 2013
  164. does this work for 0.23? it causes my initial load to hang, like it is stuck in a loop or something

    jitsuin December 31, 2013
  165. Can you power the powerplant with Electricity or Xenon Gas?

    Huck Buck January 1, 2014
  166. nm i see comments above and am fixing, about to test :)

    jitsuin January 1, 2014
  167. works xD

    jitsuin January 1, 2014
  168. btw sorry about the other comment was kinda silly, I didn’t realize it was a non essential part, my bad. I guess best thing to do is just remove the part and put lots of solar panels or anything else for that matter haha. Although Xenon Gas should be a pretty efficient way of fueling that bad boy lolz

    Huck Buck January 1, 2014
  169. don’t work on 0.23 steam version. Loading bar stop on “HOME_modul_powerplant”.

    mrj3 January 6, 2014
  170. Same with mine. Loads fine till “HOME_modul_powerplant” then loading freezes. Might want to update that if you get the time.

    Hamish January 7, 2014
  171. Yup mod is currently broken. The thing stalls on that part. The second I removed this mod the game worked fine.

    Thomas Babb January 10, 2014
  172. Not broken, just requires a bit of reading. From the comments above. This fix works like a charm, been using this mod great for about a month now, just stopped in to see if it was updated.

    **Thanks to DreadPirate for this fix btw, very easy to follow and implement**

    LAST EDIT! I promise! I spoke too soon. The module doesn’t crash due to a syntax error, it crashes due to the resource “NuclearFuel” not existing. Since I don’t really want to invent a new resource (Which I’m sure Bobcat is already doing anyhow…) this fix will get you by until he releases the next update!

    In that same file I listed above, change all references of “NuclearFuel” to “Kethane” IF YOU HAVE AND USE THE KETHANE MOD, if not, change it to something like “LiquidFuel.” Kethane can then be mined from your nearest Kethane deposit and brought to the Powerplant. If you use LiquidFuel, keep in mind you’ll need to bring fuel to your offworld base to fuel the module if you intend to generate power with it; if not, don’t worry about it; at least you can use it as a decoration. Good luck!

    Justin Duerksen January 11, 2014
  173. Has this or is this being updated to work with 0.23?

    Joe Doran January 11, 2014
  174. You can fix the error quite easily with a text editor. I use Notepad++ (it’s free, and so damn handy.)

    Browse to (Your KSP Directory)\Gamedata\H.O.M.E.1.0.5\BobCatind\Parts\H.O.M.E.\HOME_Powerplant\ and open the “part.cfg” file with your notepad/whatever

    The very top line will read:
    PART {

    Change it to read:

    Then save it and launch the game. The part will no longer crash the game. I hate syntax errors :D

    Dreadp1r4te December 23, 2013 thx for him now it works

    iacopo iacopo January 15, 2014
  175. should go on the mod and make a update where you change the top of the power plant from

    PART } to PART

    iacopo iacopo January 15, 2014
  176. ooppppps from PART{ to PART

    iacopo iacopo January 15, 2014
  177. Hey BobCat should make a download for the people who cant fix the power plant cos it isn’t working for some people

    -_- XD

    iacopo iacopo January 15, 2014
  178. is this mod compatable w/ksp .23 ?

    Eimantas Stasevicius January 17, 2014
  179. sorry, read the comment above :)

    Eimantas Stasevicius January 17, 2014
  180. When will this be updated to .23?

    tmccreight651 January 18, 2014
  181. Update it to the 0.23 PLEASE!

    aul1999 January 22, 2014
  182. the Powerplant wont load in the Loading screen of KSP 0.23. please fix that

    Maxi Putr January 23, 2014
  183. Right, so for everyone having an issue with the Power-plant not loading properly, I’m going to give a brief text tutorial. The above comments are only half right.

    Go into your File location, I.E.
    “C:\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\BobCatind\Parts\H.O.M.E” Find the folder titled HOME_Powerplant and open it.

    At the bottom is Part.cfg, browse programs to open it with and select notepad.

    at the top, you’ll see
    PART {

    you’ll need to change that to

    THEN (and this is very important or it won’t work) you need to add a second bracket above Resource like follows

    maxTemp = 3600

    It should then read like this.
    // — Bobcat Ind Dec. 28 2012 for KSP 0.18.2
    name = HOME_modul_powerplant
    module = Part
    author = Bobcat, CrashnBurn

    mesh = model.mu
    rescaleFactor = 1

    node_stack_top = 0.0, 1.05, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 2
    node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -1.05, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 2
    node_attach = 1.25, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1

    cost = 25800
    category = Utility
    subcategory = 0
    title = HOME Powerplant module
    manufacturer = Bobcat Industries. Industrial Power and Large Explosions Division.
    description = Kerbals with nuclear power….what could go wrong?

    attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0

    mass = 8
    dragModelType = default
    maximum_drag = 0.2
    minimum_drag = 0.2
    angularDrag = 2
    crashTolerance = 24
    breakingForce = 630
    breakingTorque = 630
    maxTemp = 3600

    It will then load properly.

    scottishbrewer January 24, 2014
  184. Has anyone thought of doing a tech tree integration for this?

    Philip Wingate January 24, 2014
  185. The above above comments were not at all right, the above comments work by taking most of the part definition out of scope so that it is not used. I am quite sure that the actual issue with the powerplant is not the location of the { or } it is simply that the power plant uses a resource called nuclear fuel that has not been defined anywhere.

    To make it work I simply commented out the lines that refer to nuclear fuel ie.

    name = nuclearFuel
    amount = 5000
    maxAmount = 5000

    needs to be removed or changed to

    // {
    // name = nuclearFuel
    // amount = 5000
    // maxAmount = 5000
    // }


    name = nuclearFuel
    ratio = 1
    DrawGauge = True

    is deleted or changed to

    // {
    // name = nuclearFuel
    // ratio = 1
    // DrawGauge = True
    // }

    That is it. This way it will still create power etc but not consume the non existent Nuclear Fuels.

    Alternatively, you could make a definition for nuclearFuel or change the part to use other resources (like integrating it with the Interstellar mod to use the nuclear fuels it provides but that is a little more work.

    Philip Wingate January 24, 2014
  186. An update T.T

    Alvargon January 26, 2014
  187. update to 0.23

    secretqwerty10 January 27, 2014
  188. Is this mod ready for .23?

    Andre P January 27, 2014
  189. Thanks @Philip Wingate. Works. :)

    nuclearping January 28, 2014
  190. I have downloaded it, but it can’t get by loading HOME_PowerPlant. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    mecrack January 30, 2014
  191. i have downloaded HOME, but it can’t get by loading HOME_PowerPlant. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    mecrack January 30, 2014
  192. sorry for the double comment

    mecrack January 30, 2014
  193. @mecrack

    Yes there is a fix… read the 10 posts before yours.

    Philip Wingate February 2, 2014
  194. it obviously hates it me cause no matter what I do the power module wont load can I just remove the part

    wilbee10091 February 7, 2014
  195. i it updated for ksp.23?

    tyler13 February 9, 2014
  196. The Powerplant model won’t load for me when i start the game, it just stops loading at that model, should i delete it?

    frank bean February 9, 2014
  197. All the junk above to fix the Power Plant is not needed and some of it isn’t even the problem. It’s true that there seems to be a problem with the Nuclear resource. To fix the hangup on starting the game and to make the Power Plant WORK too, add these lines:

    name = nuclearFuel
    density = .0001
    flowMode = ALL_VESSEL
    transfer = PUMP
    isTweakable = true

    to the end of the “ResourcesGeneric.cfg” file. You can find it in Gamedata/Squad/Resources/

    I also changed the “heatProduction” value in the par.cfg file to 1500 so that the doors open more and gives a better visual. Although, I have not tested it anywhere but the launch pad on its own so I may put it back to 600 if I find it overheats more easily elsewhere.

    Hayden February 9, 2014
  198. With density at .0001, your Nuclear fuel will last a very long time. I personally put my density at .00001 for a more noticeable rate. But even still, my fuel will last a long time, especially if I don’t leave it wide open constantly. I figured I would mention this in case any of you would rather have a slightly faster fuel usage.

    Hayden February 9, 2014
  199. I am so happy I read to the end of this post! MY H.O.M.E works again!!

    OMG it was driving me nuts! Thank you so much Frank Bean!

    You where 100% correct and now my Kerbals can fly again! with .23

    Goodie February 14, 2014
  200. Sorry, didn’t realize poster name was at bottom.., Thanks was meant for Hayden!

    This is my first post here… I was compelled to give thanks! lol


    Goodie February 14, 2014
  201. All the junk above to fix the Power Plant is not needed and some of it isn’t even the problem. It’s true that there seems to be a problem with the Nuclear resource. To fix the hangup on starting the game and to make the Power Plant WORK too, add these lines:

    name = nuclearFuel
    density = .0001
    flowMode = ALL_VESSEL
    transfer = PUMP
    isTweakable = true

    to the end of the “ResourcesGeneric.cfg” file. You can find it in Gamedata/Squad/Resources/

    I also changed the “heatProduction” value in the par.cfg file to 1500 so that the doors open more and gives a better visual. Although, I have not tested it anywhere but the launch pad on its own so I may put it back to 600 if I find it overheats more easily elsewhere.

    Really you made the mod you should fix it your dam self right!! they should take this mod off here it never work right ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    darkchimp54321 February 20, 2014
  202. Does this work for v.23?

    hfh gdfgdf February 22, 2014
  203. It doesn’t load for me. the bar gets up to the H.O.M.E part and stops

    John Robb February 24, 2014
  204. I redownloaded this after update and the game stops loading at HOME/POWERPLANT/MODULE

    skippy1121 February 25, 2014
  205. Does this work with 0.24? or has this been abandoned?

    Joe Doran February 27, 2014

    Dark_reshiram March 3, 2014
  207. When the game starts loading it stops at home/powerplant/module

    Jacob March 4, 2014
  208. it stops loading for me at

    Christopher Houk March 6, 2014
  209. So I fixed the nuclearFuel problem based off the answers here, and it loads fine. In career mode though, I have no parts available from this mod and nothing unlockable in R&D building. I do not use the vertical tech tree. Does anyone know the cause of this?

    Shark March 9, 2014
  210. same.

    it stops loading for me at

    any fix for this?

    casht0wn March 14, 2014
  211. lol disregard my comment, i feel like an idiot!

    soloution in comments above!

    casht0wn March 14, 2014
  212. @Christopher Houk:

    To make this mod work in career mod, you have to add each part to the technology tree.
    To do that, go to your KSP main folder, find GameData/BobCatind/Parts/H.O.ME./
    Every folder in this folder is a H.O.M.E. part, for each one, open part.cfg with the notepad and add the line
    TechRequired = start
    after PART {
    This will add the part to the root of the tech tree. If you want it somewhere else in the tree, change “start” to the adequate name (can be found if the part.cfg of stock parts).

    Gilead Maerlyn March 19, 2014
  213. Does not work with .23

    Aidan McCauley March 29, 2014
  214. When will this be updated to 0.22

    liam collier April 10, 2014
  215. i can get it loaded up and i can accept the missions, but when i go to make the spacecraft, iv noticed iv got everything but an Engine, i have the fuel tanks and all the rest, just no engines,also is all my other mods not meant to work in the Mission Control Mod?

    ben v April 13, 2014
  216. common nerfer April 22, 2014

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